Mall Fight: The Earthventure - Epilogue: Here Comes The Flood [CLOSED, ENDED]

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I turn and grin at Trilby as we run alongside each other.
"Sure, Absinthe Manhattan or Bluetini?"

Reginald found these humans more and more curious with each moment. He had much to learn about these creatures, but at the very least, they presented a gesture he was familiar with. Walking up to each of them, beginning with the first one that grasped his attention then moving to the one who spoke as if he had peanut butter stuck to the roof of his mouth, and took their hands in his own, giving them a brief shake while grinning in what he hoped appeared as kindness.

Awwwww. I am dumbstruck by cuteness still completely ignoring the frenchman, need to be interrupted by him as to know who he is.

"I'm feeling an Absinthe Manhattan."

Saloperie, j'ai peut-tre raison! OK, I need to act as if I don't know anything. I bump Richard's shoulder as an attempt to get his attention.

"Huh what?" I look at the frenchman, "Oh, sup."

"Yeah, my name's Marcel, if you didn't get that part."

"Marcel..." I process the large amount of information that there's monkeys out here in the forest, I'm on the run from the survivors in the sewers, and that this Marcel fellow looks familiar.

It hits me, "Hey, are you a Mall Fighter? I think I've seen you before, two months ago or somethin. You where over by that Starbucks insulting the quality of the coffee before I shot up the place and you managed to stab me in the spine. Man, good times, good times."

A Starbucks? Hmm, I don't think I remember that kind of place, although stabbing a guy in the spine does ring a bell. I'm not sure what I was doing over there if that did happen, though; there already was better stuff around the Mall. Oh well.

"Ben, pas sr, that might have happened, but I guess my memory got fuzzy on that after two months. I can definitely say that I was in that Mall, though; too bad I didn't think about getting a charger in case this happened."

I duck into a side street and drag Sigma with me. The horde of parents rushes past us.

"My phone's been dead for two weeks man. Boy, breaking out of there was the worse decision I ever made. Life out here sucks balls. Hey, you been in there recently buddy? Could you tell me what's been goin on?" I ask Marcel kindly.

"It's out. Bam. The whole thing shut down out of nowhere, and most of the people in there died or disappeared, or whatever. I didn't even manage to go further than the lobby when it happened."

"Well. Shit. I had good timin for breaking free. So it's just you me the monkey and that screamin guy..." I turn to the screaming guy to find he passed out from screaming lying on top of a bunch of junk (god, what's his problem).

I finish what I was sayin, "So uh. Seein how it's just us, maybe we should stick together, right monkey?"

These humans seemed friendly enough to Reginald, though perhaps a touch too friendly. He was hoping the normal-sounding one wasn't making a sexual advance like his tone suggested, as he no desire to mate with this creature, but rather was only making a friendly, inclusive offer. Reginald took the risk and nodded with a smile.

GR33N suddenly falls out of a ceiling-mounted air duct, which slams shut once he passes into the actual mall. He screams mechanically before hitting the ground with a CLUNK.

He gets up and looks around.


I pick myself up and start to move getting up of the lake I appear on a street on which I see a horde of people rushes past me "hm that was weird" I said walking past an alleyway I then came back and looked down it and I see two familiar faces "Trilby?!, Sigma!?" I said stepping closer

In the distance, GR33N can see...people! He knew people! People knew his games! And had extraordinarily worse luck than him! What joy!






But people are goooood!

As a compromise, GR33N rolls on his one wheel to the group of people with the monkey, as fast as he can, seeing as he's moving backwards. For some reason.

"I vote we eat the monkey" I whisper to the Frenchman.


Not a great deal of heat, just the heat of the sun beating down on John's chest. A soft gentle breeze, the sound of crashing waves and seagulls.

John opens his eyes and sits up, stretching out on the park bench he's decided to use as a bed.

"Augh, they really need to put cushions on these things or something." He says, rubbing his head as he blinks away the last vestiges of sleep from his system. As his body lets out a deep yawn, a horde of angry parents stream past further down the street.

"Huh, that's interesting."

John looks around and spots two...make that three figures further down the street, two of whom seem to be hiding from the angry parents that flew past seconds earlier.

"That's very interesting."


Well, shit, I didn't see you coming. Welcome to the Escapist, I suppose; it has people in it.

I turn around and notice... What the fuck is that thing? I never even saw that shit in the Mall before. I raise my hand at wave at it, only partially certain that it could destroy me at any moment.

Paddy the Second:
"I vote we eat the monkey" I whisper to the Frenchman.

"Non. Definitely not. Yet."


And this brings the Fighter toll to 10; Marcel, Richard, Joe, Reginald and GR33N are in one part of the planet Earth (that I can definitely give away) while Knife, Marshall Mathers David Matthews, Miniman, Sigma and Trilby are in another.

See, one of the main differences is that the location where Knife, David, Miniman, Sigma and Trilby are in is in the possession of Malus sylvestris trees, a species that can only be found in a certain part of the world; meanwhile, there are no trees of the sort on Marcel, Richard, Joe, Reginald and GR33N's side.

I see a soggy man, and a person dressed inappropriately for British weather nearby. I look at the wet guy, who apparently knows me. A series of names flash through my mind.
"Hey... person."

"OK it's me, Marcel, nervus monkey, screamin guy. And a talking robot. Great. I should of stayed in the fuckin sewers" I state as this situation is getting too confusing for me.

GR33N sees one of the people wave at him, and he raises a metal hand to wave back.

"H3LL000000! S4LU74710NS! 4L0H4!"

He rolls up next to them, a generated smile showing on his display.

While I didn't notice what the screamin guy said 20 seconds ago, I do have suspicion of him and I ask, "Hey, you. screamin guy? What's your name?"

I take off my coat and ring it out before putting it around his satchel "dude that's harsh, it's me Woon remember?" he said

"M3? 1'M GR33N! 1'M 4 D1C3B07!"

He throws his arms in the air for emphasis.

"Oh, you're going by Woon again? Neat."

I walk over to Knife/John and open his backpack. I begin rummaging through it.
"Hey dude, you got anything to drink?"

"no I'm not and I would kill you right now but it seems it would be permanent and it would get quite boring if I did" I said walking closer

"Fair enough. So, any idea where we are?"

"well it seems I landed in what looked like the River Thames, so London Downtown to be exact" I said recalling what happened

"Can I at least kill the monkey so we can eat it later?" I whisper.

"Right. So... we probably need money now that we're fully mortal. Because food and all that."
I take out my chocolate bar and start eating it.

"Y3S! K1LL 7H3 M0NK3Y! 17 1S 3V1L!"

GR33N waves his arms enthusiastically.


"Well I got 20 so I'm for the time being" I said leaning up against a wall

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