Apocalypse (Game Thread : Closed, Dead)

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In the grim darkness of the 41st millennia there is only war.

The Co-GM for the game is Mcpop9.

The Sign-Up Thread is Here: Sign-Up Thread

Ancient Egerion Micus - Active
Apothecary Anhen Salarr - Confirmed KIA
Acolyte Martin Cassius - CLASSIFIED
Retributor Helena Karr - Active
Duke Tymbaerus Jaquomere-Zachari IV - MIA, Assumed KIA
Eversor Vymazat - Active
Enginseer Sana - Active
Sergeant Mamoru - Active
Theta-46531 - Active
Sergeant Keal Brathen - KIA

Dante Machaiah - Active
Lithian Ortona - Active
Titania - Active
Solara - Active
Urd - Active
Anthony Frederickson - MIA

Ancient Egerion Micus - Driseadi Warzone
You have been roused from your slumber for War. You have been given a basic briefing on the situation in the system before being loaded into a drop pod. You are being dropped into the middle of a section of trenches being attacked by Bloodaxes. The locals are barely holding their position currently, and are likely to be overrun.

Your objective is to hold the line until the Valhallans arrive, rendezvous with Squad Orion, and then assault a nearby Ork encampment.

Apothecary Anhen Salarr - Driseadi Warzone
You are a member of squad Orion, you are being deployed by drop pod into the warzone, your objective is to survey a nearby Ork encampment, rendezvous with Ancient Micus, and assault the previously surveyed encampment.

Acolyte Martin Cassius - Drisania Warzone
You and your master have been deployed on the hive world of Drisania along with a squad of Sororitas. You are cleansing the district of taint and hunting for evidence of the location of a patriarch den.

Your master has been acting oddly since the last encounter with the Genestealers ravaging the district.

Retributor Helena Karr - Drisania Warzone
You and your squad have been deployed on the Hive world of Drisania to assist Inquisitor Odicio. He is searching for the location of a patriarch den that is currently believed to be in the district.

Your squad's vox has recently went dead.

Duke Tymbaerus Jaquomere-Zachari IV - Driseadi Warzone
An Ork Waagh has entered the system about a week ago, they appear to have absorbed the local tribes and are beginning to overrun the forces on the planet. The mechanicus has been shipping prefabbed defensive structures and servo guns.

Reinforcements entered the system an hour ago. The mechanicus has been handling the operations on world. A few hours ago you received world of some kind of contamination in a nearby area resulting horrifyingly mutated plants, feral animals, and strange Xenos.

Knight units have been deployed along Skitarii to quarantine the areas but nothing has been heard of them since yesterday.
But that isn't your concern right now, you have been ordered to support a Skitarii unit fending off a Stompa and it's support units.

Eversor Vymazat - Driseadi Quarantine Zone
You can feel the old drugs wearing off in your system, the new drugs kicking in, the feeling of the long sleep is passing and lights are beginning to flash all around you. Information about a warzone on the ground, Information about Orks, Information about Tyranids, Information about Imperials, The mechanicus. Basics about not attacking units considered friendly, though it would likely have little effect.

You realize you're falling. You're probably in a drop pod launched from deep orbit.
You collide with the ground and the door to the outside opens. Alot of light pours into the interior. Blinding you for less than a second. You see blood outside, lots. And odd looking trees. Large yellowish spores are floating nearby.

The drop pod tore through the sky, a flaming tear bringing ruin to the enemies of the Imperium; inside the metallic hulk that was Captain Egerion Micus waited silently. Inside dreadnought however, was an unending stream on activity. The pods machine spirit kept a constant flow of information to its occupant; either through its own systems, or through its link to its mother ship, keeping him up to date on enemy movements.

It was all so familiar to Egerion, that he was tempted to laugh...if it wasn't so sad. 10,000 or so years and the tactics haven't changed. He thought, looking over the landing information the pod was feeding him. The LZ the pod was heading for was right where it should be according to the training manuals, even though it wasn't near anything useful in reality. With a grunt of disgust he made to do something about that.

> By order of the Adeptus Mechanicus:
> Tampering with a Drop Pods Machine Spirit by anyone other than a member of the
> Mechanicus, is grounds for serious disciplinary actions.
> Praise be to The Omnissiah
> Lucius Pattern Dreadnought Drop Pod System Management
> Select desired system
> 1. Atmospheric Controls : Auto
> 2. Landing Control Thrusters: Auto
> 3. Landing Coordinates: Auto
> 4. Cargo Status: 100%
> 3
> Lucius Pattern Dreadnought Landing Coordinates System
> System Status: Automatic Correction
> Manual Override: Y/N
> Y
> Warning: Altering landing coordinates without data confirmation from support vessel
> may result in terminal event.
> Do you wish to proceed? Y/N
> Y

Feeding a new set of coordinates into the system, Egerion waited a moment, and then felt the result.

> Coordinates received.
> Altering flight trajectory

Still high in the atmosphere, the pod rotated slightly to its new heading. Using the data feed the pod was giving him, Egerion had managed to find real-time data of the assault he was being set to break, and from that data he was able to pin point a key target...the Warboss who was leading the attack.

As the drop neared the final stage, the pod began to shake as retro jets fired to bleeding off airspeed. The beleaguered defenders cheered when the saw the approach...salvation was at hand! The Orks on the other hand were dismayed as the drop pod landed on the Warboss and his Nobs, turning them into so much meat. As the green skins were thrown into confusion, the defenders redoubled their fire, while at the same time the pod opened.

Out of the dust and smoke of the landing the massive form of Captain Micus strode. "SUFFER NOT THE ALIEN TO LIVE!" He bellowed, as he tore into the dissolving Ork lines.

Retributor Karr looked over the smoking Hive. She could still hear the roar of the Bolters and screams of Heretics and Xenos dying in the distance. She turned and looked at the rest of her squad and scowled. Two, three woman teams had yet to regroup. Which meant one of two things; they were pinned down and had no way of contacting the rest of the squad, or they were already dead. With the vox phone out from the last Tyranid wave, they had no chance of reaching them if they were alive. The rest of the squad was in slightly better condition if a bit banged up. 3 Sisters dead at the claws of the Xeno's. Only 11 sisters left including herself. Their last Chiurgeon of 3 was tending to the last of the wounds.

Helena turned as she heard footsteps approaching. The the coat of a Commisaar emblazoned with the Seal of The Inquisition marked one of the two men they had been assigned to accompany. The other walked behind him, reading through a datalog of some sort. "Stand tall Sisters! The Inquisition graces us again!" Helena barked to the other Sister's, all of which stood. Faces set in grim determination. The worst wounded, a Battle sister who took a Xeno claw to the leg with out it getting sliced off, merely grunted as blood began to flow from the partially stitched wound. "Greetings again Acolyte. Has your master found any traces of the patriarch's den?"

Vymazat slowly starts to awaken from his slumber. Getting information feed to him about his newly acquire enemies. Information about where the enemy may be located at the moment or what his superiors believe them to be. His hatred and anger growing by the second as he wanted nothing but to slaughter everything in his way. Letting out scream of rage as he feel his drop pod finally hit the ground.

Pushing the button as he freaks out within his pod. The door blowing open as he jumps outward. Looking all around for something to rip to shreds. "STRIP THE FLESH!" He shouts out though his angry cry of hatred goes unnoticed even by the spores.

Seeing a battle did happen here due to all the blood that coated the ground. Hissing outward as his HUD points him towards north as he takes off quickly as he can. Keeping his eyes and ears peel, ready to stop to attack anything in sight and be splatter in their blood. He lets off bits of laughter as he runs. Today was going to be a good day for the slaughter.

Martin Cassius climbed to the top of the rubble and surveyed the area now below him. Martin made his way towards the, hand on his pistol and signalling his following warriors to keep vigilant. You could never be too sure of these things. The former commissar noticed the approach of a Sister, and he straightened his greatcoat while turning to address her.

"Greetings again Acolyte. Has your master found any traces of the patriarch's den?"

Acolyte. Martin Cassius did not like that word. It was a term of rank that was so broad as to be useless, yet had connotations that were rarely appropriate. That didn't seem right. Martin returned the Sister's greeting with a sign of the Aquila and respectful bow. "Praise be, Sister, that we have found you and your group still functional. I suggest allying together at this point, as I think we might be close to our goal. If you need more, talk to the Inquisitor himself. He should still be assessing the situation with his savants, behind me." Martin pointed for orientation, then began to address his own troopers for the situation. Emperor guide you, miss."

There was nothing quite like a fresh action. The pungent smell of fresh sacrament oils, the harmonic choir of moving joints and the gentle growl of the machine spirit at the back of his mind -- everything felt so serene. Tymbaerus was lazily drifting towards his engagement zone, reveling in the calm before the eminent storm. He could afford so little time to enjoy the simple things in life that twenty minutes of marching behind the front could afford. He planned to take full advantage of the free time, enjoying the scenic vista laid out before him. Pines as tall as hive towers, hundreds of feet tall that hung over the unit as if they were small children in their titans. Beyond the trees was the cresting sun, casting a beautiful crown of light across the snowy mountain tops farther north. It was enough to inspire a man to great things for his planet...

"EZ on approach, ten kliks m'lord," crackled his voxcaster. "What are your orders?"

The Duke Princeps snapped out of his daze, sharpening his attention. With less than ten kilometers to the engagement zone, he would need to keep his wits about him in case their intelligence was off. The princeps willed the spirit of his mighty machine to open an encoded local band to the other three titans taking up his flanks. He could hear the growl become louder in his mind, the hungry spirit knowing that the sweet taste of battle was lingering in the air.

"We fan out," Tymbaerus ordered with a sudden shift of authority in his voice and stature. "Badger, Willow. You two shall circle to the flanks and advance from the forests. Keep your distances until we can determine the capabilities of the column. Flinters and myself shall advance forwards to engage the enemy war machine directly and draw them towards our position."

There was no need for confirmation. The two Lancer pattern Knights marched off in opposite directions, planning an intercept course with the column. Tymbaerus looked over towards the hulking Knight Crusader that was slowly shuffling towards their engagement zone. Komaada Flintwood was a dependable pilot from house Flintwood -- a long standing ally and close friends of the Jaquomere-Zachari. He had been a mentor of sorts when Tymbaerus had been a boy, keeping him protected on the battlefield as he grew into the man he became. Yet the old man had as much vigour as any young pilot and a lifetime's worth of experience to wield alongside his eruption blaster and vulcan stormer. Now that power was under his command and it felt awkward to know that.

"Keep focused, m'lord" Komaada said calmly, as if reading the younger Princep's mind.

"Of course," he replied, sounding almost insulted despite his elder being correct in his assumptions. "I am ever vigilant under the Omnissiah."

It wasn't long before the two reached the edge of the forest line. A great meadow of green fields stretched out before them, a relatively small clearing within the forest that would be their engagement zone for this operation. They had commanded the Skittarii to make a full retreat to this location, to which the pair could already see many soldiers falling back towards their position. At the far end the first hints of Orkish soldiers were piling into the clearing, firing off bolters and hollering with glee as the chase continued to its eventual bloody end. Yet Tymbaerus was more focused on the titanic walker stumbling its way through the thickets of the forest, not quite used to the swerving patterns the Knights so frequently used to traverse around the large trunked trees. If they had been closer, the stompa would have been an easy target in close quarters combat. The machine was barely keeping itself upright let alone having the ability to repel an attack by four titans. But Tymbaerus would keep to his original plan and let the stompa mvoe out into the open where they could simply overwhelm the column with superior firepower.

"On my mark, titans..." Tymbaerus voxxed across the channel, his own spirit bristling with anticipation much like that of his titan's.

Ancient Egerion Micus - Driseadi Warzone
The Ork horde assaulting the line had slaughtered its way through the first line before you had arrived. However in a single moment the boss leading the assault had been killed. The nearby Orks began to retreat, unfortunately it wouldn't be long until they managed to reorganize themselves. But for now there was a brief reprieve for the survivors.

They began to cheer as they realized that reinforcements were finally arriving.

Acolyte Martin Cassius and Retributor Helena Karr - Drisania Warzone
The Sisters could see a man approaching from behind the acolyte.
A man fitting the traditional image of a witch hunter, carrying a sword and pistol in his hands, limping along painfully on an obviously wounded leg.
The man was obviously Malin Odicio.
Looking at his acolyte who was directing the sisters who had stayed with him.
He spoke "The psykers are dead, but they found the den."
He looked at the sisters "We assault it now."
He began limping down a path through a wrecked building, expecting the others to follow him.

Duke Tymbaerus Jaquomere-Zachari IV - Driseadi Warzone
The Stompa slowly but surely was making its way towards the entrenchments. The Orks began to storm infront of it into the lines of the Skitarii, slaughtering them as they opened fire. Both sides taking heavy losses.

Artillery Barrels began to poke out of the plating of the Stompa and it opened fire on the assembled Knights.

Eversor Vymazat - Driseadi Quarantine Zone
The smell of blood filled the mind of the Eversor as he ran. In the distance the sound of gunfire could be heard, the illumination of fire, the smell of smoke and burning promethium, the screams of the dying.

Rippers and a Lictor were carving their way through a small force of Skitarii trying to hold their ground.

Tribune Theta-46531 - Driseadi Quarantine Zone
Ten hours after the first mycetic spores had landed, the mechanicus recognizing the threat had erected a quarantine. Basic walls, gun servitors, and servo-turrets. Two hours after that a Skitarii force was deployed to exterminate the Xenos, sent in to burn them out, ignorant of what they were fighting.

Twenty four hours into the extermination and the Tyranids had broke the quarantine that had been erected. The men sent in to exterminate them were being massacred by creatures that spilled from the ground, the trees, everything. The survivors are scattered and cut off from the outside. Their vehicles have broken down, their vox units are failing, and were running out of ammunition and men. Survivors were fortifying where their vehicle died, waiting for reinforcements that weren't coming.

Arcor or Theta-46531 was a tribune of the praetorian guard unit sent in to oversee the lesser Skitarii units that had been deployed.
When he had been deployed he briefly wondered why his masters hadn't merely dropped a horde of murder servitors onto the area.
The thought came back every time one of his men died.

He had commanded his platoon and the army underneath him, now as far as he knew the ten men holding the position with him were all that was left. He had ordered his men to build a wall to encompass them using the chimeras, and the few fortification supplies they had, a rhino that was intended as the command vehicle sitting in the center. It was feeble in reality, and wishful to think that it would hold. But it was what they had and it was holding for now. Fortunately the worms couldn't penetrate the hulls of the vehicles and the firing slots weren't large enough for them to squeeze through.

He occasionally heard screaming in the distance or saw smoke rising. He heard a thump in the distance and used his vox link, checking in on the men in the other vehicles. Nothing to report thankfully.

Egerion strode across the front line to a chorus of cheering. Good. He thought. These men still have spirit...they'll need it. As he moved carefully among the PDF troops, some came forward to tentatively touch the armour of his massive legs. There were some he had known, or ever that he knew now who would've been insulted or disgusted by the advances of such lesser men, but he'd been trained in the belief that he was a guardian and warrior for all man, regardless of his station. As more and more men clamoured about, a sharp voice called out. "OI! Get back to work to slags! Those bastard greenskins won't be gone for long!"

As the crowd dispersed to repair and reinforce the first line of trenches, he saw senior non-com who'd given the order. "Sergeant." He rumbled. "Where would I find your senior officer?" The man started a bit when Egerion spoke. Most soldiers, but PDFs especially, weren't used the really being addressed by Marines, let alone someone as storied as a dreadnought. After a moments shock, the man responded. "Back that way M'lord." He replied, gesturing over his shoulder. "Trying to keep the defences together most likely." "My thanks Sergeant; fight well." "For the God-Emperor!"

Moving deeper into the lines, he found the crude dug out that was serving as the command post; as he approached he heard a loud, arrogant voice rising above the general clamour. Fucking commissars, if there is one thing I can't is those useless fuck wits. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'NO'?" The commissar shouted. "THE ENEMY IS RETREATING!" A tired, battle-weary voice answered, its contempt barely concealed. "With all due respect Commissar, these are Orks, they'll be back soon enough and we don't have the men to spare of a sortie." "COWARD! I SHOULD SHOOT YOU FOR SUCH TALK!" "If it means I don't have to listen to you any longer, then please go ahead." The next sound was a series of angry sputtering.

Egerion crested the top of the dugout just as the, improbably tidy, PDF Commissar drew his bold pistol. Moving faster, and with a greater deftness, than one would assume for a construct of his size, Egerion surged forward plucking the Commissar off the ground with the hand of his CCW. "We are short enough for men at the moment, so I would appreciate it if you would not needlessly waste lives." He growled to the startled man. The Commissar started to say something, but then thought better of it. Turing to the rather startled PDF Major, he spoke. "More re-enforcements will be along soon Major, but for now where would I be the most effective?"

The Major gaped for a moment at what had just transpired, but recovered quickly. "Umm...well our left flank took the hardest hit during that last attack, but...." The Major shifted uncomfortably at the thought of giving a command of any sort to a dreadnought. Egerion merely bowed in acknowledgement. "Very well then, I shall bolster your left." Moving off, Commissar still in his grasp, he moved into position. Once there, he brought the man into view. "Now, explain yourself." He said, setting him down.

The Commissar was shaken and bruised from the incident, and while he couldn't say anything about Egerion's actions, his indignation over the Major was still strong. "M'lord, that man is a coward and affront to the God-Emperor! Those brutes are running an..." "ENOUGH!" Egerion barked. "That 'coward' as you put it probably has more sense in his little finger than you do in your whole body. Yes those beasts fell back, but they will return, and from what I've seen you don't have the men to spare for an attack." The Commissar began to speak again, but Egerion opened his massive hand to stop him. "And on the subject of cowardice, how is it that you are still impeccably clean during all of this?" He asked. "You know what? I don't care. Just go and make yourself useful for once... and if I hear of you needlessly abusing your power, I will use you as a projectile weapon." The Commissar gone, Egerion settled in to his position.

Helena looked after the Inquisitor. She rounded on the other sisters. "Well? You heard The Inquisitor! Get moving Sisters! Heavy Flamers in the front, Flamers to the side, Bolters, wounded, and Chiurgeon in the center!" She barked as the sisters scramlbed to move. "Chiurgeon Visas, Status on Sister Unis?" She asked their medically inclined Sister.

"Better, Retributor. But not healed. We are lucky she has only a Bolter, she can not take heavy confrontation. The wound will open under prolonged stress." The Chiurgeon said looking towards the now limping Sister. "She will recover in time though, The Xeno did not cut deeper than the bone. But until then I suggest nothing more taxing than watch duty." Helena nodded "Very well, but we must continue, and we march on a patriarch's den. Stay close to her and pull her back should her wound open, she can still provide cover fire." The Chiurgeon nodded and jogged to join the other Sister's.

Helena hefted her own Heavy Bolter and turned to Acolyte Cassius. "Well Acolyte, it seems your master has begun the assault. As a recommendation you should stay near the center as well." She said moving to join her Sister's. "Now move Sister's! For the Glory for the Holy Father and for Our Lady Cathrine!" She barked as they followed after The Inquisitor.

Anhen awoke and realized his left arm was broken. The Drop Pod had overshot, probably after being clipped by a lucky shot fired from some recklessly created ork contraption, and crashed somwhere within the ork lines. Repairing his arm as best he could, he began to awaken the remaining members of Squad Orion.


Captain Kalan and the new recuit, Battle-Brother Sedak, had been difficult to awaken. His Captain's helmet had been smashed in the crash, though he had managed to stop most of the bleeding from reaching his eyes. Sergeant Hannan had taken it to watch guard while he did so, the intermittent burst of Plasma Cannon fire managing to keep most of the orks away from the wreckage of the drop pod, though they were fully aware that the opportunity for both a fight and rich pickings of loot would be too much temptation if they remained for too long.

The fifth and newest squad member, who Anhen regretted not learning the name of fully, was most certainly dead. The netting to keep him secure had snapped during the "landing" had effectively cleaved him in half. It was with a sense of sadness that he noticed the Dark Angels emblem on the recruits shoulder plate, proudly coated in numerous purity seals.

"I will require time to recover his gene seed."

The Captain merely nodded him to him, and moved to take watch with the Sergeant.

"Well Acolyte, it seems your master has begun the assault. As a recommendation you should stay near the center as well."

Martin ignored the Sister's advice. Not because it was unsound, it wasn't, but because Martin had a duty to protect Odicio, and he'd he a damn poor protector if he let his leige march into a genestealer nest first and injured. When he reached the front of the forming spearhead, Martin ducke ahead of the Inquisitor, saying "Excuse me, sire, let me take the front."

A modified Valkyrue was screaming across the sky at a blistering pace. It was modified to be lightly armored, stripping it down so that it could be as agile as possible. It's only crew were the two pilots and the two passengers that were aboard it, Sana and Mamoru.

Maoru was wearing his cloak which was rather well at covering his body pacing about the ship, each of his footsteps thudding on the floor and while not shaking the craft, they could be felt. "I feel as if something bad is going to happen. It's in my gut and out of all the times i have trusted it, it has yet to fail me." the terminator said, just as flak exploded near the aircraft.

Over the comms inside the Valkyrie, the pilot spoke to the two passengers. "Just a bit o'ork flak. nothing to worry about. I've delt with 'em eh'fore. But ye might want to grab 'old a something." The next few minutes were filled with allot of weaving, rapid climbing and diving. All the while, Sana was holding onto the seat straps for her life. Mamoru was just in the business of not giving a fuck as he let his suit do the work for him and remained standing in the same spot throughout the weaving.

"Ok.. we should be in da clear now." the piloted commed back. "What was that about your gut Ru?" Sana asked her guardian.

Mamoru looked back at her. HE let her call him Ru because he trusted her, initially only agreeing to guard her because it was an opt out of the space marine chapters he now had turned his back on. But over his years of servitude to her, she has become somebody he is very fond of. While not parental, he has formed more of a sibling's bond with her, looking out for the girl as she looks to him for guidance. However, he was not happy with her, the feeling was still in his gut. "we're not out of the woods yet lady sana-" he said, but was cut off by an impact on the aircraft.

This was enough to have to force to cause the terminator to have to save himself from falling. With the pilots stuggling to regain control, the aircraft shot towards the ground. Eventually, at about a thousand feet up, the pilots caught the Valkyrie's fall and pulled her level. However, a horrid screeching noise was coming from the right engine.

The pilot spoke once again. "We're going to need to set her down, lest we come apart midair." he managed to get back to them over the noise.

Driseadi Warzone

For both the Dreddy and the astartes squad, and anyone on this battlefield in particular, could hear a screeching and metallic shearing noise ring out louder and louder as a Valkyrie billowing smoke out of it's right engine. Unfortunately, they were coming in over orks, so the patch of clear land they were aiming for was on the other side of them.

A broadcast was sent out on all Vox frequencies.
"Mayday, mayday, this is The Dart Valkyrie transport. We've been damaged heavily and are setting down in an open area ahead of our current position. We need assistance to defend the bird until she's repaired and we can continue on. I repeat mayday,may-" the pilot was cut off as a massive explosion tore the right wing of the aircraft off.

The transport rolled violently to the right as her belly faced to sky. It began to roll faster and faster as it plummeted lower and lower. The remaining wing clipped the ground and forced the craft to stop rolling, digging into the ground before the valkyrie violently drove halfway through a cartwheel. The nose dug into the ground hard and the impact instantly killed the pilots. The vtol continued, landing on the side with the wing torn off.

With he dust settling from the crash, orks began to move towards it, hordes of them moving to swarm the downed bird.

Feeling the knot in his stomach tighten, Momaru moved infront of Sana and used his powerfist to dig into the hull of the flying vehicle to lock himself infront of her. Sana didn't even need to be told what to do. She could feel his need for her safety and let to of her mechandrites slip out of her back and wrapped them around his anchored arm.

His hunch was right, an explosion shook the ship. It felt like the world was spinning out of control for her and after a horrible series of jolts, she was resting, hanging from the ceiling, wait... that wasn't right. She was still on the wall. Releasing her mechandrites from his arm, she began to work at the straps.

Meanwhile, the series of impacts caused Momaru's S.O.S. signal to be set off. Appearing on each of the Astartes near the drop pod's info displays and also on the Dredd's display as well. it was an old S.O.S. signal, but the signal was one of a veteran sergeant and thus of a rather urgent matter.

Mamoru released his grip on the hull, dropping his masive armor clad body to the floor, then catching Sana as she dropped. "My Lady, are you alright?" he asked, as if he was addressing a noble woman.
"Yes, i am. Thank you Ru... it's a shame about the pilots." she commented to him, looking around the

"It was unavoidable. They did their jobs trying to get us down safe, now we need to make sure their sacrifices were not in vain." The terminator said to her.

She looked around and realized they weren't going to be climbing out. Using her fabricator gauntlet, she cut a hole in the flooring, now a wall, letting them out. However, Mamoru stepped out and saw a wave of orks rushing towards them.

"Lady Sana, please stay inside the craft. You're proficient in the art of close combat, so if any decide to climb over and into the valkyrie, you can take care of them. Otherwise, see if you can salvage the heavy bolter from the downward facing door gunner position.

She nodded and headed back inside, setting to work on it, but keeping an ear out to the sound of orks climbing in. Meanwhile, Momaru got out his thunderhammer, letting his stormbolter hang at his waist. "Bring it on Xenos filth." he said, meeting the wave with pride. Anyone looking in on the area could see orks and bits of ork being tossed through the air like paper balls tossed around a classroom.

Egerion surveyed the warzone, sweeping his field of vision with appropriately mechanical precision. So far the Orks had yet to mount a counter-attack, but that would come soon enough. Still probably bashing each other over the head to see which knuckle dragger gets to lead... He thought.

"Mayday, mayday, this is The Dart Valkyrie transport. We've been damaged heavily and are setting down in an open area ahead of our current position. We need assistance to defend the bird until she's repaired and we can continue on. I repeat mayday, may-"

Poor bastards...at least it was a quick death. Shifting himself slightly, to prevent his massive weight from getting mired down, he waited. His wait was short lived, as his secure vox channel began to receive a distress call. The Forgotten!? It has to be a Chaos trap...except I'm the only person in this warp-damned galaxy that'd recognize that ID...fuck, I must see to this. Readying himself he opened a vox channel to the PDF. "Major, I just received a Marine distress call from near the Ork lines. I must go to investigate." "Understood M'lord, I'll send a squad to cover your position. Shall I send one to support you as well?" Egerion mentally flinched at the suggestion...he was well aware how vulnerable a dreadnought was to flanking attacks. "Negitive Major. Although I do appreciate it, I know you cannot afford to spare the men." "Understood sir. The Emperor Protects" Sure he does...

Once the PDF troopers arrived, and got themselves into position, he set off as fast as he could towards the beacon. Initially he met little to no resistance, save the occasional Ork picking through the battlefield for loot. Most ran off when confronted by the dreadnought, but the occasional one did attack him...with predictably messy results. You have to admire their bravery. He thought to himself, as a small Ork rushed at him screaming, armed with nothing but an axe and a pistol. [/i]Though their intelligence still seems lacking even after all these millennia. Not wanting to waste ammunition, he simply swatted the creature away with his CCW.

As he moved, he began to hear the clamour of Orks in battle, as well as the distinctive sounds of Imperial bolter fire and a Thunder Hammer. At least there are survivors. Rounding an outcropping of rock, he saw the wreckage of the Valkyrie surrounded by a force of Orks. Most 'newer' dreadnoughts liked to spout some sort of war cry as they attacked; Egerion just waited until his lascannons had a clear shot before opening fire.

Targeting what appeared to be a couple of Nobs in the fray; he expended his shots, and then waded in Storm Bolter blazing. As he made his way to the crashed ship, occasionally dipping to his right side, and using the 'muzzle' of his lascannons the brain some of the taller Orks. Trampling the tightly pack bodies under foot; he was half way there when a huge Nob that he'd missed rose out of the crowd.

Knocking smaller Orks aside, the Nob charges Egerion. "Oi! Youz in fer a wupping now ya overgrown Killa Kan...I'mma krump you good!" The Orks must have been expecting Egerion to be much slower and clumsier than he was; it looked most surprised when it found the dreadnought had closed on it in short order. Before it could react, Egerion reached out and grasped the large Ork by the leg; hoisting him off the ground. The much larger dreadnought then proceeded to use the hapless Ork like a flail.

At the sight of their remaining leader being used in such a manner, the surviving Orks began to break off. With his 'flail', Egerion kept pressing until he reached the perimeter of bodies created by the crash survivors. "Well met Brother." He said upon seeing the Marine. "It has been some time since I have seen armour such as yours." The markings were unfamiliar to him, but that would have to wait. "Gather your compatriot and follow me, there is a fortified position not too far from here."

"Thank you Dreadnought. It is warming to see some familiar tech on the battlefield." Mamoru responded, pulling his hammer out of an Ork and putting it on his back. He spun around, well spun around as fast as a terminator armor could, returning to the opening in the floor of the ship. "LAdy Sana, you finished in there?" Momaru asked her.

"Yeah Ru!" Sana responded and using her mechandrites to carry herself and the Heavy bolter out of the wreckage. Handing the bolter to him, she began to speak. "I could have sworn i heard another voice out her-" she stopped, dead in the middle of the r.
"C-C-C-C... Contemptor... pattt-tt-t-tern... Dreadnought...." she managed to get out as her eyes went wide with joy. Holding it in, she knew she would need to keep it cool until they were safe. "i'm ready for travel." she said to Momaru.

The Terminator gestured to the contemptor pattern to lead the way and let him do so. Being able to hulk around the heavy bolter was a great temporary addition to his arsenal, being able to dispatch orks with ease as they came near the group. All the meanwhile, the techpriest, with her porciline like face, was following along side the two of them, between Ru and Egerion.
"You know? it's been a really long time since i've seen a Contempator pattern dreadnought. What brings you tot his world?" Mamoru asked, casually taking a shot and picking off an ork with the heavy bolter Sana salvaged for him.

As the blood fills the Eversor nose he starts to laugh louder then before. Not caring if the enemies hears him or not as it what he wants. Running faster to the battlefield he can hear nearby. The carnage of war can be seen by the fires and smoke and heard by guns firing, people screaming either in pain or in horror.

The Eversor put away his gun at his side. Drawing out his power blade as he wants to be up close and personal with his enemies. Very soon, he will be in the thick of battle and he going to love ever second of it by tearing whatever he can get his hands on.

Acolyte Martin Cassius and Retributor Helena Karr - Drisania Warzone
Odicio paused for a moment as the acolyte spoke. "Yes, that'll work."
He let the acolyte take the front of the formation and the march began again.
Over the course of an hour he led them to a building that had been marked as the den. The trip had been largely uneventful aside from the odd undead that wandered towards them. The building was a nonstandard sprawl tower that showed heavy damage. The upper portion of it appeared to have smashed into a hab facility, leaning into it. The floors underneath that appeared to be on fire.

It appeared to be deserted at first, then absolutely wretched creatures began spilling out towards the group, some seemingly falling out of the sky, some from nearby buildings, and some crawled out from under debris. Twisted rotting mutants, almost all of them hybrids born from the genestealer contamination, some on fire.

Most lurched forward, some ran towards them, some simply stumbled and burst open on the ground forced to crawl on whatever they had left.

Eversor Vymazat - Driseadi Quarantine Zone

The creature, the Lictor slowly turned towards the Eversor. A skitarii impaled on its talon, another being fed upon using its tendrils. Rippers swarming on the men on the ground, most dead, a few still screaming as rippers fed upon them.

The Lictor dropped the corpse and began charging towards the Eversor, as the man had intruded on its feast.

"Thank you Dreadnought. It is warming to see some familiar tech on the battlefield."

"Indeed Brother." He said warmly. "It has been some time since I've seen armour such as yours...." He was going to say more when an alert popped up.

> Lascannon One Status: Minor Damage
> Focus Prism: Out Of Alignment (Accuracy -5%)
> Lascannon Two Status: Moderate Damage
> Focus Prism: Out Of Alignment (Accuracy -20%)
> Focus Prism: Damaged (Energy Per Shot -45%)
> Accumulator: Damaged (Efficiency -15%)

Blast it all! Not Much I can do though... Shifting a bit, he swung his lascannons to where he could see them. The inner one looked fine, but the outer one did show some damage...as well as being splattered with Ork.

"C-C-C-C... Contemptor... pattt-tt-t-tern... Dreadnought...."

Egerion sighed to himself. Techpriests always got so damned weird when the saw him, though to her credit, this one managed to reign it in pretty quickly. I'm sure she'll go nuts when she gets a chance to though...ugghh. Seeing that the pair were ready to move, he began to lead back the way he'd come. "Follow m;. I've made contact with a dug in PDF unit not far from here. I'm waiting for a squad of my Brothers, and from there we will carry out our mission."

"You know? It's been a really long time since I've seen a Contemptor pattern dreadnought. What brings you to this world?"

"Aye there are not many of 'us' around anymore." He said; an edge of sadness in his voice. "As for why I am here?" Swinging his CCW across, he shredded an Ork with a burst from his Storm Bolter. "I go were the Chapter sends me."

The trip back was largely uneventful, as the Orks were still trying to sort out what passed for leadership amongst themselves. After sending the Heavy Bolter crew back to the Major, he took his defensive position once again. Turning slightly so he could see the pair, he bowed (as best a Dreadnought could). "Now that we have time, I should introduce myself. I am Captain Egerion Micus of the Deathwatch."

That name struck a cord somewhere inside of Momaru. His mind began to race where he heard the name before. however, before he could, his sensor suit detected an anomaly behind the dreadnought. "Watch out Egerion!" he shouted, moving past him with rather astounding speed for a terminator, he grabbed at the air with a powerfist, a sickening crunch came from it as blood sprayed, an ork stealthboy's head getting crushed in it. The ork's body decloaked an he released it.

"That stealthboy was about to jump you." he said, his mind gathering a flashback that brought him to the near exact scene. the two standing there, ofcourse their armor was painted differently at the time. he had just crushed a stealth boy's head who was going to jump the dreadnought.
"This is just like that time on Titania... Saved your ass again Egerion." he said, a smirk underneath his helmet. "In case you forgot the name, it's Veteran Sergeant Momaru Vicenall." he said to the dread, a bit of happiness or was it smugness in his voice? either way, he felt better for having someone he knew nearby. the universe was lonely, even for a space marine at times.

Sana was highly confused. Her head was racing to any mention of Momaru ever telling her anything, but despite lessons he gave her on some teachings, he never delved into his past much. Only a few stories about feasting at the table with his primarch, and battling within sight of the emperor, but never about who he worked with. she figured it was because the status of the legion.
"You two know one another?"

"That stealthboy was about to jump you. This is just like that time on Titania... Saved your ass again Egerion. In case you forgot the name, it's Veteran Sergeant Momaru Vicenall."

Egerion shifted in surprise, it'd been centuries since he'd even thought about that operation. It was the first time he'd ever operated with another Legion, back when he was still flesh and blood. The tone of his voice got notably warmer; one could almost see him smiling inside his metal shell. "Heh...it has been sometime Veteran-Sergeant, and once again I find myself thanking you for your quick reflexes." After a moment there was a surprised huff from the sarcophagus. "Forgive me for asking Veteran-Sergeant, but how did you end up here? I thought the 2nd was destroyed to a man?"

"You two know one another?"

"Indeed little techpriest, though only for a brief moment. The 2nd was sent to assist us on Titania after the Ork infestation turned out to be greater than first thought. We could have handled it alone, but only at the cost of our momentum...and our Warmaster did not wish that to happen." He knew being circumspect about his own affiliations might raise suspicions, but there was a slightly lesser chance of techpriest freaking out when she heard the 'truth'. "Also, Lady Sana is it? Could you see to my lascannons? They took some damage as I came to assist."

"Ofcourse." She said and happily let all six of her tendrils com out of her back as she swung up onto the lascannon mount and began to set to work. She was looking at it and found the barrels were bent a bit, a lot with ork gore all over them. "These things aren't battering weapons... Bend then enough and you could have had a catastrophic failure resulting in the annihilation of your arm and the side of your dreadnought." She commented, the techpriest beginning to slowly straighten out one barrel.
"If you want something melee orientated in the bottom of them, I might be able able to fashion a few chain swords or axes to them, he'll even just a solid axe blade would work." She said to the dreadnought.

Monarch chuckled at her antics, berating a machine that could snap her body in half without straining a single servo. "Don't mind her. She's rather well versed in astartes weapons and armor tha is to me." He said, then his tone got more serious and even had a hint of depression to it. "I lasted till the early part of the crusade, it must have happened just before whatever happened to the two lost legions. I don't like to speak of my own legions fall, however, I was lost in mid transition through the warp. My ships warp shields were disabled or destroyed, I never found out. But daemons and genes reals swarmed the ship. I fought advancing in reverse to the armory, last thing I remember is the door closing and then I wake up a number of years later to this one's panicked face, saving her from the fate of her skitarii companions. Turns out I was on a hulk and she brought me back from my suspended animation." The sergeant finished explaining. Though, once he began speaking again, anger and hate filled his voice.
"As to the fate of the legion, the ultra marines swelled in numbers after the disappearance of the II."

Sana could tell he wasn't happy and knew she would have to pull him back to rational thoughts. "So... Is he... Ya know...?" She asked the terminator.

"Know what lady Sana?" Ru replied.

"Ya know... The teachings?" She asked finishing up the first lascannon. Now onto the more damaged one.

"Oh! The truth. Yes, last time I had spoken with him, he was." The terminator responded. "Are you still true brother? A believer of the emperor's true vision? The one we fought in that crusade for?" He asked the dreadnought, hoping the answer would be yes.

"Are you still true, Brother? A believer of the Emperor's true vision? The one we fought in that crusade for?"

"Aye Brother, I still hold true to His vision...even though the way seems lost." His voice was wrought with sadness. Staring at Sana as she worked, he sighed. "Truly Brother? There are days when I wish that I had been either left where they found me, or destroyed so I could join those Brothers of mine who died with their honour." Watching the readouts on his cannons, he was surprised to see just how well the techpriest was doing, considering how much information had been lost. "That never came to pass though, so I will still do my duty. I knelt at His feet and swore to fight for the Imperium, and even though it has lost its way, I will not lose mine."

The stompa had sensed them. The Duke Princeps wasn't certain what techniques the orks used or what sort of blasphemous technology they employed to manage it, but they had seen the two Knights through the brush none the less. The Skitarii had also halted their full retreat and were beginning to be slaughtered as they attempted to stand and fight. Which insubordinate and ordered them to halt instead of running for the cover of the surrounding forests? Had the Mechanicus used their full control over their forces to make such a foolish mistake? Regardless of what had transpired, this was the situation before Tymbaerus and he would make certain that events would end favourably for him.

Flinters had already begun a slow advance on the incoming green tide as Tymbaerus drove his titan forwards to match his stride. The two unleashed their combined artillery out into the bulk of the ork forces, avoiding shots into the front lines for fear of needlessly wasting more Skitarii troops. The majority of their fire was focused on the stompa war machine, explosive shells detonating on armour and crackling white beams of energy lancing through the air. Voids rippled all across the gargant as it took the incoming fire in stride, continuing its own salvos in response.

The two Knights looked as though they were outgunned with the amount of flak traveling through the gap between lines but in reality the killkannons were nothing more than annoyances spitting wildly into their ranks. The odd stray shell pelted the foot troops below but for the most part they were eaten up by the forests behind them. Tymbaerus simply scoffed at the incredulous assumption that such primitive technology could ever compare to the sheer magnificence and perfection of the creations of the Omnissiah. He could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end with anticipation as the machine spirit of his mighty war machine bristled in anticipation. Now was their time to strike!

"All units, quarter speed advance. Decimate that blaspheme to the Omnissiah!"

From the treelines the two flanking Lancers emerged, vulcan stormer and erupter cannon blazing their trails forwards. The orks began to break ranks, confused as to which direction they needed to advance in order to get to the fight the quickest. Small arms fire began to harmlessly plume off the Knights' voids as the four advanced in perfect synchronization. With two cannons raking through the orkish tide and three heavy armaments pining down the stompa to a slow crawl, victory seemed all but assured for the children of the Emperor.

The gargaunt had other plans, however, as it plowed forward with a sudden burst of speed. Oblivious to the carnage it was causing below, it pressed forward over its own troops towards Timber and Flinters. The former could feel the machine spirit of his titan tug at the back of his mind, listlessly trying to free itself from his grasp to charge down the enemy war machine. Tymbaerus put all of his focus into halting his mechanical beast from making a grave mistake, even halting his fire to avoid dividing his attention. The spirit thrashed through his mind, almost begging its master to let it loose but the princeps held fast, waiting out his opponent. Flinters continued to bombard the oncoming machine, scoring several holes within its body and sheering off the right side krusha ball, yet it persisted in its advance. At the last possible moment, Tymbaerus unleashed the machine spirit to its sadistic joy and caught the stompa before it could reach Flinters in close combat.

The two titanic machines clashed in a deadly embrace, Tymbaerus' Knight's power sword slicing cleanly into the belly of the beast before him. A quick twist locked the blade in place and caused more internal damage to the war machine. The krusha ball crashed down upon Tymbaerus' left side, shaking the entire titan and causing structural damage to his cannon arm. The machine spirit howled in pain in his mind, the arm loosening slightly from its joint. The princeps could feel his own arm being tugged at, the neural links mimicking the suffering his titan was experiencing on his own flesh and blood. Yet they were now engaged in a grapple, exactly what the young commander had wanted, and now was the moment for the killing blow.

"Willow, Badger; strike down this monstrosity now!"

The two Lancer patterns immediately changed course at the order and moved in a full sprint towards their Duke Princeps and the entangled gargant. Firing erupter blasts towards the two would prove too dangerous for their commander and so they closed to engage with blows from their power lances -- the hallmark of their chosen knight patterns. The speed at which they worked was a blur in terms of a legio titan, quickly clearing the distance across the field. Yet it seemed to be too little too late as the remaining krusha ball of the gargant was raised into the air once more, poised to deal a crippling blow.

Tymbaerus was prepared this time, punching his vanguard cannon upwards and wedging it into the joint of the krusha ball arm. With sufficient leverage over the crude close combat weapon, the knight titan was able to render the krusha ball limp and useless and Tymbaerus pressed his advantage. The cannon roared as shell after shell was placed into the joint, blowing the arm clean off after three point-blank shots. The rest were directed into the side of the gargant, tipping it towards its right side and leaving it teetering towards toppling over. The Lancers then joined the fray, Willow aiming straight for the right leg and puncturing its knee joint from behind and Badger assisting with the barrage on the gargant's side and striking through what looked to be the piloting compartment.

After a quick but brutal engagement, the stompa finally lurched over to its right and came crashing down onto the advancing green tide. Tymbaerus sighed in relief as the beast finally met its end, casually twisting his blade as to let it glide gently through the collapsing war machine. Tension flooded from his muscles and mind as the machine spirit was sated with the kill. He knew it wouldn't be long before the ravenous spirit would be nipping at the back of his mind for more but the break was certainly welcomed.

"Flinters and Willow, clean up these worthless xenos and give the Skitarii room to disengage. I am certain we will require each and every one in the near future..."

"That is good to hear. I've always been bit more set in stone in my views on the imperial truth. Hence, this is my current state of affairs:" he said, the stripped down the cloak. And on his pauldron where there should be a legion symbol, there is not. instead, upon his shoulder armor sat the sign of the adeptus mechanicus.
"I've sworn an Oath of the moment to protect that young techpriest as i owe my life to her. That, and the fact that all of the remaining space marines are now zealots in the complete opposite of his original vision. They disgust me, so i've been forced to turn my back upon my brothers, not to say i won't help when the time arises, but i refuse to associate with them outside of my geneseed." said the terminator, crossing his arms.

Sana was pleased to hear he was atleast a bit more relaxed. "Well, Sir Dreadnought, Momaru has tought me well, he's shown me the truth of the emperor's vision for the imperium and i fully believe him. I ofcourse still perform the rituals to the machine spirits to please them, but no longer in devotion to his divinity, but rather a faith that trusts in the emperor." she said, about a third of the way done with the second cannon. "and would you like a cqc weapon mounted on these like i described earlier? it would be too hard to make ad you wouldn't go smashing about priceless technology from a lost time."

"I've sworn an Oath of the moment to protect that young techpriest as I owe my life to her. That, and the fact that all of the remaining space marines are now zealots in the complete opposite of his original vision. They disgust me, so I've been forced to turn my back upon my brothers, not to say I won't help when the time arises, but I refuse to associate with them outside of my geneseed."

"Would that I'd been so lucky." Egerion replied. "I was found by the Deathwatch, the remains of my ship lodged in some Warp-damned hulk." Catching a bit of movement to his left, he shifted slightly, positioning his body between the possible threat and the rather exposed techpriest. "Fortunately, due to my current state I do not have to suffer those fools all that often; though much like yourself Sergeant, I thought it best to change the colours I march under." He knew the Sergeant would understand, he just wasn't looking forward to if Sana asked....most people didn't react well to the truth such as it was.

"...would you like a CQC weapon mounted on these like I described earlier? It would be too hard to make ad you wouldn't go smashing about priceless technology from a lost time."

"Tempting but no, I cause the Chapter enough headaches on a regular basis. I do not wish to...irritate Forge Master Tycus anymore than usual by altering my weapons without his consent." There was a wiry tone in Egerion's voice. "If you could re-enforce the barrels though I would appreciate it. I do TRY not to use them as clubs...for the most part."

The Techpriest listened to the conversation. She had a few thoughts. Quickly releasing bursts of code from her body, text began to display on one of the screens inside the dreadnought, viewable to the marine inside.
"i must warn you, the adeptus mechanicus has taken dreadnoughts in the past for various reasons. Even the Death Watch has lost dreads to us, so i beg of you to watch out for tech priests while you're alone, other than myself that is. I will do my best to keep them away from you with the full extent of my resources. Just know that if you decide to do something else after your deathwatch term is over, i would gladly accept you into my routine with the same freedoms that Ru has. I can guarantee protection should you wish. if you wish not to take my offer, then remember my warning, you deserve to be out on the field fighting and aiding the emperor's legacy, not being pulled apart and dissected by some robotic humans on mars.
read the screen.

"Sure, i think i might be able to make them tougher." she said, finally wrenching the cursed second cannon into alignment and the readings showing her was functioning back in proper alignment.

The sergreant nodded to the dreadnought. "Yes, though, it was far more necessary for yourself than me to change my colors. But the situation must be getting bad here if they were willing to deploy a dreadnought of your caliber to this planet." commented the terminator, the movement turning out to be an ork popping his head over the crest of a breastwork. A quick reaction by Momaru let his wrist bolters spring to life, leaving no head left for the ork's corpse to make use of. "I just hope those cursed forces of the warp don't rear their ugly heads here. Orks are enough to keep me busy." Ru finished.

Egerion was surprised when he received a message through the dedicated Mechanicus Vox/Data channel.

> Incoming Message
> Adeptus Mechanicus Identification Confirmed
> Message:
> I must warn you, the Adeptus Mechanicus has taken dreadnoughts in the past for
> various reasons. Even the Deathwatch has lost dreads to us, so I beg of you to
> watch out for techpriests while you're alone, other than myself that is. I will do
> my best to keep them away from you with the full extent of my resources. Just know
> that if you decide to do something else after your Deathwatch term is over, I would
> gladly accept you into my routine with the same freedoms that Ru has. I can
> guarantee protection should you wish. If you wish not to take my offer, then
> remember my warning, you deserve to be out on the field fighting and aiding the
> Emperor's legacy, not being pulled apart and dissected by some robotic humans on
> Mars.
> - Sana -

He was genuinely touched by Sana's offer and he thought awhile, at least in machine terms, about his response. Putting together a response he sent it back over the same channel.

> Outgoing Message
> Adeptus Astartes Deathwatch Chapter Identification ############
> Message:
> I thank you for your consiern, and I am well aware of the Mechanicus' habit of
> 'confiscating' such technology. Fortunately, the only member of the Mechanicus I
> deal with generally is Forge Master Tycus...and the less he sees of me, generally
> the happier he is. As for your offer I am honoured, but as a dreadnought of the
> Deathwatch I have taken the Long Vigil and will only leave the Chapter's service
> upon my destruction. That said, due to my uniqe situation, the Chapter is much more
> flexible with my deployment.
> - Capt. Egerion Micus -
> - 12th Regiment Unassailable Valour ***Error Chapter/Regiment not found*** -
> - Deathwatch Chapter -

"Yes, though, it was far more necessary for yourself than me to change my colors. But the situation must be getting bad here if they were willing to deploy a dreadnought of your calibre to this planet. I just hope those cursed forces of the Warp don't rear their ugly heads here. Orks are enough to keep me busy."

"I have bad news for you then Brother-Sergeant." He said out loud. Opening a link to Momaru, Egerion sent him a copy of the briefing that had been uploaded to him before his drop. In the brief there was Intel and reports showing not only the Ork infestation, but the approaching Tyranids, the presence of the Tau Empire, and signs of cultist activity. "There is a term I remember hearing when I first joined the Emperor's service that seems to fit this situation...a clusterfuck."

Sana smiled as the text read through her brain. with one last burst of code, she ended the conversation.

"Well, if you ever wish "resign" your position in the watch, just let me know. There may be an incident where some lone dreadnought was "confiscated" by a techpriest and a terminator "skitarii" for matters of the utmost importance.
And not to worry, you wouldn't be betraying your battle brothers, just moving to a position in which you would help the emperor far more. it's always an option open to you. but otherwise, stay safe in your journeys."
- Sana -

"No need to worry Sir Dreadnought, i'll keep you up and running as long as i'm stationed with you." Sana said, happiness appearing in her voice for the first time in a while. Momaru raised an eyebrow at this, but shook his head as he focused on other things and the report the dreadnought sent him.

"well.... we'll need all the bullets we can get our hands on then. First, i assume you'll be tasked with breaking this waaagh. then we'll either deal with those fucking cultists or the bugs. the latter of which i find a bit more fun to be fighting." The sergeant commented. He read over the briefing a few more times, noticing the adeptus mechanicus set up a quarantine on the planet.

Throwing a plan back to the dread, Momaru spoke. "Well, if we are able to snap the spine of the ork infestation, and your orders are to end at that point, we can commandeer a heavy transport to bring us down to the quarantine zone. However, that is still a ways off and over a mountain many corpses high. For now, lets focus on these damn pests." the brother sergeant finished, punting a little goblin like creature atleast two football fields in distance.

"No need to worry Sir Dreadnought, I'll keep you up and running as long as I'm stationed with you."

"I thank you for the offer, and for your assistance." Running his own checks on his cannons, he was pleased at how quickly and thoroughly the job had been done...he'd met far to many techpriests that he wouldn't even let clean the muck off his armoured body, let alone actually try and repair something. "Please call me Egerion, or at least Captain Micus, if you insist on formalities. Unlike many of our...younger brethren I have never forgotten that I am just a soldier. No matter whatever else, I am merely a servant of the Imperium, whatever its faults."

"Well.... we'll need all the bullets we can get our hands on then. First, I assume you'll be tasked with breaking this Waaagh. Then we'll either deal with those fucking cultists or the bugs. The latter of which I find a bit more fun to be fighting."

"Well, if we are able to snap the spine of the Ork infestation, and your orders are to end at that point, we can commandeer a heavy transport to bring us down to the quarantine zone. However, that is still a ways off and over a mountain many corpses high. For now, let's focus on these damn pests."

"Indeed Brother-Sergeant. My orders are to hold up here until a support squad arrives, and we can push on to the Ork encampment. Unfortunately I have not heard from my 'Brothers' and I fear they may have met their end upon landing. Beyond dealing with these Orks, Command has not given me further orders as yet." Watching the creature fly, he rumbled with a chuckle. "I miss being able to do that...the last time I kicked an Ork it took four of Forge Master Tycus' servo-skulls a week to clear all the bits out of my foot joints." As he spoke a trio of Orks popped above a low rise to hurled a fist full of stikkbombs at Egerion. His Storm Bolter roared in response killing them almost instantly, but not before the bombs were thrown.

Seeing that Sana was still astride his lascannons, he pivoted, turning his back to the blast while swinging the weapons towards his chest. A half dozen of the Ork weapons detonated against the back of his armoured shell, but did little more than mar the paint. "Perhaps you should find cover little one...you are not as 'durable' as myself or the good Sergeant."

Helena's Plasma pistol whined as she fired again, over the heads of the sisters at the front. The Xeno screamed as a hole melted in it's chest. "Keep in formation Sisters! Protect the Inquisitor! She called over the hissing Flamers and the roaring Bolters. They were moving towards where the Inquisitor directed, though slower than any of them would like. The genestealer's and left a hoard in their wake, and by the Holy Father, they were going to burn through them all at this rate.

They had moved around to surround the Inquisitor and his Acolyte. They would have be swarmed, even by these shambling abominations. A brief lull in the abominations gave them the opportunity they needed. "Move Sisters! We need to get to the lair before they descend on us again!" She turned to the Inquisitor and the Acolyte. "This time gentlemen, I suggest you actually take y advice and stick to the center of the formation."

Duke Tymbaerus Jaquomere-Zachari IV - Driseadi Warzone

>Reinforcements are being deployed planetwide.
>Killa Kans and Deff Dreads are being dropped en masse directly onto cities.
>A possible Warboss has been reported assaulting a weapons depot.
>A Warlord Titan has been downed and it has been reported that the Orks are looting it.
>Looted Baneblades have been spotted assaulting the trenches.
>Several sections of the trenches have gone dark.
>Forest fires are breaking out behind ork lines.

Acolyte Martin Cassius and Retributor Helena Karr - Drisania Warzone
Inquisitor Malin Odicio looked around the group as they stopped.
He reloaded his pistol and ran at a door before kicking it in "This way."
Inside was pitch black conditions, he marched in.
A moment after he entered, screaming could be heard followed shortly by silence.
Inside he was gone, in his place were the blood smears coating the floor and his pistol lying in the center of them.

Tribune Theta-46531 - Driseadi Quarantine Zone
Arcor sat there in the dark, all he could hear over the vox was static. He checked his Signum and the connection was still down, for all he knew the planet had been overrun.

He spoke into his microbead "Status report."
His men each listed off and gave the same answer "Alive, no changes."
He spoke to them again "Grab your gear and move in, we're pulling out at nightfall."

Over the course of ten minutes the remaining men and supplies were moved into the command vehicle.
An hour after that it had been repaired using cannibalized parts from the chimeras.

Arcor moved into the drivers seat and began waiting for darkness to fall. His remaining men were praying for protection in the local dialect to whatever version of the emperor they worshiped. He occasionally checked the vehicles Auspex. The worms were still trying to chew through the chimeras and the crete. Occasionally he thought he saw something larger lurking on edge of the perimeter, but he passed that off as his imagination.

All he could do for the time being was hope the rest of the war was going better.

Vymazat eye his first victim on his killing spree he so wanted. The lictor charging at him ready to strike. If he was a normal human with none of his drugs or enhancements this would be a one sided fight. Though the drug craze assassin just laugh at the face of danger.

As the lictor try to impale him on its talons. Dodging the attack by mere inches as he was now behind the creature. Turning around quickly as he jump on its back. Stabbing it at the side with his gauntlet blade arm. Making sure he stay on as it push the blade arm in deeper into him. The venom sipping into the lictor causing massive pain to it. While in his other hand he held his power blade. Stabbing it over and over again as the blade enter easily. Holding on as the lictor tries to get him off but nothing work.

Forcing the creature down as he continue to hack at it. Hardly nothing left of its face as Vymazat slowly gets off the lictors back. His left arm cover in the lictor blood as his blood-red eyes scans for more targets. Seeing the Rippers eating whats left of the fighting force here as he pull out his gun and starts shooting them. Picking them off as they were busy feasting on the flesh.

Being a bodyguard is tougher than it sounds, especially when your leige has lost his common sense. With Inquisitor Odicio convinced he was as invincible as an Astartes, Martin was barely able to protect his charge, let alone himself. Malin was getting far too sloppy, leaving holes in his swordwork, his flanks unguarded, and at times he even made no move at an attacking genestealer right in front of him. The force finally had a few moments rest while moving, after which they came upon a door. Without warning, plan, or reason, Malin Odicio lept through the door, requesting assistance. Then he was killed.

Martin rushed to the door immediately after, scrambling to protect the Inquisitor. When he saw the gun on the ground, he screamed in anger and reflexively primed and threw both frag grenages into the center of the shrouded room. As he was closing and barring the door, he yeled for backup. "Karr! Give me every big gun you have, and send the flamers here first! I need them NOW!"

Helna swore under her breath. Damned Inquisition, spend to long in the shadows and you forget how to fight. "You heard the man Sisters! Flamers in first," She called as she heard the two grenades go off. "Then bolters, Heavy Flamers stay at the back!" She called following her Sisters. She had holstered her plasma pistol and hefted her Heavy Bolter once more. When Cassius moved aside the Flamers rushed in, the grenades had done a fair amount of damage, a few corpses of Genestealers lay torn to shreds here and there. The small amount of light from the Flamers ignition flame caught the eyes of others. The Flamers let loose.

Sana nodded, she wasn't as well armored as them, but no one could compare in close quarters. "I'll stick back... but what you said about being just a soldier? that's bullshit. if we survive this i'll tell you why, Egerion." she said to him, smiling as she took off to the rear of the encampment. She was looking around for damaged and broken weapons.

Meanwhile, Momaru took up the heavy bolter from before and began to pour shells into the advancing wave. "Egerion! i appreciate the protection of Lady Sana, but now we must stave off these cursed xenos." he said, jamming the barrel into the mouth of an ork and pulling the trigger, blowing the fungus's headoff and killing the one behind it as well. pulling the trigger, he found a click as the responce.
"cursed weapon." he said and lodged it in the gut of the nearest ork. a quick punch of the powerfist finished him off.

Ancient Egerion Micus - Driseadi Warzone

>This is command,
>Orion squad is MIA.
>Their pod appears to have been shot off course and their locator is not responding.
>The Mechanicus is volunteering reinforcements for your assault.
>They are already beginning an attack on the site.

Duke Tymbaerus Jaquomere-Zachari IV - Driseadi Warzone

>Assault beginning on Ork Settlement designated Objective Ceti.
>Support is requested by Inquisition.
>Support is demanded by Overlord Jakis.
>Your squad is to support Ancient Micus of the Ordo Xenos.
>Grav Troops are being deployed via Valkyrie.
>Vendetta pattern Assault Craft are being allocated.
>Present enemy forces unknown.
>Additional reinforcements are being kept in reserve until threat level is verified.
>Glory be to the Omnissiah.

Acolyte Martin Cassius and Retributor Helena Karr - Drisania Warzone
The six limbed xenos sprinted towards the firing line and were cut down for what seemed like minutes.

Eventually it went silent.

Those who with nightvision would see that there were four paths forward visible.
The one to the left seemed to be an unfinished hallway, construction must not have finished before the invasion, claw marks covered the tiling around it.
The one to the right seemed to be a path of destruction, unplanned, just part that was smashed by something, walls torn down, papers and bodies strewn. It seemed to go through habitation dorms.
The one in the center was similar to the second but unholy amounts of blood and gore seem to coat the parts currently visible.
The fourth way was a hole in the floor, it seemed to go straight down.

Some kind of screaming echoed from all of them. Xenos would coming again soon.

Eversor Vymazat - Driseadi Quarantine Zone
The maggot like rippers exploded in gore over their meals as they were shot.

The hatch on the roof of one of the nearby vehicles was slowly pushed open. Inside a lone skitarii peaked out and saw the Eversor.

He quickly pulled himself through the hatch and was standing on the roof of it in moments.
Unaware of what he was dealing with he yelled out in some language reminiscent of static.

Apothecary Anhen Salarr - Driseadi - Behind Enemy Lines
As the apothecary worked and the orks kept coming.
The squad slowly realized the vox units in their armour's were disrupted and useless.

An odd yellow mist was slowly covering the nearby ground, it seemed to be rising from the ground itself, though nothing was noticeable about it.
Occasionally inhuman screaming could be heard in the distance, and a wall of smoke and fire seemed to be surrounding the area.

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