Mall Fight: The Earthventure - Epilogue: Here Comes The Flood [CLOSED, ENDED]

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"Because you'll join him soon after." I say, brandishing a pencil threateningly.

There was no dramatic flourish, no loud *SNIKT* as the blade sprung from the handle, but it one moment John had gone from standing over Sigma's sleeping form to pressing that silver tongue of steel into Trilby's esophagus just hard enough for him to feel it. "Try me, dropkick." He whispers.

"Okay, okay. Let's just all put away our weapons."
I drop the pencil, which bounces off the ground, lands and rolls under a chair.




He wheels away, arms flailing, and hides behind a nearby tree.




"Omelette du fromage (cheese's omelet)."


Well, shit, this isn't good. I slowly approach the tree, my hands up so as to signify my unwillingness to kill, or something like that. "Relaxe (relax), I'm not a monkey and I do not side with them! Plus, that monkey over there is closer to a chimpanzee, I think," I tell the robot before realizing all over again that chimpanzees are just a type of monkey.


Paddy the Second:
"Excuse me miss you look very pale do you need to sit down?" I ask the new arrival.

I turn around and notice a chick having popped up from outer space or something like that, and I'm appropriately confused by that appearance.

"Now, I asked a question." John says, "Why should that fucking mongrel deserve to live for one. more. second?"

"He makes a damn good Absinthe Manhattan."

"Well shit!" John says, throwing his hands up and taking a step back. "Bloke may be a baby killer but fuck, if he can mix up a fine drink than that changes fucking everything!"

"Glad we see eye to eye. Now, let's go get some money."

John rubs his eyelids, then with little more than a pained groan stalks out the door, grabbing his pack on the way out.

I pick up my discarded pencil and put it away. Then, I pick up Sigma and carry him out of the building.
"So... who are you, again?" I ask John.

"The bloke you're not going to follow." John says, swiftly spinning on his heel and kneeing Trilby in the guy before walking off.

I drop to my knees with a grunt.

"Fine, you just go ahead and leave Mr. Person! But you'll come crawling back, they always do!"
I put my head in my hands.
"Oh my fucking god, Sigma just killed a baby. Shit."
I contemplate the situation for less than a second.
"Hold up Mr. Person, I'm coming with you."
I follow John, catching up to him.

I stand up and dump Sigma in the hall, before running after John.
"I've decided that sticking with Sigma is a bad idea."

after Trilby drops Sigma in the hall I pull one of my revolvers and presses it against Sigma's head I sigh "you're not worth the bullet, it's too quick for you" I said putting it back in my sathcel, Turning round I see the others leave "hey wait up! I'm not staying with him!" I said running to catch up with them

"'s just....

Traumatic Experiences.



He calms down a bit and wheels out from behind the tree, giving the Chimp the Evil Eye and staying as far away from it as possible.

Reginald was growing more confused and wary by the second. All manner of shouting and finger-pointing, most notably from the metal one. Perhaps they suspected him of some form of treachery, which would be unfairly rash of an assumption considering he'd done nothing to warrant these suspicions. Could it be because his lack of leg-coverings? He knew it would likely cause some form of disagreement, but if this was their way of disagreeing he'd rather have avoided them entirely. These creatures were barbaric despite their necessity for neatness and containment, chaotic beings behind a fašade of organization. A worrying revelation, surely, but what was he to do? Run off? That would be a final disconnection between him and these creatures, and then he would truly be alone. He resolved to stay until necessity dictated he leave once and for all, leave them and should fortune favor him, this world so different from his own.

"Anyway... how can we get money fast?"

"Ok so now we're all introduced and shit let's go find some food or something and maybe a city."

"Food? Oh, you mean, like, scrap metal?"

after finally catching up "Well I see two ways to do that the hard way and the easy way, which one do you want to hear first?"

"The easy way."

"we rob a bank" I said smiling

"How is that easy? What the fuck is the hard way?"

"we all get jobs, get paid once in so many months and live normal lives which I doubt we can do, and most possibly they won't be jobs we like either"

"Sup." I calmly state.

"Both of those are too hard. Can't we just pick pockets and maybe hold up corner shops once in a while? Or... I dunno, become private detectives. I mean, we've got two cases we can solve right now!"

"Er...It's a good idea but...I'd feel bad if we turned in Sigma. It doesn't make sense, but I would."

"Well I guess if that's what you eat... also hey pale lady do you anything about a mall? This guy over there keeps mentioning one."

"Other than local shopping centers, I can't say that I do."

"fuck Sigma he deserves it after what he did" I said to Zombie before turning to Trilby "you had me at hold up corner shops or private detectives"

"Sweet. Let's go find an investor."
I walk in the general direction of a shop.

"We're in a forest, don't know if you noticed, but forests don't generally tend to have local shopping centres. Apart from Notingham." I hold up my hand for a high five from another English person who got that joke.

Because Nottingham Forest are a football club.
And there's a shopping centre near their grounds.

"Uh, yeah. I was walking through here. When you stopped me and asked about a mall."

"yes lets" I said walking with him

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