The Seven Assassins (Fantasy RP)(Started, Closed)

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Dareon looked at his group as he led them up the stairs and glanced behind him, thankful that the Elven medic remained with them. He then announced to the group,''Alright, anyone who can't fight or is injured, stay here to be patched up. Otherwise join me, that fairy is stuck out there on his own and could be dead'' Dareon didn't believe it. That thing would be tough to pin in one place, let alone kill, but he at least hoped that the others would believe him.

Telesse wasn't concerned for the fairy one bit, but she did worry about their current position, if the group stayed here, the mercs could well continue their pillaging, and perhaps this fishery storehouse could be next.
Cautiously, Telesse got up and opened the bulky wooden door, where she discovered where the tunnel had led them:
The other side of the port.
''Dareon, if we're going to attack, it would be now'' she told him. ''This side of the port's not ablaze, but once they find out we're not under the inn, they'll soon turn their attention on us.''

Tasina was unconvinced of the mercenary's tale, but then again this was some of Larsel's lot, and to say she didn't think very highly of them was an understatement.
Taking a step backwards, Tasina could see over the back of the second mercenary's shoulder plate to spot one of the warehouse doors creaking open.
She glimpsed a young woman, evidently clothed in attire not suited to gutting fish, it was too valuable and long flowing.
Behind her was a much more familiar face, ''Dareon?!'' she whispered in disbelief. Why would he be squatting in a storehouse, if unless, no...

Now Tasina had to figure out what was happening here. ''By the Power I uphold for the H.I.T.C. I command you allow us to pass'' she motioned to her two companions, Orin lifted a small piece of her shawl to highlight a blade holstered at her waist, while the novice Bralin half unsheathed his sword, as if to threaten them.
A bead of sweat rolled down the mercenary's temple. ''I... can't...... and I'd put that away if I were you, son'' the man warned the three of them.

Telesse squinted in the distance as Dareon joined her side. ''Does it look like he's pointing at us? Or is it jus-'' She quickly ducked, knocking herself against the ground as a fireball rolled over her head, setting alight a large seabass on the wall behind her.
''We've been spotted people!'' Dareon shouted, returning a fireball at the attacker on the opposite side of the port.

Tasina watched as the fireball soared through the air, smashing into the building. These are no mercenaries, and it seems the others knew as well. Orin and Tasina took two steps back and prepared to fight, but Orin's apprentice lunged at the mercenaries, swinging at them and missing. In one fell swoop the armoured merc pulled out his heavy longsword and slashed at the boy, decapitating him. ''No!'' Tasina shouted, blowing air straight at the one in leather, but it did little to hold him back, however Orin made short work of the armoured one, pouncing at him and stabbing him numerous times where the armour simply couldn't protect him, then she bolted through the gates and down to the port.

One of the mercenaries heard the commotion and attempted to block her path, but he couldn't stop her. jumping off the ramp, she lifted her arms and sharply moved them to the side. A small pool of water up to her ankles surrounded the man.
She then clenched her hand into a fist. The water froze at his feet, incapacitating him. To finish him, Orin made a motion with her other arm almost to strike him with an uppercut, but instead of her hand hitting the mercenary, a spike of ice shot up from the ground and impaled him through the chest.


''What's this?'' was all Dareon could muster, dragging Telesse up to her feet, watching in awe as the enraged water mage ravaged the poor merc.
''Let's go then, all able fighters get out there!'' he shouted, pointing out towards the port.

It wasn't until she saw the smoke and fire from Port Neven that Kalina realized something was wrong... and that she probably ought to do something about it. Well that and seeing guards running in the direction of it. From her position she could only just recognise Tasina, her boss, limping round the corner.
She'd just stepped out from her house; intending to visit Kingsburry Tavern but now it seemed that wasn't going to possible ever. She'd grabbed a passerby who was running away and demanded what was happening only to hear that her favourite watering hole had been destroyed.
Feeling her anger rising, she clenched her hands into fists and attempted to control her temper as she headed to the Port. She was unaware of the little sparks shooting from her hands that caused people to scuttle out of her way as she moved.
She was NOT going to think about it yet. She was gonna find those bastards and then utterly DESTROY them.
She pushed through the gates, just as Tasina was using her skill to push a mercenary, only to see it fail to hold him back. Quickly, she pulled at the lightning in her body and threw it at the man. It slammed into him sending him flying and she watched in glee as he flew screaming over heads and landed in the water.
Turning back to Tasina, a smirk on her face
'Having trouble? Boss'
However seeing the carnage stopped her in her tracks, reignited her anger and any control she had snapped. Lightning covered her sparking in bright arcs and patterns, her hair rippled as her magic and anger took over.
No one destroyed her favourite tavern!
Forcing a burst of lightning towards the ground, she launched herself into the air towards two mercenaries. She landed in between them, blasted lightning into their faces and watched them crumple.
Growling, she approached a fire mage. Lightning continuing to play over her body and shooting off her into debris around her.
Didn't they know how hard it was to find a decent tavern?

Opening his eyes at the sound of things getting thrown around and the overpowering smell of ozone Rikta blinks in the mostly dark area he seems to be in and hiss's loudly at the pain traveling over his body. The last memory he can summon up is a giant boom and a table flying through the air to slam into him. Shifting around he can feel himself being pressed against the wall and something heavy leaning over him and against said wall. Putting his arms down as best he can he starts to push and pain shoots up one of his arms. Yelling out at it he gently slides his palm over the hurting left arm of his and can feel the bones broken just below the elbow.

Shaking his head and planting his still fine arm against the wall he tries to press against the table and barely moves it at all. Light streaming in through the slightly larger cracks in the rubble now he is holding it up slightly when a large force hits the rubble and makes him loose his balance and fall again. The table settling back down but he knew that he could feel things flying off the back from that large his which sounded much like a lightning stroke, as absurd as that would be.

Setting his clawed hand against the wall again and shoving against the table again he can feel more things sliding off the back, but still not enough as it only allows the top to be opened a bare foot before catching again and he has to stop pushing. Lifting his hand quickly he digs his claws into the walla and lifts himself slightly by this grip he gets his feet under him and uses them to brace himself against the table. Lifting himself with the other clawed hand by climbing the wall he sticks his head out and looks around, the fairy and a few other people he recognized around and more that he didn't. looking at the fairy he hisses and tries to yell.

"Winged one!! Come here and help me out of here! My arm is broke and who knows what else and i cant push it far enough!"

Felldryt heard an odd voice calling to him. Looking around, he noticed the source of said voice was a lizard-man covered in rubble.

"Ooh! A leezurd! I'll save you!" Running over as fast as his little legs would carry him, he braces against the table and begins to slowly move it.

Marlocke had had some trouble with the tunnel. He'd realised that he couldn't stay upright for long without some kind of crutch and - lacking an alternative - had resorted to using his sword to lean on. His extremely expensive, custom-made sword. He'd have a word with Tasina about expenses, if he was still alive at the end of this.

"Alright, anyone who can't fight or is injured, stay here to be patched up. Otherwise join me"

Marlocke, leaning against the back wall, agreed with this sentiment. Yes. You lot go and deal with the danger, and I'll just-
A fireball blasted through the door - narrowly avoiding Telesse - and hit the wall a few feet away from him. Marlocke stared blankly at the burning fish.
...I've had enough of this.

Dareon and Telesse led the charge out the door; Marlocke limped over behind them. Why not. It's not like things could get any worse. He randomly picked a spot with no strategic value and hardly any cover, and focused on the mercenaries. Most of them were still engaged in fighting the group of guards on the opposite side of the port, too far away to pose an immediate threat. He took a deep breath, gathering in his strength, and looked for a target.
A pair of archers were leaning over a balcony, picking off the guards. Marlocke set the balcony on fire.
After a little while, the destruction became almost relaxing. He found himself thinking of irritating office subordinates as he shot streams of flames in the general vicinity of people who were probably enemies.

Hearing an ominous crackling sound, he lurched round and found himself almost face to face with a furious-looking white-haired wench in black armour, energy rippling the air around her.
He tried very hard not to think the words 'impending doom'.

The scene outside the storehouse was very unappealing. Kaddika flinched as a fireball nearly seared Marlocke's graying forehead and crashed into a pile of pungent fish. Maybe the gladiator and the thief could handle themselves even in their state, but the snow elf decided he didn't want to risk any more burning escapades and rushed out into the open air, trying to keep close to the friendly combatants. On the other side of the port he saw sizable forks of lightning race across the streets, followed by abrupt screams.

How many spellthrowers could there be in this city?

In the moonlight, Kaddika could barely make out Dareon and Telesse setting about the enemies with sword and rock. Marlocke was busying himself with roasting some of the brigands. The inquisitor seemed to be having little trouble dispatching enemies in spite of his physical condition, but he leaned heavily on his sword. He'd need a proper cane. "H-hey, Marlocke," Kaddika said, scampering over to where the inquisitor stood. His train of thought was interrupted by the practically sudden appearance of a strange woman, her hands sizzling with blue flame. Kaddika almost instinctively concealed himself behind the more imposing inquisitor, hoping this person was friendly.

Dareon ducked as an arrow flew past him, covering near some charred firewood. To his left were Neven's gates. To his right, the burning docks. Lifting his head slightly, he spotted two bowmen, one was fiddling with his satchel, while another was taking aim towards the rogue Ice caster.

In a flurry of shots, Orin impaled one of the mercenaries against a small stack of boxes. ''Sixteen'' she mumbled, counting off the remaining mercenaries, she was so focused on the enemies at her centre that the archers to her flank went completely unnoticed, and before she knew what was happening Orin was on the ground, with an arrow through her shoulder and ice dropping from the air around her.

''The mage is down!'' Dareon shouted, hurling a fireball towards one of the archers and watched as the merc attempted to put out the flame.
Telesse jumped past him. That fall seemed to leave her head spinning, but that didn't bother her right now.
Directly in front of her was the other Ground caster. The green armour-clad man stepped forward confidently, with the inferno to his back. Thrusting her arms sideways, a column of earth shot up and was poised to crash into his ribcage.
He dodged, jumping back and punched the air.
The cobblestone ground seemed to shake beneath her, and then she was thrown from her feet, metres into the air by a large square column.
''Shit'' she let out. In the sky she was powerless, how could she fight without her feet on the ground?

Tasina watched as the brown haired merchant flew into the air. Sensing her fate, Tasina closed her eyes and let out a blast of wind, hoping it caught the girl.
Opening slowly, it was a success, and Tasina caught a glimpse as off into to bay the girl braced herself to be engulfed by the water.

Better than splatting against the pavement, or being crushed by that other Ground caster.

Pushing against the table hard Rekta grunts when it falls and he lands on his back looking up at this short thing that had helped him. Rolling over and stumbling onto my feet he pulls the rope around my waist up and hiss's loudly as he tightens it around his shoulder and waist so its holding his broken arm against his waist tightly, pain shooting through his arm and up to his shoulder as he do. Panting and putting his arm on the wall he groan and look around he nods at the small man who had helped him and his nostrils flare, memorizing the smell of him. Turning away he looks at the remaining people who are attacking and the woman who seems to be the center of her own lightning storm.

Now furious at this travesty and abrupt assault without even a chance to get ready to take them head on Rekta flex's the claws on his still good arm and bending over he sprints to the side. Seeing one of the merc's standing there with a sword looking like he is ready to start charging one of the magic users he turns and sprints at him. Not covering his sounds well enough even over the fighting that he starts to turn as Rekta jumps on him and his free arm grabs his chest as his clawed feet dig into his side ad back to hold him up his razor sharp teeth sink into his neck and arterial spray fly's out and his mouth is now dripping with blood.

As the merc falls to the ground under the weight of Rektas tackle and the pain of so much sudden damage plus his throat being bitten into Rekta can feel him twist under him and the sword hitting his side and piercing through it to stick out the back of his side as they both hit the ground. Yelling out in pain and rage his jaws tighten and he claws at the merc's chest also. Killing him finally so his hand slips from the sword bit it is left in rektas side, the blade sticking out the back.

Lifting his head and gasping in pain and for the needed breath Rekta stumbles to the side and falling to the side that doesnt have a sword in it he looks down at it and hiss's soft at the look. Going to touch it he gasps again in the sudden pain and dropping his hand back down he uses that hand to claw his way to the side and lays there on the verge of passing out but not quite, black clawing at the edges of his vision but not quite able to take him.

Felldryt noticed the lizard dash off, ripping a mercenary's throat out with his bare teeth, though during the struggle, the merc managed to stab him through the side. Not completely sure how to fix such a wound, and noticing a pair of baddies nearby, he went with what he did best: bashing baddies.

With a cackling laugh, he charged straight at the first one, rushing into his legs and flipping the man over his back as he turned and stabbed him. Slightly turning and raising a arm to block the second ones slash, he delivered a powerful uppercut, adding to it with the fact he had to jump to fully connect. Since his sword was still stuck in the other one, he ran the man through with his own sword.

Going over to the lizard, he pulled a flask out and set it in his hand. "Drink this leezurd! Good stuff!"

Looking over slightly Rekta reach's out slowly and leans up on his elbow. Taking the flask he upturns it in his mouth and even before his nose can smell the harsh smell coming from it he gulps down a mouthfull and some more of the next before he starts coughing and puts it down as he coughs and curls up slightly, which makes him cry out in pain as the sword moves slightly.

Barely handing the flask back before his hands start shaking almost uncontrollably and he grabs the hilt of the sword and jerk it out. Grunting and holding it closed for a second his whole body starts spasming and shaking. His teeth clenched and his body curling up, as well as his tail curling around himself. Failing to stay awake now he passes out and lays there, the bleeding slowed as he enters what looks like hibernation and his body slows. Barely breathing and his heart slowed to a crawl as the shock to his system from the alcohol and other things in the drink, designed for a species radically different than himself, hits him.

"Uh, leezurd? You okay?" Felldryt asks as he pokes him. Not getting an answer, he pulls his blanket out and ties it around the lizard as best he can, thinking it might stop the flow of blood. With a shrug, he walks off to find more things to hit, since he didn't know what else to do.

Garrison #8A
Dareon woke with a start. Glancing over through the granite window, he witnessed the gleaming sun rise slowly over the horizon.
Reluctantly, he moved from his featherbed. It was too luxurious for him. Normally featherbeds would be suited to politicians and nobles. Even though Dareon could well be promoted, the upgrade in quarters seemed a bit preemptive.

After dressing himself in his guard armour and breaking his fast, Dareon ventured out of the oddly well-kept garrison and headed for the Embassy Towers.


Embassy Towers ''Six days since Idarion's death'' Tasina lamented, placing the piece of potato bread back onto her plate.
She was seated among several other officers and ambassadors.
''Well, five days and a night, and might I say it must have been hard to see him gutted in front of you.'' the black haired man leaned over, correcting her.
She shrugged him off shrewdly''I didn't care for him much, Aiden. And I'd watch your tongue, you don't speak to your superior in that manner''
Aiden slouched and smirked, gulping down some ale and then responding. ''I'm trying to help here, just ask me what you need and I'll get it for you''
Tasina glared at him ''I'm an Executor now, I TELL you what to do, I don't ask''
''You inherited a job, brilliant. Just remember though, many elected you simply because --assuming these killers don't get you next, you're old enough that these fools can take your place later on'' He told her condescendingly, adjusting his satin robe as he prepared to leave the table. ''Speaking of fools, I have business to attend. Fixing that wreak down in Southron. By the way, those mercenaries are demanding extra coin, just so you know.''

Tasina sighed, sitting there for a few moments to realise that she had business of her own.


Garrison 8C
Telesse had been awake for some time, attempting to write a letter home about her situation, but seemed to have hit a block. After a few more minutes of pondering, she gave up, stuffing the parchment into her pocket and rattling those still in their straw beds.
''We're supposed to meet up with Dareon and the Executor at the Embassy towers, c'mon!'' she urged whatever was left of Dareon's recruits, leading the charge downstairs to breakfast.
The hall was crowded, and their group clearly didn't belong, but Telesse didn't care. Scoffing down some bread and bacon, she waited outside the garrison for the others, ready to set off towards the towers that loomed overhead.

As the sunlight finally started creeping in through the window, Marlocke leaned back in his chair, massaging his shoulder. He'd been in his office for a few hours already - there was always work to be done, plus he didn't sleep as much as he did when he was younger. The report was almost finished now - he'd have his secretary check the figures again to be sure - and he had to meet Tasina and the others at the Embassy within the hour. Plenty of time.
The Inquisitor's office building wasn't very far from the Embassy towers. When he'd first got the position, Marlocke had managed to bribe and bully his way into getting one of the largest offices. The furnishings were expensive, but sparse - his desk dominated the room, surrounded by tables bearing neat stacks of notes. There was only one chair - he'd have another brought in if he was meeting a superior, but otherwise his 'guests' could stand. On the back wall, partly concealed from view by a bookcase, was a old portrait - a red-haired woman, richly dressed, holding a child. It was covered in dust - the cleaners had been told not to touch it. He didn't look at it any more.

Marlocke had absolutely refused to stay in the garrison with the rest of the group. He was used to staying away from home when working, but moving into a damned barracks with that pack of mercenaries and - he strongly suspected - criminals was going too far. He doubted his heart could take it. Or his remaining hair, for that matter.

He finished writing the day's instructions for his secretary, then locked up. Using his new cane for support, he set off for the Embassy towers.

Groaning and sitting up in the bed he is in Rekta grabs his arm and feels that it has been healed, quite well in fact with just the smallest of twinges when flexed. Standing and stretching he checks himself over to see that many of the wounds are healed, including the through and through in his shoulder had also been healed but still pain when he lifts his hands.
This is some good healing.

Grabbing his bow and arrow and settling all of his gear on himself and look in the pouch of gold before putting it in his quiver, several coins missing. Walking out of the room and looking around he see he is in a nice hotel. Walking over to the person behind the bar i nod at him and tap his claws against the upright.

"where's the kitchen so i can get some grub."

the man points to a door behind and Rekta nods to him and walks back. Walking in and stepping around a bustling boy and walking slowly around the kitchen to get to the cook. Setting his claws on the cooks arm he stops him running off.

"I need 2 pounds of red meat and half a pound of mixed vegetables. I have already payed my time here so just hand it to me."

The cook looks at this short scaled thing standing next to him asking him for meat and greens.
"So much meat for such a little thing. You will get it, just stand and wait for a little to get this mess organized."

Rekta nods and steps back to against the wall and watch's the cook go about his business. Smiling at how he commands the kitchen he is happily surprised when the meat and greens are delivered to his hands in only a few minutes, instead of the half an hour it was expecting.
Nodding at the cook and stepping out the back door he digs his claws into the meat and rip a chunk off and pop it in his mouth as he walks around to the front of the hotel and looks at the name. Walking down the street listening to the people and catching tidbits of news of the fighting and any of the other things that have happened. Tearing pieces off of the meat and eating it, Rekta adds in some of the greens to even out what he is eating.

Finally finishing the last bites of meat as he gets to the site of the fight he looks around from outside and is surprised at the damage that had been done both to the tavern and the buildings around it.

He was back in the cool air of the snowy plains. The heavenly smell of honey-basted coney croquettes wafted through the air. Kaddika began drooling, lifting one of the skewers up before his face, and took a huge bite-

''We're supposed to meet up with Dareon and the Executor at the Embassy towers, c'mon!''

The snow elf flipped out of his bed, teeth still clutching his hand. From beneath a tangle of sheets he caught a glimpse of Telesse vanishing into the hall. "W-wait! Already? I-I thought that was noon! Hey!"

Half-hopping, Kaddika madly attempting to separate himself from the bed while searching for his dress clothes. Some of his companions seemed to be stirring now. Rekta had already gathered his belongings and departed. The doctor was relieved to see the lizard was feeling ship-shape, a diagnosis he was quite confident in making if his patient's appetite was anything to go by. The dream returned to Kaddika then, and a few moments later, as he was observing the odd delicacies the chef considered meat being ladled to the rest of the garrison inhabitants, the elf regretted ever tasting something as delicious as his mother's honey croquettes.

He didn't give the detestable meat substitutes a second thought, grabbing instead a dry slice of bread and looking for the exit into the streets. Kaddika had difficulty making his way past the lines of guards waiting to break their fast, his diminutive stature drawing looks but not moving people. Some of the familiar faces grinned, slapping him a (a little too roughly, he felt) on the back as he passed. The social inequities were well worth the price of admission into the garrison, though.

The medical supply in the compound was astoundingly well-stocked. Not only was Inquisitor Marlocke able to get a proper cane, but the rest of their party healed up fairly nicely as a result of the wealth of equipment the party had access to. The resident medic kindly parted with a bundle of poultices, bandages, and salves. Kaddika noted with some pleasure that Dareon was even humble enough to slip the medic recompense under the table to hide his charity.

Speaking of whom, Kaddika caught a glimpse of Dareon's cohort, the merchant, waiting in the courtyard outside. Panting heavily, the snow elf managed to squeeze past two particularly foul-smelling men and into the fresh air of the courtyard where the merchant-girl awaited.

"No'by 'ere yek?" he asked, mouth full of bread. He blushed, swallowing it down, and nearly fell into a fit of choking as the stale loaf caught in his throat.

Felldryt woke up as refreshed as ever, mostly because he'd only sustained light injuries, and his natural healing had fixed him up quite fast. He thought about going back to the training room with the hopes of sparring some more, but for some reason the garrison had banned him from it. As he walked towards the door, he noticed an odd little elf choking, with the nice pretty merchant lady. Walking up behind the elf with a hardy slap to his back to help him.

"Don't die on the food! It's for eating, not killing!" Stopping himself for a second, he added, "Actually, I should really try to weaponise food... Bananas would be the ultimate weapon!"

After a week of casing the place, momentarily interrupted by the... least subtle assassination attempt in history, Marcelle - in full Scarlet Shadow gear - came to a mansion belonging to a wealthy merchant by the name of Anderis, who specialized in spell-books, and magical herbs and spices, ready to break in. She had been planning to rob this place about a week later, but the healing spells needed to erase her injuries and scars completely (though there was still the occasional sore spot) had set her back quite a bit, so... yeah... she needed to step up her plans a bit. Starting with Anderis' estate.

The red-cloaked thief checked her blank mask one last time, and made sure her red hood was where it needed to be. She didn't need any distinguishing features getting out. Especially not after having just made a new acquaintance within the ranks of the Inquisitors... a shaky one for the moment, but that could be improved as long as her double life didn't come out. Satisfied with the state of her gear, she reached into a pouch and pulled out some seeds. One of the first things the thief had noticed while casing this joint is that its outer walls were right next to one of the sanctioned 'plant zones'... they weren't really necessary for what she was about to do, but they did make her initial entry much more convenient. The Scarlet Shadow breathed a word onto each of the seeds, then tossed them into the patch of dirt between her and the wall. In a matter of seconds, the seeds sprouted into a tangle of vines that scaled the ornate brick wall, and embedded deep into it, providing the Scarlet Shadow with an easy way to ascend into the mansion's grounds.

She climbed up the wall, jumped down the other side, and silently stalked her way through the grounds, ducking from cover to cover, and making a mental note of the patrol routes of the... two guards on duty at the time. It wasn't exactly a challenge, but it they could still prove to be an annoying complication later on. Especially since the two guards were supplemented with four dogs each. Though even that wasn't too much of a challenge; she just cast a minor cantrip that made the air in an area smell like a bitch in heat lying on top of a pile of red meat... basically everything needed to distract them. And it worked.

The Scarlet Shadow made it into the mansion proper without further incident. No guards inside as far as she could tell, but it looked like most of the hallways had nightingale floors. So she cast a low-level levitation spell on herself so that she get across the floor without making any noise. She made her way to Anderis' bedroom, who was still fast asleep. Her spell gave out, and the floor was still a creaky bastard... so she simply moved whenever Anderis seemed to snore the loudest. Eventually, she made it to his jewelry box, gave its contents a cursory but expert glance, and took some of the choicer pieces out of it, while dumping Anderis' equivalent of spare change (twenty gold crowns) into her bag as well. Once it was full of loot, she snuck back out the way she came, and coming to the wall again, she climbed up a nearby tree, and jumped back into the streets.

Before leaving, she lit the vines she'd made earlier on fire, reducing them to ashes in a matter of minutes. Just to be sure, she cast a relatively simple mirror image spell that created several shadows of about the same dimensions as herself that ran in different directions while she made her own way back to her apartment between the merchant and port districts.

Embassy Towers - Executor's Office
Tasina reclined on the leather seat opposite the entrance, waiting patiently for her new workers. Glancing around the room, she pondered.
The cream carpet on the floor had been replaced with a crimson and navy one. Couldn't have a piece of Idarion sitting and judging her constantly.
In spite of the supposed trauma of seeing her superior murdered, Tasina rejected taking the Executor's office. So now her office had a new label slapped on it, and the official office is being reserved, most likely for her inevitable replacement.

Unsurprisingly, Dareon was the first of the group up. ''Good morning'' he said politely. She merely shrugged. ''Where's the rest of your team? Do they even know that this is where we'll meet?''
Dareon held a blank expression for several seconds, before stumbling back behind the tall oaken doors. ''....I- I'll see them up''
Tasina grinned, ''Please do'' she stated, moving up from her seat to gaze out the window.

Embassy Towers - Ground Floor
Telesse greeted Dareon at the doorway, ''Ah, someone's early'' she said. ''Has anyone else arrived?''
Dareon looked out of the glass panels that served as walls on the ground floor. ''No, but I can only hope they'll come soon. The Executor doesn't like to be kept waiting.''

Walking around the ruins of the battle that had put him down for so long Rekta kicks over some of the smaller rubble. Turning after a few minutes of contemplation on what had happened the week before and the gold that had been showed around just before the fighting started.

Turning around and this time walking purposefully back to the inn he had been in when he woke up he stopped several times to listen to the talk in the market place about a robbery in some rich mans home. Smiling slightly at that thought he quickly makes it back to the inn and starts wondering how he is to get in touch with the group that had been joining at the tavern when a boy runs up to him and hands him a scrape of paper.

Taking it carefully to not rip it in his claw's as he unfolds it and reads the small note written there.

note to Rekta:

The group you joined at the Kingsbury tavern is meeting at the Embassy towers now. Come quickly.

Looking up for the boy who had dropped it off he finds he has ran off to who knows where. Sighing softly and walking inside the inn he grabs the arm of the owner and holds up the paper.
"I need to get to the embassy towers, quickly. Whats the fastest way to get there from here?"

The man looks at the note for a second before pointing down the street.
"head down the street and turn left at the butchers. Keep walking down that road for a few minute and you'll see a barbers with a cracked pole, turn right there and it'll be right in front of you when you've talked down that a bit."

Nodding in thanks Rekta walks out of the inn and heads down the street. Easily finding the butchers and walking quickly down that next street he almost passes the barbers with the crack in the pole. Stopping for a few seconds to look around and make sure he can find is way back to here he goes right and jogs easily down that road until he finds the Towers. Stopping at the gate he looks up at it before stepping inside the doors and looking around. Catching sight of some people he remembers from the tavern before everything went to hell he walks over.
"I'm here. What is this meeting about? Were we not hired at the tavern before it was attacked?"

Marlocke spotted Dareon standing in the entrance to the embassy with some of his rabble. Catching Dareon's eye, he nodded in acknowledgment, then headed up the stairs. He knew where Tasina's office was, no point waiting around. Besides, he might be able to have a quick word with her.

Tasina was gazing out her new, large window. The previous one had been destroyed by an assassin bursting through it, though Tasina didn't mind it. Hopefully this posture will get across to Dareon's lackeys what type of boss she'll be. That's when she heard her door creak open. ''What is it?'' she ordered towards the door.

Marlocke snapped the door shut behind him. "Good morning, Tasina. Excuse me, Executor," he said smoothly.
Her office looked different from how he'd remembered. Was that a new carpet?
"I'll get straight to the point. I was under the impression that this...investigation would be a well-planned, low-risk operation in a group of trained professionals. And yet, last week we were totally disorganised and considerably outnumbered, not to mention the docks nearly burned down."
He paced across the room. Yes, it is a new carpet. I wonder how red and navy would look in my office...
"Either you have seriously underestimated this band of assassins, Tasina, or there is something you are not telling me. Us, I mean."

Hrothius looked at himself in the mirror as he sat down on his bed in a lavish apartment. "You come all the way for what? To get drunk off your ass and pass out before you even land one blow. What is wrong with you?" Hrothius sighed and put his head in his hands. Through his fingers he saw a piece of paper by the door. He stood up and walked to the door flipping it over. "The Towers? They still want me after that debacle?... Why wouldn't they want me? I'm the king of the gladiators. The myth, the legend, the Phenom. One little accident wouldn't change that! Would it? No. No... It wouldn't." He climbed back into his uniformed and headed into Embassy towers. He was far more sober than he would have liked, but he didn't want to be too late. He stepped through the front door saying, " Do not worry, your hero has arrived."

"Either you have seriously underestimated this band of assassins, Tasina, or there is something you are not telling me. Us, I mean."
''I would be disappointed if you didn't suspect anything.'' she said, moving away from the window towards her desk.
''However, its Dareon that will be leading this mission, I'll just be... steering you all in the right direction.''
She leaned down, pulling out a small book and sat down.
''I won't deny that some of the group is inept, I Bet the only reason the Fairy's still around is because cannon fodder's hard to come by, but like you said, these Assassins are skilled, and better to bring in foreign talent than to people our enemies may already own.''
Tasina then whipped out a quill. It would be smart to note down what is left of Dareon's entourage.
''Also, none of you seemed to be prepared for Port Neven burning. Neither was I, but you're in no position to argue that point, you weren't the one we had to fish out of the bay but from what I saw not a single mercenary came at you.''

" Do not worry, your hero has arrived." Telesse grimaced. He didn't seem real, like he was putting on a show for everyone. Regardless, this man was a partner, and she had no say in who was in the group.
Luckily, Dareon seemed to make the first move, trailing his crimson uniform behind him.
''Welcome, it seems you got my message. We never truly introduced ourselves. My name is Dareon.'' he told the burly gladiator, stretching out his hand and smiling.

"...from what I saw not a single mercenary came at you."

Marlocke scowled. I didn't need a bloody walking stick last time I saw you...

"Cannon fodder. Fine. Just you remember, Executor, some of us aren't so...expendable."

Kaddika was out of breath. He'd somehow lost Telesse in the pedestrian traffic and ended up passing the front doors of the Embassy Towers entirely. After a few minutes of running, he caught a glimpse of Dareon and the rest of the group through the glass front and entered, relieved. It looked like the Hrothius and Dareon were already mingling.

Dareon surveyed his surroundings, and then decided whoever would arrive already has. ''Best not keep the Executor waiting'' he told the group. Tasina wanted him to refer to her with her title when with the group. It was meant to assert rank or something, but it felt odd.

After a several floors of stairs, the group finally arrived outside the Executor's office.
After opening the double doors slowly, Dareon cleared his throat to announce his presence. ''Executor, this is the team assembled for the mission, I hope it is up to standard.'' At the very least his courtesies will not leave her berating him later.
The Executor sat several metres away on the other side of the room, with Inquisitor Marlocke being seated on the right side of the room, adjacent one of the marble pillars that flanked Tasina's desk.
''Ah, so this is your squad.'' The Executor stated, glancing up occasionally, each time at a different face, before noting something down in her journal.

After several awkward moments, the Executor placed her quill onto the desk, and picked up a few papers.
''These are your leads for the Assassins. Choose one. Or two, its your team.''

Among the pages were 3 separate tasks, each in different locations and all suspect to Assassin interference.

1) Port Neven : Investigate any leads that may be drawn from this attack on the docks. Evidence may be found in some of the shipwreakage.

2) Southron Bridge : Investigate any leads that may be drawn from the destruction of the bridge. The disruption of trade has benefited and ruined many.

3) Mercenary Army : Investigate any traces of corruption within this group. Anything from prior knowledge of attacks to tangential information would be appreciated.

Dareon took a moment, and then passed the pages around the group. ''If you can read it, what do you think?'' he asked, knowing that literacy was far from unanimous amongst outsiders.

After several minutes of haggling, the group agreed on the bridge.

By the time they reached Southron, the sun was high in the sky and the marketplaces were bustling. A barrier had been set up at Southron's gates, and the ports were busier than ever due to the new traffic.

Dareon arrived at the area where the city's walls ended and the bridge began. Two guards stood on opposite sides of the wall.
''We have business here, investigating the bridge's collapse''
''You're not the first'' the guard remarked, and allowed them to pass.

It had been several days since the fight here, and the forts, storage rooms and equipment had been picked clean. All that was left untouched from other investigations was what lay underwater, and the chunks of the stone bridge that had collapsed.
''You'd think that the first place they'd look was at the collapsed sections'' Telesse mumbled. Dareon looked down at her, ''I don't think salvaging chunks of stone from The Bay would be anyone's top priority''

The bridge had collapsed at 3 sections. First, 50 metres in front of them, near one of the bridge's many pillars. The second was nearly 2 kilometres into the bay, only a sliver of the 10 metre wide behemoth remained, leading many to abandon their wares and oxcarts to get back to solid land. The final blast apparently happened on the mainland, where the bridge met with the continent of Sul. From what they've heard, the blast submerged the first few metres of the bridge, swamping it in muddy sand. That was outside of their jurisdiction thankfully.
Dareon gave a loud sigh. ''Where to start?'' he asked.

''I think might be useful.'' said an old, frail man with a walking stick and a grey set of armour. ''Name's Brady, how can I help?''

Felldryt, after wandering off to go see if he could find something shiny, returned to see the other's gone. But all was not lost! There was a guard, right there! "Hey! Mr. Guard! Where'd Dehrion go?"

The guard, not quite sure if the little thing meant Dareon or not, just assumed that he did. "He went to the Executor's office with the rest of the group."

"Thanks!" And with that, Felldryt ran inside, and then proceeded to get lost somewhere inside. After having to ask random attendants about six or so times, he finally made it to the room.

Once there, the guard standing outside the door looked at him strangely. "Didn't your group just leave to go to the Southron Bridge?"

"What! I missed them again! D'arvit!" Turning on heel, he ran off back to the stairs, hurtling himself down them in hopes that he could go fast enough to catch up with the group! He really wanted to talk to them, and there was the pretty lady and the funny looking elf that he hadn't questioned yet!

Marlocke peered out across the bay, following the destruction of the bridge. "You say it collapsed on the mainland as well?"
The bridge was far too sturdy for anything except some serious sabotage to cause this much damage. It would've taken a lot of explosives. That or magic. Perhaps both.

He looked at Brady and the other guards, raising an eyebrow.
"Tell me, would it be able for these saboteurs to set up explosives on the bridge without anybody noticing?"

I hope nobody was seriously hurt in the explosions.

Kaddika shivered in spite of the weather as he peered at the roiling water hundreds of feet below them. "They couldn't do it in daylight...could they?" He backed away from the side rail nervously. "Somebody would have noticed. Unless they were in disguise, I mean."

I hope nobody was seriously hurt in the explosions.

Kaddika shivered in spite of the weather as he peered at the roiling water hundreds of feet below them. "They couldn't do it in daylight...could they?" He backed away from the side rail nervously. "Somebody would have noticed. Unless they were in disguise, I mean."

Brady looked at the slim Snow elf, scratching his face ''Well, the bridge is watched at all hours, but guards aren't told to check under the bridge. If I had to guess, the explosives were planted either at night or by ship, since travellers wouldn't just plant them when people could see''

Dareon knew of Brady, a shrewd man who had been working the patrols since before Dareon was born. It was also a surprise that he was even alive, since most of the City Guard had been slaughtered before the Mercenary Army arrived.
''I'll check this store tower of yours for any missing equipment'' Dareon told the elderly guard, there's bound to be something there that would give them a lead, and the Southron Barracks would be useless, since the Assassins were smart enough to put that building to the torch.

Telesse heard all she wanted, ''Alright, I'm going to check the remains of the bridge'' she told them, jogging towards the first blast site.
By the time she arrived at the site, she was out of the cold shadow of the city walls and into the warm sunlight of the bay, with a small breeze catching her long brown hair. She knelt, and performed a couple of motions, and the small chunk of rock detached from the broken bridge, sailing down below the bridge.

Marcelle looked up from her own examination of the rubble to see Telesse running straight for her. Well, not quite. In point of fact, the young human trader had been heading for a nearby chunk of rock, which she set into the bay for no apparent reason. Which in itself was enough to set off an alarm bell in the private eye's head.

"New at this, are we?" Ms. Mauri called out to the newcomer, approaching her with a friendly smile, "It's generally a very good idea to preserve the crime scene as much as possible. Oh, and don't roll your eyes at me as if it were obvious to you because clearly," the P.I. indicated where the rock had been a moment ago, "it isn't."


A few hours ago...

Marcelle had been tracking down information on who might have taken out the bridge, and where the official investigation would be focused. She hadn't made any real headway on the former beyond half the traders in the city... but the latter on the other hand...

"Hmm... I'm afraid my memory ain't so good anymore, miss..." the old stall-clerk with a raspy wheeze. He did a good job of feigning stupidity... right up until the impatient elf tossed two more gold coins his way, "Ah! It's coming back to me like it was yesterday."

"It bloody well should," Marcelle cursed under her breath, "It would have only happened about an hour ago."

"Now now missy, just 'cause I'm getting on in years don't..."

"Just tell me where the guards are focusing their investigation!"

"All right, all right. A friend of mine who works at their HQ as a scullery maid had just been about to pop off for lunch when she overheard a bunch of big-wigs making worried bleatings about the bridge that blew up the other day."

"Thanks!" and with that, Marcelle ran straight for said bridge. As it turned out, she'd beaten the main investigation by about 15 minutes.



"Oh... one other thing... well... two, really." Marcelle said, stepping a bit closer to the newcomer, "What was your name again, you look familiar for some reason, and more importantly, you look like a trader. A young one, yes, but still a trader. And after the attack, there are only two kinds of traders in this city: those that benefited from the attack, and those on the brink of having to close shop for good. So... which one are you?"

Marlocke fixed a critical eye on Brady. "It's my understanding that few of the bridge Guard survived. What can you tell me of the combatants? The assailants we faced were...somewhat disorganised."
And yet, think of the damage they caused, he thought, looking at the wreckage that surrounded them.

"They seemed that way," Kaddika said, crossing his arms contemplatively. "But could it be a coincidence a bunch of rioters happened to torch the inn we were supposed to meet at? Somebody must have been assigning targets." He shook his head. "The swan serpent always has a head, as they say. The assailants must have some element in common, like an insignia, a tattoo, even an accent. Maybe the targets they had will tell us something." He hesitated. "Um, s-sorry, didn't mean to interrupt."

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