The Threshold Event (Super Hero) Started (PM me if you want to join late)

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Still time to join in on this? I should have a sheet up by sometime today.

Deu Sex:
Still time to join in on this? I should have a sheet up by sometime today.

Time isn't a problem however we have sorted out alts for everyone, if you've got someone else to join with you it won't be a problem as long as you can get me your first draft soon.

I can't seem to find anyone who's interested in joining up. Probably better if I withdraw from this.

Deu Sex:
I can't seem to find anyone who's interested in joining up. Probably better if I withdraw from this.

There's another option
I was thinking maybe the lack of an alt could be a plot point, maybe the alternate version of your character has died (There could be some good character stuff based around how they react to that).

How does that sound?


Deu Sex:
I can't seem to find anyone who's interested in joining up. Probably better if I withdraw from this.

There's another option
I was thinking maybe the lack of an alt could be a plot point, maybe the alternate version of your character has died (There could be some good character stuff based around how they react to that).

How does that sound?

Sounds dandy. In that case, I'll have my sheet up shortly.

Deu Sex:


There are quite a few things that need changing so in order

Could you go into his own ethical code? As opposed to just saying he had one.

What's his education in? And what skills has he gained from it? It could also help if you explained more about else he's capable of crafting what materials he can use for example?

Does he have any physical or intellectual weaknesses? Being easy to anger is a good personal but it isn't enough on its own, especially since it ties into his powers.

Melting anything is too powerful, if there specific things he could melt or not melt that could work, perhaps it's an anti-organic power (so he can still face melt) but it still gives his enemies something to do to counter him (for example large sheets of metal). The projectile has similar problems, making it anti organic would help. There also the problem with range, if it was a short to mid-range spit attack (a few meters or so) or what might work instead of a range attack (if it's now only a biological) is being able to place it in advance to form traps.

Also having the power only end when a certain about of blood has been spilled also doesn't work, it essentially means when you activate the power there's a certain amount of damage that must be done before it ends, which mean people have to wait it out as opposed to being able to actively counter it. There would need to be some way to stop it, for example knocking him out. There would also need to be something chemical to counter the gas (weather a reaction or dilution or for example maybe the gas needs heat to work so ice can slow it down if not stop it entirely). It might also work better as a fluid than gas or a fluid that produces a short lived gas).

Complete immunity to psychic attack is too much, extra resistance is fine but flat out blocking the power is just limiting the interaction that you can have with other (especially when there's already an illusionist submitted). Even allowing him to fight back is fine but he can't automatically win.

Higher endurance is totally fine but ignoring pain could actually be a weakness for example (people in real life who don't feel pain actually have a lower life expectancy because they don't know when they're being hurt)


Fixed up my sheet. Sorry it seemed sloppy and incoherent. I've been doing a summer course for Uni since the start of July and have been feeling mentally exhausted too often.

Deu Sex:


Thanks it's a big improvement so you're in

Also an update on when we're starting


The city of threshold sits isolated in central Western Europe. Rolling green for miles and miles as far as the eye can see. Dotted with the odd farm and forest, despite how remote it is it is a truly modern city. Created on newly designated neutral ground, an EU city first and foremost, with more official languages than strictly necessary.
It's got glimmering mirror sheen, everything steel and glass, quite a site as the sun rises over the mountains on the horizon. The air is strangely still today and the pristine parks are silent. The sky is azure barely a sheepish cloud ambling across the air.

The city is waking still shaking sleep out of itself there. At this point a camera (if anyone had been there to watch) would zoom in on the strange, out of place, dome like structure. A concrete shell illuminated from inside by an amber heart, it's a lab, scientific facility up all night.

Inside the lab everything is bright bone white, or clinically neon. If you've got the clearance you'll be taken down, no natural light so no way of telling just how deep you are. The still surface silence is replaced by the hum of machinery that very few people in the world would understand.

A figure in a white coat sits clattering out complex commands on a keyboard surrounded by screens. Here we answer the fundamental questions, the figure looks up towards the humming thing a metal ring in the floor, it was the largest in all the city, though there were some in other major buildings.

The thing before him had taken decades, millennia if you added up the time each staff member had spent. And now they were one key press away, the ring was simple, deceptively so. The actually machine was buried twice as far down, all anyone was seeing was a crown of sorts. A subterranean structure reaching out across the city, a nervous system of sorts, dormant but not for long.

It was a parallel universe machine, or at least that was what the algebra was expecting. If they actually found anything well wow, they'd have answered a fundamental question about the universe.

Of course there would be extensive testing, the odds were astronomically against the other universe being complex, and even atoms would be a surprise.

The scientist's heart beat raced, leaning back slightly in his chair, in the end doing everything to not have to write the command but they couldn't wait forever.


There was a dull click, and for a second in the underground facility everything was fine and then a million alarms all took the opportunity to blare out. Then came the voice on the coms "What the hell happened?" The accent was mixed (not helped by the static or panic)

"We've been sealed in? Did you do this?"

"I just turned the damn thing on, all according to plan."

"You had to say it didn't you."

"What do you mean sealed in?"

"I mean we're trapped in here the elevators are off line."

"Well the portal works."


"The portal it's working, the thing is sustaining itself perfectly."

"Don't call it that, wait really?"

"Yeah, any word from the surface?"

"No all communications died."

Said surface wasn't tranquil anymore, from nowhere black clouds billowed out condensed out of the air and that was hardly the worst. Power was out almost everywhere, even the backups were of questionable use.

One of the people currently on the surface was one Jennifer Kid; both deep undercover and barely covered at all. She was lounging by a pool in the finest silk dress; across the pool from her some angry men were discussing loudly their plans to make a lot of peoples days significantly worse. This was before the storm.

During the storm things got significantly more interesting and unfortunately deadly. The men began really shouting, wasn't long before one pulled weapons on the others. Jennifer, instantly alert, drawing both guns from you don't want to know where quicker than most could blink. She could see the skyline; the mansion she'd infiltrated was on the hills overlooking the city owned by a sinister sort. There were three of them across from here, the Boss (who she was supposed to be deeply in love with) the Brains and the Brawn.

She had a gun train on each of the latter two. They had a confused on their faces, which to be fair was usual what with the betrayal and all. She failed to notice the bottom of the pool suddenly glowing. As did the three men standing across from her, funny how they forgot their own conflict and blades in the face of her weapons.

The three men were not having a good day; even without the storm, which was getting worse every second, fires sprang into life explosively in the city bellow. It was just the time for one of Jen's famous action movie quip. "Looks like you've been jinxed!" Correction, infamous action movie quips.

"Jinx?" The Boss called out "But I've killed you already." He turned to the Brawn. "You told me you dealt with the bloody black cat."

"Well boss, we shot her."

"You shot at me, there's a difference." Her two guns still dead straight trained on the Brains and Brawn. "Need some elaboration?" Before she got the chance to elaborate however there was an explosion, closer to home shaking the whole mansion. Jennifer was lucky; she fell forward into the pool the others fell onto the hard ground, fell hard, too hard. She heard the cracks.

For a long time things were blurred she didn't swim great at the best of times and the destruction of an entire city was certainly wasn't one of those.

The next thing she remembered she was been pulled out of the pool, it took her a while to notice the noise had all stopped and she recognised the man pulling her out.

"Boss?" But she killed him already.

"Do you work for me? Sorry not the most acquainted with the staff." He was being awfully nice for someone she'd just trained a gun on.

"Wait, where are the others?"


"Brains and Brawn?"


Things weren't adding up for one the boss she knew never wore such gaudy shorts. Also he'd just stopped her drowning, oh and the sky line was significantly less on fire.
"Wait what happened to the city?"

"Nothing." How strange. The man was giving her a look like she was on something, which matched how she felt pretty well.

Lost track of her guns, which had been hell to find in this city. She decided not to ask anything else for now, like where the distinct bulbous structure that had sat on the edges of threshold was. She'd figure it out later (eventually) investigation was her speciality after all; she just didn't feel like it today.

The sky was calm again, and the urban landscape beneath it was just as wrested, however the city wouldn't remain still long. Jen didn't know it yet, but she wasn't the only one displaced , the pool was no longer glowing; now it was just a gaudy pool with a mirror with a metal rim at the base again but there were others, and in a reality that technically wasn't real to her anymore people were finding the portals coming through.

This was going to get complicated.

Tim Braider  

It was the last hour of his shift, and he was alone, cleaning the largest hall in the movie theatre between two movies. All he could think of was getting home, order a pizza, watch a few movies, and sleep. He needed to be mentally and physically prepeared for yet another day of delicious destruction, it made his day to mess with everyone else. Besides, every story needed a good villain.  
However, very suddenly, the whole room went dark. It seemed to be a blackout. "Well, fudge," Tim muttered. "That was just what I needed." It wasn't as much him being in a bad mood, as it was simply that it had been a long day.  

"Hey, does this mean my shift is over?!" he asked aloud, only to remember that that the cameras were out too. "I assume it does." He walked towards the door when suddenly the large cinema screen lit up. On it, there was a movie of some kind. The camera was held completely still and awkward, sound was low and there was no sort of commentary or even dialogue. The setting seemed to this city, it was outside, but the city seemed a bit different. In the right of the picture, a man in a cowboy hat and using a pair of guns stood, currently in the process of leaving a bank, carrying a full bag.  

"Is this another of those artsy movies? Someone took a recording from a security camera and made it into a movie?" He had to admit that he wasn't very impressed. He kept watching for a while, though, being a bit curious. Police-cars arrived, and it seemed like he was caught in a bad situation. However, suddenly the cowboy took off running, it was impossible to see where he went, in a short amount of time he had simply disappeared.  

"Wait, a bad guy just got away, with no heroes following or anything? Why are they even showing this movie?" He realized that the electricity was still out, oddly enough. The movie kept going but there was little action now, the screen having started to glow in this odd color. Tim walked up to it, and noticed, to his surprise, that it looked as if he could enter it.  

"What is going on?" he said, and touched the movie screen. It seemed he really could enter the picture.  

"Seriously?" It was hard to believe, but then again, strange things happened with him a lot. The question was, should he enter it? Even with the possible dangers and risks that might await? "Sure, why not," he grinned. "This is just another plot-twist in the story of the greatest villain of all times."    

He stepped inside, and suddenly, he was standing near a building, not far from that bank. No one seemed to have seen him entering, and there was nothing behind him. Even if he had any doubts, it was too late to return now. If movies were to be believed -and he tended to think they were- he would only be able to return upon fulfilling some sort of objective.  

"The scene is set," he said to himself. "Now, let's get on with the plot."  

Joshua Kidd  

He was still running, and would run, until he spotted an alley with few windows, and no cameras. He took the time to remove the sunglasses, red bandanna, and the cowboy hat and store them in the bag, before turning his jacket inside-out. His guns were hidden underneath the now closed jacket, pretty much impossible to spot.    

He then went to the street, walking normally. Josh had managed to get quite a distance from whoever would follow him, and he could easily slip into the crowd like this. He took the time to stop for a cup of coffee, and went up the stairs, into his apartment. He made sure to carefully lock the door, before checking through the money he had been risking his life for. It was around 5 thousand euroes, not the largest amount of money, but easily enough to last a couple of months. He smiled as first, the rush and adrenaline making his heart beat, but he soon enough felt calmer, to his own dismay. Things like these were always the most fun while doing it, afterwards he just felt like a thief.  

I could just get a job, he thought, as his morals surfaced. However, he shook his head. "I'd probably just mess up again." It seemed everything he was good at was illegal. Not to mention, I've already murdered someone. It doesn't get worse than that. Heck, he should probably just steal more. Had to spend these first., though. I have been wanting a new tv, and there's no reason to let the money rot, I guess, they're already stolen.  

He took the time to examine his guns, make sure they were still in top condition, before changing his clothes, and hiding everything. His apartment was nice, especially after he had started getting the money needed to buy fancy items and such. It wasn't necessarily large, but it was big enough for a twenty year old who lived alone, and rarely invited anyone in. He had aquired a couple of friends since moving to the city, but most of them was people he mostly spoke to at the occational party, or at planned meet-ups. Sure, it was a bit lonely, but he didn't deserve anything else, and the risk was too large.  

When he was done making sure his apartment didn't look off in any way, he decided to leave again and get dinner in a nearby restaurant.


Apocalpyse had long since heard the news about the new research facility; she did work at a similar research lab at the time the secretive project was initiated. Given her goals, however, it wasn't surprising that the place hadn't been a priority until now. Whatever secret research the place would provide would be interesting, of course, but infiltrating such a place was no mean feat, and she had decided on chasing down an obscure lead on something that actually had a known purpose.

Unless, of course, the artifact I spent three months locating was just a mundane antique. At least I got money for it... So now I'm spending the night scouting the location instead of scouting out the labs. I wonder if they're ready to start testing yet...

Apocalypse was currently a hundred meters from the entrance security of the domed-shape facility, utilizing the brush around a retention pond to remain out of sight. Not the most glamorous technique to remain hidden, but it certainly seemed viable, as the outermost camera was facing away from her.

Apocalypse's thoughts were cut off by the blaring alarms. Unless someone has an appreciation for flair here, I guess something's gone wrong.

After this, Apocalypse was treated to quite the show -- all the distant lights she could see suddenly flashed out, black clouds forming from nowhere, and she watched them form until something from behind caught her eye. Apocaplyse looked into the now-glowing retention pond... and saw something entirely out of place -- as if watching a movie through the pool. An unknown jewelry store in the distance, looking like it might have been built in this very city? Lightning shooting out of it as a man tries to flee?

Were Apocalpyse not entranced by the strange pool, she likely would have cross-referenced mythologies to what she was seeing, but she still thought to stick something else in the pool instead of herself. Grabbing a stick, she slowly lowered it in and removed it... seeing the stick remain dry. A portal, then...? Was this what the lab was after?

Apocalypse's musings were cut short by the sound of a distant explosion in the lab. Rapidly, fires and destruction began to spread. I could try to escape, but it looks like the entire city is burning. Screw it, you only live once.

Apocalypse, without reservation, jumped into the pool, destination unknown. Who knows what I'll find in the other world?

Now if only the portal weren't so drafty...

Ash Steel

Ash hummed to herself as she exited her bedroom, having just showered after foiling a robbery of a jewelry store. It had been more difficult than usual getting home (large amount of foot traffic near the apartment today, and she'd had to remain hidden), and today had been busy enough that she'd failed to go grocery shopping, but her performance today was golden. The police somehow got distracted momentarily by something behind them, and she'd gotten away while their backs were turned. After the unusually long wait time on the rooftop of another building, she managed to sneak into the alley behind her apartment complex and enter unnoticed through a window. (Helped immensely to know where all the cameras were, including which were dummies.) Then it was simply a matter of checking her locks, cleaning her Jolt gear, and stowing it away where it would remain unnoticed in the event of visitors.

Ash did always enjoy the patrols on days when she wasn't working. It gave her a lot of time to help the people of Threshold. Even if those jewels did look too nice to go to just anyone...

Shaking her head at the odd thought, Ash made a list of the things she needed to get at the store for later, and decided she could grab some food while she was out. I was going to do another patrol later anyway.

With these thoughts, Ash left her apartment (after carefully locking up, of course. Can't have anyone breaking in!); she was unaware of the parallel universe immigrants, or of the impending arrival of another brunette electrical super.

Tom Braider

It was proving to be a slow day at the video store, and Tom impatiently checked his watch as he counted down the minutes until he was off. The display screens across the store from him played yet another trailer for the upcoming Thor movie, he had watched it a dozen times by now, but still couldn't help but grin at them. Can't wait for that movie, heh also can't wait until someone makes a "Sir Awesome" movie, just a matter of time now! After all who didn't love his epic heroics?

Still he couldn't help but wish they would play the news on some of the screens, as it was he had to keep a close eye on his phone for noteworthy updates, and when off work he had gotten one of his tech savvy friends to rig up a police radio to listen in on chatter. He had convinced the friend that he was just an avid fan of the real superheroes, and wanted to be able to more closely track their exploits.

He was knocked out of his daydreaming by a tap on the shoulder from his buddy Steve (although he considered everyone who worked at the store to be one of his buddies, even the irritable manager Mr. Michaelson).

"Hey man, you can go home now," Steve said, clearly here to take the next shift. Tom grinned excitedly "Thanks! That's great!" he said, turning rapidly and starting to head out.

Steve chuckled "Heh you're excited to get off, got a hot date or something?"

Tom grinned even more broadly and pointed a thumb at his chest "I've got a date with destiny!" he said in his usual overdramatic fashion, waving as he departed. I can't wait to get to patrolling, I've got a great feeling about tonight!


Tess whistled to herself as she walked quickly away from the jewelry store, a couple dozen valuable pieces safely stowed in her backpack. The police wouldn't arrive for another few minutes so she had time to find a secluded alleyway to change in, until then her tight fitting disguise would have to do, she wasn't sure if it was because of her outfit, or just surprise that had made the owner take so long to react to her demands, either way she had gotten what she wanted, some of the items she would sell off of course, but she smiled as she thought of adding some of the fancier ones to her collection. I love having nice things.

The ground shook, and she stumbled before quickly regaining her balance. What was that? An earthquake or something? She glanced about quickly and soon saw the cause, the sky was on fire, and it seemed to be falling. Her eyes widened as she did her best not to panic instead taking off running. She rounded the corner and spotted a door, just open a crack with some strange light pouring out, she was in no mood to question it she needed to find cover and dove towards it, stepping through into someplace unexpected. At least it wasn't on fire.

Black Hand

Victor looked down at his work with a sense of pride. Two bodies this time, two more vile heathens who had been carved apart like bloody cakes. Hot steam was rising out from the spots where they had been touched, the boiled fleshed still bubbling slightly. In addition to the black corrosive marks that was Victor's signature, he had decorated the bodies with something addition. A pair of wooden planks, with the words "ORGAN THIEF" and "BODY SNATCHER" carved into them, hung around their necks with cord.

He had personally crafted the planks himself two days before, using wood cut from the trees that grew in Threshold's outer regions. Victor hoped that the other crooks who came for the bodies would at least be able to appreciate his work. Probably not, although maybe the police would if they ever discovered his crime scenes.

"No need to fret on my own personal work. Not when the Lord still needs more of his carried out." Victor thought to himself. He turned away from the sight of the corpses and walked out of the ram-shack room. He could feel the parts of floor crack and snap underneath his feet as he walked his way out of the place. However when he came to the door something odd happened. He opened it and instead of the ghetto streets of Threshold, Victor was greeted by a swirling portal of bizarre light.

As he stood before the light, Victor pondered to himself. The logical conclusion, for him at least, was that God had placed the strange thing before him for reasons he was not fit to question. What would happen if he stepped into it he did not know. Without any fear on his mind, Victor stepped into the portal, internally praying that it would take it somewhere bloody and vicious.


The man sat, leaning back in his chair and resting his feet on the cheap wooden table. He listened to his clock as he stared up at the ceiling, his hands weaved behind his head.



A faint smile lightened his features, he could hear footsteps. He stretched his arm out, reaching towards the ceiling. A pale purple light flickered to life on his finger. He was slightly worried he'd see the pale light, under the door. He was really dragging his heels...


He's almost there, he can hear him-


He can see his shadow under the door. He's stopped, either suspicious or straightening himself. The man licks his lips in anticipation. The door opened slowly, and with a flick of the wrist the bolt soared towards the man.


... Right through Julian's illusion, phasing through his armor, where his heart would've been even! He chuckled softly as the man dropped to the floor in surprise. Julian took his position quickly, a bolt in both hands. Illusions were always worth it, and now he could stop walking so loudly. Nobody outside of a slasher movie took steps that loud, he thought with a faint smirk appearing.


"Right, Robert? You're not as clever as previously thought. Let's get started, shall we?" The Roman in Name looked around, dark room, log house in the woods... this place seriously existed. "How droll..." His target's nervous chuckling turned him away from his half interest. The man was resting in a rather uncomfortable position, on his back upside down. He pointed behind Caesar.


Caesar raised a finger, a blue bolt appeared, and a simple flick sent it soaring at the man's forehead, knocking him out almost instantly as his body toppled to a human position. Julian took the chance to turn around, and froze. Seems he was the only one who didn't go lethal. Fire bolt, direct hit against the wood.

"Oh, you son of a whore!" Rather than take the opportunity to give the man a fire bolt of his own, he began sprinting out of the building, leaving the man immobile as the fire surrounded swiftly.


He nearly tripped on a rug, but he made it near the front door. The ensuing gunfire told him he'd have to look for a new exit. He turned around, the fire had already engulfed the area behind him. THIS was why he didn't work as an assassin, especially for two bit mafia men he was already informing the police about. This was another narc, and now he was dead. Looked like he'd be next, if he were anyone else.

Caesar stopped, and smirked, dusting off his shoulders. The fire was blue, and he could already feel his skin blister from proximity, and the smoke helped nothing. But he was Julian, he'd find a way out. A quick survey didn't show much, he could hear the dunderheads outside mention the fact they were reloading. Sadly, they'd probably finish that by the time he made it out the door to capitalize, and standing to close to it meant standing in the way of bullets.

He stood near the hallway, now ducking down and moving the crook of his arm over his mouth and nose, he moved towards a window. Seemed a few men were just starting to get there. Caesar made an illusion around a force bolt, throwing it through the window. The bullets followed, as was expected.


'My cue.' Julian hopped through the window, performing a quick roll through the grass as he could hear hurried swearing from the two men. He used the momentum, breaking out in a sprint towards the two who were too busy attempting to reload.

Three Julian's appeared in front of the one who had finally jammed the mag in, making the world a marginally better place in his mind. He took a chance, aiming towards the center. A bullet winged him, but only hurt the true him, who always hid on the left.

He was close enough now, he grabbed the dullard by the throat, dropping his illusions and moving him in front of his friend. The salvo tore through him, but other than get some blood on him, it didn't effect Julian much. His smirk shrunk, a body made this so much more difficult. Dare say, it made him want to add another one.

"Hm. Out of ammo already? That makes this SO much easier!" The man swung, Caesar blocked easily with his armored arm, bringing his head forward to collide the 'Gangster's'. He reeled back, clutching his nose.

"My name is Julian Maskelyne. I'm the youngest head of the family ever. My grasp on our ancient magic has never been surpassed." The man grunted, and turned back to glare daggers at Julian. His vision turned to stars as a brutal backhand sent him reeling again.

"So, perhaps you can understand why I am so underwhelmed by this attempt on my life. I thought perhaps Robby realized that I am the single most dangerous thing on gods green earth to him. And what does he send after me, when he's 'mysteriously' tipped off to my location for the night?" The man didn't see the knee to the groin coming, doubling over almost instantly. A knee to the forehead sent him to his back.

"He sends a bunch of guys with guns, at least one I count as an undercover agent. You guys didn't even know that fire would happen." The man's barely focused eyes widen a bit. "Oh please, you're hardly secretive about it. You kill less than I do and walk like an officer. Frankly, I can't believe I had to tell anyone about it." Julian shrugged, looking down at the guy, who looked quite pale now.

"Oh, yes. Your employer knows, it cost him quite a bit. Which is why I'm leaving you hear, as I exit stage left. Have fun." He quickly steps on his wrist, reaching for his MAC-10, and raises his hands, a bolt appearing on each of his fingers. Each one hit a joint, and each hit was accompanied by a scream off pain, making Julian cringe. Perhaps it was too much overkill, he could feel his heart racing even faster now as breathing became more difficult.

He shrugged it off as he ran further into the woods that surrounded the house on all sides, the sun was out surprisingly, making it all the more unbelievable they hadn't found him already. Though, more than likely the ear protection was one of the main causes. He'd worked quickly, too. Only about a minute.

It wasn't long before the woods blotted out the sun for him, only a few rays shone down upon him. He was also finding that he was quite lost, and the sounds of nature were beginning to give him a headache, barely drowning out his heavy breathing. He held his breath for a second, and sighed with mild annoyance, looking around again. Perhaps mad sprinting wasn't the greatest of ideas.

He noticed something... peculiar, however. A tree, wide enough to fit a person in. It seemed to be swirling within, cackling with green energy. But inside was pitch black. Julian, though tired as he was, created another bolt as his breathing became even more ragged. He flicked it in, a small ripple was made in the black and a faint noise could be heard on the other side. Julian walked through the portal...

Emery danced to his music down the street, gaining a few odd looks. His headphones were set to max volume and he was intent on enjoying his damned day! He kept only one in, though, he was responsible... ish.

Regardless, there would be little to no beating up people like a psychopath for a bit longer, though it did hold a certain appeal nowadays. Cathartic was the word? Or was it macabre? Macabre was probably wrong but it was a fun word to say.

'I wonder if Vigilante's can get a psychiatrist?' He brushed the thought off as he air guitared once more, singing along. Purposefully off-beat, of course, there was no other way to street karaoke!

"Tempo is the beating bass at my feet, Boundin like a drum across the concrete, People in the city look so intense, I can see them talking but they make no sense, And I hear the bustle fighting your scene, Hiding in my headphones where you find me-!" He stopped and turned, clearing his throat and trying to normal out again. It was time to use alley's to move through the city. And hope madly that no one would try to mug him.

Just to be safe, he pulled up his hood, continuing on knowing that his face at least properly hidden. He kept his right hand in his pocket, it was still wearing the Runed Glove of Ass-Kickery. Just in case.

... Just in case an idiot like the one currently following him tried anything, in fact. Emery looked to the sky, and blew air out of his nose. 'Go away, go away kid. Really out of your league on this one, go home without broken limbs. C'mon, c'mon...'

He reacted automatically to the hand on his shoulder, pushing him with his left, turning around quickly. The fact the Cocky One was using a KNIFE really disappointed him, more than anything else. Why did they think cutlery would work? Every other day a new vigilante showed up, it seemed, so this was just silly.

"Kid, giving you one more chance here. You don't want to wake up in a hospital bed, just go away." The thief hesitated, but played with his face obscuring bandanna with his knife hand. His other was giving the international symbol of "Gimme your money".

Emery frowned, taking out his right hand. A symbol glowed pale blue, as his skin turned grey. Armored Skin rune rank I, less subtle looking and wouldn't work too well against small arms fire. But this idiot had a knife. The guy blinked hard, and turned to run, only to get his shirt caught by Emery.

"Yeah, no. I just gave you a chance to run away. Now I'm gonna have to beat all the memories we've just made outta your head. It hurts me more than it hurts you- Oh what the fuck?!"

The man was sent rocketing forward into Emery, making him catch the stupid sod. The knife clanged uselessly against his flesh, and Emery rolled his eyes. "Blah blah, dinner first, har har." Then he actually noticed something. He looked up at the sky, and it was busy.... not being blue.

"What the shit...?"

"Pleased to meet you as well." Looking back down, Emery noticed a haggard man in strange armor appear from nowhere.

"Whoa, shit. We need to get you to a hospital. This guy too. Now, moreso." He said, dropping him. Landed on his face, poor guy. Julian rolled his eyes, but gave a 'lead on' gesture. The two walked quietly for a bit.

Amelia sits letting the gentle breeze waft over her, it's way too hot, luckily she didn't need to move as much as most people. Across from her sits someone who looks pretty similar if a little less tanned and with different hair. It's a pleasant park to be sure. The other is the first to steak.

"You know they miss you."

"They didn't before."

"Times change."

"They're were pitchforks"

"And what about mother?"

Amelia has to pause, longer than she has for other responses before sighing slightly. "How's she doing?"

"She's worried about you."

"Didn't you tell her I was ok?"

"Course I did but do you really think just saying is enough? She knows what happened when you went home."


"Your dad is her brother remember?"

"Oh... yeah." Quick change the subject. She shouldn't mention how the sword was talking to her again. However Amelia's cousin had more to say so she need not come up with anything.

"You don't have to deal with this alone."

"Deal with what?"

"Your powers?"

"What's to deal with? I've got everything under control."

"Your sword talks to you."

"Well I don't lessen. Your worrying for nothing, I've got this completely under control."

Between the two a game of chess is in progress, one of the pawns suddenly levitated and took the castle directly in front of it.

"Pawns don't move like that." Amelia's cousin is pretty quick to point that out.

"Yes they do they move forward, one space that's how they always move."

"Not when taking."

Amelia stood up grumbling before she spoke "Anyway I need to be going." She turns to walk away before her opponent could respond.

The breeze was picking up a little keeping her a tad cooler than she'd otherwise be. Her hair floated free behind her but few people bothered looking it was both too hot and too crowded for people to pay attention.

As she strolled away she passed a notice board with a sign that had become all too familiar.

It was a pop art design, the silhouette of a man holding a car above his head, in bold text it proclaimed to the world.

"Got Powers? Come To Our Annual Fantastic Fair Show Us What You Got And If you Impress You'll Win a Grand Prize."

The fair was fast approaching actually Amelia noticed it was tomorrow even. She'd heard about these sort of thing, how could she not? They were everywhere now a days. Briefly she remembered the old days, before this was all out in the open one year her power was a special secret she shared only with Mary and the year after people came into her school to test what she could do. Not that they helped anything, no one knew how to deal with people with powers, it was early days still or the public. But now was not the time for nostalgia.

There was one thing about the poster than bothered her, she was at the edge of the park now, with the street next to her. She raised a hand turning away from the grass and to the road. No traffic to speak of just a few parked cars which were enough.

There was a blue glow around Amelia's hand a bright sapphire halo and then the same effect engulfed a people carrier nearby. As Amelia moved her hand further upwards the car began to float, she could feel the weight of it all and she didn't give a toss, several tones and she could have dealt with double. The car was lifted more so now first it had just lost contact but now it was noticeable off the ground.

Such Power!

The car returned to earth with a dull thud, a window or two noticeably more cracked than before, she'd dropped it, felt it slip right through her fingers, all because an old time blade congratulated her on a job well done. She walked away before people started asking questions, only briefly looking back at the poster. "Childs play" she muttered under her breath, before wandering on.

Tim Braider
Tim didn't need a lot of time to look around in the new location he was in. After all, it was very similar to his world. Or verse. Or whatever one called the place one came from when you had just stepped into a movie. He wondered if the university was still in the same direction as before, and if he could attempt to convince them he was a student there. He was carrying a few items, after all, one of them being the student identification card, however, he doubted it would work. Now, he did also possess the key to his dorm room, on campus, but him managing to live there would be too easy.

This was supposed to be a challenge, after all, and f it had been that simple to get a place to live, it wouldn't be an interesting movie. With all of his knowledge of movies, it was clear that he would have to be the one to give it some life, play the lead role. Be the villain and protagonist at the same time, as Lord Magnificent!

"Now, where is the plot happening?" he asked himself aloud, getting a few confused looks from people he passed by. It had to be somewhere, and he doubted he had no part in it from beginning to end. Tim rounded a corner, and continued walking, however, suddenly, he stopped completely. The reason was a stranger, not very far away, completely alike himself. Or at least really, really similar.

"So this is where the plot begins?" he muttered. "Great, I've always liked the identical character sort of thing!" He smiled brightly and raised his arm, trying to catch the stranger's eye.

"Dibs on being the evil twin!" he yelled, excited, and started adjusting his hair. The evil twin character usually had the nicer hair, after all, and he had to play his role perfectly. This situation was interesting as well. It seemed like a good set up for a nemisis, and Tim couldn't help but wonder if his doppleganger had the same powers as him too.

Joshua Kidd

Josh couldn't really decide on what he would get on the restaurant, as he walked out the door to his apartment, and locked it. He didn't want to waste much time deciding, but he really felt like eating a proper meal, something that tasted delicious. Using his powers always made him hungry, after all, and he wasn't completely fine after committing a crime. He could try to tell himself that he would be as much as he wanted to, but truth was that he still felt bad about every time he had raised his voice, and for the bank the money he had taken belonged too. Eating good food made him cheer up a bit, the very least.

He locked his door, and as he turned the key, he could hear someone else, almost oposite of his door, lock their door as well. Josh turned to look at whoever it was, it was Ash, someone who he had shared a few words with every now and then these two months. He smiled, despite being tired and a bit down, before greeting her.

"Hi Ash," he said, voice and facial expression naturally friendly and polite. "So you're heading out too?" He didn't know what more to say, they hadn't spoken enough for him to think that it would be polite to ask where or why, despite being curious.

Tom Braider

"Dibs on being the evil twin!"

Tom looked up, startled and curious by the dashingly handsome stranger that had approached him. Come to think of it the stranger looked remarkably similar to him, I suppose my good looks have become contagious he thought jokingly to himself. He grinned and waved at the stranger as he considered how best to respond.

"Haha, only if that means that I get to be the hero!," Tom replied to the stranger, grinning as he spoke. He paused and then shook his head, looking a bit confused. "I'm sorry do I know you from somewhere? I mean are we related or something, because you do look a lot like me. A stunningly obvious observation I know, but hey its true."

Tom looked over the man carefully, there were similarities sure and they became more apparent the closer he looked. The man was thinner, his hair was styled a bit more and he wasn't certain but the man's voice sounded different from his own. He also looked a bit taller but that and the voice could probably be attributed to him being skinnier.



Pawning off the jewelry proved relatively simple, and netted her a large amount of cash. She had needed to make a few trips to different places to sell it all off, people started to ask questions if you sold too much all in one place, and the stuff looked too new for her to use the old standby of it being passed on to her by an elderly relative who died.

She whistled happily as she strolled down the street considering her next goal, she had money but she still needed a place to stay. It also wouldn't hurt to find a place to stash the money, though a bank account was out of the question given her lack of ID in this place. She would have to keep an eye out for a place to stay, probably for roommates who wouldn't ask too many questions too.

She spotted a flyer for some sort of 'power fair' as she walked on, could be interesting, not that I plan on showing off but there have got to be interesting opportunities to scam people there. Maybe I can find someone with a disguise I can steal, get some suspicion turned away from me after whatever job I do next.

Ash Steel

Ash had just locked her door when she heard a somewhat familiar voice.

"Hi Ash," he said, voice and facial expression naturally friendly and polite. "So you're heading out too?"

It was the new tenant, Josh, a guy she bumped into every now and then since he moved in a few months ago. He always seemed a bit worn down by something, but was friendly and more polite than some of the other neighbors. Ash smiled as she replied, "Oh, hi Josh, I'm just on my way to run some errands. You?"

Anne Young

"The car just went into the air!"

"Did you see that halo?"

"This is so going online."

Anne had just finished acquiring some civilian clothing and a backpack (after ascertaining that this new world was similar to her old hometown), and was looking around the city when she saw a crowd around a slightly damaged car. She quickly put together that someone had used some sort of flashy ability to lift the car, and there seemed to have been no reason for it.

Intolerable dilettantes, transforming reality-warping capabilities into a glorified tantrum... Seems I can't escape these hotheaded exhibitionists even here. Guess I have more work to do after all.

When Anne had entered this world, she had to sneak away from some of the police, as she had spawned next to a crime scene of some variety (there was a biker chick hanging around, but it looked like a break-in... hero, maybe? She'd heard the familiar terms bandied about some). First order of business, naturally, was to find some civilian clothes in her size -- much easier with telekinesis and urban residential properties -- and something to carry the outfit and sword in. After that, she had intended to research the details of this world (especially concerning artifacts, money caches, and places to rebuild her operational base), but now...

Seeing people bandy about what should be societally-redefining abilities as some toy was always depressing. Even if her revolution was never intended for some greater purpose in and of itself, something in her screamed at the wasted potential. Forces such as those should be realized into their full potential, not squandered by petty whims and outdated expectations of quaint urbanity!

Anne was preoccupied with her mental rantings to the point where she did not realize that she was about to bump into a whistling brunette.

Tim Braider

"Haha, only if that means that I get to be the hero!"

Tim shrugged. "The role is free for you to take, I don't want it, it's dull," he replied, still smirking. This guy seemed oddly fond of heroes though, but at least that meant he fit the role he was given. I guess that rules out completely similar character. Now Evil twin/Good twin seems the most likely. But I don't have any siblings. It made little sense. Oh, wait. Riight, this is the movie verse! Everything seemed so familiar, so much that he had temporarily forgotten that anything was possible in a Hollywood movie. Of course, this wasn't exactly a Hollywood movie, considering what he had seen from it before, but still, he shouldn't attempt to use common world logic here.

"I'm sorry do I know you from somewhere? I mean are we related or something, because you do look a lot like me. A stunningly obvious observation I know, but hey its true."

"I don't know," Tim replied. I shouldn't tell him this is a movie, might be complicating to explain, and he might not like hearing it. I am the villain, but the reveal should be a lot more dramatic!

"We might have met, I don't know. I'm Tim Braider, nice to meet you," he smiled, and made sure to subtly ready the hand buzzer before offering his hand, hiding it well. It was all smoothly done and almost impossible to spot, all because of his experience of being a prankster for most of his life. Besides, movie verse or no movie verse, he never resisted a chance to trick someone.

Joshua Kidd

"Oh, hi Josh, I'm just on my way to run some errands. You?"

She seemed not to have gotten annoyed or bothered by, and Josh felt a bit relieved. For some reason, he felt as if his presence might trouble just about anyone. Josh reminded himself of that he wasn't in costume, and that he wasn't robbing a bank. It still bothered him a tiny bit. He replied with a friendly tone of voice.

"I'm going to get some food. Honestly, I'm feeling a bit too tired to cook right now." Ash seemed to be in a good mood, and from experience he knew she was somewhat polite, so he figured he might ask about the choice he couldn't quite decide on himself.

"This might seem a bit odd to ask you about right now, but I'm having a hard time deciding on a place so..." he was rambling, for some reason. I'm just tired, I guess. Always happens when the adrenaline goes away. Still, if I have to keep myself from rambling, then I should go to bed early today. He realized that he had gone quiet. "Oh, anyways, the question: do you know of any good restaurants nearby?" he finally asked.

Amelia and Mr K
It took a long time to walk to get from a nice sunny upmarket park to the sort of place Amelia was staying. First she crossed at least a dozen roads of gradually degrading quality. All while watching the shadows extends as a concrete canopy grows thicker. She didn't seem fazed by the peeling off of the mirror sheen; how such a new city already had a derelict section (however small) was a mystery that would baffle town planners for centuries to come.

Amelia made her way through an alley. There was another poster, a bigger one this time, with bright letters in fancy festive print.

"Unemployed? Need a little extra cash? Not satisfied with you current career path? Well if you're one of the ever growing community of people with powers there may be employment opportunities you've never considered. Just ask your local job centre to register your powers and let the money flow in."

Bit verbose for a poster but Amelia wasn't reading it again; she'd already memorised it and made a mental note to ignore it. She eventually reached a particularly run down building that didn't look like somewhere anyone would call home.
Amelia approached the door, letting herself in. The guy at the main desk gave her the usual mix of contempt and something she didn't recognise. Her apartment; floor three, apartment 14. She was alone on the floor. She'd made sure of it by breaking the elevator (no one bothered using the stairs, not even staff). Controlling the lift wasn't so hard.
When she got to her front door she was surprised to find an amorphous mass of metal where the padlock had been so the door to just swung right open.

There was a man seated in a chair. A much nicer chair than the rest of the apartment. He probably brought it especially so he wouldn't have to sit on anything already there. He wore a pinstriped suit, grey and white that looked tailor made. When he spoke his voice was gravely deep, a British African sound to it, almost musical.


Amelia responded "Leave" a lot less calmly than the other guy. Someone needs to learn to hide their aggression better.

"Now, now, don't you want to hear my offer?"

"I've heard it enough times."

"That was an old offer, the new one is double."

"The answer is still no, and you own me another padlock. If you keep melting them you better start paying."

"Of course, where are my manners? But if you accepted my offer you could replace the lock, maybe the whole apartment."

"If you want it why not just steal it?"

"We're not Americans. I'm not going to just roll in and shoot you. For the same reason you don't make a habit of just
crushing people. Everyone has something someone else wants. I believe we can come to an agreement."

"Just go."

"Fine, some other time. You can keep the chair." He got up and walked out, dropping a padlock and chain as he went.

Meanwhile, elsewhere
Jen found herself in a pretty high class part of town. A man looking right at home in his pinstripe suit watched her. His eyes suddenly glowed a bright white watching. She might be just what he needed. He approached her, she looked confused.

He speaks first "Lost miss? Looking for something perhaps," his voice was silky smooth.
She responded nicely enough, suspicious but she knew how to handle herself. She'd humour him for a while. "And what could you offer me?"

"There's plenty. Everyone has something someone needs. But where are my manners?" He offers a hand "It's Mr Kelvin and you'll need my card." Which he produced and she took.

"Thank you."
They parted ways, without incident. Jen wasn't sure what to think. Risky sure but if she needs to get a gun it would be foolish not to expect shady characters.

But then something takes her mind completely off the man.
There was a shot fired, the sensible thing to do (and what the rest of the crowd she was in did) was to run as far from the sound as possible. Jenifer on the other hand was like a moth in candle light.

It didn't take long for her to get to the action, two people in a clearing. One lying in a pool of his own blood, the other standing with a gun in hand. It was about then that police started coming in.

Later, police HQ
The Chief sat at a desk phone in hand, and this was supposed to be a simple day. Sounds aggravated.
"You aren't telling me you just found him? .... Middle of the street? .... Seriously?" She sighed, again.
No idea how this was going to get any weirder. "Wait, you tell me you've just found him, and now? You've found him twice? What is that supposed to even mean?"

The Chief was not amused, it's been a long day full of things that didn't make sense and this was just icing on the cake. Not only had one of the most dangerous super powered individuals on their records just turned up, but there's apparently an exact double of him in the same place, who was dead.

*head desk* The Chief should probably stop doing that, the desk was starting to show marks, but when supers were showing up everywhere, well what could you do.

She stands up, walking over to where the witness are starting to come in they'd all have to interviewed and give statements, which judging buy how thing were going wouldn't make the least bit of sense.

She took a moment, to look in on the prime suspect. She's known the face for months now, monster wouldn't be an overstatement, the mug was all over the news. First super criminal. No one knew exactly what he could do. The crime scenes were a mess, god knows what he was capable of. But now you wouldn't know it, the guy is pale, covered in sweat and clearly mid panic attack. He's had to be bound in a strait jacket, the room was locked and bolted many times over a missile strike wouldn't get into the cell. Even the two way mirror was bullet and bomb proof.

There were a lot of witnesses to get statements from. The chief enters the interrogation room, switching on the recorder and reading out the usual obligatory stuff (time date, her name and rank) Jenifer (sitting across from the Chief) joins in, she's heard it all before on both sides of the situation.

"Cute." The Chief doesn't actually find it cute at all in case you were wondering. "Your name please?"

"Jenifer Kid. Officer" Jen flashes her badge.

"Fake." The Chief says bluntly.

"What no, I'm a special detective."

"A good fake no doubt, really top class, perfect in nearly every detail just one thing. That number, right here." The Chief points to a serial number. "That jurisdiction code is invalid, you could have found a valid number with just a quick internet search. I'd call it lazy if the whole thing wasn't perfect otherwise. Now tell me who you really are or I'll have to detain you."

"I told you Jenifer Kid."

"Don't have anything from you on file. Which means you're no citizen." The Chief had fed the name into a computer that was very out of date and there were no results. "Don't have a brother do you?"

Jen's eyes lit up a little, she'd not had a brother before, did she have other family where ever this was? She had to take the chance. "Yes, sorry, I'm from out of town, do you have my brothers address, I'm a little lost."
"I'll tell you what, you answer my questions and you can go. Now tell me what you saw."

Tom Braider

"We might have met, I don't know. I'm Tim Braider, nice to meet you,"

Tom shrugged and extended an arm to shake hands, only to quickly withdraw it when he felt the shock from the joybuzzer. Stumbling backwards a step in surprise, shaking his hand to deal with the stinging sensation. He paused realizing what just happened then began to grin.

"Hah, you got me, didn't think my evil twin would stoop to such insidious lows," he said jokingly "I'm Tom Braider, weird how we have the same last name huh?"



The distracted girl bumped right into Tess, who shoved her away adding a small shock to the gesture, not much more than a particularly vicious static shock but still one that would sting for a few moments.

"Watch it," she said, quickly regaining her balance from the collision without falling, and immediately checked to make sure she hadn't lost or dropped anything in the collision. The other girl didn't seem worth messing with right now anyways, not when she still had to get her bearings and figure out where to sleep for the night among other things.

She quickly turned to walk away, muttering "clumsy bitch," under her breath as she did so.

Ash Steel

"Oh, anyways, the question: do you know of any good restaurants nearby?" he finally asked.

Josh seemed a bit awkward when asking the question, but it was likely just nervousness over still being sort of new to the city, so Ash didn't pay any mind to it. Chinese sounds good today, Ash thought.

"Most of the places around here are easy to miss. Foo Chang's is a few blocks away, and they're pretty good," Ash mentioned.

Anne Young

Ow! What was that?

Anne felt the electrical impulse and rather quickly determined its extraordinary source. Her clothes wouldn't be sufficient to generate that naturally, and the weather is entirely unsuitable... Another one wasting their power on a pointless emotional response, I see.

Of course, her annoying waste of power didn't make this any less Anne's fault, so Anne smiled and stepped forward before the brunette left, speaking so only the other super could hear.

"I am terribly sorry for not minding my path," Anne stated. "But surely you do not need to waste energy over such a frivolity?"

Tim Braider

"Hah, you got me, didn't think my evil twin would stoop to such insidious lows."

Tim grinned as well, chuckling. "Is that a challenge? Because I can do more, if you'd like me to. No one usually does, though," he added. "How boring of them, not letting me show them my true potential." He had a jokingly tone as well, he was starting to like his nice twin from the movie-verse.

Of course, not enough to let that weaken my senses. He's still a possibly nemesis. Man, this will be fun!

"I'm Tom Braider, weird how we have the same last name huh?"

Ah, poor Tom, doesn't know a thing about the movie-verse. That reminds me, I don't really belong here, so I don't think I have a place to stay at the moment.

"Say, Tom, brother or person of coincidence and all that," Tim smiled, sounding like he was stating it casually. "Do you, by any chance, have some room in your apartment? You do have an apartment, right? Of course you do, looking all sharp like that." It wasn't very unsettling for him to see someone that similar, it happened a lot in movies, so it felt like it was common to him. "You see, I happen to be from out of town, and I need a place to stay. Please?" he asked, innocently.

And from there, I will plan my next move!

Joshua Kidd

"Most of the places around here are easy to miss. Foo Chang's is a few blocks away, and they're pretty good,"

"Thanks," he smiled. "Which way is it?"

Josh brightened up a bit upon hearing Ash's answer. Chinese did sound good, and usually required little waiting. Besides, he was getting to know one of his neighbors a bit more, always a good thing. Even with the people he had managed to befriend in the city, he still was lonely most of the time. And Josh liked people, as long as they were polite, and not trying to arrest him. Or kill him, but that probably counted as being impolite. Then again, he robbed people, could he really judge anyone?

At least I do it politely.

Speaking about manners, he figured that just asking Ash would be a bit too short, he tended to be terrible with directions. Sure, he could recognize locations and streets, but his ability to listen when someone was explaining the way was for some reason very limited. His phone was also an old model, he could call, text and take pictures with it, but it had no GPS.

"Wait, actually, it would probably be easier if we went outside, and you just pointed me towards the restaurant. Unless you're headed in that direction yourself?" He felt himself cheer more up as he spoke. Sure, he was probably making a fool of himself at this point, but hey, getting to know people, right?

"Or, you know, if you're busy, I can just look around till I find it."

With my luck, I probably will find it without even looking for it.

However, he waited for Ash to speak, he wouldn't mind the conversation being a tiny bit longer.

Tom Braider

"You see, I happen to be from out of town, and I need a place to stay. Please?

Tom was a bit surprised by this, regardless of how well they had gotten along so far or how they shared a last name Tim was still a stranger to him, someone he had only just met. If one of his friends had asked him for a place to stay he would have agreed without hesitation but Tim was a bit too recent of an acquaintance for him to be sure he could trust him.

"Um, well," Tom started, scratching the back of his head a bit nervously "We only just met and I haven't heard of you before, so I'm not sure I can trust you enough to let you stay over. Sorry."

He already felt bad about turning Tim down and the man hadn't even replied to him yet, I guess if he really needs a place I might be able to let him stay on the couch... No I don't know anything about him, that's probably a bad idea.



"But surely you do not need to waste energy over such a frivolity?"

"Eh?" Tess's eyes narrowed somewhat suspiciously, she had always been good at keeping her power use subtle, almost unnoticeable by others and easily passed off as a static shock or some other natural phenomenon, but this girl seemed to be accusing her of using a power. At least she wasn't sure what else the girl could mean, I must've slipped up and given her too much of a jolt I guess, ah well should be easy enough to play off.

"Not sure what you mean, you weren't that hard to push off of me," she said with an uncaring shrug "Now if you'll excuse me I've got places to be, need to find somewhere to stay for the night."

In her experience it was best to keep lies simple, and acting unaware was one of the best ways to manage that, add in a dash of truth and people trusted the rest more easily as well. Besides she really did need to keep looking for a good place to stay, she didn't like walking around with all the money on her person, it made it too easy to lose some of it. Plus it being the only money she had on her in this new world made it particularly important that she find a safe place to stash some of it.

Ash Steel

"Wait, actually, it would probably be easier if we went outside, and you just pointed me towards the restaurant. Unless you're headed in that direction yourself?" He felt himself cheer more up as he spoke. Sure, he was probably making a fool of himself at this point, but hey, getting to know people, right?

"Or, you know, if you're busy, I can just look around till I find it."

Looks like he really was just nervous about having to ask.

"It's not a problem. I was just thinking of getting food from there anyway, so I can take you there." Even Ash could see that Josh was feeling better. She always did enjoy helping other people out, and wasn't making other people happier the larger goal in helping them? (That was the point of Jolt having an active persona, after all. She didn't change the voice modulator settings simply for her own amusement anymore -- she'd have gotten over it a long time ago if no one noticed it.)

And besides, Josh seemed nice enough. Maybe it'd be fun to have someone in the complex to hang out with every once in a while.

"The fastest way there is going down 40th." Ash began walking toward the exit, oblivious to any other possible implications of her actions. Surely there was nothing to misread about the situation?

Anne Young

"Not sure what you mean, you weren't that hard to push off of me," she said with an uncaring shrug "Now if you'll excuse me I've got places to be, need to find somewhere to stay for the night."

No place to stay for you either? Maybe I should offer my help.

"You are not the only one, you know?" Leaving implied sentiments in conversation was fun. Perhaps there was something to be gained here after all? The status of the old Apocalypse haunts were undetermined anyway, but surely one of them would be a viable prospect, especially if this girl proved interesting. Questions of practicality and alternate priorities were irrelevant; the notion of converting someone to her cause or even just an alliance were much more interesting, if admittedly farfetched. And if the girl proved a threat, then Apocalpyse would simply be able to observe a super from this world directly.

After letting the possible implications stew for a moment, Anne continued. "I was about to see if I could stay somewhere for a few nights as well. You would be entirely welcome to stay if it works out."

Outside Police HQ One interview later
Jen stood just outside the station. The interview hadn't been so bad, she'd complied and her lack of knowledge seemed to satisfy the Chief that there was no reason to keep her. From what Jen gathered they'd caught a serious criminal, there was something about a look alike that was dead. She'd heard an officer say something about parallel universes, the other officers dismissed the idea, but to be honest it got Jen thinking, not that she'd said anything.

She glanced down at a piece of paper, whole city and only a few instances of her second name, she'd been given a list. There was still a gun to look for but god how long since she wrested. Joshua was the first name on the list, worth a shot she guessed.

Inside the Chief was going into interview the Wolf, well one of the wolves, some day. She was well aware that the press already knew about who was in the cell and probably even heard some of the crazier theories. She'd be up all night answering questions and denying things knowing her luck. Now was the closest thing she had to down time and she was she was spending it in a room with someone who had a body count in the double digits.

Happy Towers apartments
Amelia was back in the lobby, complaining to the youth at the front desk about the break, for the 5th time. He wasn't having any of it, she couldn't stand this place sometimes but when the prices were dirt cheap you got what you paid for. She needed a walk so left the boy mid rant, which was rude but she was sure she'd have been ruder if she levitated him.
Kelvin had been creepily persistent with his offers, she considered legal action but laws weren't exactly a problem, second thermal dynamics certainly wasn't. Though she could use the money, and was it really such a bad idea? No she couldn't, no telling what someone like that would do, way too many unknowns about the guy.

She noticed the vacancies sign was up again which it pretty much always was since most people had better options, she hoped there wouldn't be too many more people she liked having the floor to herself.

Tim Braider

"Um, well. We only just met and I haven't heard of you before, so I'm not sure I can trust you enough to let you stay over. Sorry."

Tim face-palmed. "Of course, I'm such a fool. I sorta forgot that we don't really know each other." He kind of had, the whole movie verse being very much like the normal verse thing had him a bit confused at some parts. Not that he would admit such a thing, not a criminal mastermind like himself.

"Don't worry about it, I'll get somewhere else to stay."

Through villainous deeds, obviously.

"Well, I'll see you around, I guess. After all, we "twins" need to stick together."

He wrote his number on a note, and gave it to Tom, unaware of that the number belonged to someone else in this verse. Tim then walked away, trying to find a place where he could use his powers, and become Lord Magnificent.

After looking around, he found a place where it would be safe to do so, and the goo immediately started forming the suit. After a short moment, Tim was in a completely dark suit, it looking almost scaled, with a lot of spikes. With it on, he became more than 7 feet, and his movements became lighter, despite the large armor.

He walked until he found a lot of people, it was close to the place where he and Tom had been talking, but he had no idea if the other was still there.

Doesn't matter, this is business! I can always bother him later.

He started laughing, the suit altering his voice enough to give him a frightening echo. Tim kicked a car, and attempted to scare the people.

"Woe you, for Lord Magnificent is here! Give me all of your money!" He grinned within the suit.

This is fun, and useful. What a great combination!

Most people ran away, some leaving behind their purses and bags. He wondered how much renting an apartment would cost, but he figured he would deal with the math after having some fun. Besides, he would probably have more than enough after scaring some more people. This movie was about to get a lot more interesting.

Joshua Kidd

"It's not a problem. I was just thinking of getting food from there anyway, so I can take you there."

"Thank you," Josh replied. "I'm lucky I have a neighbor this nice." It made him pleased he had asked, and now he was getting to know Ash better. Well, that still didn't mean he should bother her with a bunch of questions, obviously. He decided to follow her, as she knew where they were going.

"The fastest way there is going down 40th."

"I see. Have you been living in this city all of your life?" he asked her. "I mean, since you seem to know your way around." Josh was honestly curious about that, because if she had, then she might be able to help him with a few other questions. Of course, that was if he was willing to involve her in his "work", if only slightly so.


The two remained quiet for the most part, listening to the city. The guy Emery was carrying didn't even snore, Emery's favorite people. Hell, Julian's ragged breathing was louder, though he was getting better, the only other noise came faintly from Emery's headphones. He needed some sleep. Finding the near-silence intolerable, Emery asked something that was bothering him for the past couple of minutes.

"So.... The outfit...?"

"Family thing."

"And the hair?"

"What about it...? And is that the Lion King I hear?"

"No, nothing, never mind." He snapped, quickly ripped out the headphones, making the Faux-Roman roll his eyes.

'Plebian.' The Artist found himself staring at the now endlessly fascinating brick wall that made the other half of the alley, letting them lapse into silence once more. The man stirred a few times, but didn't seem to wake up, although there was the off chance he just liked getting carried. They made it out onto the streets, where it seemed the world around them didn't give a shit that the sky turned apocalyptic a few moments ago.

"Alright, I'm off." Julian stated, taking a turn and heading down the street without a good bye. Or even a wave.

'Jerkass.' Emery, being the polite one, waved off the mysterious armored stranger, and plopped the mugger on the street corner. Someone'd pick him up, eventually, hopefully. Emery started heading back to the park.

Tom Braider

Tom stood still for a moment trying to process why the man had given him his own phone number, before shaking his head and starting to walk home. He had hardly taken a few steps before he heard the screaming and the car alarms, and over it all (or maybe just mixed in with the other noise) a voice declaring evil intent!

"Woe you, for Lord Magnificent is here! Give me all of your money!"

He ran, or at least jogged, towards the noises his powers activating as he did so, everyone was too busy fleeing to pay attention to the one man running towards the disaster and soon enough he was alone. He smiled and the goo enveloped him, rapidly growing to a huge black blob with Tom hidden at the center of it, like a man in a giant hamster-ball. Well a giant malleable hamster-ball that could reshape itself and acted as... you know lets just stick with hamster-ball.

He quickly rounded the corner, his armor carrying him along much faster than his running before, whatever agent of chaos and evil lay before him he knew he would be able to defeat it! Then he came face to face with... himself? No not quite the armor was a slightly different color, and was too spiky to be a blob of any sort. Could it be Tim, his self proclaimed evil twin? The two meetings were too coincidental to not be connected, but he would think about that later for now was the time FOR JUSTICE!

"Halt evildoer!" he declared, his armor was already larger than the others, and now he formed it into a vaguely humanoid shape, molding it into arms and legs but without fingers or toes "Stop your crimes at once, for only a fool would dare face the might of Sir Awesome!"



I was about to see if I could stay somewhere for a few nights as well. You would be entirely welcome to stay if it works out."

Tess was caught off guard by this, though she didn't let it show, was the girl trying to keep her around until she could prove her suspicions of Tess's powers, or did she honestly want to help? Could be she's trying to make up for running into me, either way its too good an offer to reject it right now, she thought, though she knew she would have to be careful. Lies got harder to keep track of and maintain the longer you where around any one person, but then she was used to pretending not to have powers.

She shrugged and feigned apathy "Alright, sounds like as good a shot as any, lead on then," she said, pausing briefly then deciding to be a bit more polite "I'm Teresa by the way, most people call me Tess though."

Ash Steel

"I see. Have you been living in this city all of your life?" he asked her. "I mean, since you seem to know your way around."

"No, but I've lived here for a while now. Getting around makes sense around the four month mark." Especially when you need to charge around the city so often. Then again, I had to look for all the sodding cameras near here as well.

"You moved in a few months ago, right?" Ash opened the door out to the street, holding it open for Josh.

Anne Young

"Alright, sounds like as good a shot as any, lead on then," she said, pausing briefly then deciding to be a bit more polite "I'm Teresa by the way, most people call me Tess though."

Like me, then. "Pleasurable to be acquainted, Tess. You may call me Anne." Since Anne now had someone with her, and since this city seemed the same as her hometown, this should be no problem.

"I should like to stop off somewhere before we head for lodging, Tess. There is... something pertinent that I would have use in obtaining."

Tim Braider

"Halt evildoer!"

Tim turned towards the voice, and the sight that met him was rather surprising. Not as much that it was someone with the same powers as him, he had been suspecting Tom had them as well, however... a blob? A ball? It seemed pointless. It seemed Tom realized that, as it turned into an armor... sort of, it was still pretty round.

"Stop your crimes at once, for only a fool would dare face the might of Sir Awesome!"

"Call me foolish then, Sir Average, but I do not fear you at all! Who would fear something as large and slow as thyself?!" Tim further adjusted the goo a bit further, got rid of some of the most unnecessary spikes, and shaped it so that it concentrated on movement. The armor was strong, but more so, it gave him a much greater speed than the shape the guy who had to be Tom could get. Tim also changed his left hand into that of a very sharp blade as thin as he could make it without the goo acting up.

"But don't worry, I'll help you with that massive thing! Just come over here, and I'll slice it up, nice and clean!" He demonstrated how sharp the blade was by cutting off the top of a metal sign. He was careful enough to make sure there was no people there, mayhem was his thing, not murder.

This should be enough to defeat him. At least this time.

Tim honestly hadn't tested what would happen if he used a blade against an armor of the same material. Well, now he had the chance! Even if the color was a bit different, it was clearly the same thing. A weapon fitting a showdown with a nemisis! He was looking forward to this.
"So, what do you say, Sir Awful?!" He taunted again. Would Tom reply? Or just attack him? Either way, he would be able to see it coming and move out of the way before the blob could even move!

Joshua Kidd

"No, but I've lived here for a while now. Getting around makes sense around the four month mark. You moved in a few months ago, right?"

He thanked her for holding the door open for him, before replying. "Yeah, two months. And I suppose so. Besides, I've---" he stopped himself from talking. Did he really want to admit that to someone? Well, it would be rude not to finish the sentence, and he was fine now.

As fine as I can get, I suppose.

"I must admit that haven't been much out of my apartment these months," he finally said. "I was a bit down when I first moved here. I'm fine now, of course, but I couldn't really bring myself to walk around a lot." He sighed. "And now I'm being a downer, sorry. I'm trying to work on that." Josh smiled again. "So, what are you doing here? Or is that a bit too private? If so, I apologize."

Tom Braider

"So, what do you say, Sir Awful?!"

Tom smiled inside his armor, weighing the differences between their armors in his head as he thought up a retort. Tim (or at least he assumed it was Tim) had a smaller suit, and had formed a blade of some sort, Tom had never tried to form a blade his armor tended to need to be too thick to allow much of an edge, though who knew how much of the sign being cut was from an edge and how much was from sheer force.

"I'd call you a fool but then even a fool would have better dress sense. Man those spikes are ugly, was your mother a hedgehog or something?," he said, hardening some of the goo around him to protect against the blade but leaving the surface unchanged, at the same time he shifted more mass to the legs and arms, "And no thanks I'd prefer to lose weight naturally, exercise and such, too bad beating the tar out of you won't even make me break a sweat!"

With that he launched himself at Tim with a startling rush of speed, his now massive hands swinging around him to slam together on Tim leaving little room for evasion.

"So how's this for an answer Lord Moronic!"



"I should like to stop off somewhere before we head for lodging, Tess. There is... something pertinent that I would have use in obtaining."

The way Anne said this struck Tess as odd, good to know I'm not the only one hiding something, the way she was getting on my case for power use she probably has powers of her own, or at least knows someone who does. The pause and the strange way of referring to the errand she wanted to run made Tess think that in this case it was the item she wanted that was the thing making Anne secretive. Are we stealing something? Because it sounds like that.

Tess shrugged again, maintaining her feigned apathy "Sure, whatever, just make it quick," she said.

Police HQ

The wolf was talking; barely even needed to pressure him the Chief was disappointed to be honest, looking forward to having to apply pressure. But she just walked into the room, her height probably helped, towering over most people and especially the wolf, she'd expected him to be bigger he was barely over 5 feet. So the cub was spilling, his story ridiculous (even more so than her subordinate had made it sound) but she'd the experience to tell he wasn't lying, in her head there were three options he was mad, drugged or worst yet he was a better BSer than she was. The small man was terrified clearly eyes wide he kept twitching slightly must have seen every inch of the holding chamber over 100 times by now but he couldn't look her in the eye, guilt? Did people like him even feel guilt? She got the feeling she was being watched.

Then someone else came into the room, "You're needed there's an indecent." He was the same guy that first voiced the parallel worlds theory .

She responded pretty quickly "How many?"
"Two that we know of, town centre."

"Damn, ok I'll be right there." No way of keeping this under wraps.

"What about the wolf?"

"Keep him locked down, he says anything record it."

"Yes Chief."

Middle of Town

She was soon on the scene, full riot gear and her gun (tranquilizers but it packed a punch) the crowd were clearing, well moving back they were balancing distance from the two goo guys fighting and getting a good view, these two knew how to put on a show. Other officers are already trying to disperse them.

The Chief gets to the front of the crowd and soon she was in the ring with the other two. She shouts more than making sure she'd going to be heard over the crowd and the camp.

"This is the police, stand down." She'd not drawn the gun just yet hoping banging the baton on her shield will be enough. "Stop now before you get hurt." Her resolve was stone and didn't show a hint of fear; after all, two kids with powers not even a problem.

Bad part of town near happy towers

Amelia felt hungry, not that she wasn't used to the feeling. Finding noms was easy, plenty of places around her sold food (especially if you expanded you definition of edible). It was just a case of waiting for someone to be distracted and then grabbing it. She wandered for a while; she got to try a lot since staying in the same place too often was they'd get suspicious. One customer losing the odd sandwich wasn't worth noting, but if one shop consistently got complaints they're would be counter measures.

There was this one place she didn't go to, it was usually too packed but when she passed she saw the shop front was deserted everyone was inside crowded around the bar and a tv. A blond woman who Amelia vaguely recognised was talking to a camera before the face of the Wolf flashed up on screen, she heard the words parallel universe tossed around inside, what idiot came up with that idea? But she didn't pay much more attention, there was food, she walked away having scoped the place out. After a few minutes various plates and glasses followed her, if was a sort of lucky dip but beggars couldn't be choosers.

One meal later pieced together from various left overs and Amelia gets up, after sending the plates back. She got up from where she'd sat, which was a bench in the shade and walks on. The sword was silent, where it slept in the scabbard.

Jennifer Kidd

The address the station had given her was an apartment block; she was still getting her head around the streets, she kept getting close but a street name would be slightly different or end a few houses early, almost a perfect replica, made her wonder how she'd ever find this brother of her's he'd not been there where she knocked, so she'd need to wander search the local area. Standing on a street corner she look out at the crowds, the numbers almost enough to make her give up. What would he even look like, it not like she even sure much of her blood family when she was growing up so how on earth so how was she supposed to do this?

It had to be the tenth time she scanned the streets focusing on every face, this could take hours. Oh wait, that guy had her hair colour, no one had her hair colour, and well that was easy. She approached, getting close even almost introducing herself once or twice, but how did she start this conversation?

Ash Steel

He sighed. "And now I'm being a downer, sorry. I'm trying to work on that." Josh smiled again. "So, what are you doing here? Or is that a bit too private? If so, I apologize."

Ash smiled sympathetically. "It's not. I just ended up here looking for work, nothing major."

Ash looked to cross a street and caught a glimpse of a woman with champagne-colored hair walking close behind them. Huh, someone else with that hair color. Thought she was looking at Josh for a second... huh.

Distractedly, she continued. "Had to leave my last job to get some affairs in order, and couldn't go back to it..."

Anne Young

Tess shrugged again, maintaining her feigned apathy "Sure, whatever, just make it quick," she said.

"I intend for it to be," Anne replied confidently; in the other world, this stop was never an issue; hopefully nothing would be different this time. It didn't seem that this world was that different from hers, and the spot was optimal for an anonymous stash -- hidden enough not to be found by those not already informed, but thankfully too small for much in the way of theft deterrence.

Naturally this is the point where Anne and Tess walked up to where she could see a street crowded with police, circled around something going on in the center of the road. Two blob men were there?

"What the hell is going on..." Anne muttered under her breath, trying not to get too worked up before she knew more about the situation. Is this the third one today? Really?

Tim Braider

"I'd call you a fool but then even a fool would have better dress sense. Man those spikes are ugly, was your mother a hedgehog or something?"

Okay. That's definitely Tom. Only someone that similar to me would keep this up in a fight. Awesome!

"It's better than being the michelin man, now, isn't it?! Or Stay Puft from Ghostbusters!"

Tim had to chuckle at the comparison of his, it was a good one. It became even better when Tom decided to make even more of the goo, and get even larger. He wasn't sure if the other was just using goo that wasn't as dense as his, or was simply capable of making more, but Tim realized that Tom had something in mind. Interesting.

"And no thanks I'd prefer to lose weight naturally, exercise and such, too bad beating the tar out of you won't even make me break a sweat!"

Heh, I have to admit he's not bad at this. Not as good as me, obviously, but he's suited to being my arch-nemesis!

"Of course not, getting completely annihilated isn't going to take much from you, just stand completely still, and it will soon be over!"

Tim was about to say something else, however, all of a sudden, Tom launched himself at him, attempting to grab him, yelling as he did.

"So how's this for an answer Lord Moronic!"

Hah, I'll just---

"This is the police, stand down. Stop now before you get hurt."

"Huh?" Tim said, his attention getting divided. Before he got the time to realize his mistake, Tom had grabbed him. He was stuck.

Damn, rookie mistake!

He wriggled, but didn't seem to get loose. The only thing that wasn't stuck was his left arm, that he had raised before. However, the blade wouldn't do much good now, apart from for intimidation. He pointed it at the police-woman.

"Hey, don't interrupt, bitch!" Bitch, had he really just said that? It was a villainy thing to say, but it felt a bit too rude, even for an evil mastermind like him. Not to mention, crude. Still, she was screwing this up for him. He turned back to Tom.

"Don't think you've won yet!" he laughed, as he started shaping the armor again. Although he could just shed part of the armor and slip away, Tim still was curious about a few things. Besides, running away, although it would be the easiest solution, considering all the police officers that had gathered, was too cowardly at this point in the battle. So, he went for more intimidation.

More and larger spikes started appearing on his body, and into the other's goo armor. He wouldn't manage to harm him, obviously not, but he kept them relatively easy to shape, so that he could move them and the rest of the spikes according to Tom's movements. He increased the amount of goo, by now he he was immobilizing the upper body of the other's armor by shooting spikes into and around the goo. However, he couldn't do anything about the legs, he doubted he could produce enough goo to even attempt it.

"Two people can play that game, Dear Tom!" Tim yelled. He figured the other had something to lose from having his identity known to the police He was hesitant to his own identity being known, but this was the movie-verse, Tim didn't belong here so none of his friends or family was actually here. Besides, it was only a threat, Tom was supposed to give in after hearing it. It was all for the purpose of making him hesitate, or even scared.

"Want to get loose? Release me then! If not, I'll just reveal your true identity to everyone here! I'm sure the police would like to know your full name, right Tom?!" He laughed again, somewhat maliciously.

Joshua Kidd

"It's not. I just ended up here looking for work, nothing major."

"Oh, okay. Have managed to find anything?" Ash turned around for some reason. What was she looking at? When she spoke, she sounded a bit distracted.

"Had to leave my last job to get some affairs in order, and couldn't go back to it..."

"I think I under--" he spoke as he turned towards where she looked, and stopped when he saw someone walking a bit close. It was a woman with the same hair-color as him. She seemed familiar, yet he was sure he had never seen her before.

Was she there in order to talk to one of them? She was rather close, after all. Normally, people was very careful not to be too close to someone in the city, as if they were afraid that the others would suddenly turn around and slap them, or something. Josh smiled politely to her. "Ehm... excuse me, miss. Do you have any business with either of us? Or are you trying to pass us?" He moved out of the way, in case it was the second of the two. It was odd for him to see someone with the same hair color, he didn't think he ever had before. It was curious. He glanced over Ash.

"Do you know her, perhaps?"

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