The Praetorians, a fantasy cop drama. (Game thread Started/CLOSED Prologue)

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Righto this looks plain brilliant so I thought I'd try my hand at writing a sheet haven't done this in ages! Anyway, don't know if it's any good at the moment but here it is anyway.

Any critique would be welcome.

Well, took me long enough. As usually, criticism/commentary is welcome.

Updated the whole bio with your specifications

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Well this attracted more people than I thought! Okay so the closing time still isn't for a good while yet but I already know I'm going to have to put it back a little since I need sleep and frankly it's going to be really hard working out a final list of characters. (You all just HAD to go and write a bunch of great sheets didn't you!).

I hope to have a final list/first story post up tomorrow (tomorrow for you all anyway because timezones). I know a few of you have tried to contact me by skype so to let you know if I haven't responded it's because either my skype is acting up, or I am unconcious or I'm deep in thought over working out this RP.

And the final list is up. I'd like to thank everyone for applying and apologise to anyone who wasn't selected. If any of you would be interested in being held in reserve then let me know. This was not an easy decision, everyone wrote up some great sheets and it was terrible having to choose between people, in the end it came down to the max number of characters I could handle and ones that could be mixed together for maximum fun/drama.

The First story post will be up in a few hours when the most people are awake. We'll continue using this thread to save space.

Aw, I didn't get in...oh well. Good luck to those that did.

EDIT: I just had a thought. Could those who didn't get accepted be put on reserve? In that, if a player needs to drop out for whatever reason or doesn't show, they can jump in?

Cut off for general chat. RP starts after here. If anyone wants to talk to me please use a PM or skype.

Prologue: Protect and Serve

It doesn't matter what I think they are, man or animal, both can be trained in pretty much the same way. - Mabel Ackerman

Mabel gave out a thick sigh as she massaged her temples and hunched over her desk. The leak in her office ceiling was steadily dipping into the tin bucket in the corner of the room and it, along with the lack of sleep, was giving her a splitting headache. To think when they told her that the praetorians were getting their own precinct building she was excited.

What she got was a dilapidated old wreck with more cracks and leaks than half the old warehouses in Redfields. Located in the back end of Oldtown, the place must have been abandoned for a decade. Just dusting it out and mending the bigger holes in the wall Not to mention the paltry budget they'd been given that meant they could only afford a handful of weapons and the needed equipment. Novak had called in some favours and managed to secure them a squad car, granted it had been put aside to be scraped but it was better than nothing. Plus they had a few good cells for perps. That was perking her up a little, she just had to call in some decorators and this place could look presentable... couldn't it?

Novak knocked on her office door and gave a nod to the far side of the floor. Mabel looked through her window to see the new recruits gathering in the main room near the table where they'd set up the little sandwiches and pot of bad coffee that Mabel had had to pay for out of HER OWN POCKET.

"Ready for orientation?" Novak grunted.

"Give me a moment. I need to finish organising my forms, besides it's good to make them wait."

"Aye ma'am." He nodded.

"Oh and these arrived this morning." Mabel slid a collection of metal across her desk to him.

Novak held one up to the light with a quizzical look. They were small white shields with a black line running down their centre. They were all identical except for the tiny series of numbers embossed on each one. Novak easily recognised his own personal number in amongst the crowd.

"New praetorian badges, fresh off the presses." Mabel said, her voice betraying a hint of pride. She tapped her own badge which she had already pinned to the breast of her navy blue uniform affectionately. "You should have the list of their badge numbers right?"

"Aye." Novak gathered them up and left for the main room that was serving as a group office and lobby at the moment. He walked up to the main table and laid the badges down one by one, punctuating each motion with a name.

"Draven. Shaere. Vandar. Hemingr. Vasir. Lloyd. Ampere (Which he said wrong). Red. Hunt. Rat."
He turned to the group. "I am Sergeant Novak! I will be your second in command. I will be helping look after you today. I will be over there if you need me." He barked in his best sergeant voice.

With that done he took a spot by an open window and leant out of it as he lit up a cigarette. Mabel wouldn't let him smoke indoors otherwise.

Sameera was preoccupied in thoughts when she suddenly heard her name. She looked up to a middle-aged man who introduced himself as Sergeant Novak. He looked somewhat likeable and friendly.
Sameera just arrived a few minutes ago, so she glanced around, examining all attendats in the main room.

~Only unkown faces. Just like I thought...~

She plucked at her navy blue uniform, which was at least two numbers too small for her. It was too tight at the wrong places and felt ichty in addition. An expensive looking sheath dangled on the left side of her hips, containing an equally expensive looking silver rapier.

After Sameera waited for a few moments she noticed, that nobody has made a move towards the table with the badges yet. She sighed and mumbled: "Well, someone has to be the first", stepped foward and eyed the badge with her number on it warily. Just to make sure, she rolled up her left sleeve and held the badge against her skin.
Nothing happend.
She grunted satisfied and pinned it to the breast of her uniform. After that, Sameera turned around and smiled encouragingly at her new colleagues. A smile that reached from one ear to the other showing off all of her razor-sharp fangs.

Then the dark kin remembered, that most people get uncomfotable seeing fangs and quickly ceased to smile while walking back to the group.

It stank. In every possible sense of the word.

The precinct's scent was far from flattering, to say the least. Years of leaky roofs and walls had given the building a thick, musty smell, one nearly as strong as it was disgusting. Even with a few dabs of cologne tastefully applied to his body, Archibald's nose was still subjected to the pungent scent's overwhelming power. Merely entering the building had made the man want to wretch; after standing inside it for barely more than five minutes, he was already beginning to regret eating breakfast that morning.

What was even worse than the building's aroma, however, was the company. Of course Archibald had been aware that his new employment would have him dealing with the city's more... unpleasant residents, but they honestly expected him to work side by side with these cretins? What, the higher-ups couldn't have set up two different squads, one for humans and one for the monsters? Tch, pathetic.

Still, the noble stood his ground, standing in the center of the room with his shoulders squared and tall. If he was truly expected to serve alongside these ruffians, then he would do so, and would do everything in his power to show them the absolute and unfailing might of mankind.

"Draven. Shaere. Vandar. Hemingr. Vasir. Lloyd. Ampere. Red. Hunt. Rat."

Idly, Archibald turned to face the officer, and scanned the badges that had been laid out on the table. The design of the badges was simple enough, with a black and white color scheme and an easily remembered shield shape. They would go quite nicely with the rest of the uniform.

"I am Sergeant Novak! I will be your second in command. I will be helping look after you today. I will be over there if you need me."

The Sergeant marched off, apparently leaving the recruits to collect their own badges. Snorting slightly, Archibald stepped forward, making sure to give the Kin in front of him a wide berth as he reached for his badge. A large "77" had been imposed onto the metallic object, and the gentleman wasted no time in pinning it to his lapel.

Hmm... Well, if the Sergeant was content to take a smoke break, then presumably there was nothing that needed to be done immediately. Striding away from the rest of the recruits, Archibald found himself a seat at one of the numerous desks around the station. He could just wait here until he was ordered to do something.

Cali Shaere stiffened as she heard her. Glancing around she saw that a few of them had already stepped forward. One of them, to her surprise, was a Dark Kin.

Biting her tongue, she stepped up to take her badge, then, attaching it to her uniform, quickly stepped back in line.

All right Cali, this is it. No turning back...

Mordecai was busy leafing through his medical notebook in one hand, with a leg resting on the other, and taking small slow sips from the coffee that was supplied at this orientation day. He had to admit, it wasn't the nicest tasting coffee he drank, but it was certainly better than some of the stuff he had in the past.

After a while he closed his notebook and put in a pocket on his trousers, and took the opportunity to view his fellow co-workers; they certainly were a strange bunch, and certainly varied. Humans, Talin, the odd Dark Kin, Warg and Faye, Mordecai thought he even caught sight of a Shedder; but given their nature of possibly being anyone, it was hard to tell for sure.

"Draven. Shaere. Vandar. Hemingr. Vasir. Lloyd. Ampere. Red. Hunt. Rat." A rather portly human police officer said as he laid down a series of badges on a table in front of them. "I am Sergeant Novak! I will be your second in command. I will be helping look after you today. I will be over there if you need me." Novak said, before going over to a nearby window, and lit up a cigarette. Mordecai could never understand why people smoked, sure, it provided some relief, but all the things it did to your insides; then again the same could be said for alcohol.

A few of the other initiates went up to collect their badges, before Mordecai went to gather his own. He took a moment to examine the item, a simple white shield with a black line down the center.

'How quaint.' Mordecai said to himself quietly, before pinning his on and rejoining the others. He noticed a female Talin who looked to be rather nervous.

"Are you alright Madam? Nervous about the first day on the job I take it?"

Chris was still stroking his arm by the time the badges were presented. Some people mess with their hair or bite their lip, Chris on the other hand, had a habit of stroking his arm when nervous. This, of course, was also a rather stealthy way of rolling up those long navy sleeves. The Shedder felt uncomfortable here already without the addition of the uniform. At least the higher-up hadn't told him off for not wearing the jacket yet. But he had a hope that with his abilities, he would be told to be a nice Shedder and go undercover. That meant that he could shed the uniform as well as his skin. Ha!

With a smile from that thought, he reached for his badge, and made his way back to the sandwiches. It would be rude not to have at least one. Nevertheless, the assembled persons here didn't particularly look like a crack police squad. Perhaps it was just something to satisfy the civil rights protesters? Ah well, he would get to know the city and earn some coin while doing it, so no matter. It was just kinda awkward standing there with only poor little sandwiches for company. Then again, who would enjoy talking to a country bumpkin like him? Chris told himself he would fit in with time and carried on munching a cheese sandwich.

Well... this place certainly had... character, and a palate of lingering scents that spoke of all sorts of history. And it wasn't as if there were no benefits to be had. Deep in Old Town, not far from home, and neatly enough, not far from Red turf. It was all rather convenient thus far. Rory scratched his chin and chuckled softly, matter of fact, he was almost certain Ducky or one of his lads in Acquisitions had pushed for Father to buy up this lot and a few others on the block. It never did amount to much, and the words 'rotting husk' had been thrown around rather liberally. Perhaps 'rotting husk' was too strong a word for the old building, it had a certain charm. It was... venerable, yes, that rang off the tongue nicely enough. Rory sniffed slightly, noting a few patches roundabout this particular room that smelled rather strongly of rot and floor boards that ought not to be walked on. Alright, venerable and more than a touch senile.

Rory's gaze flickered from face to face amongst the patchwork crew, a gentle thing, never demanding or challenging; a look as light as a feather and as apt to blow from subject to subject with the nearest breeze. The quick scan spoke volumes though, and added to the story the nose had started. If nothing else, these Praetorians took the call to diversity seriously enough. Within a few moments a rather rotund fellow made his way to the center of the room and put on a bit of theatre, not too garish, but a clear enough introduction. Ahhh, so this was the head woman's Beta, eh? The extra weight painted him a bit sluggish, a bit soft, though Rory suspected it wouldn't be healthy to underestimate the man. The finer points of meritocracy were lost on humans, and they had some queer and queerer ways of sniffing out leaders, but a general rule of thumb said no one who makes it high enough does so without a climb. Truth be told, Rory got good vibes from this one. There was some bluster in him, yes, but it sounded of affectation, and he didn't smell terrible, which was always a plus (though he did leave a little trail that stank of the bad tobacco city folk seemed so enamored with).

The proffered badges were none too fancy, and that suited Rory's tastes just fine. He was catching enough friendly flak from the folks around his apartment just for the uniform. Lara's working girls were adept enough at conjuring up catcalls without giving them any added ammunition. He held back a bit and plucked up his badge after the more eager sort had snatched away theirs. The badge danced along Rory's knuckles as he took a small stroll, offering a slight nod and a warm grin to those he passed. He had them now, each face and its requisite scent. Few seemed keen on the refreshments offered, but Rory thought it rude not at least pay them token notice (though really, how difficult was it to hunt down, dress, and serve the illusive cocktail sandwich?)

Rory lingered for a moment about the serving table, took a sandwich, and sniffed it suspiciously. Cheese... he was not used to cheese quite yet. He hadn't decided if he loved or hated the little absurdity of milk this city had introduced him to, though he was determined to consume as much of it as he could in the interim. The noble canapé died in a quick flash of teeth, Rory left nibbling the crumbs off his fingers. That was all perhaps a bit overeager, but Rory dismissed any possible shame with a shrug, cheese was one of the great mysteries of the world, it ought not be wasted. He offered the other fellow nearest the sandwiches a kindly grin and a little chuckle. This one seemed interesting enough, rather effete looking, through the nose still pegged him as male. Who knew what his particulars were, though Rory would find out soon enough once he found opportunity to swipe the personnel files head lady must've kept in her office, "If you would've told me that my first day with the great Praetorians, the dread hunters of old, would involve cheese sandwiches...."

"Are you alright Madam? Nervous about the first day on the job I take it?"

Blinking, Cali turned to face the speaker, another Talin. She wasn't sure if she'd seen him around before.

"No. Of course mot." She replied, honestly.

The sound of overeager chewing echoed Chris's own.

The Shedder turned and saw a rather wild man. There was a joke somewhere about the rough and the refined gathering about the refreshments. But he didn't really care about that. There was a fellow recruit smirking and offering him some more sandwiches for some reason, and did he hear sniffing? No matter, the rough man muttered a line that didn't seem to have a punchline. So, it was Chris's duty to provide a cheese-based joke. Well, he tried to be funny...

"What's wrong with cheese? Afraid of nightmares?"


Earlier that morning:

Jason woke with a smile on his face, although it took him a few moments for his consciousness to deduce why. Once he had come to his senses, he realised... he could smell breakfast!

It was not common for Emilia to be up before him, even less so for her to make him breakfast. Despite her having the far more respectable upbringing of the two, it was Jason who liked to discipline himself. She would tease him about his endless routines and schedules, and Jason would let her, because she knew him better than most, and at heart knew why he was so strict with himself. This half of his life at least, he must keep under control. Some beasts can't be tamed, and he knew that that better than most. Control is a valuable gift, and if Jason ever began to squander what little of it he was blessed with, what parts of him might start to bleed though from the other side? The coarse, unruly black curls that covered his head and face served as a constant and unwelcome reminder of that.

"You were so long in the bathroom that your breakfast got cold!" she pouted at him when Jason finally entered the kitchen. "I don't know why you even bother shaving, I really don't. You know half of it's going to be back again by mid-afternoon.

"Well," he replied, smiling. "If my new boss only gets to see me looking reasonably tidy for 3 hours a day, I'll consider that 3 hours worth of good reasons not to fire me. Sorry about breakfast." he continued, suddenly bashful. She had a way of bringing that out of him. Even when it was all just play, and it usually was, he couldn't help but me mindful of his indiscretions. Try as he might, even after almost a year together, and her moving out of her parents lavish townhouse, to be with him in the flat that could be described as 'modest', as well as other, less kind things, he still found it hard to believe that she chose to be with him, when faced with giving up almost every comfort she had ever known in the process. Jason felt compelled to always be on his best behavior around her, as if to prove himself worthy of that sacrifice. It was good for him.

"I'll make it up to you later, when I get home. I promise."

"Just be brilliant today," she said, smiling sweetly as she wrapped her slender arms around his shoulders. "and perhaps I'll forgive you."

He kissed her, and arm at the small of her back, and one going through her long, blond hair. Even the smell of sizzling bacon in the morning was nothing compared to her.

"I'll make you proud." he told her when they broke apart. "Give me a week, and I might even make you Dad proud."

She laughed at that, but that laugh was choked short, and she busied herself with helping straighten his tie, a completely unnecessary task, to give her an excuse to lower her eyes.

"What's up?" he asked, concerned.

"Nothing, I..." she was tearful now. "just, be careful okay?"

"Hey, you don't have to worry about me." He reassured her.

She looked up at him, smiling still, but there was sadness in that smile, laced with the smallest hint of fear.

"It's not you I'm worried about."


The Present:

'Well, she was right about one thing.' Jason brooded, defeatedly, as he stroked his chin, the new stubble already prominent. Seated at his desk, Jason massaged his temples in frustration. Blessedly, his uniform was still immaculate at least, and it didn't look like he was the only person who was having difficulty keeping up appearances.

"Draven. Shaere. Vandar. Hemingr. Vasir. Lloyd. Ampere. Red. Hunt. Rat." announced the rather rotund Sergeant. While he had a friendly face, according to Jason anyway, he looked almost as dilapidated as the office around them. Not that Jason, the Old Town kid who used to work on the Redfields productions lines, was exactly going to complain about shabby working conditions. That said, he had imagined that this ambitions new initiative would have a bit more... clout, behind it. Regardless, he went up to accept his new badge. On the way, he walked past one of his new colleagues. Human, and upper class at that. The man did not cringe away from Jason; rather, he acted as if he wasn't even there. Jason wasn't fooled though, he could taste the hostility, seasoned with an acidic tang of revulsion.

'Start as you mean to go on, why don't you?' he thought darkly, as he put on this new addition to his attire. He made himself give it no thought than that though. The last thing he wanted was to get into one of his moods on his very first day. When the badge was on, Jason went over to the lunch tables, where a few others were beginning to gather. Jason was almost perpetually hungry, no matter how much, and of what, he consumed. Also, perhaps this lot wouldn't be so inclined to flee from him like he carried a plague.

If Collin was surprised to find out the Praetorian unit had its precinct building located in a bombed out wreck of a building he certainly didn't show it. After all, elite units like this always had concealed headquarters that no one would notice right? That's what he'd seen in the films anyway. When he saw some of the others go straight for their badges he shook his head slightly, you never went straight for the badges! That sort of thing showed ambition or a love for authority and power, rookie move, Collin had a better idea. He settled his eyes on the refreshment table which seemed to be strangely unpopular, if he detoured there before getting his badge he could show he had his priorities in the right place. He casually strolled right up to the refreshments table and quickly grabbed a cheese sandwich and practically devoured it.

"Delicious!" he announced, spraying crumbs over his ill-fitting uniform, actually the cheese tasted a bit off but he wasn't going to mention that, "you lot have to try these." Hastily swallowing the remnants of his sandwich, Collin moved on to the coffee, pouring himself a cup of the foul-tasting brew and taking a swig. He spluttered and nearly choked in shock at the flavour, another trick, the coffee was designed to weed out the weak sorts! Collin forced himself to finish the cup and even poured a second before stuffing another sandwich in his mouth in an effort to remove the taste of the coffee from his mouth. With this elaborate charade over, Collin pretended he had only just noticed the new badges and ambled over to collect his as if it was unimportant. With his badge collected, Collin returned to his abandoned cup at the refreshment table and reluctantly took a sip. He forced a smile, "nothing better than a good cup of coffee to start to morning eh?" No way was he going to be beaten by some vile coffee, he was in the Praetorians now, this was serious.

"No. Of course mot." The female Talin said in a rather frank and honest manner.

"Oh really? In that case, may I offer you my apologies miss, it's just I saw you biting your lip earlier, and I thought it might have been a simple case of 'first day on the job' nerves." Mordecai said with a friendly smile as he adjusted his goggles which moved a bit further down his nose. He then smiled again before continuing.

"Allow me to introduce myself miss. My name is Mordecai Vasir, medical practitioner under the tutelage of Dr. Henri DuPont. May I ask what your name is please, Miss..." Mordecai asked, leaving the woman to answer the question.

The journey over hadn't been too bad, he got a few strange looks due to his uniform, but other than that is was fairly peaceful. He only got touched by the sun's vile rays once! Was better than the last few attempts, if nothing else. When he arrived, he simply found a place in the corner, and turned his brain off for a bit.

"-Lloyd. Ampere. Red. Hunt. Rat."

"Hm?" Marc looked up, at the man who had said his name. He was kind of busy playing with his uniform, which was a bit baggy for his frame. He was surprised he could actually look lankier, but wasn't complaining. He'd have to see if he could achieve flight later...

"I am Sergeant Novak! I will be your second in command. I will be helping look after you today. I will be over there if you need me."

Marc gave a small salute as he turned towards the window, and walked towards the table. Other people had already looked through em, and Marc just picked his up, looking at the others around. A man was proclaiming his love of sandwiches near the food, and the others were just socializing.

Marc sighed, he had no real interest in knowing anyone here, really. He just went to the table, and got himself a cup of coffee, and watched in mild amusement as the human struggled through a cup. Marc spared a glance at the dark liquid, and just set it down on the table as he enjoyed the show.

'Once, I had thought that skipping breakfast would have no terrible ramifications down the line... a more innocent time.' Jason thought, oddly poetic, as he took a second, lackluster bite of his sandwich. Still, the bland cheese and the blander bread wasn't the worst of it. Jason was half convinced that whoever had prepared this had just dipped the cups into the open drain outside, heated up the samples and called it 'coffee'. However, it would be bad form, not to mention just plain ungrateful, for him to voice his displeasure. Instead, Jason was complementary in the most honest way he could think of.

"This is certainly... filling." Even that was pushing it. However, he was saved having to say any more by one of the other guys hanging out by the tables, who seemed determined to out-compliment everyone right off the bat. Whether out of fear of making a bad first impression, desire to brown-nose, or just a complete lack of taste buds, Jason could not be entirely sure.

"nothing better than a good cup of coffee to start to morning eh?"

"Certainly isn't." Jason replied, raising his own cup in a casual toast. 'and what I wouldn't give to have one right about now.'

"Oh really? In that case, may I offer you my apologies miss, it's just I saw you biting your lip earlier, and I thought it might have been a simple case of 'first day on the job' nerves."

"What, no, no, of course not." Cali thought about mentioning her... concerns about her fellow officers, but thought better of it. She was trying to be a good influence after all...

"Allow me to introduce myself miss. My name is Mordecai Vasir, medical practitioner under the tutelage of Dr. Henri DuPont. May I ask what your name is please, Miss..."

"Shaere. Cali Shaere. Nice to meet you."

Rat, slouched in the line-up, broke from it to grab a pin, mostly on his way to the food. He grabbed one and instantly put it into his mouth, placing a few others cradled between his arm and his shirt. Moving quickly, out of habit, he moved away from the food source and over to a window, eating quickly and scanning the room. He'd already noted each and every one of them, but keeping alert was what kept you alive. He didn't like being in a closed room with this many people, but jail was probably much the same, only a lot worse. He did his best to blend in, though it was a lot harder in here than they city streets, and nothing compared to hiding in the forest.

The last of his sandwiches vanished past his lips, his tongue barely able to register the taste before swallowing. He contemplated getting more, but decided against it. Better to not fill up in case he had to run, or shift. Something about changing your body structure around with a full stomach was just uncomfortable and nauseating. Staying solo wouldn't work for long here, so he began to look around for someone to at least try and get friendly with. Anything but a dark kin would do really. He'd been on the dark streets long enough to know that to be wary of them wasn't racist, it was justified.

"Certainly isn't." Jason replied, raising his own cup in a casual toast.

Collin turned to face the man who had replied to him and immediately realised his assumption about the coffee being a test was correct. This guy was massive, towering well over Collin's diminutive height, and was probably built more solid than the walls of this dodgy place. If anyone would pass the coffee test with flying colours it would be this man, he probably couldn't even taste whatever foul toxin they'd put in the drink. Collin had without a doubt just found the most dangerous man in the room. He offered a brief nod to show that he recognised his fellow officer's skill before trying to finish the remainder of his own coffee in one gulp. Trying being the operative word there, the infernal beverage felt like it was trying to claw its way back up his throat.

"Vandar," he managed to splutter out, "Collin Vandar, beat cop, just got transferred over here. How about you? Don't think I've seen you before."

"What's wrong with cheese? Afraid of nightmares?"

Rory's eyebrows scrunched slightly. Nightmares? Could cheese cause ill dreams? Oh the horror... though Rory could recall no such connection in all of his previous forays into the substance. Heh, well there was something worth investigating later. Thoughts of insidious lactose based toxins aside, some clarification was perhaps necessary, "Nothin' against cheese, mate, but with all the stories come certain... expectations. Marble colonnades, flying buttresses, grand fortresses and the like. A sword with runes on it or somethin' , humans love magic runes 'n shit. But this... hors d'oeuvres, rancid coffee, and a slum... someone's childhood is gettin' pissed on."

An almost gleeful sort of chuckle got tangled in amongst the last few words. In truth, this was great and glorious news for Rory's kin. Some of the cubs had worried about ancient sorceries and a beloved uncle being turned into some sort of mindless killing machine by the evil humans (only Ducky's brood could weave such conspiracy theories.) This was all a tad underwhelming to say the least, though Rory thought it best to overestimate a potential foe and plan accordingly. Though in this case, the foe was less of a great, snarling, vicious beast, and more of an adorable mongrel pup.

The watering hole drew a few more hesitant denizens, more and more little cheese sandwiches vanishing by the minute. Most were content to consume their treats in a wary sort of silence, though one fellow proved particularly enthusiastic. It was a tad painful to watch really, the human downing one cup of 'coffee' and following it up with a second. Rory could swear he was starting to change colors. The fellow introduced himself to a mountain of a man. The large one seemed cordial enough, though it didn't seem polite to encourage the small one's obvious attempt at self harm. Rory flinched a bit as the small one's introduction proved a bit too wet. He offered the fellow a napkin and a word, "Colin? My dear little friend, please... stop, stop the drinkin'. If it feels like it's eatin' away at the walls of your stomach... it probably is."

"Colin? My dear little friend, please... stop, stop the drinkin'. If it feels like it's eatin' away at the walls of your stomach... it probably is."

Collin hastily accepted the napkin and tried to stem the tide of destruction the split coffee was doing to his uniform for several seconds before giving it up as a bad job. If anyone asked how his uniform got like that he could always claim that someone had thrown acid at him, it wouldn't be too far from the truth anyway.

"Thank you, thank you kindly my... red haired friend?" tried Collin while inwardly cursing. He'd seem films like this before, if he kept this up he was going to end up as the laughably incompetent comic relief cop. It looked like Hugeo McGinormous was the tough guy and this red haired fellow? Possibly a wise old mentor figure, not that he looked old, but mysteriously appearing and giving advice was a mentor trait. Either that or hadn't realised there was a test and was trying to be helpful?

"I don't think a mere mortal is supposed to drink more than one cup of that 'coffee', I'll just stick with the sandwiches in future, much safer option if you ask me. Have you tried any of them Mr...?" As far as Collin knew, the sandwiches weren't part of the test but it wouldn't hurt to try and get some advice just in case.

Sameera watched the 'food' struggeling with the coffee. I can't be that bad, can it? She went to the table and noticed the other dark kin. She estimated him to be somewhere between 200 and 300 years old. It was hard to tell, even for fellow kin. She made a quick stop before him and payed her respects in the form of a deep bow. Her father taught her to respect her elders, especially when they were old enough to have lived during the time, when magic was still around.
She then continued her way to the table as if nothing happend.

After Sameera arrived, she took a cup and sniffed at the content. She deemed the drink to be... well drinkable and took a sip.

~What the hell is their problem? It isn't even half bad!~

She emptied the cup with one gulp. The coffee wasn't the best thing she ever tasted, but neither was it the worst. It was simply acceptable. To be fair, she was used to something worse, which was: her selfmade coffee.

Her mind began to wander again and she sighed, murmuring: "Come on... enough with the idle chit-chat. Where's the Boss?"

"Collin Vandar, beat cop, just got transferred over here. How about you? Don't think I've seen you before."

"Jason Hunt." he replied, extending the offer of a handshake, fighting not to laugh at Collin's efforts to bravely endure the coffee. "This would be my first day on the force, as it happens. I used to assemble motor cars on the productions lines down in Redfields."

By then they were a trio, joined by a red-haired man a deal older than Jason, who endeavored to save Collin from Suicide by Refreshment. This other one was a warg too. The beast part of Jason, even when hidden beneath his human form, could always seem to tell. There was something about this one that put Jason on edge, although that wasn't exactly unusual. Jason was not the most trusting soul.

Giving no outward hint as to his misgivings, his greeting of the man was friendly. "Nice to meet you, and you would be...?"

Marc was vaguely disappointed to see his show ended so soon, but merely sighed. He made sure to commit the names to memory, Jason Hunt the burly one, race unknown, probable human, perhaps a shifter. Collin Vandar, ditto on the race, and finally a red haired feral looking man, name and race unknown though likely Warg. Mar noticed a slight shift in Jason, but nothing to act on.

"Nice to meet you, and you would be...?"

Marc was torn from his amateur Sherlock routine, and minor eavesdropping, by one of his kin. She gave a deep bow, making Marc feel a bit uncomfortable. He tried to quickly gather himself, and returned the bow a bit, keeping his eyes on her. Dark Kin, name unknown, carrying an expensive looking sword. She seemed unaffected by the coffee, perhaps it wasn't as bad as previously thought?

"Come on... enough with the idle chit-chat. Where's the Boss?"

"Over there." Marc said somewhat quietly, pointing at Novak, smoking in the window. Then pointed at the door he had entered through. "Came from over there; Higher up is probably sitting in that office. Wonder who it is... probably a human, actually." Marc shrugged and frowned, staring at the office door.

"Came from over there; Higher up is probably sitting in that office. Wonder who it is... probably a human, actually."

Sameera nodded while she grabbed another cup. "I figured as much. I just want him or her to show up as soon as possible, so we can start with..." She took a sip of coffee, "...whatever we're supposed to do." She looked around watching the others. "My name's Sameera Draven, by the way. You can call me Sam." She bowed again, not as deep as the first time though.

"They don't seem to trust us, do they?" She made a vague gesture into the dircetion of their colleagues. "Not that it really suprises me..."

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