Secrets of the Dwemer: A Skyrim RP (open, PM to enter)

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"Scale-cousin smell... busy. Stares at Sun need more... live... bed... Need more. Fix Stares' head."

Idreon all but stopped paying attention to his extended family, caught by surprise by the money now in his hands. Glorious septims, didn't even need to steal em. He looked up at his cousin, quizzically as he moved his hand, to put it on his belt.

"This one Stares at Sun. No know cousin name... sorry."

And, in the blink of an eye, the money was snatched away, returned to it's rightful owner. Idreon suppressed a growl, making a low hiss instead. Then the orc spoke up, holding up a hand.

"My apologies for interrupting, but Stares-at-Sun, do you need medical help?"

"Oh, you heal too? You are full of surprises." Idreon let a bit of his bitterness creep into his voice, as Stares began talking about working to pay off his debts. He was seriously offering honest days work for a thing he was offering for free? The capitalist in Idreon couldn't help but abuse the situation a tad.

"If you're as good with that ax as you are bad with words, you might be unstoppable. I say we let him work for a healing; it's only fair. We'd be glad to bring you along, friend." the Thief held out his hand, for the bigger one to shake in agreement. Hopefully he understood the concept.

"If you're as good with that ax as you are bad with words, you might be unstoppable. I say we let him work for a healing; it's only fair. We'd be glad to bring you along, friend."

Stares at Sun nodded at the proposal. He noticed the outstretched hand, he carefully placed the halberd's shaft into it and let the other Argonian hold it. Stares at Sun nodded a few times to himself. "Scale-cousin doesn't have shape for poleaxe, you think first, you think axe." The large Argonian took it back, holding it horizontally and pointing at the point and blade, the point and upper tip of the blade were much more worn than the cutting edge. "Too many caves and trees here, Argonian's good at sticking, poleaxe for sticking."

Despite finally hearing he could potentially be healed, Stares at Sun strongly believed the most pressing issue was that his distant racial relative didn't have the instinct to wield a polearm. He had also noticed the slight negative change in his voice, bad at social situations, Stars at Sun had assumed it was due to his lack of spear knowledge.

Blinking a few more times, Stars surveyed his surroundings. "My job, make things want us dead, dead, before make us dead." blinking slowly at his self inflicting confusion, Stares at Sun decided to just lean against the corral until he was ordered to do something. He made sure to acknowledge everyone's presence with a nod to each.

We approach umbra Idreon and the third man who appeared to be argonian though he was unlike any Argonian Iv ever seen. "Hey Idreon.." then faces Umbra "Hello Umbra" then looks at the tall Argonian man "Umm hi". I take a deep breath "so we did that bounty, his heads in that bag Johns holding and we made a friend who was being held captive their" I point to Banthel who seemed to be holding back "this is Banthel, he'll be accompanying us on our travels"

Walk forward more and nod at all of them.
"Hi. I was in a bit of a sticky situation when these 2 walked in and slaughtered the bandits and opened the room I was in."

Blink at the healing magic and look at the orc.
"Its been a long time since I last saw a friendly orc."

Look at the 6 of us and smile.
Interesting group

Again I look at the taller Argonian man or at least I thought he was Argonian " Ummm I don't believe we met, names Hulgar I assume your along for the ride" I laughe extending my hand out to shake his in a friendly manor.

"Ummm I don't believe we met, names Hulgar I assume your along for the ride"

Stares at Sun son blinked at Hulgar and reached out, finally recognizing the gesture now that a member of one of the races of men was performing it. Stares at Sun gave Hulgar a firm handshake with his rough, clawed hand.
"This one, Stares at Sun." The Argonian's expression was blank as the man laughed.

"Stares at sun? hmmm interesting name Ill be sure to remember that " finishing shacking his hand I turn to Idreon " we're going to cash in this bounty right quick and have a little R&R before we head to the ruins, need anything just come to us and we'll see if we can help"

Bernard stood at the gates to the ruins of Raldbthar. If his research was to be believed, Raldbthar was a major market for the Dwemer peoples.
What's that? "Who's Bernard?" I hear you asking?

The Pale was a cold, windy, unpleasant place, and Bernard did not wish to do his waiting outside.
Bernard decided he would simply clear out the first area of the ruins, and await his companions inside.

"right come on hulgar, I wanna cash in the bounty before the king's court closes" he said playfully dragging him off

Bernard entered Raldbthar and was greeted with...
Typical really. Bernard sometimes wondered if the bandits of Tamriel outnumbered the honest citizens. If you entered any cave, ruin, or fort in Tamriel you pretty much had a 25% chance of finding bandits.
A Khajiiti bandit yelled at him. "You picked a bad time to get lost!"
Out of the corner of his eye, Bernard spied a broken down Dwemer spider.
Paying little heed to the bandits, Bernard cast telekinesis to pull in the spider carcass, knocking the bandit on the back of the head with it.
"Fascinating, while the overall design seems similar to the animonculi of Hammerfell, there are subtle differences in the parts."
Bernard theorized that it had something to do with the Rourek clan that settled Hammerfell having used similar schematics, but that the designs diverged over time.
Bernard launched the animonculi carcass at the head of the Khajiiti bandit, knocking him unconscious.
He grabbed a small piece of Dwarven metal from inside his shield, and flicked it, causing a Dwarven spear to unfold.
"Attention bandits! I am here to deliver you to..."
Bernard took a moment to remember Nord folklore.
Bernard cast IronFlesh on himself, and awaited the coming bandit horde.

"right come on hulgar, I wanna cash in the bounty before the king's court closes"

"Ok, Ok no need to force me about, Im a grown man..." I turn back to Idreon, "Like I said, need us well be around for a bit" then turning to Umbra and stares at sun "May the Divines guide you all". Then I fallow John heading back inside Markarth.

"Oh, you heal too? You are full of surprises."

Umbra shrugged nonchalantly at the remark. "Hey, someone has to do it, so why not give it to the guy who shouldn't be in the fray anyways?" At this point, Umbra's two Nordic acquaintances arrive, themselves accompanied by a strange-hued Khajiit. Hulgar makes the introductions:

"This is Banthel. He'll be accompanying us on our travels." Banthel then turns and faces Umbra.

"It's been a long time since I have last seen a friendly Orc." At this comment, Umbra couldn't help but mutter to Idreon, "With that attitude, I'm not at all surprised." After Brunwulf dragged Hulgar off for monetary reasons, Umbra broke the silence. "So, what exactly are we doing here?"

Watching Hulgar and John run off to collect the bounty I look around and lean against a fence post.

So, what exactly are we doing here?

"I believe we are just waiting for those two to come back and then we are off to whatever this quest you all are on.
So, can anyone fill me in more about what we are doing? All they told me was its a quest."

slide down the fence and sit criss cross on the ground as I look at up everyone still here.

"Scale-cousin doesn't have shape for poleaxe, you think first, you think axe."

A large ax was given to him, and just as quickly taken away. He was less upset with this than the coin purse, but it was still annoying. Then he dribbled words, and came out as a mercenary. Or a particularly slow bandit. Either was fine, so long as he didn't mind subtle work.

"Hey Idreon.."

The argonian obliged with a small wave, keeping his attention between the horses and his cousin. The two introduced, as did the Khajiit that followed closely behind. They were going to go to sleep and rest, leaving Idreon to his work. Good.

"With that attitude, I'm not at all surprised. So, what exactly are we doing here?"

"Need to get a horse, then a day of riding. By the time we get there, should be night; optimal conditions I think." Tactical vagueness was in full use, admitting he was robbing the Thalmor in front of a slow cousin, who could talk about it without meaning to, and an unknown khajiit was not the brightest of ideas.

The argonian found the stable boy, and departed from the group to barter, leaving them to talk amongst each other. The boy was a stubborn kid, but admitting he had heard of 'Discount horses' from his 'friends' at the Thieves Guild really opened him up to more fair bartering. In the end, he got 2 for 150 septims. He headed towards the two in question, a black and white stallion and a bigger, brownish one. He didn't know much about horses...

walking up through the market I pay for a bread roll feeling hungry after all that bounty hunting, it was less busy now that the sun was setting less people going around now but anyway reaching the keep went inside a guard approaches us "yes?"" he said asking what our business was "we're here to claim a bounty on a bandit leader" I replied "one moment" he said walking off

While waiting for the guard I let out a yawn, "Nothing like a honest days work, eh pal" I laugh thinking about what we accomplished today. "You know, I havent ben brushing up on my smithing skills in a while, perhaps when I get the chance I can forge a new shield" I say thinking out loud.

"Nothing like a honest days work, eh pal"

"You know, I haven't been brushing up on my smithing skills in a while, perhaps when I get the chance I can forge a new shield"

deciding to now of all times to have that bread roll "yeah nothing like it" I said laughing with him while I eat my roll "hm I need to attach this Wolf Pelt to my armor when I get the chance" I said replying to what he said about his smithing

Bernard was charged by a trio of angry looking Nord bandits.
"Skyrim belongs to the Nords!"
"Only as much as it does to the Giants, Falmer, the Dwemer, the Empire, and the Forsworn."
As far as Bernard was concerned, the most legitimate claims to ownership of anything in Tamriel were the Aedra who weren't around for their ownership to matter, and the Hist, who were trees.
Bernard ran one of the bandits through.
"Victory or Sovengarde!"
Ah, so it was Sovengarde.
The second bandit did not take kindly to this, and swung his battleaxe at Bernard only to have Bernard's shield intercept it.
"Thank you, that was going to bug me all day."
Bernard bashed the attacker with his shield, then stabbed at him with his spear. The bandit however, as more skilled than he appeared, and nimbly leaped back. Unfortunately for the bandit however, Bernard pressed a button on the shaft of his spear, causing it extend further, into his foe's chest. Bernard pressed the button once more, causing it to return to normal length.
The third bandit, upon seeing this display came to the sensible conclusion.
"No more! I yield! I yield!"
Bernard would have really liked to believe that, but he found that nobody in Tamriel ever actually surrendered, they simply ran, rested, and attacked again.
Bernard held two buttons on opposite sides of his spear, causing it to collapse down, and put it in the slot inside his shield. He then drew his crossbow and took aim at the fleeing bandit.
Bernard fired his Dwarven bolt into the back of the bandit, who was wounded, but still alive.
"I'm very sorry."
The bolt in the bandit's back exploded in a fiery blaze, killing the bandit.

"hm I need to attach this Wolf Pelt to my armor when I get the chance"

"Should be no problem at all" I nod already thinking in my mind how I can pull it off. Then the guard came back, he looked between the bolth of us "The Steward would see you now". And we fallow the guard to him...

"The Steward would see you now"

"good" I said as we enter the Jarl's Court going up the stairs I look to my right and cringe at the sight of The Thamlor soldiers after staring at them for a good minute I continue towards The Steward

Although I really dont like to pay any heed to a Thalmor, I notice that one of them looked familiar. No doupt it was the Thalmor that threatened us back in the Inn, his arms were crossed and he looked at me and John with a heavy expression of suspicion. I only develop a smirk, knowing there isnt much he can do, clearly it wasnt sitting well with him. Nothing more satisfying in seeing a Thalmor angry in the fact that things were at the moment beyond his control.

"My men tell me you dealt with our little bandit problem..." said a man approaching us...

"My men tell me you dealt with our little bandit problem..."

"yes, we also brought his head to confirm the kill" I said putting a hand in my sack and holding out the bag, blood slightly dripping from it

shit double post ignore

The steward took a minute to study the decapitated head and nodded in approval, he looked to a nearby guard and again nodded in approval. The guard handed me a little coin sack containing a good deal of coin, maybe moreso typically awarded to people who cash in bounties must have ben at least 500 coins. "That ones ben a real pain in the rum..." explained the steward.

I open the little coin purse a little and looked into it, "hmm...a welcomed surprise". I turn to john and handed the pouch to him for him to see.

"Excellent many thanks" I said to the Steward taking the pouch from Hulgar and I count the coin myself "a pleasure doing business" I said bowing slightly before turning round and waits for Hulgar

Bernard walked down the ramp further into Raldbthar.
As Bernard walked, he cast detect life.
...Two more life signs. One was the unconscious Khajiit. The other was slightly above him. Since the life sign was just standing around, there would be no Animonculi nearby as they would attack the bandits.
Bernard came to a large room with a gate, and a Dunmer mage standing atop the gate. There were also ballista atop the gate. If Bernard charged, he'd be skewered.
The mage lobbed a fireball at Bernard, only to have it blocked by a ward.
As a Breton who was proficient in alteration magic, and ward spells, Bernard had little to fear from hostile magics.
Bernard fired his crossbow at the mage, who narrowly dodged it, then lobbed another fireball which Bernard again blocked with his ward.
"Come on, I'm only using a steadfast ward. Is that the best you've got? Just come down and face me."
Bernard fired another bolt at the mage for good measure. It impacted the shoulder. That would do it.
The enraged mage ran down the stairs, towards Bernard. Just as planned.
When the mage was in position, Bernard cast Telekinesis to pull the lever and fire the ballista. A massive bolt skewered the mage's skull.
Bernard cast detect life once more for good measure. Followed by detect dead just to be safe.
"That's all of them. Time to loot."

We head back to the gates, everyone still seemed to be around. I crossed my arms and asked, " guys off to carry out your plans?" the question was more so directed to Idreon and Umbra and their new friend. "If you have everything handled I guess me and everyone else will rest before heading to the Ruins. like I said though, need anything just give us a shout". I turn to Stares at Sun, "It was good meeting you..."

Dar'Kiir awakened to a familiar smell: cheese and moon sugar. Someone was making an Elesweyr fondue.
His head was pounding. Both the front and back. As he wandered down the hallway, he tried to remember what happened...
...Some guy in Dwarven armor tried to enter the ruins. Dar'Kiir gave him the usual threats, and then...
...There was a impact to the back of his head. Things get a little fuzzy after that, but the guy who entered threw something at his head, knocking him out cold.
Dar'Kiir felt his head. No blood, not even a bruise.
As Dar'Kiir silently crept into the main chamber, he saw a pile of four corpses. His former associates. He also saw the man who was most likely responsible for their death. He wasn't wearing his helmet, so Dar'Kiir could see his face. It was a Breton with short brown hair, and ridiculous facial hair.
He was leaning over the cooking pot, which was most likely full of Elseweyr fondue. He was distracted. Now was the perfect time time strike.
Dar'Kiir reached for his dagger...
...Missing. But a Khajiit was never truly unarmed. Dar'Kiir crept up on the Breton with intent to claw his throat out.
"Ah, you're awake. I was starting to think I healed you for nothing."
Dar'Kiir decided against attacking the man. He no longer had the element of surprise, and this man had killed four of his associates.
"I hope you don't mind, but I took your moon sugar when I took your knife, and that note. I also took some ale from your friends so I could make some Elseweyr fondue."
He took the note? That's not good.
The man held the note he took from Dar'Kiir.
"Care to explain why the Thalmor had you infiltrate this group of bandits?"

Looking up when Hulgar arrives I stand and make a face as I twist back and forth, my back popping loudly when I do.
Settling all my armor and making sure my boots and gauntlets are on right I nod at him.

If you have everything handled I guess me and everyone else will rest before heading to the Ruins. like I said though, need anything just give us a shout.

"I am going to run into the city here and see about getting some food, it has been a few days and I am starving. I'll only be an hour or so."

Nodding to everyone I turn and walk past the gates. Looking around as soon as I walk in I recognize it from older time when I had last been here. Turning i walk down to the Warrens and step in quietly. my eyes flick over everyone inside I mark one sleeping beggar in the back. I walk to the back and as soon as I'm past the last light I crouch and turn back, slowly walking closer to the sleeping beggar that I had marked when I walked in. Coming up on him silently I grab him around his mouth and shoulder and bite his neck hard, my teeth elongating and sinking into his flesh. Gulping several times I shiver and force myself to stay quiet as I feel the blood course its way through me. Still holding his mouth I flick my free wrist and an ethereal dagger appears in my hand. Stabbing it into his back hard several times until he stops struggling and lays limp. Setting him down quietly I look over the small things he owned and grab some bread and an apple, pocketing them along with the few gold he had on him. Pulling him backwards into the deep shadows I set him against the back wall and summon another dagger, cutting his throat from one side to the other, making sure that the blade slices through both of my teeth marks, destroying the fact he had been fed on by a vampire. Staying crouched I walk to the other side of the room before I stand and walk back out of the Warren. Feeling better now that I have had my fill of blood I walk to the river and wash my hands, splashing water on my face to get rid of any blood that may have gotten on my muzzle.
Walking back up to near the gate I walk into an inn and buy several alto wines and ales. Stopping long enough to talk to the innkeeper and getting some gossip about different things I nod and walk away, having grabbed a map and marking on it the location for another potential bounty. walk back out and through the gate, looking around to see who stayed, the sun barely moved in the sky so I know I have not been gone that long.

"It was good meeting you..."

Stares at Sun gave a slow nod and asked "Where we go? Stares at Sun go first, make safe. Stares at Sun not need anything from town."
The large Argonian stood up shaking his shoulders and reaching behind his neck. He pulled a makeshift hood of leather, chainmail and steel plates over his snout, only his lower jaw and fangs could be seen from beneath the cowl. Stares at Sun wondered what exactly it was the group wanted, but he didn't really care about the details. He just hoped he would get a chance to hunt and get rewarded for it.

The simple pleasures of life.

"well...Im sure you can accompany Idreon and Umbra on their little adventure, that is if you truly wish to do something at the moment" I suggest to Stares at sun. "I for one need the rest, bounty hunting can take allot out of you, especially if you single handily fight off a good amount of bandits in the process".


well...No point in hiding it was what I thought looking at the Breton before me. I cross my arms and reluctantly begone to explain things to him, " The Thalmor were looking for something, a relic of some to why, Dar'kiir does not know, they suspected it may have ben somewhere in this dwemer ruins, that is why they have shown interest in this particular bandit group, wanted me to find out if they knew anything about such a thing that is all".

" The Thalmor were looking for something, a relic of some to why, Dar'kiir does not know, they suspected it may have been somewhere in this Dwemer ruins, that is why they have shown interest in this particular bandit group, wanted me to find out if they knew anything about such a thing that is all".
It seemed relatively believable. Thalmor weren't big on giving the Khajiit the whole picture. Bernard did feel like he could maybe get a bit more out of him though.
"...Dor'Keer was it? Would you like some fondue?"
Bernard dipped a slice of bread into the fondue, and took a bite.
"It's about ready. Would you like some?"
"Do you know anything specific about this relic?"


"only that it is supposedly a Item of great power, believe me when I say it, my interest was only...economic", then I try reaching for a bread piece.

"only that it is supposedly a Item of great power, believe me when I say it, my interest was only...economic"
The Khajiit reached for a piece of bread which Bernard handed to him.
Bernard didn't expect much from that line of questioning. The next line however might prove more fruitful however.
"So nothing on the what, what about the who that sent you? Was it Emissary Elenwen or a representative of hers? Some major Thalmor boss back in Dominion territory?"

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