7th Sea: the Fragments of Theus (Game Thread - Closed, Started)

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Beatrice was thankful that it didn't take long for Renault to make his way onto the deck of the ship, and the moment he was aboard, she turned to Rose as she offered to accompany her.

"As much as I would enjoy slaughtering some pirates, that would only give the Inquisition a more solid foothold, and I'm not tremendously keen on being beset from all sides, especially given I'm already somewhat wounded."

With a grimace, she nodded and said, "Be careful then. Follow me."

Turning to the nearest stairwell leading below, she carefully made her way down and into the next level. She stopped the moment she almost ran headlong into two men heading into one of the cabins, one of them wearing nothing but a drape around his waist. She flinched back before she looked again and realized that one of them looked incredibly familiar.

"Hold on... Reyes? How did you get on this ship?" she asked, before shaking her head and look at him with amusement, adding, "And where are your pants?"

But before he could reply, she just waved it off and peered into the room they had opened.

"I don't suppose you've seen a bride around her anywhere?" she asked with a small smirk as she glanced back at him.

"Reyes. Imagine seeing you here," Rosemonde deadpanned. "I've got your clothes." She removed her pack, then the clothes from the pack. "Though, half-tempted to keep them for now. I rather like this wildman thing you've got going on." Rose chuckled, then handed over the clothes.

"Now, we've got a boarding party up top. I've offered to help Senorita Fausti here find a missing bride. You can come with us or head up and climb down into the boat," she said. She lifted her hand, needing to touch him but afraid to. "You're terrible at following orders, you know that?" she said with a forced grin, then turned to Senorita Fausti.

"Lead on, madame, and we'll track down this bride of yours, posthaste."

Rosemonde barely even noticed the stranger's presence- she only noticed Reyes, to be frank. It'd been less than an hour, but it'd felt like an eternity.

"I must admit, the first one has a lot more charm."


"I think I mentioned already, but I'm Reyes... What're your thoughts on looting this ship clean before we find the boarding party? Good chance it's Inquisition. Wouldn't want to see them when they're hunting pirates."

Jean shrugged. "Fuck it. Might as well. These sea-dog sons of bitches certainly deserve the courtesy." he said. "Hopefully they've got a rapier lying 'round somewhere. A few guns at the fucking least. Fucked if I'm getting jumped again without a weapon."

And with that Jean was off. He began searching the nearest room for anything of value. As he rummaged through drawers and chests, he heard movement nearby. Jean turned and saw a pair of woman talking to his new companion. One of them had brought clothes for Reyes, thank Theus. They were also saying something about a bride.

Knowing the women probably weren't a threat to him, Jean decided to ignore them and resume his looting. He yanked out a drawer as his eyes continued to dart around the room.

Top Deck:

Renualt fired his gun and smoke poured from the barrel. For a moment, they couldn't see a thing. When the smoke finally did clear they found the situation quite different. The pirate captain had been hit with the shot but - as if by some miracle or magic - the wound was little more than a grazing shot. What more, it had drawn the captain's attention.

Suddenly aware of boarders on the other side of his ship, he ordered a half dozen of his men across to the new party. Having already expended their pistols on unwary inquisitors, they rushed forward, swords in hand. Meanwhile, the captain himself - always the kind to repay "kindness" - hoisted his pistol up and toward Renault, firing his own shot before following his half-dozen crew into the resulting melee.

Below Deck:

As Reyes opened the door to the other room, he was met with glorious loot. Not weapons or treasure, but a multitude of clothing articles, some of which were pants. Apparently the room was a barracks for the pirate's officers. Their weapons were all gone - likely taken by their owners to the top deck - while all their shares of the treasure were likely with the rest of the booty under lock and key.

Jean's search of the room turned up little more, though a pair of daggers did catch his attention hidden in the bedding of one of the officer's beds.


The three in the middle of the hallway were quickly met by Rosemonde who brought up the rear, and the moment she saw Reyes she smiled and offered his clothes. Though, that wasn't without a little bit of flirting, which caused the Sorte Witch to chuckle softly to herself.

Once Reyes had his clothes, Rosemonde explained what was going on, and told him that he was more than welcome to go above-deck and wait in the longboat they had used to board the ship. Then she turned to Beatrice.

"Lead on, madame, and we'll track down this bride of yours, posthaste."

Nodding in agreement, Beatrice pushed past the man that accompanied Reyes, opening one door after another and inspecting the rooms for just a few moments before moving on to the next. The fourth door was the one that held promise, and the moment she stepped inside, she spotted the same woman she had seen snatched up my the Porte Mage.

With a grin, she quickly strode inside.

"There you are! We've been looking all over for you. You don't have to worry, we're here to rescue you." she said softly, kneeling next to the poor woman.

"Maldito humo!" Uttered Garrett, briefly slipping into a more Castillian sounding voice as the smoke from Renault's musket obscured his vision. When it cleared, he saw that the pirate Captain was still standing, the musket-ball barely making a mark. Moments later with a hand wave, a half or dozen so pirates came charging over, their swords drawn and ready to kill.

"Time for Plan B it seems! Here they come!" He then shouted, drawing both his blades and engaging the nearest foe, a tall gangly figure of a man who was wielding two small swords more like in the style of knives, Bouchér fighting style perhaps? Whatever it was, the man fought with fast, rapid strikes, meaning that Garrett had to play a more defensive game than he was used to.

Whilst the others were fighting their own battles in the outbreak, Garrett meanwhile had found himself backed up against one of the main masts, leaving him little room to move; the shoulders of his coat pinned to the mast itself. The gangly man, soon stared at Garrett with a manic look on his face.

"I'm gonna enjoy this, cutting you up pretty boy." He said, Garrett reeling from the stench of stale beer on the man's breath.

"You really should try washing sometime mate." Garrett remarked, delivering a swift knee blow to the man's crotch, sending him staggering across the deck, which gave Garrett a chance to steal one of the gangly man's knives that was tucked into his belt, quickly concealing it in his boot just as the man turned round, still slightly screaming in pain.

"I'm going to get you for that. No one tells me when to wash."

And this is why you won't get the ladies falling for you mate. Garrett mused to himself as he now pressed the attack.

"Fuck it. Might as well. These sea-dog sons of bitches certainly deserve the courtesy. Hopefully they've got a rapier lying 'round somewhere. A few guns at the fucking least. Fucked if I'm getting jumped again without a weapon."

"My thoughts exactly! Find a pistol and I could do something with it." Reyes turned, smiling faintly as the sound of footsteps drew closer.

"Hold on... Reyes? How did you get on this ship? And where are your pants?"

Reyes opened his mouth, and-

"I don't suppose you've seen a bride around her anywhere?"

"... No, we were looking for her though." Reyes gave her an unamused look, blinking a few times. The one he was actually looking forward to seeing stepped up, giving one of her warmest greetings.

"Reyes. Imagine seeing you here."

"I'd say the same, but cannons are very loud. Saw you coming from awhile away." His eyes were very clearly still on the clothes in the room, trying to eye the piles for clothes of his damn size. He turned away when she mentioned having his own clothes. He noticed no real weapons, that'd be a problem.

"I've got your clothes... Though, half-tempted to keep them for now. I rather like this wildman thing you've got going on."

"Hm, thank you. Reliable as always." He took the clothes, smiling widely, immediately getting dressed. He paid attention as she told him about the situation, keeping an eye out as he stumbled into the clothes room.

"Now, we've got a boarding party up top. I've offered to help Senorita Fausti here find a missing bride. You can come with us or head up and climb down into the boat... You're terrible at following orders, you know that?"

"Always, my dear." He pulled his shirt over his shirt and tunic over his head, blocking vision for a few seconds. With Rose and the somewhat loud woman with the evil powers, Reyes and his foul mouthed Alchemist had a much better chance of taking the ship. Still, a message out to his own would be good. Or... just knowing his ship was still around. That'd be lovely as well.

"Lead on, madame, and we'll track down this bride of yours, posthaste."

"Yvonne and I searched for a bit. No fucking clue where we are now, but if things start looking familiar I'll warn you it's a cold trail. Now then, onward? We need mist, I have mist." Reyes smiled again, happy to see some semblance of a fighting force on his side. "You lot come alone, or do I have more reinforcements to look forward to?"

Jean sighed as he looked over the pair of daggers. While pleased to find me, he was more disappointed to find the cabin bare of rapiers or pistols. Or anything else of value to steal. "Guess hoping to find real weapons was too fuckin' optimistic of me..." he muttered. Still, he could make do with this. He'd done so with less before on the streets of Montaigne.

Plus he had alchemy. Far more useful than primitive weapons and voodoo. Jean flipped open his satchel and searched its contents. "Oh what vial of death shall I use today?" he thought aloud. Fire? No, that would be too reckless now that he had allies on board. Gas? No, that bore the same problem unless he had enough piss-soaked rags to hand out for everyone.

Then he saw a thick glass of something dark-orange, with a tight cork and a crossbones label. Bone-Eater Acid. Something Jean had been working on for a while now. The chemical was more than effective at living up to its name, and had almost caused a few fatal workplace accidents on account of being the same colour as whiskey.

Jean giggled as he reached for the acid. "Yes...this'll do nicely." He uncorked the bottle and poured its contents into a smaller, more fragile vial of the same resistant glass-material. He then reached back into the satchel to grab a flask. He smelled the contents before drinking, just to make sure, and gave himself a boost of liquid courage.

Jean shut his satchel and began stumbling along the lower deck, acid and alcohol in hand. He made his way back over to Reyes, who now had pants and company. "Hey hooknose!" he called out. "Where's the best fucking way out of here? Preferably with lots of pirate cunts to acid-spray."

"Yvonne and I searched for a bit. No fucking clue where we are now, but if things start looking familiar I'll warn you it's a cold trail. Now then, onward? We need mist, I have mist." Reyes said as he and Rosemonde set off after Beatrice. Rosemonde nodded her assent, her eyes locked on doorways and shadows. It would be strange if the pirates didn't have guards set for a prisoner, and perhaps Senorita Fausti was happy to barrel into danger, but Rose was more cautious.

"Where's the best fucking way out of here? Preferably with lots of pirate cunts to acid-spray," Reyes' companion called out. Rosemonde turned to him, and called back.

"Back the way Senorita Fausti and I came, up the stairs. They'll take to the decks, where the pirates, Inquisitors, and our little party are likely still fighting. Our rope down is on the side opposite the port, and our group should be nearby. Have fun."

Then, Reyes piped up again, "You lot come alone, or do I have more reinforcements to look forward to?"

Rose lifted an eyebrow. "You wound me. Am I not enough help?" She laughed. "There's a few more up on deck. El Vago, a rifleman who was with us at the inn, and a Castillan I didn't recognize."

Then, Beatrice found the bride and charged in without even a glance.

Theus, is this woman ever single-minded. Rosemonde drew her sword once again, and looked into the room. Yep, guards as expected.

"I am a Knight of Order of the Rose and Cross, a master swordsman and, by grace of Theus, in the right. Stand down and let us take this woman, or face my blade," Rose boasted. It was probably too much to hope for that they'd actually stand down, but her oath demanded she at least try.

La Universidad de Arciniega and the people inside it were at least a tad calmer than they were when the whole pirate business started, all the more better for helping the injured man. Then again, the priest-in-training tired of helping fools filled with bravado - especially those who still would charge towards the enemy, even with great wounds. There was a line between courage and bravado, and Erasmo's own experiences had taught that fact over and over again. There were men in who would boost of their courage, only to hide behind other men and claim their victories as their own. Hell, that bastard was even worse than that! Erasmo sighed and attempted to calm himself. Rage was not the emotion he needed right now, he just needed to save that anger and let it out at the right, planned time. If only it could come sooner - this whole business was quite testing.

Still, there wasn't much to do here, apart from bother nobles and that had gone so well the first time.

Below Deck

As Rose announced her presence, she was able to take stock of the room and the people present in the room. The room itself was a very cramped space. It wasn't that the room was small by any measure so much as it was filled to the brim with objects. Not treasure as one might expect on a pirate vessel, but rather a well stocked lab of beaker and flasks and all sorts of equipment useful only to those of the alchemical or mystical persuasion.

Aside from those she'd entered with and the bride currently tied up, there were 4 people. Two seemed to be simple pirates assigned as guards who drew their weapons and charged forward into the waiting fray the moment they entered. The other two were quite different. The first was a scholarly looking man of Montaigne origin; the same man who'd taken the bride some time before. He was seated at a desk doing some kind of experiment with what appeared to be blood upon entering, though quickly began packing his experiment when the group arrived. The final person was all to familiar to Rose; the same Crescent-dressed man she'd fought in the streets. Well, almost the same man as he'd apparently found something of a spare hand after his disappearance. The man was inspecting a small silver box at a separate table when they'd entered, but was quick rose to fight the intruders.

The two pirates rushed at Rose and the doorway while the Crescent man struck at the cut-off-from-retreat Beatrice.

On Deck

Those on deck were quick to press their advantage. As pirates turned to meet them, more inquisitors took the opportunity to climb aboard, forcing the pirates to further divide their attention. Of course, the Inquisitors were as much a blessing as a curse for they struck at Garrett, Renault, and El Vago with the same level of fury they did the pirates, turning the top deck into a bloody three way battle.

For her part, El Vago struck at the pirates first, cutting one down after another while avoiding the Inquisitors whenever possible; one enemy at a time after all. She was pleasantly surprised to see both Garrett and Renault holding up well under fire. Of course, they were much smaller in number which made things both more dangerous and more impressive.

Unfortunately, their luck could only hold out so long. The pirate captain - "El Gato Negro" Lopez - was never one to forgive someone taking a shot at him and rushed at Renault, firing pistol after pistol (dropping them as he fired) until he'd reached his enemy and could strike at Renault with his cutlass. Meanwhile, some of the inquisition took this opportunity to escape below deck after their own prize. The leader of the Inquisition boarding party however remained above deck, intent on striking at a different prize; the masked and cloaked thorn in the Inquisition's side. Bolting forward, sword in hand, he made to cut down El Vago in one swift strike.

The University

The people there continued to treat the injured and make actions to defend the core of the city.

It seemed like the little mismatched boarding party had drawn the aggression of the Pirates, which was a double edged sword since this had the adverse effect of allowing more Inquisitors into the fold, which meant they had to fight two enemies at once. Garrett had managed to cut down a handful of Pirates and even the odd Inquisitor or two, a good thing given the numerical disadvantage they faced.

However, their luck was slowly running out, as the man they marked as the Pirate Captain, the same one that Renault attempted to take out earlier, was now charging towards the marksman, firing a seemingly endless supply of pistols. Garrett attempted a shot whilst haphazardly blocking slashes from another Inquisitor, but the flint of his pistol wouldn't light.

Eventually though, something else of more importance to him took interest, mainly the fact that a rather tall and imposing Inquisitor wearing armour, chances are he was the leader bearing straight towards Adrianna; given that her back was to him fighting a Pirate, she'd wouldn't have enough time to turn around and block. Not seeing an alternative readily availble to him, Garrett decide he would have to stand in their way.

Quickly kicking the Inquisitor away with his boot heel, Garrett charged through the onslaught, fighting off whatever came into contact with him, and stepped in-between Adrianna and the Inquisitorial Commander at the last second, blocking the oncoming blow that was looking to cleave Adrianna's head in twain with both his swords, causing sparks to fly, and a look of shock from the Commander. It looked as though that the Inquisitor was putting all his strength into pushing down on Garrett, making him put more effort into the defense.

"Hands off!" Garrett shouted under duress as he put all his power into pushing back the Inquisitor, only managing to give himself a few steps worth of space.

"If you want El Vago you mestizo, you're going to have to pass me first!" He then shouted with vigor, readying himself for a fight.

~ Beatrice ~

Beatrice turned after she reached the bride, and realized a moment too late to check for guards. As one started towards her, her right hand dove into her boot to retrieve her stiletto as she still knelt. As soon as the hilt was in her hand, she pulled out the small-bladed knife and got to her feet.

Then she lunged forward even as the pirate did the same, thrusting the stiletto into the mans chest without any regard to what the man's attack did to her. All she was concerned about was killing him before he killed her. Rosemonde could hopefully take care of the other two.

Even so, her inexperience using a stiletto in a proper fight wouldn't keep her from knowing which end to keep pointed at her enemy, so once she was close enough, she simply kept ramming the blade into the mans chest.

Rosemonde parried the first man's thrust with almost contemptuous ease, slipping her blade up over, shoving the man's own rapier into the path of the second man's thrust. The three stood with locked blades for a second, before Rosemonde broke the stance, stepping back and making the two stumble at the sudden lack of resistance.

Rose glanced up and saw Beatrice and the Crescent, and bit her lip slightly.
"Reyes. Drop some mist on her, but try to keep it away from me if you can. I want my eyes clear to swab the deck with these two shitstains," she said to the man behind her as the two recovered.

Now it was Rose's turn to go on the offensive. She lunged, her blade aimed for the first man's heart. He managed to deflect the strike, but took the point deep into his wrist instead. Rose twisted and pulled, and the man dropped his blade.
"I gave you a choice," she said grimly, before turning to deflect the second man's frantic answer. "Drop your blade, fool boy, and you'll be spared. I just want the bride."

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