Apocalypse (Game Thread : Closed, Dead)

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"I'll stick back... but what you said about being just a soldier? That's bullshit. If we survive this I'll tell you why, Egerion."

That piqued his curiosity, with the exception of the more senior members of the Mechanicus, most techpriests were not so...forthright around him.

"Egerion! I appreciate the protection of Lady Sana, but now we must stave off these cursed xenos."

"Agreed, thought hopefully the squad I am supposed to meet will arrive and then we can take this fight to this xenos filth, instead of waiting for them to come to us!" Sweeping the area with his onboard auspex, he chuckled as the sergeant cursed. "Never fear Brother, I saw an abandoned autocannon and ammo about. I'm sure the PDF won't mind you borrowing it."

He was about to say something else, when he received updated orders. I feared that was what happened...but such is the course of war. "Come Brother-Sergeant, I have received updated orders. Gather your Lady and we shall move out." Shifting from his position, he opened a vox channel to the PDF Major. "Major, I am moving out. Hopefully our attack on the Ork encampment will ease the strain here." "Regardless, thank you for your help m'lord...your presence alone has done wonders for moral. Fight well, the Emperor protects." "Long Live the Imperium."

Pulling himself free from his position, Egerion opened a vox-channel to Momaru. "I have a question I need to ask you. If I am to be fighting alongside yourself and Sana, I feel I must tell her the truth. So I ask, how will she react if I tell her which Primarch I served under?"

Vymazat was cover in the Lictor blood, some of it dripping off his claws and onto the ground. He was grunting and twiching all over as he look at the carnage all around him. Loving the sight of it all before him. Though something caught his attention soon as he starts to head towards the lone Skitarii. His laughter started off low and slow, but would soon pick up as he was running at his newest prey. Jumping up quickly as he lands infront of the lone machine-warrior. Grabbing him by the neck by his left hand and holding the warrior up close. Looking him over as he felt the warrior trying to get away but no use. The claws lightly rubbing against the warriors mask as the assassin looks into his eyes.

Warning appearing inside Vymazat's mask as it wasn't allow to kill this target. Being a soldier of the Mechanicus and that makes him a ally. Though that didn't stop Vymazat from nearly crushing the soldier's throat. He drops the Mechanicus on top of the vehicle and starts to walk away. Stopping to pick up the tracks of where to go next. As well as listen and look for any sighs of battles nearby.

Momaru thought over the dreadnought's question for a good fifteen seconds as they slayed orks. "Egerion, think of this. She's already repaired your weapons, has taken a liking to you and you've saved her life once already. She understands that despite whoever we served under, the person we are now represents our true ideals and what we stand for. You've shown her that you trust her and that you're willing to protect her, you're as good as golden in her book, primarch fallen or not." He responded to the captain. The terminator was speaking true, knowing she valued allot more than most of the imperium did in terms of personal acts.

"Hey, Lady Sana, think it's time we put your close quarters training to work?" He asked, shouting back to her. The techpriest stared at him for a minute, but then something in her mind clicked. "Yeah, sounds like fun." She said and let all six of her mechendrites pour out of her back. She used then to launch herself over the two astartes and land atop an ork. All six of the mechanical tube surged Ito the orks body and began to tear him apart from the inside out. Two orks flanked her and she immediately sent three mechendrites into each of them and labotomized their brains. Now having two thick meat shields, she began to cut through the orks with her mechandrite and blade gauntlets.

"Egerion! Follow her and keep them off her back!" The terminator shouted to the dreadnought. He pulled out his storm bolter and began to use it and his wrist mounted ones to fend off the left flank.

"Egerion, think of this. She's already repaired your weapons, has taken a liking to you and you've saved her life once already. She understands that despite whoever we served under, the person we are now represents our true ideals and what we stand for. You've shown her that you trust her and that you're willing to protect her, you're as good as golden in her book, Primarch fallen or not."

"Thank you Brother-Sergeant." He said after a moment. "What you say makes sense."

"Egerion! Follow her and keep them off her back!"

Looming over the small techpriest, he carved a bloody swath with bolter and lascannon fire. As he watched Sana tear Orks into bloody chunks, he opened a three-way vox channel between himself, Sana, and Momaru. "If we are to stand beside one another in battle, I feel I must be honest...with both of you."

"The good sergeant knows the truth of who I served under, but there are truths, and there are truths. Veteran Sergeant knows one...and I thank him for his silence up to now, but there are others that he does not. I swore oaths to keep these secret, but one oath was sworn to mindless zealots whose very existence is an affront to all He championed. The other oath however, it was sworn to men I loved as my own father...it is much harder to break, though both are now long dead."

Still wading through Orks he was silent for a moment, stopping briefly to smash a pair of Kill-kans with lascannon fire. "As old as you think I am, I am older." He said eventually.Forgive me my Lords "I fought a the Emperor's side when he was still just another warlord vying for control of Terra. During the Age of Strife I was one of his Thunder Warriors, marching under his banner, bringing the world under his rule; but the process he used to make me and my first brothers was imperfect. Eventually flaws began to show, and bit-by-bit my brother died...but I endured."

"According to His scientists I had achieved full genetic stability by pure chance. As this was happening, they were also beginning the first batch of Astartes. With better tools and more time to work, these warriors would be His vanguard as He set out to re-claim all that humanity had lost. Fearing I would be forgotten, I beseeched the Emperor to let me continue serving humanity. Eventually he relented, and what had been done to me before was modified to the new standard."

"I do not know how long it took, just that when I awoke I was sent to fill the roster amongst my new brothers of the 16th Legion. From there, as a 'Luna Wolf' I marched with my brothers in the Great Crusade." After another moment of silence, he chuckled across the vox. "Since you seem to be a bright one Sana, I assume you know who my Primarch ended up being?...If only you could have seen Horus as I did...and still do. So like his father in many ways, when they took the field together nothing stood in their way..."

Helena glared into the dark, wishing she had requested the right goggles for the dark. No use now though, she glanced at the rest of her squad and spotted two with the right gear. "Trakand, Sumi. What do you see?" She asked keep her voice low. The sisters took one last look into the darkness. They looked at each other then, Sumi spoke "Four tunnel's, Retributor. One looks unfinsihed and only scratched. Two of the others look as though the Xeno's cut a path through the habitation centers. The last looks like it goes down, probably the best bet for the den."The Sister said glancing back down the tunnel's. "Well you heard them Acolyte." She said looking toward Martin. "This is your mission now. Do we try and search them all or one at a time." She paused as she heard the screams in the distance. "Decided quickly."

Tribune Theta-46531 - Driseadi Quarantine Zone
A warning played in Arcor's head, as the Rhino's auspex began going nuts. Hits from every direction, big ones.

He quickly sealed the drivers section off and blared a message into the back "Guns Now!" before ramming it through the chimera based fortification infront of him.

Odd beetles slammed into it as it pulled out, thankfully not piercing the armour. However one of the plasma blasts that struck the back did. One of the survivors quickly welded a piece of flakboard in place before anything else managed to tear its way in thankfully.

Arcor, reactivated his emergency beacon, hoping someone would hear it when he finally made it out of the quarantine zone.

Eversor Vymazat - Driseadi Quarantine Zone

A flaming rhino sped past the Eversor.

Driseadi Command Bunker 05
Orbital Bombardment commencing in 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.
Bombardment Beginning.
Bombardment Ending.
Objective Ceti still standing.

Overlord Jakis stared at tactical map as the reports he was receiving continued to be grim. Even the arrival of the second wave fleet support did little to help his mood.

He turned to his servant and spoke "Any report from the zone 7?"

"No sir." the servant said weakly

"The damned inquisition knows they could bomb the damned orks into oblivion." he paused and sighed "Yet they tie men down on it when they're needed against the damned bugs. Any news on whether they're dropping men on it yet?"

"A few dropships were reported to have been reported taken down in zone 8, 6, and 5 by bioplasma and flyers."

"Have gas shells and target designators shipped to as many men as outposts and fortresses as possible." he paused "Warn the commanders that the perimeter's been breached."

"Yes sir."

Overlord Jakis walked out of the command room and towards the lab being reconfigured into a cybernetica control system.

"Well you heard them, Acolyte. This is your mission now. Do we try and search them all, or one at a time? Decide quickly."

Nothing seemed to be going Martin's way this day. He was stuck among the Tyranids, Odicio went and killed himself for no visible reason, and he couldn't see this day doing anywhere but down.

"We're going down." He didn't wait for Helena to object before rallying her Sisters and readying their descent. "Surround the entry with flamers but hold your fire; I'll light the way and alert us if there are any threats."

"Surround the entry with flamers but hold your fire; I'll light the way and alert us if there are any threats." Helena nodded and the rest of the sister's moved into position. The two sisters with the flamers to position facing into the hole, along side another sister with a heavy bolter.

The others, five in total, took position facing back towards the other tunnel's ready for the horde that was sure to come. Helena looked to Sister Sumi, who took a stance facing way from the hole with her heavy flamer. "Sumi should I fall you will make sure our orders are carried out. Remember Sister's, we fight for The Father, and for Our Lady Kathrine. We will all give our lives to destroy these blights upon the galaxy. But dying with out reason is not a proud death, and that is how we'll die if we fall here. Should too many of us fall or should both myself and the Acolyte fall, you are all expected to retreat and report to the nearest command bunker." She looked out over her sister. "But this is a last resort. We have chased the patriarch to it's nest. We will not fail."

Her Sister's all nodded. None would retreat before the order was given. She turned once more to the Acolyte. "I'm not letting you go ahead alone Acolyte, not after what happen to your master." She hefted her Bolter. "Now let's go."

"ofcourse." Sana said, tearing an orc inhalf with the power of her mechandrites. "You were flying under the banner of one Horus Lupercal." she said, her mechanical part of her on a sort of autodrive, tearing a path through the orks; her meat shields doing wonders to protect her as well.

"You fought for him and helped stand for his ideals. One cannot be accounted of their actions once the taint of chaos has befallen them. You respect the man he once was, i take it, and can respect it." she said to him in a rather calm voice for someone killing other beings in a rather brutal and horrid way.

"Told you Egerion, she's not brainwashed like these fools." said the Terminator over the vox channel. He unleashed bursts from his storm bolter and tore a number of orks to shreds.

"Told you Egerion, she's not brainwashed like these fools."

"Indeed." The war machine replied as he poured more fire into the Orks. "Not many others have reacted so...well when I told them. It is nice to be amongst people who think for a change." Gunfire clattered and pinged off of Egerion's armour as he shadowed the techpriest...if that was even possible, considering she only came to his knee.

As the three pressed onward, Egerion picked up a thunderous roar over the noise of the baying Ork horde. Moments later he spotted the wheeled abomination that was an Ork Wartrukk hurtling towards them at high speed, Orks clinging to every surface. "VEHICLE INCOMING!"

Stepping to block Sana, autocannon rounds slammed into him, triggering several minor warning alerts. Seeing that nothing critical was harmed, Egerion ignored the alerts and set to dealing with the trukk. Bringing his lascannons to bear, he waited until the machine was airborne, after jumping off a small berm. His shots blew the front axle and engine to pieces, sending shrapnel everywhere. While still at speed, the trukk now not having a front end, slammed into the dirt and cart wheeled, throwing debris and Orks all over the place. "I believe that went well."

Acolyte Martin Cassius and Retributor Helena Karr - Drisania Warzone - A hole in the ground
The Sister went into the pit first followed shortly by the Acolyte.
In the black of it the grips that were carved into the crete slowly became further and further apart until the Sister slipped and fell, once again followed by the acolyte.
The fall was rather short fortunately, the Sister hit the ground hard though due to the weight of her armour, with the acolyte falling on her shortly after.

The ground under them seemed to be slick, the area still pitch black, with noise like screaming echoed around them, the air seemed to be scented with blood and incense. A mechanical thumping could be heard in the distance.

Driseadi - Objective Ceti (Ork Encampment)
Valkyries flew over the area dropping troops upon the vile ork hordes, as Vendettas bombed their structures and tanks assaulted their walls.

Casualties on both sides were already high, but orks continued to spill from their damned bases.
The Mechanicus speculations ranged from looted teleportarium complexes to xenos breeding machines.
But as it was they were still dropping from orbit.

By this point the Mechanicus was perhaps a day or so from loosing Atomics on it.

Helena's eyes widened as she fell. She scrambled to try and get a grip on the surface of the wall, but to no avail. The fall was short, and had she not been in armor would have just stung. But with the armor she felt her breath leave her chest and felt her Bolter fall from her hands. She tried to get up to inspect her Bolter, but the combination of the slick floor, the lack of breath and the damn Acolyte now on top of her, it was a futile effort. Her breath returned quickly however and she shoved the Acolyte unceremoniously off of her and scrambled for her Bolter.

This weapon had survived for centuries, and would for centuries more as long it didn't end up in the belly of a Xeno. She would not and could not let a scratch mar it's surface, not if it was from something as shameful as falling. She would be chastised in front of her entire order, in front of a craving of The Holy Father and Lady Katherine. She would lose some of the favor she had worked so hard to achieve these long year's. She would not let the happen because of a fall.

In the dim light she inspected her Bolter. She released a quiet sigh of relief when she found no new marks in the design. Hefting the Bolter once more she examined their new surroundings. She could see very little, and would not risk calling up to one of the sister's for a pair of goggles. She only heard the mechanical thumbing deeper in.

She moved to the Acolyte again. "Gather your wits quickly Acolyte, and ready your weapon. Who knows what lies at the end of this tunnel, but I intend to shine the Emperor's Light in this forsaken place." She whispered as she drew her Hand Flamer.

Time lapse through the day, to where the sun was setting just over the horizon.(for this trio atleast)

The field of gore was strewn around the trio. there was a massive pile of gore where the counter attack was broken. there was gore covering each of the members of the group, however sana was currently working on cleaning off Egerion's armored body, cleaning the gore out of places that it would hinder performance first, as they were still in an active warzone, but in a state of rather calmness.

"today was... rough..." was all the little techpriest could say, working her mechandrites in and out off hard to reach places to remove bits of gore.

"You did well Lady Sana. It's good to wee that your close quarters skills were put to use efficiently. all that training finally payed off." Momaru said, leaning against a rock formation.

"today was... rough..."

From his higher line of sight, Egerion regarded the small Techpriest. "I remember hitting an Ork world...back when I was still just a Marine. Took us three days to shoot a clearing big enough to land armour...fortunately they were just Ferals so no real casualties, but even so, there were just so damned many. By the time we got Land Raiders down, the bodies were so high the Raiders couldn't go through or over them...we ended up having to jump from objective to objective with Thunderhawks."

Standing there, as Sana pried bits of flesh and bone out of various nooks and crannies, the Dreadnought rumbled with what passed for laughter. "I still remember one sight in particular. We'd just crested a ridge on our way to the latest target, and there stood Horus and the Emperor, surveying the seething mass of greenskins between us and our goal, and they gave each other the most poignant 'You've gotta be fucking kidding me' looks I've ever seen."

Sana smiled. "I always liked hearing about the emperor. but as to what i said earlier." Sana said, finishing her work on him, moving to actually cleaning his armor, removing gore and blood and the such from all important symbols and then focusing on the painted areas.

"If you recall, you said you were just a soldier. and with all due respect, that's a load of bullshit if i've ever heard one. You're still a man beneath this metal. no matter what's happened to you since your entombment in this body, even if your soul purpose is fighting, you're still a man who cares about what happens to others." she said, polishing his chest.

"When i first met ru over there, he was far more rigid, despite holding the same ideology he does today." she explained to the dreadnought. "You're already a bit more lax than most space marines i come across. but you need to get it out of your head that you're just a soldier. you're far more than that. you're a man with a heart. and proof is in caring about my well being, despite there being thousands more of my kind in the imperium just waiting to take my place." she said to him.

Momaru just shrugged. "Girl has a point." then cracked open a flask he carried on himself and began to drink a bit.

Egerion regarded the little Techpreist for a moment, and then rumbled with what one might call a sigh. "I guess she's not aware of how men are chosen, is she Veteran-Sergeant?" As he was about to go on, and Ork popped over a small rise in the distance. With speed and fluidity, that were surprising for his size and bulk, he brought his Bolter to bear and killed the creature with a single shot.

"Anyways....it is because I'm a soldier that I now care." He said. "The memories of who I was before I was chosen to fight for the Imperium are lost, but knowing what I do about the type of men selected, that is not a bad thing. In the Age of Strife, when the Emperor was still building his army, he did not need kind and caring individuals, he needed simple minded brutes that could kill. In all reality, before I was transformed into a Thunder Warrior, I probably had more in common with these beasts we've been fighting, than with any man. When the Emperor turned me into a soldier, he gave me back my humanity."

"That still doesn't change the fact you're a man and not just a soldier." She said, being used to the rather non surprising surprise attacks. "I've met beasts of the caliber you've described, they're just soldiers. the menials that we have roaming the halls of the explorator fleet, when in combat, they're just soldiers. even fetching us book, they're just soldiers." she said, finishing off his arms.
"I know what "just a soldier" is. you're a man, Like momaru." she said, and went onto his legs. "And i know when i die, you'll miss me, along with momaru. "i'll have left an implant on you and him. some proof of my existance." she labored on, working his knee joints now.
"and i know i'll die before you two. i don't have a suit of power armor to protect me. all i have is the ability to live at the cost of my humanity. become more like the computers we have aboard the ships, more souless each time i replace a bit that's been smashed to shit." she said, getting rather angry, it showing in her cleaning as she was a bit more forceful and less caring.

Standing there, listening to Sana, Egerion's 'body' hummed and rumbled. "I am beginning to guess that your definition of a soldier and mine are somewhat...different." Twisting slightly, he reached down and plucked Sana off his leg with amazing gentleness and dexterity. "However such discussions are probably best left for when we are no longer in an open field of battle."

Doing a quick sweep, he was surprised to find no immediate Ork activity. "It seems the greenskins have fallen back to their camp...a surprisingly intelligent move from such creatures." Stepping clear of the bodies they'd made at their stopping point, Egerion resumed the push to the Ork encampment. As he did so he opened a vox to Sana. "As for your concern about losing your humanity...by now I am likely more machine than even you little Techpriest, but I remain who I am by focusing on why I fight."

Sana sighed. "Yes, I do believe we hold different values on what a soldier is." She commented, following him as momaru put away his flask and put his helmet back on. The terminator took up rear guard as the group made their slow progression.
"But you've hit your limit on how machine you will be Egerion. I've lost all my lower limbs, meaning my forearms, my calfs and my hands and feet. Not to mention I had mechendrites seated deep in my spine, and a number of different "upgrades" as a couple of the other enginseers and imperial guard called them." The little techpriest explained to the massive machine infront of her. She was using her mechandrite to help climb over corpses and the such.

"Not to mention, the little humanity I have isn't even mine. It originally belong to somebody else who died thousands of years ago. I'm a clone. Borrowed flesh living on time that wasn't given to me by parents, but by some priests wanting to preserve someone else's genius." She continued on. "When guardsmen ask me why such a pretty little thing like me would join the priesthood, I have either lie to them, which momaru knows I lie about as well as an apothcrathy can repair a Russ, or tell them I was grown in a tube because the last iteration of me died."

Meanwhile, momaru was mysteriously quiet. This was something that was settling into Sana's subconscience with an unnerving feeling growing in her. Ru was beginning to get a knot in his stomach, something that always signaled something bad.

Lumbering forward, Egerion pondered what Sana said. "If you truly believe that you are nothing more than 'just a clone'." He said eventually. "Then you should forget the truth that Sergeant Momaru has taught you, and go back to being one of those blind fools that make up the Imperium as it is."

An Ork Boy burst from beneath a pile of bodies, in an attempt to ambush the trio. His attack was cut brutally short, when Egerion shifted his path slightly and stepped on the creature. "How you can into this world does not matter so much as what you do once you are here. Sana, I can say with no hesitation, that you are the first 'post-heresy' individual I have met that I would truly consider to be a good person; so what if you were cloned, does that make your actions any less meaningful? Do not think about where you came from; think about what you can do to better the world around you. Do that and you will be more human than any 'natural born' human in the Imperium."

"The only thing i have is a somewhat rational head, and even that, the mechanicus said i was a mistake, but too much of an investment to waste, and the fact i had inherited the Deathe Maska from my previous iterations in the only thing that lets me function." she said and tried to take a deep breath, calming down.

"I know i'm probably the most sane person in the entire damn mechanicus, but i still am near useless with the damn maska. I appreciate your compliments egerion, but... i don't know... there's too much pressure i put upon myself and i snap. And i try to help others... i helped momaru, i helped you with your lascannons... though i swear if you use them as bludgeoning weapons again, i'm affixing melee weapons to you like it or not..." she continued on, a bit of a glare could be felt from sana at egerion.

"But i'm only good for repairing a couple of things and talking to the last two sane people in the imperium. anytime i've ever had a breakthrough is from when my head merges into those of my prior iterations and our collective minds somehow manage to produce something good. I just feel... so insignificant. I feel as if i'm expendable... i don't want to be. I know you and Ru would miss me, but outside of that, who else?" she asked.

However, ru gave off a series of clicks with his tongue, whistles in varying pitch and tone. This would confuse the dreadnought as he would have either heard it from techpriests, or recognized that it was some form of language.
sana nodded and the two had a rather quick situation.
"Egerion, ru left it up to me to decide wether to tell you, and i think it well that should be known." she said then gestured for the Sgt. to continue on.

Opening up a vox, Ru contacted the dreadnought. "You know i spent some time in the warp, but prior to that, i always had a feeling in my gut when something would go horribly wrong. that's why i got so high up in my company and into it in the first place. I guess you could say i was warp touched, but i kept quiet about it." the sgt explained.

"However, during my stay in the warp, it must have effected me, because i tend to be more sensitive to these things now. I'm by no means tainted, but by what me and lady sana discovered, i am a bit of a psyker. low enough grade to avoid notice by the inquisition. Anyways, i getting the feeling like i'd like to puke. Something rather bad is going to happen in the coming hours." he said, his voice stone dead serious.

"could be daemons, could be another wave of orks from the warp. Could be my rations getting at me." he chuckled a bit. "But in all seriousness. Stay frosty and keep your eyes... sensors monitored at all times. it's not going to be a small happening." Ru finished explaining.

Egerion rumbled in annoyance, as Sana kept going on her self-deprecating rant. Despite all he'd said, she still refused to accept the idea that she may actually have some worth as a human being, not just as another tool of the Mechanicus. He was tempted to say more, but this too was a topic best left to after the battles to come.

He was about to tell Sana to knock it off with all the self loathing, when he heard Momaru say something in Tech. Having been interned in a dreadnought for so long he had heard plenty of the techpriests 'unique' language, but he had yet to understand any of it.

"You know I spent some time in the warp, but prior to that, I always had a feeling in my gut when something would go horribly wrong. That's why I got so high up in my company and into it in the first place. I guess you could say I was warp touched, but I kept quiet about it. However, during my stay in the warp, it must have affected me, because I tend to be more sensitive to these things now. I'm by no means tainted, but by what me and Lady Sana discovered, I am a bit of a psyker. Low enough grade to avoid notice by the inquisition. Anyways, I'm getting the feeling like I'd like to puke. Something rather bad is going to happen in the coming hours, could be daemons, could be another wave of Orks from the warp. Could be my rations getting at me; But in all seriousness. Stay frosty and keep your eyes... sensors monitored at all times. It's not going to be a small happening."

"Warp touched or not, a soldier's instincts are never to be ignored without peril." He replied. "As for potential forces from the Warp? Why not? We already know there are both Orks and Tyrrianids on this planet, and that other xenos are sniffing about as well...why not have those filth here as well?" Pressing forward, he went on. "However since there is nothing we can do but wait and see on that front, let us focus on the task at hand, and deal with these Orks."

"Yeah, you're right." Agreed momaru. The terminator hit a few of the runes on his powerfist's gauntlet. he got a quick tactical overlay of the battlefield from ships above. "Seems we're dealing with a loot camp. No warbass, lot's of nobs, couple of mechs, the usual for this sort of stuff." he explained, sending it to the dreadnought's systems.

Sana picked it up off the transmision and quickly analyzed it. "If i can get close to the mechs, i should be able to quickly take em out, i do have my gauntlets." she poked into the conversation.

Egerion wasn't happy with what he saw, and it showed in his voice. "I was looking forward to killing another Warboss...it's been a long time since the last one." Doing on final systems check, he addressed his companions. "Steel yourselves my friends, we end this now."

As the trio approached the camp, a large Nob, armed with a bolter and a power claw, stepped over a barricade. "Oi! Iz it jus' youz tree dat been krump all my boyz? Well den dis iz gunna be a good ol' smak up! The Nob rasied his claw high, and a roar of Orkish voices could be heard from behind. ALL ROIGHT YOU LOT LE'S GO, BUT DA DREAD IZ MINE! WAAAAGGGGHHH!" With that, a green wave spilled over the walls towards the three.

"FOR THE IMPERIUM!" Egerion boomed back, lacing the horde with bolter fire. Spying a Ork dreadnought carving its way towards him, Egerion laced into it with his lascannons; a few well placed hits blew it to smouldering wreckage.

Vymazat saw the flaming Rhino speeding pass him as he look around the area to see what could have cause it. Seeing nothing at the moment but decide to follow the Rhino incase it leads to more enemies. Laughing out loudly as he gave chase to the Rhino, the blood from the lictor slowly drying on him as he never bother to try to wipe it off.

Arcor (Tribune Theta-46531) - Failed Tyranid Quarantine Zone
The rhino sped forward as they hit a cloud of spore mines. The rhino went flying briefly before ending on its side. The occupants shaken and trapped.

Arcor started hitting the ejection switches as the shock of the moment wore off.
Nothing happened, he slashed at his harness and began kicking at the door to the passenger area.

He could hear yelling from inside.

Eversor Vymazat - Driseadi - Failed Tyranid Quarantine Zone
A Carnifex lumbers past the Eversor as he walks, somehow not noticing the Eversor as it follows after the rhino filled with meat. An explosion could be seen briefly ahead.

Above the tree canopy a storm appears to be forming as the sky begins to blacken.

A Tech Priest, A Dreadnought, and a Terminator - Driseadi - Objective Ceti
The sky begins to blacken and the Valkyries strafing the site begin to go down. One crashing violently about ten feet away from the group.

Retributor Helena Karr and Acolyte Martin Cassius - Drisania
The miniature flamer explodes in the hand of the Retributor as a dull rumbling formed in the back of her mind.
A piercing shriek could be heard as they began to pass out.

They awake, it is indeterminable how long they were passed out.
Both are stripped of their armour and weapons.
Needle marks cover their arms.
They appear to be in a white sterile room., an operating suite most likely.
An unholy pain floods their minds and they pass out again.

The Retributor awakes in the arms of one of her squadmates, she is being carried by her toward what appears to be a dropship.
The acolyte in a similar situation feet away.
They pass out again.

They awake in a small cargo room, watched over by a medical servitor.
The squad sitting in a chamber outside.
The ship is pulling out of orbit, meeting massive amounts of turbulence.
The ship pulled out of orbit and began making a beeline for the fleet.
All that could be heard throughout the ship was warning Klaxons as waves of gravity attempted to pull it back towards Drisania.

The hulk hurtled towards the planet crashing into it, as predicted by the mechanicus this lead to the gravitonic generators going haywire and causing immense damage to the planet. The moons were pulled down and crashed into the planet as it began to tear itself apart.

The core of Drisania began pulling in material and ejecting itself onto the surface. The world would be reborn in time, but for now it is dead to the Imperium and so is everyone on the surface.

A small hulk rapidly fell out of the warp and began hurtling towards the surface of the planet, purple flames surrounding it as it entered the atmosphere. Massive electrical storms began forming in the atmosphere of the planet, darkening the sky, damaging electronics, and ruining the communication grid of the world. Flaming debris began to rain from the sky. This event was completely unexpected.

The Unidentified Space Hulk
Warning klaxons began going off in the small chamber housing the stasis casks and their ejector systems, this however overburdened the already failing generator system.

Anthony Frederickson
Anthony slowly woke from his nigh eternal slumber, he pushed his cask open, it seemed stuck so he shoved a claw into the mechanism until it opened. He looked around as the few still functioning sensors relayed the situation to him. The casks were failing, the mechanisms over time jammed themselves, likely to trap the occupants if he didn't move fast. He moved to a nearby control panel and began the ejection sequence before entering his pod again and sealing the door.

The pods were ejected in an arced pattern, as a message was relayed across the unknown planet "Help."

Anthony felt himself falling briefly as his pod streaked across the sky, crashing into an overrun mechanicus outpost.

Stasis casks wired to devices similar to jump packs were launched in an arcing pattern, crashing at various distances and locations.

The hulk crashed into a forested area north of the encampment occupied by orks, causing an earthquake.
A message was blasted over every frequency in a hundred miles of the site "Help" before being drowned out by static.

Urd stirred, then awoke. She groggily took in her surroundings 'huh... oh right ... Cryo pod' she though at she leaned forward, bumping her helmeted head against the pods hatch. "The fuck .." she pushed on it, yet it refused to move, "Yeah, no" She commented to her self as her suit whirred to life once more, a blue glow filling the pod as Plasma start coursing through its veins. a few moments later, two shoots from her for arm mounted plasma pistols 'rang out', blasting the hing and lock on the pods hatch before she curled up and kicked the hatch off and into the distance.

Once free she found she was seemingly alone, and in a forested area Dante she though as she spread her mechanical wings to find him, and the others from her damned ship.

Alone. That is what Dante was feeling as he began to awake from the cryo-pod, accompanied by a series of whirring and clicking noises as the pod's systems came online and the hatch began to open. He didn't immediately try to get out, as his body was still getting used to the concept of movement after begin confined in such a small space for... he didn't actually know how long. Sitting up in the pod, he looked up at what was a very dark sky, but he could make out a few small stars.

"I must be on a planet or something, though as to which I am not sure, these stars I have not seen before." Said Dante as he talked to himself whilst gently getting out of the cryo-pod, making sure to grab his weapons as well, with them being situated in a separate compartment. After making sure everything was there, Dante took a moment to examine his surroundings, it appeared he was on the edge of a forested area, with a slight hill beneath him.

"Well, wherever I am, it's at least better looking than that blasted Daemon World." Dante remarked quietly to himself as he held onto his reclaimed Singing Spear, carefully navigating the terrain immediately around him, when suddenly a thought came into his head.

"The others, where are they? I must find them. Perhaps their pods landed nearby to my own, that would mean they are somewhere within the forest, or at least somewhere close to it. After everyone has regrouped, we should probably find some civilization, if any exists on this world." He then added, before pulling his hood up, and tentatively proceeding into the forest.


Lithian felt stiff all over. I hate wakening from stasis... Laying his the pod, she closed her eyes and collected her thoughts. Getting prepped, that last kiss with Solara, wondering if she could get away with damaging that damned Eldar's cask...bit by bit, it all sifted into place. "Enough of that." She muttered. Seeing as she was awake, but the cask was still closed, she realized something bad had happened. Oh joy...

Forcing the door open she stepped out on to...dirt? "Sonuvabitch..." She muttered. Putting her helm on, she did a quick visual survey. "Well at least it's not that damned Deamon world." Grabbing the gear she's stored with the stasis cask, she did a quick weapons check, before broadcasting on the vox channel everyone had been using prior. "This is Veteran Sergeant Ortona to any surviving crew of The Divine Light. Is anybody reciving?"

Retributor Karr's eyes fluttered for a moment as she regained consciousness. The first thing that registered in her mind was the burning in her hand. Then the pounding in her head. The servitor shuffled over and stabed a small needle into her arm, the painkillers instantly going to work. The pain in her head ceased, her hand now just felt like it was uncomfortably hot. She looked around the shuddering room. A blank dull grey wall on one side, rows of boxes lashed to the wall on the other. The room was small though, between where she was laying the the acolyte nest to her they took up a majority of the room.

Against the far wall she could make out the door, as well as the head of a Soroitas Sabbat helm through the window. Helena sighed as the tension she had felt rising left her wary body. They were at least aboard an Imperial vessel. She managed to look at herself. Her right hand was black and charred, so what condition her hand underneath her guantlet was in she had no clue. Surely there would be a replacement aboard the fleet should she need one.

Wonderful Karr, you lose a Inquisitor, nearly lose an acolyte, loose six Sisters, and fail to even see the patriarch. The Sister Superiors are not going to like this. she thought to herself with a sigh as she stared at the rumbling ceiling and tried to ignore the blaring Klaxons.

Martin's head pulsed in inverse time to the alarms ringing overhead. Not the best thing to wake up to. His eyes open; he can't recognize the room. As he starts to stretch himself and look around, Martin began to piece his environment together. The humans outside were certainly friendly, and the servitor aside him was certainly equipped to practice medicine. These were good signs, if a bit ominous given that the last thing he remembered was an explosion.

He sat up in his cot, ignoring the servitor and what it was doing. His clothing was hung on hooks on the wall closest to his cot, so he took the liberty of putting on his cap; he was too sore for his greatcoat. He let loose a great sigh of awakening as he cracked his joints to loosen up. When he was done, he leaned towards his still-hanging coat and fished in it until he found what he wanted. He set the retrieved rectangle on the cot and adjusted himself so that he was only taking up about half the area sitting. The rectangle he picked up was an Ecclesiarchal Icon that unfolded into three segments, each with a different image of worship. Martin bowed his head before the images and began to mutter his prayers.

Lith, looking around and trying to radio for contact saw another pod coming towards her. However, it split off into two peices. This was actually Titania's pod and Solara's pods connecting mid flight and one of them being shot way off course. She rocketed towards the ground, the pod picking up speed. However, about 50 feet prior to slamming into the ground; the pod's top was blow off and a blur jumped out of it.

A series of flips, crouches and dirt being kicked up, there was the eldar crouching low to the ground about 20 feet from lith, collar still around her neck. It was entirely optional for her to wear, but it symbolized the fact she wouldn't hurt the group and was still loyal to them. Standing up, the solitaire dusted herself off and looked at Lith. She recognized that this was the inquisitor's lover and the only other person the eldar would listen to without input from Solara.

She then looked up at the sky, seeing the other pod streaking away still. "Solara." was all that she said, her eerie voice only amplifying the sense of "should not be" that the solitaire gave off. Then the xeno pointed at the pod streaking across the sky. Lith was actually lucky, that despite the obvious grinding of gears the two had, the solitaire felt comfortable speaking around the woman.

"up to you. We can follow, have a chance of getting lost though. Or we can try and go and gather the rest of them." she said under her mask, but coming out as if the mask wasn't there.

With the contact of pods, some of the older systems in the cry pod was activated. to be fair, probably no one could have known that the systems were in place. A massive jet of flame erupted from the back of the pod, kicking it farther across the sky and actually accelerating it at a rapid rate. It was a system that had been created to allow simple recovery of the pods via transmission signal and homing devices. However, this . an being as high up as it was, the pod had covered allot of distance. So much so that it wasn't by the orks by the time it had landed down.

Instead, there was a massive boom in the middle of a forest. She wasn't awoken yet, but her transponder was sending off a signal that would be received by the downed tech squadron and the assassin; the signal bearing the mark of an inquisitor, one Inquisitor Solara. However, the signal was far off even at that, so it wasn't a priority until their situations had been resolved.

"By the emperor!" Sana shrieked as the valkyrie slammed to a stop just infront of her. "MOMARU! EGERION! COVER ME, I'M LOOKING FOR SURVIVORS!" she screamed to them. The little techpriest set upon the wreckage, first heading towards the cockpit to check for survivors, then the cargo area, if this variant had one.

Momaru moved into position, using his storm bolter and a high grip on his hammer, he began putting orks down. a series of bolts blowing apart a torso here, his hammer effortlessly gliding through a group of them. "Egerion, if you have the room, help cover her. if not, then do not concern yourself." he said, drawing his hammer out of a nob's skull.


Lithian grimaced under her helm as the Eldar landed. So much for the hope of her dying in the crash.. "I've got no locator signals for the others yet, and I didn't see where they came down. On the other hand I know where Lara's cask is headed, plus it may have been damaged...do what you will, I'm going after her." With that Lith took off, plasma gun in hand, at a loping run. It was quite a distance to where the cask had finally come to rest, but that was of little concern.


As the Valkyrie crashed, an engine tore off, and was sent hurtling towards Egerion. Tuning to ward off the blow, the wreckage slammed into his right side. All at once an automatic warning was issued by the Dreadnought's machine spirit.

> Lascannon One Status: Moderate Damage
> Focus Prism: Out Of Alignment (Accuracy -40%)
> Focus Prism: Damaged (Energy Per Shot -30%)
> Accumulator: Damaged (Efficiency -35%)
> Lascannon Two Status: Severe Damage
> Focus Prism: Destroyed
> Accumulator: Damaged (Efficiency -90%)
> Accumulator: Damaged (Cascade Prevention Offline: Do Not Fire)

"Egerion, if you have the room, help cover her. If not, then do not concern yourself."

Looking about, Egerion saw Sana climbing into the wreckage, though he knew a crash that violent rarely left any survivors. "Sergeant, keep her safe. If I kill the Ork leading this lot, the others will break." A thunderous boom high above drew everyone's attention skyward. Streaming tears of flame, a hulk tore towards the planet. Fantastic... He thought.

Capitalizing on the distraction, Egerion charged towards the Nob that had identified himself as the leader. The Ork bellowed and charged Egerion, his bolter flaming away, shells spalling off the Dreadnought's armour. Closing to point blank, the Nob swung his big power claw about in an attempt to crush the weaker side armour. Dropping his shoulder, Egerion jammed the barrels of his damaged lascannons into the claw, stopping the attack.

Counter-attacking, Egerion brought his CCW smashing into the Nobs gun hand. Staggering from the blows, the Orks attacks faltered for a moment, allowing Egerion to grasp him with his CCW. With the muzzles of his storm bolter pressed into the creature's flesh, he opened fire.

The eldar took off after lith, easily keeping pace with her. "I know you do not like me, but what i fail to comprehend is why." she said, looking dead ahead and not taking her eyes off the run front of her. "I understand i am not of the same species, but i have come to learn to work with you humans, and even solara is accepting of me. So my inquiry to you, is why do you hate me? what hath i done to deserve your hate and wrath?" she asked, once again being very calm and stoic in nature.

Momaru brought his hammer's head into direct contest with the skull of a nob. The massive surge of electricity and the multiplication of force tore straight through the metal armoring the beast's skull. It progressed into his brain and immediately killed him. The swift application of a boot brought into the now-corpse's gut was suffice for removal.

"Just like old times, right egerion?" he asked the dreadnought while lowering his storm bolter towards a series of boyz who began to charge him. Fire erupted from the bolter and it began to spit round after round of exploding death towards the grou; which in turn was blown apart, limb by limb and just utterly stopped in their advance on him.

Dante was proceeding through the forest, his eyes constantly darting left and right, up and down for any sign of the others, or for trouble; whilst his mind was at work checking for any 'unseen' dangers. As he neared towards a empty clearing, he suddenly felt a powerful surge enter his mind.

"AARRGGHH!" Dante shouted out in pain, almost falling backwards, barely being saved by his spear-staff that was acting as a support for the mean time. He continued to talk to himself as he slowly continued to walk, but was breathing slightly heavily to help compensate for the large surge of energy.

"Wow, that was a big one. A very strong psychic presence is somewhere, I have not felt one like that in a while. It must belong to Solara; it is good to at least 'feel' that she is alive. Wonder why it hurt me so, perhaps due to me not being used to it for however long its been, I was getting the full effect of it at once. Now, let me see where you are." Dante said, before closing his eyes and holding the Singing Spear in front of him.

Given how the Spear was a psychically powerful weapon, he would use it in conjunction with his own powers, and it would act like a compass, pointing him in the direction of Solara. After a minute or so of concentration and meditation, he felt the Spear pulling him in a north easterly direction. And so with a general idea of where she was, Dante went out in search of the young Inquisitor.

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