Apocalypse (Game Thread : Closed, Dead)

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Vym smile behind his mask as he then let out a huge insane laughter. Finally he was drowning in a lake of blood. Was it from all of his victims he killed in the past. Was it his friends he slaughter mindlessly while black out. He didn't care as he swam through the blood lake. The only thing he wanted was more carnage. Looking for a way out to add to this collection. Looking up at the golden sky as he shout out "PRAISE THE EMPEROR! LET ME KILL MORE! MORE! MORE!" Lost to his own insane thoughts as he seem to be falling back into his old ways without Solara around to claim his mind.

Helena groaned beneath her rebreather. She pushed herself up against a wall, trying to regain her senses. She looked around, it seemed she was alone in the room, the other's were.....dead apparently. Lord Egerion, or his sarcophagus anyway, lay still and rusted, slumped over. Lord Mamoru's armor was in a pile on the floor, along with that of her Sister's. Save Mara's.

Something was wrong, anything capable of doing this kind of damage with no signs of a fight would not leave anyone alive.Or take anyone alive. So why was she spared? And where was Mara. Helena drew her Plasma pistol from her hip aiming around the room. "Show yourself demon, I know your here somewhere. Reveal yourself so that I may bathe you in His Holy Power." She warned aloud, whether this creature was here or not, Helena would not let it run free much longer.

Dante immediately sat bolt upright as he awoke, his arm raised in a way to make it as if he was grabbing a hold of something. Checking his immediate surroundings, he could see that he appeared to be in a very dense forest, similar to the one he woke up in earlier, though something about it didn't seem right. What didn't help was the headache that came from a thousand minds trying to enter his all at once as he tried to stand. As he made it out of the forest, Dante looked up and saw the sky was a dark purple colour.

"Okay, something is definitely up; this has got to be some kind of illusion, I mean, this doesn't make a lick of sense. Why would I have left the base when a doomsday weapon was about to fire, utter madness I say, then again, Psykers are known to be a bit mentally unbalanced." Dante said to himself as he tried to assail a hill.

"Now then Dante, just focus your mind and get a hold of yourself. This is just a very bad dream. Remember where you were before waking up, if you have woken up that is. You were in the keep of the fortress base, they'd just finished sealing up the door when you could hear a loud thumping noise from outside. After that came the sounds of a choir, next was the painful electrical like shocks. Then I was... standing in the Astronomicon? No wait that can't be right, or could it? Too confusing. Must focus. Must rid myself of these voices. Now, let's see what's up this hill." He then added once he reached the top. A short distance ahead him were corpses, though their slender shape meant they were not human, more like they were Eldar. Perhaps it would provide him with some sort of clue on how to get out, so he headed towards them.

"Why do i serve? i don't serve anyone. Since i have been abandoned, i've taken up my own path. If that path is to protect a girl and help give the imperium a better chance of fighting and surviving." He responded to the voices with confidence. "They abandoned me, but i still stay the path true." he commented, folding his arms. "Show yourself, if you're willing to talk to me on fair grounds." he said out loud.

The body of Dante began twitching on the ground. It coughed blood clearing its lungs before actively moving itself. It rolled over onto it's stomach before pushing itself off the ground and standing.

It adjusted its head so the neck was more upright and natural before speaking "Why do you have to ruin my fun?"

A voice spoke from the light, it sounded like Solara but somehow wrong, it had a frightened tone "Please, don't hurt me."
"Please, you-"
It paused shortly before resuming.
"Come and See."

As the fallen astartes walked and looked upon the helmets with fond memories he noticed a painting on the wall.
It was something seemingly painted in blood and gold upon a canvas of flesh.
The image was that of the emperor being felled by Horus lying behind him.
A short man in flak armour, smoking a cigarette approached from behind and spoke in a smooth tone "I think it's my best work yet. What do you think?"

As the eversor spoke, a small island materialized in the distance.
On it was a small child in ragged clothing, on his knees crying quietly.

A short shrill scream could be heard before a knocking on the sealed door began.
The knocking on the door ended after a few moments and a voice could be heard.
"Please, can you help me, I'm trapped." It sounded like Mara.

There were about twelve bodies in total, wearing bone white armour, their shapes suggestive of eldar. Each had a pool of blood under it. One began twitching as the psyker moved towards it. It seemed to be a woman with a large abdominal wound. The hand began moving towards a nearby blade on the ground.

A raspy weakened voice spoke "Please, stay back."

The ground changed to a rust red dust as shifting purple sky was revealed above them.

One of the statues nearby animated and broke itself from its base.
It's feet seemed to meld to the ground as it began walking towards the terminator.

It's mouth reshaped to something more functional with pointed teeth.
It cleared its throat before speaking in a voice not unlike that of the questioning terminator.

"Your king is a corpse, his land rots, his subjects live pointless lives and die bloodily. Yet you and his knights fight. You claim not to serve, Insect, and yet you still cling to protecting your disdaining slavemaster's legacy."

"Corpse or not, i am not indoctrinated and i do not fight for his legacy. I fight for all of humanity. I fight to keep helping in some way, even if its one person." he responded. The terminator carried himself with a sense of pride and aura of confidence. "Now, i may be old, i may be dated in comparison to those around me, but my will, will never die. So long as there is someone who i've taught, who i've become friends with and laughed with, my will will carry on. Now i no longer need to explain myself to you, so be gone. I banish you from my conscience, begone 'doubt'. he said, casting off the statue with a slash of his arm.

The statue shattered at the astartes touch.
The voice resumed through from the distance.
"Perhaps my efforts are wasted here, why do you creatures never listen."
It sighed.
"Someday I will consume you, but that day appears to not be today."
The statues around him began to crumble.

Urd just gave 'Dante' and unimpressed look. "You have a rather boring idea of fun. This is only" Urd paused a moment thinking on something a moment "The third time one of you moronic deamons have tried this same stunt since I've been with Solara." Urd pointing the blade at the carved up doppelganger "Not sure which is more pathetic at this point. You deamons 'fighting skills', or the lame tricks you keep pulling that don't work but keep expecting to." Her tone was a mixture of bored and annoyed, but mostly bored.

"Are we gonna cut to the part where I kill you now? Or do you wanna try some other, stupid, and ineffective plan to screw with my head"

The corpse bowed and pulled a knife from its belt before leaping at Urd.

Vym watch as the island form as he swam towards it. Once at the shore he walks up towards the boy. Dripping blood everywhere as he stares down at him. So many mad thoughts race within his head. Who was this child? Why was he crying when they had a lake fill with blood of their enemies!?

Vym would grab the boy by the shoulder with his claw-less hand and lift him up into the air. "WHY ARE YOU CRYING LITTLE ONE!?!" He yells in his face.

The child recoiled in horror and attempted to get out of the Eversor's grip.
He stopped struggling as he realized he was stuck.
Sniffling he spoke "Why'd they have to do this? Why'd they take you? Why couldn't it've been someone else."
The child disappeared after that and the eversor would find himself once again swimming in the lake of blood.

Urd simply side stepped 'Dante's' lunge "Slash, Trust, Slash, Slash, Trust" she said as it wheeled around and attacked her, her tone condescending as she deflected it's attacks with her own blade "Very good, you know the basics, now then, how is your blocking?" Then went on the attack, how ever, even if he was mimicking Dante's physical ability and wasn't all torn up, the creature would still at a disadvantage. Urd's strength and speed out classed it by a long ways, not to mention she was just a plain better fighter.

In short order she'd, disarmed him, taken his weapon, broke one arm, cut the other off, stabbed in several times in the head and neck before just burying his knife in his head from under the chin and cutting the head off and tossing it a side. "Class is now over"


"Please, don't hurt me. Please, you- come and See."

"Nice try, cunt." She growled; fists up, still waiting for an attack. "S'not her...I'll admit you got me once with that, but once was all you get..." As soon as she stopped speaking, Lith quietly changed position, no sense in letting whatever it was know too much. C'mon love, I could use a way out.


"I think it's my best work yet. What do you think?"

Egerion stood silently beside the Guardsman for a moment; no trace of what he was thinking crossed his face, a statue of flesh and blood. Then, in a flash a hand shot out, the first two fingers and the thumb encircling the Guardsman's neck; the fingers flexed with only a fraction of their strength, crushing the smaller man's throat, and snapping his spine. Egerion let go as the corpse fell like a puppet without its strings.

Stepping forward, he placed a hand on the gruesome painting, directly over the image of the Emperor. "I am sorry my Lord." He said closing his eyes. "You raised me from the ashes of Terra, gave me purpose, gave me strength, gave me Brother, showed me wisdom, and showed me compassion; but in your time of greatest need I was not there. If I had not slept, perhaps I could have swayed him..."

After a moment, he opened his eyes, and looked at the image of Horus. "YOU!" He spat, anger flaring in his eyes. "You were the best of us, His favoured son, and you betrayed us all." His hand came off the image of the Emperor, and balled into a massive fist. "I was there before you and your Brothers were snatched away, I saw the pride in His eyes when He first saw you all; and I saw that same pride again when the Crusade found you." As he spoke, his fist slammed into Horus, to the sound of splintering wood.

"I was so proud to stand beside you two in battle. To call YOU, the favoured son of the Emperor, my Primarch was an honour like no other. As good as I was you were better, and we...your sons...loved you for it. I gave my life for you, and how do you replay such devotion and loyalty? You betray your sons, and lead them to ruination and death, you kill your own father for your own petty wants, and you leave the Imperium the fetid, stinking mass that in is today. If I knew then what I know now, I would have killed you as a child."

The entire 'painting' was now nothing but a few scraps surrounding a splintered hole in the wall. Blood dripping from split knuckles, Egerion continued off down the hall.

As Dante came closer to the bodies, their bone white armour and shapely form confirmed to him that these were Eldar in body, each with a pool of blood underneath them. Examining one of the female Eldar more closely, noticing a large abdominal wound on it's right hand side, the body began to twitch which made Dante step back and immediately draw the Singing Spear in a defensive manner.

The right hand of the female began moving towards a nearby Witch Blade, whilst the head moved ever so slightly, allowing Dante to see the face. What shocked him was that it was the face of Farseer Minal, the one for whom the Singing Spear which he now carried originally belonged to. It was then that a raspy, and rather weak sounding voice spoke. "Please, stay back."

Dante gently took a step back, meanwhile he used the spear to push the Witch Blade away from the 'False Minal', suspecting that she might use it to attack.

"And you stay away from me trickster spirit."

As the statues around him began to crumble a door formed on a distant wall.

The body began to turn to ash as the final blow was struck. A violent screaming could be heard in the distance as a wall of light formed, it seemed to be the source and seemed to be moving towards her.

"Please... well this isn't going to work."
A figure could be seen stepping from the mist, it seemed blinding for a moment before its shape became clear.
It looked like a naked Solara, but its hands were large purple crab claws and had a pair of grey bat-like wings on its back.
The voice was much more distorted this time "Please Honey."

A being of golden light began walking towards the Astartes from infront.
It spoke with a voice sounding akin to the choir he had heard before passing out "I have been told to bring you back."

"Please, not trickster. You need to leave, it has us, it has us all, it'll come for you and me, come to finish us off."
A shrill scream could be heard in the distance.
"It's coming, It's watching, It wants our souls."
She stopped and sounded more desperate.
"Please, kick my blade over and run."

Once Vym got a good look at the child something click within his head. The insane voices were slowly going away as the child and island disappears. Landing him within the bloody water as he slowly reflects on what happen. Sinking away within the lake as he rage within his head, the only voice yelling. His memories slowly coming back to him as he remembers losing his family, being taken by men to be train as a Eversor. He rage and scream out within the lake as he try to will himself to not remember the pain and suffering he endure.

He so badly wanted to go back to the way it was when he was insane. Not wanting to deal with this as he swam back to the top. Yelling at the top of his lungs at the sky. Raving not in pure delight of a insane madman, but a broken man who remember everything done to him.

"Please, not trickster. You need to leave, it has us, it has us all, it'll come for you and me, come to finish us off." Spoke the 'False Minal', her voice sounding like it had a bit more strength to it. Then all of a sudden, a high-pitched scream could be heard in the distance, and with it Dante could feel something akin to a daemonic presence getting near. "It's coming, It's watching, It wants our souls." Her voice was now sounding desperate. "Please, kick my blade over and run."

Dante thought his decision through for a few seconds, pondering over whether or not to trust the Eldar. What if this scream was coming from the 'False Minal'? he wondered. As he thought, the screaming was getting louder, enough that he was getting a headache. Finally, he made his choice. Whilst he knew this couldn't be taking place in reality, perhaps aiding the Eldar would help in him finding a way back.

With a gentle hand, he picked up the Witch Blade, feeling it's psychic presence within him and placed within the 'False Minal's hand.

"I hope I am doing the right thing by doing this. And if so, may you find peace within the Infinity Circuit." Dante then began to slowly back away, his spear still in a defensive pose as a pre-caution.

The eldar placed the blade infront of her neck and proceeded to slit her throat using it.
As she died a light shot from her body into the sky.
A scream emanated from about ten feet away as a daemonette covered in twisting black tendrils walked from the trees.


"Please... well this isn't going to work."

Lith took a few steps back, raising a hand to shield her eyes, as a figure entered. When the light faded, she was not happy with what she saw. The sight of some warp-damned abomination masquerading as her love just pissed her off. Logically she knew a Deamonette could kill her it an instant, it was far faster and stronger than her, and she was naked and unarmed...but if she was going to die, it would be fighting.

"So the Whore God has sent one of his fuck toys to play messenger." She said coolly, never dropping her guard. "And just what does King Cunt have to say?"


As soon as he saw the figure, Egerion halted, readying himself for an attack.

"I have been told to bring you back."

"In the name of the Emperor of Mankind; Sovereign of the Imperium of Man, Father, Guardian, and Protector of his race, I order you to halt and identify yourself." He spoke a rumbling basso, and with a tone that expected to be obeyed. What new madness is this?

Helena approached the closet door and level her plasma pistol. "Identify yourself, what ever you are." She told whomever was beyond the door. It sounded like Mara. But Helena couldn't take that chance. "Prove to me you are indeed worthy of my help and not a demon of the warp." Her finger went to the trigger. If it was Mara, which she doubted, then she could use the help. If not the Helena would vaporize it here and now and be on her way.

Momaru watched as all of his brothers turned to dust. "Farewell, you guys deserve your rest. you served the emperor well." he said, then made his way to the door, walking through it once the astartes got to it.

Solara looked around and saw the state lith was in. knowing her experience, she leaned forward and pressed her forehead to lith's and formed a mental link with her. Thoughts began to flow through her mind and a purple light came rushing at her. She found herself in a purple tinted hallway.

Upon seeing someone enter a room down the hall, she followed suit, recognizing a twisted version of her own voice and then she heard lith speak.
"And just what does King Cunt have to say?"

She found some twisted deamonette standing with it's back to her. "This is what king cunt has to say: WE GOT A DELIVERY FOR YOU YOU UGLY BITCH! SIGN HERE!" solara shouted and unloaded a bolter round into the bitch's head with her bolt pistol. The head exploded and covered lith in deamonette guts, then the lifeless corpse fell to the ground. Solara walked in and placed a massive boot on it's ass cheek before unloading the rest of the clip into body.

She looked up and saw lith nude and covered in Deamonette blood. "That's a good look for you. We should try it in the bedroom more often." she said, walking forward and passionately pulling lith into a kiss.

The fake Dante turned to ash, and a scream, accompanied by a wall of light could be heard and seen, with the wall moving closer, unsure of if the wall was harmful or not, she took the 'scientific' approach. She flipped the knife around so she had it by the tip of the blade a threw it at the wall to see what happened.

The blood turned to clear water and the sky turned orange.
Small droplets of rain began to fall onto the lake.
A small sandy island formed in the distance with a short mahogany table in the middle.
On top of the table was a series of syringes.
Half of them contained a golden liquid and the other half contained a dark red liquid.

"I have no name, only purpose." It stopped and seemed to fade out for a moment "He wills me to retrieve you from this maze before it consumes you."

"It's Mara. How would I..." she sniffled and banged her hands against the door. "I woke up out here, the shadows whisper at me. Please let me in!"

The blade was absorbed by the wall in a short flash of light. As the wall closed in on Urd her skin felt like it was on fire. The wall passed through her and for a moment she was enveloped by it. Surrounded by light and floating. Her flesh feeling like it was being scorched from her bones.

Momaru, Urd, and Titania
The Terminator awakened in the keep, his eyes seeing the images of the five remaining locals and skitarii as well as the charred remains of the ones that didn't survive. Nearby was the Eldar and the Inquisitor. The inquisitor crouched infront of one of her Acolytes. The rest of the group hiding inside were passed out.

Urd awakened in the keep shortly after the terminator, her eyes taking a second to adjust to the darkness. Nearby were Solara and Titania. Solara was crouching infront of Lith. The remaining locals and skitarii became visible as well as the charred remains of the dead. The rest of the group hiding inside were passed out.


One moment she was expecting to die in a vain attempt to fight a Deamonette bare-handed, and the next, she found herself covered in the remains of said Deamonette, and with Solara pressed against her.

"That's a good look for you. We should try it in the bedroom more often."

Well there are something that just can't be faked. She thought as they kissed. After a moment they broke apart and she gave Solara a grimace. "Not funny pipsqueak." She said, wiping some of the mess from her face. "Now if you'd be so kind, I'd like to get the ever loving fuck out of this place...and maybe put some clothes on, it's a little cool here."


"I have no name, only purpose. He wills me to retrieve you from this maze before it consumes you."

Egerions was still cautious, one must never be complacent when dealing with matters of the Warp. "If you know His will, then you would now His caution." He replied, not changing his stance. "Under which banner did I first serve the Emperor?" There were only three souls in the entire Imperium that still knew that truth.

The knife vanished in a flash of light 'Oh good, this is gonna hurt a lot ...' she thought as the walls of light closed in on and over took her. She hates being right some times. For a short time it felt as though she was being scorched with a fire she had no frame of reference for, it just hurt, a lot, so much so she wasn't able to scream, only gasp as she found her self back in the room she was in when the the shelling started.

She was shaking a bit, to an extend she could still feel that intense burning sensation, though much duller. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the darkness, but she was able to see Titania and Solara over Lith, as well as the charred remains of some others. "The hell happened?"

Solara and Lith
The purple light faded as the daemonette fell. A shrill scream could be heard coming from the body a moment before it melted into the floor.

It seemed to grasp its head before speaking "That of the bolt, brother."

"Run." Spoke the 'False Minal' before she placed the blade in front of her neck and proceeded to slit her throat. Upon the moment of her suicide, a beam of golden light shot from her body and into the sky, seemingly going on for eternity. The spectacle of which actually knocked Dante down and caused him to tumble down the hill. As he picked himself back up, Dante endured another ear piercing scream, whilst a Daemonette covered in an array of twisting black tendrils began to emerge from the forest.

"Well, good thing I got out of there when I did, otherwise I would have been a snack for what looks like a very hungry Daemonette, or possibly her plaything for all eternity; but more likely both. Wait a second, this is all still just a dream, but a very real threat. Still, best I kill this thing quickly, and then perhaps examine that light."

Dante snapped his fingers a few times until a bolt of psychic energy began to dance between them. Taking a moment to focus, the bolt getting brighter before flinging it at the bolt. It made contact with the Daemonette causing her to hiss in pain as one of the tentacles fell off and began wriggling back towards the forest.

The Daemonette began to pick up speed, and Dante continued firing bolts, some hit but didn't seem to do anything, whilst others aimlessly sailed past. It was when she got within striking distance that Dante had an idea. He closed his eyes to concentrate as the blade of the spear began to glow with a faint purple tinted light. As the blade shined like a candle amidst a sea of darkness, Dante grabbed both ends of the spear and swung in a wide sweeping motion; and with good timing as well, for the Daemonette was just about to slash him with her pincer like claw.

For a brief second, Dante thought he could see a look of fear in the Daemonette's eyes as her body was cleaved in two, though he didn't get out entirely unscathed, as some of the violet coloured blood had managed to get on his coat. This was met with a small sigh. He proceeded to climb back up the hill and went towards the golden light, taking a moment to examine it.

Not seeing any other options, Dante gently tapped at the light which created a rippling pattern to form.

The light dissapeared as Dante touched it.
From behind him the previously "dead" "daemonette" grabbed his neck. The wounds appeared to have been bound together by the tendrils. Tendrils were now coming out of its eyes and mouth.

It lifted him up and turned him to see, staring into his eyes. The whispers turned to voices, the voices to screams. It wanted in.

"Strange." Was all Dante said when the light disappeared before he felt something grabbing his neck. As he was forcefully turned around and raised into the air slightly, he saw that the Daemonette, which he now realised was something else entirely was pulling itself back together using the tendrils, which were now coming out of it's eyes and mouth. What were once faint whispers now became somewhat audible voices, then they shifted again into screams of hunger. He knew what the abomination wanted, and he wasn't going to let it have it.

"Oh no you don't!" Dante shouted before kicking at the abomination and then repeatedly stabbing it with the Singing Spear, each time though the tentacles appeared to be healing itself.

"Alright, time for Plan B." He managed to say despite the slight crushing that his neck was getting when he managed to pick up the Spear and stabbed it in the head of the abomination and proceeded to shoot it's mouth several times with his Plasma Pistol.

The creature dropped the psyker and recoiled in pain before the tendrils began to pull its head back together from the fragments. The lower jaw and the teeth of the upper jaw seemed to be completely missing however.

As the abomination loosened it's grip on Dante it was hissing in pain from the repeated blows whilst the head was in pieces; however the murky black tendrils that seemed to be most of its form began to reconstitute and rebuild, until the head was once again whole, but the lower jaw looked to be absent entirely.

"So, you can be hurt monster, looks like I did a number on your jaw line, pity your head didn't go with it." Dante remarked as he wiped away a bit of blood from his top lip with the sleeve of his coat, whether it was his or the abomination's he didn't exactly care to look at the moment, right now he had bigger problems to deal with. It looked as though that the thing was busy dripping saliva from it's gaping maw.

It then charged at Dante again, swinging it's pincer arm and was aiming for the psyker's face, a strike he narrowly avoided but it did knock his hood down. When it came for another swing Dante blocked this time, and with some difficulty given that the shaft of the spear was holding the claw back, he slashed at the creature's arm cutting it off then followed with a few rounds of plasma fire, thinking that it may cauterize the wound and prevent it from regenerating. He then tried a similar tactic with the other arm.

Helena sighed. Of course it would be Mara. But could she trust her? Was it truly Mara, or was it a demon preying on her memories. She spoke of whispers in her head. A sign of possession, or a lie to strike at Helena's sympathies. So many risks that came with a simple action. Helena hesitated, if this were a demon she would risk possession and death outside of this hallucination. If it was Mara, ensnared in the same illusion, then she was condemning her to a fate she herself was trying to avoid.

She spoke of whispers. And was crying, a coward in the face of duty. There was no way this could be Mara, She may be a little lax in her duty, but she was no coward to cry when fell whispers spoke from the dark. She would burn the shadows away just as any Sister would. "You shall not tempt me demon! The best you could do is at least imitate Mara correctly!" She called through the door as she backed away. She did not lower her pistol. The demon would burst through the door sooner or later, and Helena would be ready.

The arm sitting on the ground began to smoke and hiss. Tendrils began to come out of the stump on the arm but it clearly wasn't healing.

It sneered at the psyker and lashed out at him with the tendrils growing rapidly from the stump.

She sobbed slightly
"Oh. No no no no no. Please, Emperor. NO!"
She screamed and a thump could be heard on the door.
A hissing noise could be heard briefly followed by four seconds of banging on the door.

Dante narrowly avoided the strike from the abomination's writhing mass of tendrils that formed from the stump of it's arm. As it went for another attack, Dante fired a few more shots from his Plasma Pistol into the coil, which earned him another hiss from the entity when it attempted a slash using it's other arm, the Psyker holding it back with his spear. The two continued to push back and forth like it was a game of tug-of-war.

"I'll admit, for an unholy abomination of Chaos, you're certainly resilient. Let's see how good you are when you can't move." Dante retorted, kicking the creature in the chest, thus breaking the lock. He followed up with several powerful slashes to the legs, cutting deeply into one and managing to remove another entirely which sent the creature staggering to the ground. Seeing as how the tactic worked last time, Dante fire continuously into the wounds with the Pistol.

The removed leg of the creature began to hiss and smoke as the stump was burned from the plasma, tendrils began to grow from the stump however, awkwardly trying to form something resembling a leg. The one that was still partially attached was melted off of the creature by the plasma hitting the wound. Tendrils began growing from that stump as well, trying to form another leg from the disconnected mass. The disconnected limb began to hiss and smoke as it was separated from the greater whole of itself.

The creature began screaming violently, writhing on the ground, unable to will its tendrils into forming legs stable enough to walk on.

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