Apocalypse (Game Thread : Closed, Dead)

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Urd was about to return to Dante, to have him help her get her armor off, and find her something to wear till it was combat ready again. "Lieutenant, a moment if I may?" Urd stopped and faced the Dreadnaught once more "Earlier...when we first met, you said you were a 'Daughter of Russ', correct?" "That is correct" she replied, and readied her self to give, yet another, lesson on her order. "The name seems familiar to me, but I cannot remember why. Please, tell me of your Order." Urd was a little surprised the Dread had heard of them, even if he didn't totally remember them.

"Well, that's a surprise, you've actually heard of us." Urd said, crossing her arms, and grinning a little. "Well, we are, officially, an all female fighting unit that serves as as a rear line defense for the Space Wolves. Unofficially, our duty's extend far beyond that." Urd started as the Sister of battle moved closer to heard her more clearly. "Unofficially, we are the Elite and SPEC OPS squads of the PDF, the guardians of the Fang Citadel when our brothers are off world, we aid the Wolf Priests in finding new blood to bring into the packs, it is to us they are brought when our brothers are in need of medical attention." Urd said, with no shortage of pride. "In short, we give our brothers the support they need, to function as the formidable warriors they are, and do it better then other, more well know squads." Urd continued shooting a smug grin the Sisters way.

The sister had heard about enough and the smug grin didn't help. "Pardon the interruption M'lord, but by who's authority allowed you and your Soroitas wash out of an order, to even exist" "Leman Russ him self." Was Urds reply "You can't be serious. Do you expect us to believe one of the Primarchs actually had a hand in the creation of your 'order'" The sister snapped, not believing this unknown order really went back that far. "Doesn't matter if you believe it or not, the Space Wolves hold record of our creation, just as we do. If your so inclined, you can have some one look it up."

Helena nodded as she continues eating. She would have preferred not to follow these two around everywhere especially if they were to seek some private time. Her head turned when they heard the heavy footsteps. Both her and her Sister's jumped out of their seats and went to their knees.

"Greetings my lord." They said in unison with bowed heads. Helena got the impression that Lord Momaru was far less tolerant frivolous actions than Lord Egerion. Best to be on their best behavior.

"At ease." he order them, letting out a natural reaction. Then, he began pushing the fork into the mashed potatoes, fining it impossible to get them up to himself. He pointed at the sister to the left of Helena and lifted her chin so she was looking at him. "I lack the necessary dexterity to eat these... 'Mashed potatoes' that they serve here because of my armor. I require you to feed me. I need to keep my strength up, We're not limitless as any of the old stories describe us." he ordered her, holding out the fork to the woman.

Solara blushed. "Well... i know i want to as much as you, since i'm constantly learning from you." she said blushing even harder. "Anyways, i want to listen to Mr. Momaru here. He seems interesting enough to listen to some of his stories." she said, hugging lith.

Arcor briefly thought about what he was going to do before enacting the plan built around his anger.
The not at all respectful trooper would hear a pop in his ears before blacking out.
He would wake up on the ground about five minutes later with a broken nose, missing weapons, and a hole from a las pistol going clear through the meat of his right knee.

Arcor placed the weapons he stripped off the trooper in the nearby surgeons station before humming an old army tune, wandering the base looking for a fresh capacitor strip to stick in his arm.

"Yes ma'am" he lifted the box and looked in it for a second before bringing it over to her "Happy to be useful."


Egerion groaned internally as the Sister went off on Urd. "Hush Sister Agiline." He said in a soft but firm tone. "Like I said to the Lieutenant earlier, I am older than you would think, and her words have helped shake the dust off some old memories."

"On several occasions...before I was entombed in the machine...my Brothers and I deployed on operations with the original Space Wolves. More than once on those occasions, I heard Space Wolves speak of kin who were Daughters." The Fenrisian was hard to read, but the awe on the Sisters face was brilliant. "As the memories become clearer, I understand why I did not immediately recognize the name. My impression of them was that they were primarily a monastic order; yes they aided the Space Wolves in finding worthy candidates, but they took up no arms, leaving such matters to the Space Wolves and the Kaerls...but I guess after the Battle of the Fang that changed."

Urd grinned as the Dread backed her up, but that grin shattered into a look of shock when he said he fought along side the original Space Wolves, a look that ended up drawing a giggle from Sister Agiline, though that was reigned in quickly.

"You fought along side the orginal Space Wolves?" She said, sound more like she was trying to get her head around it, but soon enough, the damn broke as it where, and she made a sound that could only be called a 'squee of delight', not the kinda thing you expect to hear from a warrior who's slain demons in they're own back yard. "Did you met Lord Russ? What was he like? What about Bulveye and the 13th Company? Did you get to met Lord Bjorn The Fell-Hand before he was entombed ... OWW ..." Urd's line of rapid fire questioning was cut off by the Sister twisting Urd's cheek.

"Please exercise some restraint in the presence of an Ancient such as our Lord." Agiline said as Urd rubbed her cheek "Oh like your not dieing to know if he ever had a chance to met, or even see The Emperor" The sister simply cleared her throat "Though so" Urd said as she turned back to the Captain "My apologies for my outburst Captain, and in answer to your question, yes, the first battle of The Fang, changed much, but the reason for our lack for presence on the battle field till later was a matter of training, It took less time to get sisters out to aid the Wolf Priests then it did to get sisters ready for battle. Though these days they don't have to look as hard for worth candidates like they did back at our founding." Urd said, now composed again, though clearly still wanting to ask more questions.


Lith smiled at the sight of Solara blushing. "I don't think I'll ever get tired of that." She said. "And I still have so much to teach you." Flashing the Sisters her lopsided wolfish grin, she winked at the Sister who'd blushed earlier. "If you are going to flows us about, you may as well take notes, it'll make life back at your Convent more....fun."

When the Marine voiced his...issues...with his meal, Lith simply rolled her eyes. Bet all three of them creamed their armours at the mere THOUGHT of assisting that armour plated asshole.

"Anyways, I want to listen to Mr. Momaru here. He seems interesting enough to listen to some of his stories."

Lith replied with a hrumph and said nothing more, turning her attention back to her food.


"No apologise needed Lt." Egerion replied with a rumbling chuckle. "You are actually much more restrained than some of your 'Brothers' have been in the past; but to answer your questions, no I only saw Lord Russ a couple of time during battles and we never exchanged words, and I never encountered the Thirteenth before my accident. As for Bjorn...a fine man to have at your side in a fight, and a nightmare to the unlucky fool who next draws his wrath...off the field though, he was surly and unpleasant man."

Turning his attention to Sister Agiline, he watched as she seemed to try and shrink into her armour. "As for your unasked question, yes I have heard the Emperor speak....once or twice."

The Sister's rose and took their seats again. Lord Momaru doesn't seem as....lenient as Lord Egerion. It would be best if we avoided conflict with these two. Helena thought looking over the Witch and her companion again. At least the Witch was showing some signs of sense. Maybe there was hope for her after all.

"I lack the necessary dexterity to eat these... 'Mashed potatoes' that they serve here because of my armor. I require you to feed me. I need to keep my strength up, We're not limitless as any of the old stories describe us." He spoke to Sister Mara, new to the squad, and from the look of her armor, fresh from apprenticeship. A high honor for her indeed. Shame she all but fell out of her seat as she scrambled to do as she was told.

Cut to- After the relay is repaired and Arcor has read the Archangel data

Arcor grimaced as the data came in, a few data relays were still connecting through orbit. Drisania had been leveled, something that brought him tears, he hoped his grandchildren got out in time. Xeno Spores have been sighted falling on Drimanin. More Ork tribes joining into the greater Waagh.

Today was bad, tomorrow could only get worse.

He walked over to a nearby station and sent a message through the bases broadcast system.
"This is Arcor, I am requesting that all Officers and Astartes as well as the Inquisitor and her personnel assemble in the garage bay."
He paused.
"Everyone else, clear out of it."

He motioned at his men and the enginseer to follow him, before marching there.
He found a table to stand at, and placed his rifle on it before waiting for the others to arrive.

Momaru walked into the room with Sister Mara on his pauldron. her hair was a bit messy and a few pieces of armor weren't in the exact proper place, but she looked respectable. "What did you call us here for Skitarii?" he said, folding his arms, the girl being fine on his shoulder.

Short bit afterwards, Sana walked into the room as well.

Shortly after this, solara walked into the room, however, walked wasn't really a good way to describe it. She was happily leaning on Lith, seeming a bit tired out, hair out of order and her face blushing hard. However, she stood up straight and put on a serious face, approaching the table, only holding lith's hand now. Ofcourse, the two sisters would follow suit after them. "Yes, what is it you requested us to be here for?"

"This is Arcor, I am requesting that all Officers and Astartes as well as the Inquisitor and her personnel assemble in the garage bay." Spoke the Skitarri through the intercom system that had been connected to the entire base. This had the effect of waking up Dante, who was sleeping in a room that the group had been shown to several hours earlier. He turned his head and saw that Urd was asleep next to him, her arm draped across his chest wearing a rather simple looking outfit. Dante distinctly remembered that she wasn't with him when he went to sleep, must have entered the room whilst he was.

"Wakey wakey Urd, time to get up, it appears as though we've been summoned to a meeting." Dante said with a grin on his face as he got up from the large camp bed, wearing everything but his signature coat which he hung up when he arrived at the room. After gathering up his gear, Dante went back to check on Urd who was just starting to stir.

"Come on up you come. Don't want to be late, this meeting sounds pretty important." He mentioned as he helped to pull Urd off the bed; of course this had the side effect due to her enhanced muscular build, Urd literally fell into his arms, it taking most of his strength and stamina not to fall over. Helping her gather everything, the pair set off towards the garage bay.

Of course, as with every member of Solara's retinue to see if they hadn't been tainted, both Dante and Urd were followed by an armed escort of Sisters. He had a chance to talk to them earlier, albeit a brief one; the raven haired lady with a Adeptus Sororitas tattoo on her right cheek was named Nyx, the lady with the auburn hair was Josephine, next came Maria who was blonde with short pixie cut hair, and finally there was Agiline who was following Urd, she had shoulder length fiery coloured hair.

On their arrival, Dante could see that Arcor was standing at the end of a square shaped table opposite the entrance to the room, with Momaru and another Sister of Battle who happened to be sitting on his right pauldron standing at the right of the room. Solara and Lithian were standing opposite the Skitarri.

"Apologies if we're late everyone, haven't had time to explore this place, may have gotten lost a little bit."

Helena walked into the room not long after Solara. Both her and Sister Unis had gotten little sleep, though Helena noticed probably more than Sister Mara. She glared at Sister Mara still perched on Lord Momaru's shoulder. Mara didn't meet her gaze, her face going red. After the meeting Helena would be having words with her Sister, especially after she had not reported to her bunk after her shift on guard duty was over.

She nodded to the others of her squad ho had made it to the room, they at least had followed orders. Helena and Unis took up position behind the Witch and her lover. She would have told Mara the same, but once again her caution of Lord Momaru stayed her tongue. Oh yes Words would be had with Sister Mara later.


Last Night

After acquiring some assistance to help them from their respective armour; Lith stole Solara away to some unused officer's quarters, and made her pay...repeatedly, for making the Cadian woman worry. Eventually the two gave it a rest, and started to doze off. Just before she fell asleep, Lith looked over at Sister Mara, who was currently trying to monitor them without actually looking at them. "So...learn anything interesting?" She said, falling asleep before the Sister could even think of an answer.


"This is Arcor, I am requesting that all Officers and Astartes as well as the Inquisitor and her personnel assemble in the garage bay."

The noise tore through her sleep, like a Baneblade through a brick wall. "Oh you can just fuck right off..." She muttered, but it was no use; decades of instinct and training meant she was up and at least somewhat alert right way. Sliding out from under Solara, Lith began moving about the room, gathering up their clothing form where it'd been discarded. "Hey, can you vox down the hall and get our armour ready?" She said to Sister Unis, who currently was minding them. "I'll work on rousing the Inquisitor."

Dropping the clothes on the bed, she poked the lump of covers that was Solara Draco. "C'mon lump...like it or not we got shit to do." She said, while getting dressed. The only response from the bed was some mumbled protest, and the covers pulling in more around the figure underneath. Lith rolled her eyes, and pick up Solara's clothes and placed them nearby; then with one fluid motion she reached out and snatched the covers free, revealing a naked...and now wide awake...Solara.


It never fails... She thought to herself, as she propped up the shaky Inquisitor. Unsurprisingly, their little playful game of 'grab ass' on the way to get suited up, had gotten a little...out of hand. Now here she was, holding up Solara while her nerves recovered; while at the same time still tingling all over herself. The girl's got magic hands...and magic fingers!

Entering the bay, she spotted the dishevelled looking Sister...riding on the Marine's shoulder. "Ain't that the damnedest thing..." She said quietly. When Sister Mara looked over at them, Lith flashed her a smile and a knowing look.

"Yes, what is it you requested us to be here for?"

"Yeah." She yawned, running a gauntleted hand through her short hair. "You interrupted a good dream."


"This is Arcor, I am requesting that all Officers and Astartes as well as the Inquisitor and her personnel assemble in the garage bay."

The signal roused Egerion from his slumber/recollections. Being already in the garage, he felt there was no need to announce himself, other than by the sounds of his systems starting up again. Upon seen Sgt. Momaru enter, with a Sister on his shoulder no less, the great war machine chuckled quietly now himself.

Opening a secure vox channel to the Terminator, the amusement was plain in his voice. "Well Brother it seems you found a way to keep yourself occupied...though I must ask. Can the poor girl walk, or is she going to be bow-legged for awhile?" During his younger days as a Marine, Egerion was never one to lack for 'companionship' on the time they found themselves on suitable planets...those women who were up to the challenge generally regretted it in the morning...though some regretted it much sooner.


The revaluation that this Dread had been in the presence of the Emperor left Urd and the sister speech less for a few moments, and after a short discussion between the two decided to was best to have every one gathered before asking him to impart the Emperors words on them.

With time to kill, Urd, followed by Agiline sought new clothing so she could get out of her armor, easy to work on if no one's in it after all. After finding something to wear, Urd returned to find Dante had moved else where, though a quick call on the Vox found him having relocated to a room more suitable for the nap he was trying to take earlier.

After arriving in the room, she, with some difficulty removed her armor, the sisters not offering to help, and Urd not asking due to not really wanting them around at all let alone touching her stuff, and with nothing really to do for the time being, she climbed under the sheet with Dante and joined him for a bit of actual sleep after putting the clothing she'd found on.


Urd awoke to the sound of the meeting announcement, though promptly tried to go back to sleep, only to have Dante force the issue by literally pulling her up out of bed, "Fine, Fine, I'll get up"she said as Dante seemed to have trouble holding her up, having fallen onto him as he pulled her up. Urd sat her self back down and put the boots she'd grabbed along with the clothing on, as she did she noticed the sisters still there, clearly not done stalking them. The group eventually arrived at the garage in question, having gone to a different one first due to not specifying which one was meant.

When they arrived Sister Agiline as well as the others grouped back up with Sister Helena and Agiline gave a quick report on Urd's order to Helena, figuring it was important the squad leader know, and having not seen her since they broke off into watch groups.

Urd on the other hand, just stayed near Dante, since Lith and Solara looked predictably disheveled, the the surprise was the Sister sitting on the Terminator, looking to be in a similar state.

Arcor watched as the people entered, as they asked him why they had been summoned he decided what he was going to say, a burning pain lit up his mind as he began to speak.

"I apologize for interrupting your rests, but I felt it would be best to inform you of the situation facing you all." He paused. "There is a series of satellites in orbit. Each is a piece of an incredibly complex weapons system, known as Archangel." He paused. "Archangel is going to drop an unknown amount of NCC type chemical weapons onto this planet in a few hours, several of the designations I recognize as nerve gases used against a hiver uprising from a few years back." He paused. "A minute after the canisters have been dropped, an energy weapon I am unfamiliar with on the satellites is going to fire. I wasn't able to locate a target list as it was apparently classified beyond my level of authority, so it is possible that we are going to be hit. Due to the conditions I have been made aware of, it is possible that some form of deadmans switch has been set off." He paused. "Any questions?"

Helenas eyes went wide. Her mouth fell open along with every Sister's in the room. Mara actually held on to Lord Mamoru's shoulder tighter to keep from falling. May the Emperor have mercy.....they did it. We're losing, they've ordered the exterminatus. But who's the target? She thought. Her eye's flicked around the room. First the witch, then each of her companions. Such a large group fresh out of warp, and no word from the recovery party. Or perhaps the greenskins have gained the upper hand. Or the genestealers. Her mind raced. They had to either get off planet...or start praying. "Just one Skitarri; when do we leave?" She asked aloud, not daring to take her eye's off the Skitarri.

"Why are we still here?" Solara immediately brought up the thing that bothered her. Her mind began to race, running all over the possibilities. "I... if i'm given about an hour of concentration, i might be able to save us... i just need a ship to stay in one location in orbit and i need blueprints of the ship... I can tear a hole in the warp and spit us out into the cargo hold of a ship... i don't know what it will do to my body, but i'm willing to make any sacrifice to get us off this world." Solara said, dead serious. "We can use Titania as a shield of sorts. the solitaires have ways of working in the warp beyond human comprehension." she added.

Ru was going to respond to egerion. "By the emperor, if one consensus around this table is right, we need to get off this rock before we're all exertminatus'd." He commented, his head racing to think of something that might work.

"I don't think i can repair a valkyrie in time to get us off the planet." Sana threw in.


"Fan-fucking-tastic!" She swore, as the Skitarii briefed them on the situation.

"I... if I'm given about an hour of concentration, I might be able to save us... I just need a ship to stay in one location in orbit and I need blueprints of the ship... I can tear a hole in the warp and spit us out into the cargo hold of a ship... I don't know what it will do to my body, but I'm willing to make any sacrifice to get us off this world."

"I'm sorry love, but that's not going to work." She said softly, freeing her hand from Solara's, and resting it on a shoulder. "I'm not saying you can't...hell I've seen you do some damned impressive things, but you wouldn't be saving us." Almost idly she ran an armoured finger along Solara's neck. "Just think Lara...if a Warp Portal appeared in the cargo bay of a ship, what do think they'd do? Ask for proper Ident? No, they'd blow the doors and space us before we could get a word out...and anyone still standing would get cut down. Better to kill it than actually look into the situation...it's that same thinking that put us all on the Light."


"By the Emperor, if one consensus around this table is right, we need to get off this rock before we're all Exertminatus'd."

"Indeed Brother." He replied, after a moment. "If I am to die so be it, but I would rather die on my own terms."

"I don't think I can repair a Valkyrie in time to get us off the planet."

"Even if you could little one, unfortunately it would not help. A craft that small would never carry me or Sgt. Momaru, let alone all the souls in this base; even if it did fly, an unauthorized launch from a zone that has been out of contact for so long would be shot down long before it reached the safety of a ship." He rumbled, when suddenly a thought struck him.

"Field Tribune!" He said, directing his attention to Arcor. "Since you have more up to date information on what we face, can I assume that you have a signal to the Fleet? If so, I will need you to patch me in. The Justice and Glory, the Inquisitorial Black Ship that brought me here, will still be in orbit. If I can make contact, I can order the complement of Thunderhawks down for pickup...if one craft can carry thirty Marines, we should be able to save most of the people still inside this base."

"Plus..." He added, looking to Sister Helena and Solara. "Since the Justice and Glory is an Inquisitorial vessel, we can settle the status of Inquisitor Draco."

Urd just sighed as she listed to the report of how bad things where getting. Them the Dreadnaught said they should call for picking up from his ship, an Inquisitional ship. Urd couldn't stop her self "Oh, so our option are, wait and die, or, get evacuated, and likely be executed by people who probably had there minds made up about us before they sent the Sisters after us, despite none of us actually being tainted. Yeah, awesome options there..."

Arcor listened to the others and realized that they were beginning to panic.

"Sister, apologies, but there aren't any spaceports that I know of in running distance that we'd reach before the firing begins."

"Inquisitor, thank you for the offer but your companion is most likely correct, and even if I knew of a ship to contact for that I don't think we'd reach them in time."

"Ancient, I'm sorry but I'm only pulling outside data sporadically through the anomalies, most of what I've given has been pulled from off-site databanks and logged entries from relays. I don't think they'd receive anything you send them."

"Archangel has been sitting over the heads of my people, being readied for use for over a millenia. I've been taught as well as most of the people born here to survive the expected results and fight in whatever's left. It probably isn't intended to be used as an exterminatus."

"A base like this exists in every sector for the threefold purpose of establishing a data grid, shielding the population, and keeping our land held. We should survive an indirect hit from the satellites, the gas should take all of a day to deteriorate from the air and otherwise should be beaten with a closed system respirator and flesh coverings."

"What I suggest is that we seal the vents, put on some respirators, break open the keep, and either wait it out or atleast wait until the satellites are done firing."

"If any of you want to try to outrun this, I won't stop you, but I do insist you take a respirator and a map."

"So we're just going to sit here and pray that the satelites don't hit us directly?" Solara said, getting angry now. She never could understand the mechanicus an rather hated parts of it for stupid decisions. "I don't get you damn nut heads. Nine out of the ten planets i visit have some ancient doomsday weapon sitting in orbit or on the ground. What's worse is that none of you even know what half of the fucking technology you're working with is." she complained then took a deep breath.

"This all sounds like a giant nurgle ritual to me. I can't tell you how many times i've had to clean up after a techrpiest tinkering around with something had managed to accidentally summon the powers of chaos..." she said, venting some steam. Then the girl crossed her arms, closing her eyes and taking another deep breath. "How do you know that the chemical compounds will react in the manner you described if they've been sitting around for a millenia and that it won't just kill us all. IF we don't get hit." she asked.

Momaru sat quietly and listened, going through his head. He knew He, Egerion and sana would probably be fine if the base managed to leak, but the rest of the group wouldn't share the same properties as them.

Arcor sighed and spoke with increasing intensity.

"They're manned. The chemicals are routinely checked and updated from what I remember during my chem training. If something is wrong it's replaced. And honestly the reason we build so many weapons of this caliber is so that when we need them we can use them instead of sitting with our thumbs up our asses panicking that we're being overrun by goddamned everything. The shit that's going to hit us is at the least going to give us some tactical breathing room to reinforce our positions and rearm while the shit that's murdering my people fucking chokes."

He paused and went back to his original tone.

"If something goes wrong, it goes wrong, we deal with it if it happens."

A member of his squad, Rain, spoke "We aren't hereteks, we don't deal with daemons."

Last Night

When ever went to bed, Vym was wide awak standing guard. Making sure nothing would get in to slaughter his friends he has made. If anyone was going to slaughter them it would be him and him alone. Twitching as he patrol around the area. Making sure nothing was out of the ordinary.


When everyone awoke from their slumber Vym was still up and running. Never even resting for a moment due to the chemicals going through his body. Growing restless while waiting for something to fight. He seen them all heading into a room to talk about something but it matter little to him as he hates talking. Talking solves nothing, only his claws and his weapons solve anything. Holding back his laughter as he goes back on patrol duty.

Solara tried to calm herself. "I understand what you're saying, but the weapons are never advancements in personal weapons or things to help the planetary defense forces, they're always worst case scenario things. Anyways, i'm not saying you are hereteks, i'm just commenting from experience and previous... times. It can happen with the even best intentions in mind is all i'm saying." she commented closing her eyes

Urd just sighed and shook her head "Oh yes, cause we need MORE planet killing weapons, cause, we don't have those in spades or anything." Her tone annoyed and sarcastic at the same time "Seriously, My suit shouldn't be the testing grounds for making Plasma Energy stable. That should have been stabilized along time ago."

Dante was exactly sure on what to say first, the fact there was a satellite weapons system in orbit which was in the process of preparing itself to fire some sort of chemical agent followed up by a barrage of energy beams had made him nervous like everyone else, though he didn't show it initially.

"Oh, so our option are, wait and die, or, get evacuated, and likely be executed by people who probably had there minds made up about us before they sent the Sisters after us, despite none of us actually being tainted. Yeah, awesome options there..." Said Urd after hearing about what was hanging over everyone's heads at this moment, which prompted Dante to discreetly hold her hand before speaking to her mentally.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you."

It seemed as though everyone was busy arguing, it made it difficult for Dante to think of something meaningful to contribute, and then he realised one of the enemies that they were dealing with.

"Enough. We're not getting anywhere with this. Need I remind everyone that not only are we facing Orks out there, but also Tyrnaids; you know, masters of adaption, evolution, and survival. Once the Hive Mind has caught wind of this, it'll likely begin preparations to create some sort of modifier that will allow its forces to withstand the effects of these chemicals. Granted, given the amount of time it'll likely take, a large percentage of the Tyranids will have likely been killed off before it's finished. Whilst this may not be the most popular idea, I say we batten down the hatches, and prepare for the worst; it'd be foolish, if not suicidal to head somewhere else before this all kicks off."

"I say we batten down the hatches, and prepare for the worst; it'd be foolish, if not suicidal to head somewhere else before this all kicks off." Helena glared at the man. Surrounded by fools

"Too even suggest a thing you must be tremendously ignorant or have no clue what exactly we're facing. My gelt is on the former. Even if the genestealers adapt to the chemical formula they still have the massive amount of fire power that is coming after to deal with." She looked around the room. "Enough fire power, I may add, to glass over the entire planet." She turned to the Skitarii once more. "Unless you have a bunker deep under this planets surface or a working signal to the fleet we have no other option but to wait and die." She warned. Her Sster's nodded; some, including Mara, looked terrified at their lack of options, other had resigned to their fate and once again had their faces blank.


Egerion agreed with the Inquisitors sentiments. They're like Feral Worlders playing with atomics. "Some days I wish they had left me on that Hulk." He muttered quietly, not realizing he'd spoken aloud.

After a few more moments he raised a massive hand, causing the others to fall silent. "I know none of us relish the thought of being subject to a planetary bombardment, but since we lack any other options at the moment, we best prepare."

Arcor sighed at the thought of what was coming and tapped into the bases loudspeakers with his helmets microbead and began speaking.

"Archangel is firing in nearly three hours, everything is to be moved inside. MOPP gear is mandatory.
All vents are to be sealed, all filters are to be checked, if your station is clear check the others.
If you don't know what to do, find someone who does and help them.
Once you're done, check your gear and report to the keep.
If you can't find a respirator, quartermaster'll be handing them out in the keep."

He switched channels to his squads frequency, "Weld the door shut, we don't want it blowing open."
He went through frequencies until he found the enginseer's "Sana, if you want any of the little data we have it's on the cogitator in communications."

With that he walked off to comms, he sat infront of the broadcast unit and set it to global, the relays'd carry it the way.

"This is a message to anyone who can hear it, My name is Theta 46511, in three hours a weapons system is going to fire from orbit, it could..." An intense burning flooded his mind "be targeting planetwide. Anyone caught outside will die. It is in your best interest to seek shelter and chem protection immediately. If you can I suggest evacuating to the void. Please heed this warning. Good luck."

He stopped talking, the pain stayed though, he hated the neurals they installed, all they did was cause pain and anger him.

He shook the thoughts of the coming death out and made his way to the keep, while others were resting he had his men cut it open, the command center was thankfully clean still. He was expecting corpses.

He found a chair to sit in and attached the respirator unit to his helmet. All that was left to do was wait.

~~~Two Hours and Thirty Minutes Later~~~
Everyone (except the ancient) had entered and the door in was welded shut
~~~Half an Hour after that~~~
A dull thumping noise could be heard through the walls as it began, culminating in a bang as the base was hit directly by a gas shell. After a minute, the thumping stopped.

The psykers, the astartes, and the locals began to hear a beautiful angelic hymn.
Everyone else found nothing but silence.

A feeling of electricity began to build up in the air, until it became painful.
To the psykers they would feel as if they were standing in the astronomicon.

For the brief second before everyone began passing out it would appear as if the locals were combusting.

The ancient would awaken in a small white room, his body strangely appearing as it had before he was placed in his sarcophagus.

In the room was a table with a pitcher of water and on the other side of the room was a hole large enough to fit through. Outside of it was a corridor lined with the discarded helmets of thunder warriors and luna wolves.

Helena Karr
The retributor would awaken to find herself where she was before in the keep. Except everyone else who had been there before are simply skeletal remains now. A moment later she would notice the spot where Mara would have been is missing.

The eversor would awaken in an endless lake of blood, the sky above him golden.

The enginseer would awaken in a room with a flickering white light above her, the faint outline of a woman could be seen in the distance. If she were to look at herself, she would find herself without a trace of cybernetics and wearing a hospital gown.

The astartes would awaken in a warehouse-like structure. Surrounding him were thousands of marble statues with broken, damaged faces. The size and style would suggest they are of other astartes.

The sergeant would awaken in a tight wooden box, with little room to move. He would find himself lying on his box in it. A small amount of dirt could be felt in his mouth.

Dante would awaken in a dense forest with a dark purple sky, it feels as if other minds are attempting to penetrate his. Corpses of eldar could be seen in the distance.

Lith would awaken naked on a bed. She would find it familiar as she seemed to be in the room she shared with Solara on the Divine Light.

Titania would awaken in the keep and see everyone around her passed out. Except for the majority of the locals and skitarii, which have been reduced to charred skeletal remains.

The surviving skitarii and locals are bleeding heavily from their nose, eyes, ears, and mouth.
Titania would recognize this slightly as she saw this in several of the dying eldar during the fall.

Several of the Skitarii's eyes are lit with a golden light.

Solara would awaken in a white room with a hospital gown on, around her neck was a psychic neutralization collar. The wall to the left of her is transparent, she could see an operating suite with hospitaler staff working on a screaming woman, blood flowing onto the floor from her. In the back of her mind she could hear whispers.

Urd would awaken to find a blade being stabbed into her. Shoving it into her was a naked blood coated Lith. Behind her was the mutilated corpse of Dante. The ground seemed to be made of marble and a purple mist seemed to permeate the air. A crazed looked could be seen in Lith's eyes.

After making it very clear, in both Imperial common and Fenrisian that she did not, in anyway, approve of 'hiding in a hole and hoping for the best', she sat on a box and waited for this non-sense to be over.

Soon enough the shells hit and every one began to pass out, only to be jarred awake by 'Lith' stabbing her, a crazed look in her eye. Urd, with out hesitation twisted 'Lith's' arm with her right hand hard enough to snap the bones, with her left she grabbed 'Lith' by the back of the neck and slammed her face first into the marble flooring, splitting her skull wide open and 'killing her'.

Urd took one good look around, the mist, the floor, these things where not in the bunker, the mist could be explained by the ventilation failing, but the floor? Could not, not to mention Lith's actions, stabbing her and presumably killing Dante. Urd yanked the blade out of her self, but kept it in hand. She, naturally, wanted to check Dante, but this situation was so off it felt like a trap. "You can cut the crap" she shouted into the mist, presuming some manner of demon was responsible for this "I already know this isn't real, face me coward!"

Titania looked around, she kept herself to the shadows, but made sure to keep the image of the skitarii in her head. She began to look around for the routine. Something didn't feel right here, so she disappeared into the building and kept herself on guard.

Solara looked over and saw herself being operated on, on the table. Backing up a bit, she was shocked and horrified, but it hit her as she felt the colara around her neck that this wasn't real. She sat down and began to meditate, ignoring the flase voices at the back of her mind. "I dealt with slaanesh and tzneech before, you are not the real chaos gods. You're nothing but a shoddy false vision in my own mind." she said out loud, closing her eyes an beginning to concentrate.

In the real world, a psykik field began to generate around. She tried to make it healing orientated and purifying, focusing on her body to see if she could break this hallucination. She had lith to get back to, and the rest of the routine, so she was going to sit here high off her ass and tripping balls.

"Well, i knew this damned planet would come to bite me in the ass." he said, having gotten a horrid feeling in the hour leading up to the launching. He began to walk down the rows of broken astartes, finding himself highly decorated in his standard issue astartes armor. "Damn, forgot how good it felt to move around in this armor. i'm going to need to talk to sana after this." he said, looking at themand trying to spot and details that could identify the marines.

Sana groaned. "What in the warp... just happened?" she asked, looking down at herself and seeing the hospital gown. "I... i have modifications... where are they?" she wondered, looking at her body. Then the girl looked up and saw a figure a bit off. Getting up, she began to walk towards it. "Hello? who's there?" she asked, making progress to get closer to the person.

The vaguely female figure infront of her was a highly mechanized creature in red robes with a doll face not unlike her mask.

Eventually the astartes would stumble upon an odd statue amongst them. Armoured with a complete face, the face was odd. He knew him. Upon inspection of the armour, it dawned upon him, it was a member of his legion. Then the statues began to change. They appeared with various legion markers carved into them. The faces became whole, they were all members of his legion. Some in the distance could be heard exploding, their remains falling onto the floor and shattering.

A voice could be heard from the other side of the wall.
"It's awake."
"What's it saying?"
"No clue."
"Do you think its kicked in yet?"
"Probably not."
An area on her left arm began to redden and become painful.

Solara's body began to tremble.

"You... you look like my mask..." Sana commented, looking at the figure before her.
"Well... i didn't want this to happen, but i guess it's going to. You're a clone of myself, one of many that were created. However, you're the only one that is alive because of my decree to let one of you live at a time. However, we have allot to talk about, i suggest sitting little one." she said and sana sorta noded inconfusion and agreement at the same time.

Momaru accepted this with a blank but understanding face. "This is a sick metaphor you're playing at." he commented to whatever this subconsciousness was trying to tell him. "I get my legions gone, and not to the most honorable of deaths. You on't need to illustrate to me the fall." he said aloud.

"You're all fake." Solara said loudly and audibly, ignoring the pain in her her body. she kept on concentrating, her mind focusing on lith now. Every fiber of her being focusing on the woman she loved. The inquisitor was trying to arrest her mind from this drug and bring it under her own control.

Titania watched solara's body begin to tremble and used her mask to begin scanning and analyzing her, trying to determine what was going on with the psyker.

Several more exploded around him before a voice spoke out.
Booming and mildly familiar.

"You have been forgotten. Astartes. They have erased you. Why do you serve?"

Solara and Titania
Solara would find herself staring at a wall, a familiar Eldar infront of her.
Titania would see Solara open her eyes.

Lith nearby, still unconscious, began to shake.

The door to the hallway opens as a purple light floods in from the now open doorway.


Lith let out a low groan, and ran her hands over her face. "By the Emperor, what happened?" She muttered quietly, her skull feeling a half-size to small. Slowly opening her eyes she looked about; the room reminded her of their quarters on board the Divine Light, but subtly different.

Getting her bearings, she was unhappy to find that she was alone, and more distressingly, unarmed. Even sleeping with a woman who could tear holes in reality, she preferred to keep her laspistol close at hand. "Could've at least left me a shirt and some pants...that or turn the heat up." Further thoughts were disrupted when the door slid open, bathing the room in a purple light.

As the door had opened, she'd dropped into a combat crouch, expecting hostile action, but when none came she slowly approached the opening. "ALL RIGHT YOU COCK-SLEEVES COME AND GET ME!" She shouted. "FIRST ASSHOLE THROUGH THE DOOR GETS MY FOOT SO FAR UP HIS ASS I'LL KICK HIS TEETH OUT FROM THE INSIDE!"


It took Egerion a moment or two, to realize what he was looking at. It was his body...his flesh and blood self, lost eons ago in the defence of a great man. "What trickery is this?" He said, looking at his hands. Thick, meaty fingers and scarred knuckles, the veterans of countless battles; the letters VSAQ tattooed on the back of the left hand, an enigma from a lost past.

Stepping through the door, he picked up one of the Thunder Warrior helmets. "Tevon Matanis." He said softly, staring into the blank eyes of the helmet. "Died during the scouring of Geru Salam. First through the city walls...by the time the neo-barbs took him down, he'd razed sixteen blocks." And so he went, picking up each helmet, speaking the name of the Brother who had worn it and how they had died. As he did this he smiled to himself.

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