Serial Killer Round 50: Vegas or DEATH! (IT'S OVER)

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Link_to_Future has been killed. He was the Medic.

Y'all can just send in your votes now

Really? I thought he was lying to trick the killer. Damn.

Let's hope this madness ends soon and they don't pull a Neo.

Or worse, a Link.

Time is up! Not enough votes were sent in!

Of the six non-voters one of them will be punished, check your inboxes.

The slots weren't nearly as profitable as the tired desk jockey was led to believe, and he quickly grew tired of inserting token after token only to receive half of what he'd spent in return. Perhaps it was determination that kept him seated where he was for the length of time that he had been, fueled by an inkling of hope that he might actually win the jackpot, though it also may have been that he was just looking for something to distract him as time seemed to drag on for him. He felt he was waiting for something, he didn't know what, but he felt it was something sinister. As if there was something closely observing everyone in the casino, and not just the network of pit bosses and floormen. Something dark enveloped the place, watching timers tick by as people dropped dead by other hands, that much he could feel. Whatever it was, it didn't have a strict schedule to maintain. It had time on its side, and no shortage of hands doing its work.

As if mechanically operated, the man continually inserted tokens into the machine before him and collected meager winnings as they were dispensed. He was curious if anyone else felt the same presence he had. If anyone had seen it. Experienced the darkness in some form or another. The moment he noticed it, the signs were clear as day that some force was at work. Something surely not of this world, perhaps even not of this universe. Something from Outside. That was a thought far too complicated to consider, a thought that would have to wait for another time and place. He was still trying to wrap his mind around how it could seem so dark when the entire place was practically covered with lights. As if there was a thick fog occupying the space, a fog of emptiness. Somehow even less than empty, like billions of pockets of voids only capable of absorbing the light around it. Not just the light either, but even the space itself. More complicated thoughts. It was all starting to make his head hurt. As he swallowed a few aspirin, he couldn't help but regret having seen the signs in the first place. His eyes had been opened, but at least before it all his temples weren't constantly throbbing from the pain of trying to understand. Then he hadn't been grasping for straws, weakly struggling for answer as to what was really going on. He never felt as short of breath either. The looming shadows were suffocating him, not helping his headaches in the least.

Was this the beginning of madness? Was this the feeling of knowing a line has been crossed, one from which there was no returning? A sudden clarity with waves of confusion, this feeling of simultaneous knowing and unknowing, of being locked in a hallway of doors with no end in sight? His mind was near exploding with the questions that filled it, and he had not a trace of hope of ever finding answers. Perhaps, a small voice that didn't feel like his own told him, perhaps it was for the best that he just let go, let his grip on the world as he understood it slip. What was there to fear when your mind wasn't your own, when there was not a care to be had. The darkness would come whether he fought against it or not, so why worry? Pull the handle. Let it ride. Smile...

As he pulled the handle, the drunken Canadian, having been wiped out at the Poker tables stumbled over and collapsed alongside the machine. As the man pulled the handle down, it smashed into his head like a ripe canteloupe, executing him in a horrible fashion, another victim of the high-stakes game.

Smooth Neo.

NeoAC is dead

Third cycle has started.

Oh dear...

I haz died.

The Hund has been murderfied!

Send in your votes!

Quick and dirty, I like it.

This is from the spy. No this spy is not a spy. I now this will kill me but I have narrowed down the killer to three suspects. Nouw, Schizzy, and MemLCol TBOT are my suspects. Reasons being one I know the killer is not American so hunging yanks is bad guys. Two the killer is not a resedent of a country in Europe. That leaves the three suspects above. The reason I do this is because sending PMs on my phone is a bitch and two this is faster. Now good day off to see your mother.

So the plot thickens. I say we HANG ALL THREE! That way we are sure to catch the killer!

@Schizzy: I am sorry my friend that you are caught up in this. Though if you die we can extend our business into the JIB and thus corner the living and dead market in high grade cardboard materials!

I would hope mr Arbiter takes someone out before the vote closes. I don't care if I misspelled it.

@staika: It thickens a fluid that doesn't do well out of the refrigerator and begins to...grow more viscous the longer it stays out...or something along those lines.

Anywho, hang the lot of them!

Nothing personal, you all understand.

@Mortis: Oh I hate it when that happens. Sometimes I wish my entire house was a refrigerator so I'll never have to worry about my food stuff becoming vicious and attacking the mail man. Poor mail men, the vicious food stuffs have taken a good 5 of them.

@Staika: Booooo~
I have already monopolized cardboard and styrofoam here in hades! You will find the arms of the cadaverous customers closed to the likes of you.

@Lizmichi: Tragic postscript: The arbiter was the first to be executed. He has not forgotten. And he shall not forgive. Especially if somebody else dies and TRIES TO MOVE IN ON HIS TURF.

So good luck with your votes.


@Lizmichi: Well it'd be four if a certain someone played...*cough*CounterAttack*cough.*

@Malbourne: It's not that hard to monopolize the afterlife with your sub par cardboard and styrofoam products when there is no competition. Trust me when we get there we will crush your puny products, you best prepare yourself to be destroyed when we get there.

@Nouw: That sounds like you're trying to lower the odds of it being you that is the killer. Well all I have to say is that you can't trick us Mr. 33.33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333% chance of being the killer.

@Malbourne: Considering that I've been dead a few times, we've managed to corner the undead market already. We even have an ethereal stash of quality stuff there, like our ghost-banishing cardboard... for ghosts.

@MemLCol: I always knew it was you.

@EveryoneElse: It totally isn't me. See?

*Presents namecard*

My namecard says, "Cardboard Salesman (and Sunglasses Dealer)". If I was the killer, you'd see killer right there.

@staika: Yes...





You should all know that The Hund was your Priest. Which means you won't be forgiven if you make the wrong choice...

What. Me? Im the one in danger those cardboard salesmen have me hostage and are trying to cut off my fingers!

Edit: also I would like to point out that nouw was threating us in the how well do you know the escapist forum game.

@Mortis: I don't like those shifty eyes, ARE YOU IN LEAGUE WITH THE VICIOUS FOOD STUFFS!?

@Schizzy: I had almost forgotten about our illustrious sunglasses company. Though the things almost literally sell themselves so I never had to worry about them.

@Mem: LIES! LIES AND SLANDER! We would NEVER do anything to our most valued customers.

Speak out again and you'll lose more than just your fingers next time

The votes have been tallied!

Check your inboxes

Well I've done my part. This will be the 2nd time I'm killed.

And some twisted form of spite and fate, the killer decides to spare you. Which could make some sense (unless you haven't asked your third question), because you would've completed your job, and you wouldn't be an obstacle. Now me, on the other hand, could've just given the killer an idea, and in turn, I would need to be silenced. Woo! Now we're both hard targets!

So wait, the one vote I cast was for one of the final three suspects? And I had a 100% save record as a medic?

I may have only been alive for one round but I made the most of it. :P

"No one tells me anything."

I will pay 20 money for the cardboard please ^_^

feed back welcomed and if I powerplayed you and you don't like it I am happy to change! ^_^

"No. First we're going to tie you up, then cut into you real slow..."

*brandishes cardboard*

pfft your cardboard cannot harm me. I am dead. ^_^ jelly?

The killer has been caught!

The nightmare is over...forever...for now.

Wow that was a quick round, now we wait until the next round.

I suppose we can rest easy.

At least most of us.

*sics vicious food stuffs onto staika*

Attack, my minions!!

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