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On the system Beta 0392, one of the many garden systems found during the Reaper War, the Batarian Remnant was attempting to re-establish itself. This system was discovered when pursuing Indoctrinated forces through a Relay, and is very close to many of the former Hegemony systems. Since the Reapers attacked this region of space first, the New Batarian Government relies mostly on the nearby Human Systems Alliance and the Council it's a part of to keep Hegemony space patrolled and safe for it's citizens.

B-0392-5 is a small Alliance colony near a dense asteroid cloud for most of it's rotation of the binary, small star that holds the system together. With extensive orbital infrastructure and convenient gravity chutes to the other planets in the system, it's hailed as a brilliant definition of efficient martial might. At any point, the system will always have two squadrons actively patrolling and many more floating above the planet or undergoing maintenance on it's surface.

Captain Ike Taboris sat happily in the Officer's Bar on the planet's capital, only a klick from the major shipworks where his cruiser sat being upgraded. In about three hours, his refitted Cairo class cruiser would lift off an five hours after that, he would leave the pleasant low-gravity world to reinforce a frigate group going to investigate odd readings slightly outside of the system's Kepler belt. The N7 Reaper War Vet collected his Asari cider and went to sit with some of the other grounded Captains at the bar.

"I think the Bats are just being paranoid, their lost freighters are probably just stuck in a gravity well and have to wait until the next round of planetary patrols comes through tomorrow."

"They sent three cruisers out to the region of space which have completely stopped existing, I think they have a right to call for help."

"Three cruisers using early-war tech at best and without Entangled comms, worst case scenario is some big pirate operation or Cerberus remnant. Day after tomorrow, we'll be calling in a Navy strike."

Ike was about to weigh in his two cents when the attack sirens througout the city suddenly blared, immediately afterwards deafening booms were heard outside the building. Rushing out, the dozens of naval officers looked up and saw something they understood far too well. Debris was starting to flare as it fell through the atmosphere. Ike looked to the men he was about to talk to and saw them piling into shuttles that had come down to get any military personnel they could back up to man their ships. Ike started running towards the shipyard. Overhead, he saw the ships swoop upwards only to be shot down by gunships that he couldn't recognize.

This wasn't just pirates, the weapons of the hostiles didn't fit any known configuration Ike had ever seen. Finally, Council fighter groups started engaging in the skies. Hearing gunshots on the ground, Ike drew his side-arm and turned a corner to see hostile soldiers mowing down colonial police. The shipyard was in flames, and his cruiser's GARDIAN turrets were weakly flickering at the fighters above and ground forces below, but it had gaping hull breaches and even a kilometer away on the ground, it was obvious the ship was about to blow. Whomever was piloting it managed to get the primary thrusters to engage again just in time, as it went full burn towards hostile craft just coming into view in the cloud layer and collided with their small craft squadrons before exploding. Ike fled into a stone administrative building as projectiles from the enemies and pieces of space-craft nearly killed him.

He managed to fight his way through the city until he found a marine fire-team. They eventually led him to shuttles taking people to the mothball hangars on the other side of the planet, built into bedrock canyons the hangars were used to de-commission or salvage frigates and fighters. From space, they might be mistaken for arid deserts.

Within the hangars, there were screens showing the intelligence of what was going on. Every major planetary city was either destroyed or occupied, and all comms with orbital stations were down. A couple Batarian freighters had managed to hide in orbit around the moon with some other trading ships, but they were starving without supplies, and unable to escape the blockade of the enemy forces. The Entanglement communication devices of the planet were clustered in the defended capital, which was almost completely destroyed by the time Ike left.

Less than 8,000 military personnel remained in these mothball hangars, out of tens of thousands that had been stationed to the system. Nobody had managed to get a message out. Somebody would have to find a ship and get out to tell the Council about the sudden threat

"And that's when I killed the Thresher Maw with my bare hands." Said Northman taking a drink of whiskey.

"A Thresher Maw? Really?" Asked Jaxx in disbelief.

Well, he had killed a Thresher Maw. But it was a week old and only about the size of a Labrador Retriever at the time, and it broke his arm before he could kill it.

"Yeah, really I swear." Said Northman looking over the scenic view from atop the hotel. He was on leave with a fellow Infiltrator who he had been training for the past year; the two of them had just completed Jaxx's first mission together.

"Yeah sure. Anyways, on to more important things. Would you rather fight a 28 legged crab or a 2 headed bear?" Asked Jaxx.

Well, lets see. A 28 legged crab would probably be faster, but a 2 headed bear has twice the biting power. Thought Northman to himself. In fact Northman had been so deep in thought that he didn't even noticed the planet was under attack until a fighter crashed into the bottom of the hotel and began to make it collapse.

" Oh shit. We have to find the escape shuttles now!" Said Jaxx as Northman realized what was happening.

The pair managed to escape the collapsing hotel just in time as it fell over into the artificial ocean. Being Infiltrators and having no way to defend themselves besides their pistols, they barely managed to avoid the hostiles by sneaking through sewers and alleyways until they found a bleeding out colonial police officer. Northman attempted to apply medi-gel but the wounds the officer sustained were to serious. The officer managed to tell the pair the location of the escape shuttles before expiring.

As they continued their way across the city towards the escape shuttles Jaxx was unfortunately captured by the enemy while trying to hide in an alley; Northman with no way to save him hoped that he could take care of himself until he could be rescued. Northman finally arrived at the escape shuttles a little later; he decided to stay and help evac civilians until the last shuttle was leaving.

As Northman jumped aboard the last shuttle many thoughts rushed through his head. Is Jaxx ok, what is his place in all this, and what his next mission would be?

"Ka.... damned bloody things..." Muttered the suited quarian as she was working in the hangar aboard a grounded carrier. It was being refitted with newer age fighters and some improved guardian systems. Sana had been picked up on this job from a passing ship in the system with promise of a better pay. As much as she hated engineering work, the female did have to admit that she was rather good at it and was probably the best on the ship. Not that she ever was acknowledged for it...

"Omega, mind giving the engines a cycle. I just sooooo want to be done with this so i can go watch my extranet vids." she said.
"You should refrain from enjoying in the vids so much. I've calculated that you are losing money with these habits of your's." replied the geth.

"Yeah? how so?" she snapped back, taking a second to stop working and collect her thoughts.

"You've broken the nerve-stim systems in your suit four times. and you also own not one, but two copies of nerve-stim ultimate." the geth responded, rather organic from being with her for such a long amount of time.

Blushing furiously in her suit, the quarian couldn't respond. "yeah.... uhhh.... YOUR CODING IS BAD!" she replied, not knowing how to respond to the synthetic life.

That however, is when the entire ship was rocked by an explosion. Attack sirens blared and everyone began to scramble around her. Watching some of the other fighters take off, she saw them head outside and get into a dog fight almost immediately. Deciding this was far too much above what she was getting played, Sana cursed and hopped into the pilot seat of the fighter she was working on. "Weapons... nope. kinetic barriers... check. Engines... cheEEEEEEECCCCKKK!" she said as omega decided to cycle the engines at that moment, sending her out into the fray.

She flew straight out of the hangar and into a swarm of gunships, fighters and just pure chaos. "Omega! push the engines harder! i want to escape alive!" she shouted to him. "i'm in your head... remember?" he asked rhetorically, pushing the ship even harder.

Without warning, the craft was violently shunted, then began loosing altitude with one of it's engines belching smoke. "We're hit Sana." said the geth.

"You don't say... try and gain control of her, i'm going to see what i can do." the quarian said, punching a button and ejecting the cockpit cover. Tieing the safety harness around her leg, she reached out and saw the hole that was made in one of the engines. Taking her omnitool, she began to work on it as they spun in a spiraling decent towards the ground. with but a 100 feet between the fighter and the ground, the engine chugged back to life and the ship continued forwards.

Pulling herself back into the cockpit, she sank back into the seat, letting her geth control the ship via wireless link. "Well... that's enough excitement." sana breathed out as a sigh of releif. "Keelah, take us somewhere safe omega..."

Prior to the start of the attack, Calenzia T'Veke had been on her break, drinking coffee and rolling her eyes at the latest item to appear on her omni-tool's newsfeed.

"Francis Kitt to stage all vorcha production of Swan Lake? Goddess." The elcor hamlet had been a lot of fun, but she couldn't help but feel that Kitt's new project was much more than a stop gap measure while he thought of something better.

Besides she mused. It would have been better with hanar. You could probably make a hell of a ballet spectacle out of all those legs.

She glanced at the clock. Well, about time to get back to work. She drained her mug started to make her way back upstairs to her post at the comms station of the capital's main spaceport. She had walked halfway up the stairs out of the break room when it all started to happen.

She then ran the rest of the way.

"Tell me everything, right now!" She barked at the rest of the comms team as she hurried to her terminal and started surveying the extent of the attack. This was huge. She'd expected maybe a large scale pirate attack when the alarms first went off, but nothing like this. The comms tower was not going to be a good place to be for much longer. The attackers would either capture or destroy it as soon as possible.

"Lock down the main entrance, strip the protocols out of the system and wipe or encrypt anything you can. Then get out. They're not going to let us operate long enough to co-ordinate anything, so just do it and go!"

Calenzia did her own share of stripping protocols, encrypting and wiping data, although with 2 little differences. A, she downloaded a good chunk of the protocols to her omni-tool and B, she made a point of planting a virus in the scrambled remains of the comms system. If the attackers did manage to restore enough of the system to make it usable, it wouldn't be the end of their frustration. And as for the lifted protocols...well, you never know what might be useful down the line.

The comms team had scrambled out the door towards emergency exit by the time she was finishing up. So far, so good. Less good was that a few minutes later, the sound of gunfire and screams started coming from the stairway to the emergency exit. One of the comms team staggered back into the room, bleeding heavily and sealed the door. That would hold them for a little while, but it might make them more likely to just destroy the tower if it took them too long to get in. Either option didn't allow for a lot of time and the bleeding comms officer wasn't going to last that long by the look of things.

That left...oh hell.

The best option Calenzia could think of was to break the window and try to use her biotics to avoid splattering herself on the long drop to the docking bays below.

A skilled adept or justicar should have been able to descend in such a manner gracefully. Calenzia was neither of these and her escape from the comms tower was less graceful descent and more intermittant falling granted by short duration singularities to slow her down before a final singularity near the ground of longer duration to sufficiently stop the fall to allow her to drop neatly, if not gracefully onto the ground.

It was not part of the plan to pull a nearby pile of packing crates her way with that last singularity, resulting in an awful lot of noise when the singularity ceased and they all clattered to the ground.

Cursing cargo that had not been strapped down, Calenzia scrambled off through the stacks of cargo around the spaceport, as there were surely troops approaching the fallen cargo to check on the noise. Thankfully, she managed to slip out the far end of the cargo bay and followed a small group of alliance soldiers on the way to an evac point.

Later, upon arrival at the mothball hangers, she made her way towards the makeshift command centre. She'd rather know what was going on than sit around in the dark with little to distract her from wondering what was going on.

"Communications Specialist Calenzia T'Veke, reporting for duty." Assuming we have any comms left, she thought to herself.

Ike rubbed his head in the CC of a decommed Salarian heavy cruiser that sat at a slightly lopsided angle.

It was the best command option the hangars had. But it's grav fields were first to be re-purposed, and it's fascinating integrated communications and strategic computers were literally minutes away from being ripped out when the attack hit.

Ike had found out that he was, in fact, the highest ranked individual confirmed alive. Whomever the aliens were, they got lucky and managed to hit the command sites first. The other Captains he'd originally been fighting through the city with were all dead, half of them died in their shuttles, and the rest died in the space battle above the planet.

Death tolls were coming in, very few personnel made it. Confirmed civilian survival was in single digits. The colony's police forces managed to get a small survivor camp running in some underground mines isolated in the mountain range of the colony's largest continent. The bad news, is that the alien fleet had a net of cruisers above that area. Their main fleet was holding position, and deploying cruisers to be able to hit anywhere on the planet. The ground forces were expanding as well. Ike walked up the sloped, corroded underfloor of the stripped CC and to the large holographic display in the center, in a smooth sleek circle wrapped in slightly blurry haptics.

"Communications Specialist Calenzia T'Veke, reporting for duty"

Ike blinked as he got to the Captain section of the intelligence area. Turning, his ripped Officer's uniform still looked neat somehow. Ike's long gray hair had patches of darker color, and his sharp cybernetic eye blinked and shifted according to whatever HUDs the man was scrolling through at the time.

His left, green eye somehow felt sharper. The large, muscular man chuckled through his thick stubble "Right. Duty. Reporting to find out how to live through this more like. Know anything about Salarian systems? If not, grab a meal ticket, and shut up somewhere else 'till I need you. If you do happen to know something about these systems, get on my right and tell me what in the seven Ardat Bastard Yakshis is going on."

The Captains reference to the feared mutants of the woman's race was intentional. He needed to know how hard she was, if she was too soft then he had no use for her.

"Right. Duty. Reporting to find out how to live through this more like. Know anything about Salarian systems? If not, grab a meal ticket, and shut up somewhere else 'till I need you. If you do happen to know something about these systems, get on my right and tell me what in the seven Ardat Bastard Yakshis is going on."

In Calenzia's opinion there wasn't a lot of difference between duty and what the captain described, but she wasn't about to say so. She wasn't particularly surprised to hear a reference to the Ardat Yakshi. She'd heard plenty of less than pleasant asari references since the Thessia incident spilled all the beans. "Yes sir."

Salarian systems were complex and finicky but Calenzia had operated enough of them to get the terminal operational in short order. She started looking for what comm. traffic she could find, friendly or hostile, checking for the comms. protocols of any known race or organisation. Failing that she'd move on to looking for unknown comms protocols and then see about breaking into them, which would take longer, but she didn't exactly have a lot of options.

"I'm scanning for what comms chatter I can find now sir. What I can report in the meantime is that the rest of my comms team at the capital spaceport didn't make it. We stripped out as much the protocols and comm traffic history from the system as possible before they gained access and encrypted what was left. If they're planning on using that comm. tower, it'll take them a while to unscramble things. If they do manage to get into it, we'll know about it and that ought to help clear up who we're dealing with. I've left a virus there to allow backdoor access to the communications from that tower. I'll let you know if I see anything out of there."

As she was scanning through known protocols, she had a sinking feeling she wasn't going to find anything there. No one seemed to have seen or heard any distinguishing reports identifying the attackers as a known party and that by itself was very worrying given the size of the force.

Ike nodded "You might even be half competent. I'm impressed. Look for broadcasts in low-level, extremely basic frequencies. I know it's hard to get these modern systems to pick them up, but Humans generally start using more basic comms during situations like this. Nobody ever really checks them. If needed, tell the hangar people to give you equipment. If any of them fuss, tell them the alternative is a conversation with me."

Ike reached into his coat and gave her an earpiece "Congratulations, you're now a lieutenant, senior staff of Captain Ike Taboris and my Intel officer. I'm sure you'll act with the dignity of the position, shut up, and be useful so I can get us all out of this mess."

While gruff, the man's tone implied he was very happy and willing to keep her around.

Ike even motioned over a pair of Corporals to be her aids

"This is Corporal Iten and Baird, special operations. They're you're aids and bodyguards. Have fun."

During the entire ride to the mothball hangers Northman continued to fiddle with his omni-tool hoping the enemy was stupid enough to not remove Jaxx's comm piece. After failing to get any signal of Jaxx's comm piece Northman finally gave up as the shuttle came into the mothball hanger, angry that he had let the enemy capture one of his men.

What were they doing to the poor kid? , thought Northman.

Northman stepped off the shuttle into the chaos of the station, civilians and soldiers running everywhere; carrying crates and wounded civilians to and fro. Northman rushed over to a marine with a stump for a leg and helped a ensign drag the wounded man to medical facilities. "Hang in there buddy!" Northman said to the marine as they finally arrived at the med bay.

Things aren't looking much better here. Thought Northman with a sigh.

"Where is your armory and who's in charge here?" Northman asked the ensign assisting him as they hand over the marine to the doctors.

"Uh, armory is that way and commanding officer is over there" Said the ensign pointing in their respective directions.

"Thanks, and good luck!" Said Northman as he patted the ensign on the back and rushed toward the direction of the armory. As he approached the armory he didn't notice any quarter master.

Perhaps my luck has changed. Thought Northman as he let himself into the armory, hoping to find a nice sniper rifle and perhaps even some armor.

Lieutenant Calenzia T'Veke. It had been a long time since she'd held that rank. Still, serving as Captain Taboris' intel officer was her best bet for getting off this rock, so she couldn't complain.

"Thank you sir." she said, tearing off a quick salute and putting in the earpiece. "Low frequency and basic. Got it." she acknowledged as she started to concentrate her comm. scans around those frequencies.

Glancing briefly over her shoulder at the two corporals, before turning back her attention back to the terminal, she added, "I'm sure we can find time for introductions later, but right now, I want one of you to go and see if you can find anything we can use to boost the range of our comm. receiver. When I find the channels these bastards are using, I want to make sure we can hear what they're saying."

She heard one of them hurry off in search of comm. components behind her. She'd kept the other one around for now in case she needed him for something else while she kept running the comms.

The hardest part was, as the captain had predicted, configuring the comm. system to primarily focus on low level basic frequency broadcasts. But now that that had been done, it was surely only a matter of time if the captain's hunch was on the money..

Intermittent bursts of comms started filtering in to the Asari's equipment.

Planetary police, Council forces, and isolated Alliance pockets were slowly trying to link up.

But she found something else. Apparently, there were survivors in orbit somewhere. Nobody could clear their transmissions up enough to understand them.

A marine pocket in the mountains where the enemy was moving hardest reported that they had captured enemy communications technology and were attempting to move to some research subs in the southern hemisphere's ocean.

And when the comms cycled down as she decided who to listen to, she heard them. The enemy, in a sense. Their ship-to-ground communication was not as exotic as their shorter range communication technology. Whatever language they had was terrible. Worse than the Banshees and Husks. Grinding and screeching, with periodical loud bangs. And the level of noise it was...

The entire cave could hear it. It echoed and screeched throughout. Many of the soldiers that were still alive were fairly hardened.

Ike, merely listened and reached over to lower her volume levels

"I'll send a team to those marines. Professional opinion on the rest?"

John and his squad were in a nearby bar when the attack happened "Ah shit" I said before pushing some rabble and helping some squad mates up "everyone else alive?" I said loudly across the ruined bar "Aye we're alive Captain, a few minor wounds but nothing fatal" said a squad member who was helping up some of more member "good let's check the comm links" I said pressing the comm link in my ear and switch to local "hello? can anyone hear me? *Cough* this is former Captain John Davidson of The 13th Legion, *Cough* can anyone tell me what is going on? and why me and my squad got bar roof dropped on our heads?" he said coughing from all the dust being kicked.

I hear brief bursts of planetary police and Council forces trying to respond, but many of them are being cut off or are too busy to talk I curse the damn thing "alright lads we're moving out, let's get out of here and find some help, weapons ready, and lock and load boys we're might encounter hostiles" I said pulling out a pistol, checking the magazine and then pulling back the hammer "Jones, Cross, Williams you three scout ahead see whats going on out there" I said to them "aye Captain" they said running out of the bar and into cover

"So this guy comes up to me, really annoying salesman type," Max said, making a cartoony walking gesture with his middle and index fingers on the safety railing keeping him from trying to make love to the ship's main battery. He barely paused for breath, not really caring if anyone was still listening, "And he tries to sell me what he called 'high quality' omnitools, but looking at 'em... he was full of crap. Which I had to set free, so I took my omniblade out, and..."

The rest of that rant has been censored in the interest of your continued sanity. Suffice to say, the crew-members who were still listening at that point either ran out of the room screaming, and those who didn't quite manage it in time... or were too stupid to make their getaway... tried to gnaw their own ears off. Some were more successful than others.


And the attack hadn't even started yet. When it did, the crewmembers that still had working ears rejoiced and ran for it as the battery seemed to be taking some of the first hits, while Max stayed behind. The utterly mad Turian had been knocked to the ground from the initial blast, but practically jumped up despite his head being a bit fuzzy. Which caused him to vomit for a moment.

Regaining his... peculiar composure (he somehow gave the impression of having invisible bunny ears hanging over his head), he stood up, drew his pistol (nevermind where he was keeping it, you don't want to know), and shouted, "Yippie-kai-yay! Let me at 'em! I'll tear them a new one... and wear their rabies-infested children for a hat! HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

And with that, he ran out of the room and started running around the ship looking for someone to shoot.

Max's ship suddenly rocked and the hum of it's thrusters ended with sputtering explosions.

It was falling into uncontrolled burn.

Most crewmembers were running to the escape pods. Most of the engineering staff that was somehow still alive was trying to get the maneuvering Eezo fields and thrusters to at least slow the descent to survivable levels. They knew that with the velocity and size of the ship, most of those pods would be shot down in space or knocked out by the ship itself.

Meanwhile, John's squad fought throughout the city. They were doing fine, even too well. The enemy had an impregnable line up ahead, and the cover to mow them down. As his squad attempted to move into better cover, sniper shots rang out and two of his squadmates were hit by several shots each.

There wasn't enough of them left to speak of. It went from bad to worse, and a flight of enemy heavy fighters did a strafing run with artillery grade weapons. Alliance fighters diverted from the dogfight in the center of the city, and thankfully, the enemy fighters were caught off guard. Two of them crashed between the enemy soldiers and what was left of John's squad.

I watched as my squad, my friends all died around me "no no no no no no NO!!!" I yelled in anger while I killed the remaining enemy soldiers after that and manly crying I pick an assault rifle and a shotgun I then started to walk as I do I hear on the comm link about how enemy soldiers are reported to be heavily concentrated in the mountains "those bastards are gonna die" I said with a rage, I eventually come across the fight in the mountains checking my guns and then continuing on in as I catch a few enemy soldiers by surprise and kill them

a young boy ran up through the command center, baring news from the hangar. He made his presence known in the cruiser, having made it through most of the officers. "Excuse me sir! but we've spotted an alliance fighter coming in! It looks like one of the new ones they were putting on the carrier in the city." he explained, trying to catch his breath, then pulled out a walkie talkie from his pocket and handed it to Ike. "my dad is in a wheelchair, so he sent me up with that."

A crackley voice came in over the toy.
"We tried to reach it with our shttle's communications systems, but it's not responding. I did however pickup that it had a possible injured on it, and since you're in charge here, i thought i'd let you know so you can deal with it appropriately." the gruffled old voice explained to him.

Meanwhile, omega, interfacing with the fighter's systems via wireless link, was doing everything he could to try and get the comm systems to work. He was quickly approaching where he had picked up on any others heading to for refuge and to try and survive. out of all the systems that worked, life support, propulsion and navigation were about it. the ship's weapons were down because of the work being done on it and the comms was taken out by the hit on the fighter; oh, and the landing gear were down because of said hit, meaning they'd be belly landing the thing.

Selecting a hangar that was the emptiest, he hoped that whoever was there, wouldn't shoot him down. In a hope to let them know he was friendly, he used a signal that dated all the way back to the second world war the humans had and even earlier than that. It was quite simple too, the fighter simply rocking itself left and right a series of times, waggling its wings.

Apparently not. Thought Northman as he looked around.

What's this? He thought as he picked up an old Viper out of a pile of broken weapons and useless armor.Better then nothing. He thought as he attached the viper to the back of his uniform and exited the room.

Deciding that he had spent enough time lollygagging about he then made his way to what he assumed was the command center, it looked like one at least. As he walked toward the commanding officer he noticed an asari fiddling with the comms. Could she have picked up anything from Jaxx?

"Hey, miss. If you happen to get a signal from a infiltration specialist named Jaxx Mathins please contact me." He said handing her the number for his omni-tool. He didn't know why he though so but she seemed important and he would be sure to introduce himself to her later, but he really did need to meet the commander.

He walked over to the commander and held a salute, "Infiltration specialist James Northman reporting for duty sir!" He said as the commander turned around.

Ike!? Thought Northman still holding the salute.

Ike groaned under his breath and turned "Infiltration? Good. Grab something that works and go out, there is a path two klicks to the south of the entrance to our hangars. Scout. We have reports of possible enemy heavy infantry. Kill whatever you can, but make sure not to lead them back to us." Ike nearly turned to the kid but hesitated "And, I'm sorry, but we have no confirmed reports of survival after capture."

Turning to the kid, he nodded at him and grabbed the small radio "I'm sending marines down to greet them. Activate the landing lights for the old mining shuttles. It should give you enough space to see them better. If they try opening their hatch without others around, fire a warning shot with the pistol we gave you. If they don't shape up, shoot them."

Ike handed the device down to the kid again, and motioned for a squad of marines and planetary police to go down and secure the occupant of the fighter "If they're friendly, escort them to me. If not, shoot them and take the fighter down to Scrap and Repair."

The fighter was coming in hot, and seeing the landing lights, Omega guided the fighter towards the area. with rather considerable speed, omega spun the ship around and began to push the engines hard backwards. Seeing there was something clearly wrong, those in the hangar began to scatter.

He pushed the engines as hard as he could, but the fighter just fell out of the air and slid across the floor, slamming into the back wall of the hangar. The top of the cockpit shot open as the ejectors were triggered by omega, landing on the floor infront of the ship. After the engines spun down, his voice came out of the comms unit on the ship, loud and clear for all those in the hangar to hear. "I am omega, a geth. My quarian partner requires medical attention. it appears she was hit with shrapnel while saving our... lives." the geth said, hesitant to use the word life to describe himself, but settling on it.

"In my professional opinion sir?" She began to upload the stripped out protocols from the spaceport comm tower into the salarian system. "As far as the survivors in orbit go, while we can't get a clear read on what they're saying, I should be able to bounce the signal off a couple of other planetary comm towers that are still standing so we can at least triangulate their position. Orbitual comm. buoys are out of action, so that'll have to do."

She smiled briefly as her omnitool finished applying the comm. protocols to the salarian system. "I don't want to relay too much to the forces in the field and risk giving away our position, but I should be able to use these protocols to relay brief messages to the police, alliance and council forces still kicking out there. Nothing complex, but if we relay the frequencies they're using with light protocol encryption via a few of the remaining comm towers, we should at least be able to put them in contact with each other so they can co-ordinate what they're doing out there while minimising the risk of exposing our position." Calenzia took a few extra moments to prep the intended transmissions. "Permission to proceed?"

She gave a brief nod to the infiltrator asking about his friend and entered the omnitool number into her own, although she didn't like his chances. She also suspected he wouldn't be the last person to ask hopefully for news of surviving friends and families. There was always plenty of hoping for the best to be done in these situations.

Ike watched on the display in the middle of the tilted command area as the fighter crashed "Marines, advance and if it's truly a wounded Quarian, we have a Quarian doctor in medical tent 4."

The Marines and police swarmed over the fighter, and seeing that it was true, the Marines immediately motioned over a pair of medics with a cot that looked like it had just then been cleaned. It was still wet with the slightly saline tainted water. The mining operations had let excess saline from the desert above into the small underground lake. Even the brutal sterilization of the base couldn't remove the smell, for some reason. The medics were nice, but fast. They ran her as fast as they could to the medical area they were ordered to go. Ike's booming commands to the marines could be heard for what seemed like days in and out of ceiling light and firelight.

The Quarian doctor was an old Quarian himself. His suit was armored, obviously a military variant. He moved slowly and deliberately to the marines he saw advancing with a cot. "Oh my, you're lucky. Many of our kind were in spacecraft. Do you know what happens to the Quarian organs under thirty standard pressures?" The doctor proceeded to prattle, hoping to get some response. It wouldn't take him long to fix her up... assuming she hadn't suffered critical damage to her helmet or brain. Luckily, she was a new generation, so the complete suit loss wasn't as bad as it would be for well, him.

Ike turned to his communication officer. For the first time being there, she saw the hint of a smile in the man "Yes. Proceed with following through my original orders please."

The sarcasm didn't sound like it was actually directed at her, and more a standard mode of speaking. For the first time, he was joking.

"Yeah, didn't think so." Said Northman as he headed to the path south of the hangar, picking up a small piece of rope along the way, and still hopeful of Jaxx's survival.

Alright, gotta kill heavy infantry with a viper, a omni-blade, and absolutely no cloaking tech, not even primitive camouflage. I also have no backup whatsoever, and the list really goes on. Hmm, perhaps if one of them separated themselves from their group I could use his armor to make myself blend in with them? How am I supposed to sneak up on him in a bedrock canyon? Oh, perhaps I could try to find some non-toxic paint in the hangar Though Northman considering his plan of action.

Northman walked out side into the canyon and surveyed the area. He searched around for a little while before he found the
rock that most closely resembled his viper's color pattern and was in a fairly high position; He then crouched down behind the rock and leveled the viper on it. He could only hope that the amount of enemies would be small, or perhaps poorly trained. Northman looked down the sight of the viper, hoping to not find anything.

Sana opened her eyes after passing out shortly after arriving at the medical tent. "Ka... i feel like i was just put through a thresher maw..." she said looking around. Attempting to get up, her left leg hurt like a bitch. "Bosh'tet... my leg..." pulling up her omni tool, she began to fly through screens on it. "Omega, body update..." Sana groaned slowly, waiting for her geth buddy to tell her how bad she was.

Meanwhile, the doctor had stitched up her calf, or what it was as the quarian equivilant; as there had been a rather deep gash there from some metal plating.

"Leg's been repaired by a one of our own doctors. Suit rupture is acceptable, no biological threats detected in atmosphere, removal of mask and helmet is permissible." he replied to her. "also, the commanding officer desires to see you.
Sitting up, the quarian looked around, spotting the doctor working on another patient. "thank you doc, but i got to run." she said, then used her suit to inject herself full of painkillers, then hobbled off.

"Omega, update me on this place." she said, getting a few looks because of her limping and other because... well, she was the second quarian here.

"salarian cruiser in the midst of decommissioning is serving as the command center. logic dictates that the commanding officer is there. Outside of that, these are hangers that were used for decommissioning and storing of ships. I know you hate engineering, but you're good at it and these people will need your help. I also think your cooking might be of use as well." he told her.

One of the marines sent to take her to the commander saw her and showed her the way to Ike, escorting her there.

Entering the room, the marine presented her. "Sir, here is the quarian that came in not too long ago." he said, then took a few steps back, letting the green enviro-suited quarian take prominence and attention. "you must be the commander. Ike if i was told correctly?" she said, sorta half thinking it through, half guessing his name.

Either way, it is a pleasure to meet you." she said, reaching both her hands up, undoing the hose that ran to her helmet, then dropping her hood down and finally taking the helmet fully off and letting her hair come down. "My name is Sana Vas'Sealow. However, i am no longer part of her crew, and she's sitting in a heaping metal hulk in the dockyards right now. so Sana nar'Shingami shall do just fine." the quarian said, extending her suited hand to the man.

Ike turned and looked at her "I'm Captain Ike Taboris formerly of Alliance cruiser Clark. You piloted a broken fighter all the way here, congratulations, you're my engineering consultant and a senior staff. Talk to Corporal Grant down in Salvage about speeding up the repairs of the frigate."

Northman sees what looks like a company of heavy infantry. 25. Observing them, he can see that they don't have personal kinetic barriers, and rely entirely on specific troops for Biotic protection. Northman sees them moving in his direction direction. His radio picks up some Alliance fighter pilots that spotted him as they flew over behind him. If he can give them another signal, they'll strike where the signal is.

This will never work. Thought Northman as he took off his headset. He set the frequency to one commonly used by Batarian pirates in this sector. He then used his omni-tool to boost the signal on the headset, attempting to make it extremely obvious to the pilots that this was the signal and these were the enemies. The downside of course is that the signal is extremely noticeable to anyone, including more hostiles, but he would worry about that later.

Ok, lets do this. He though to himself as he stood up and chucked the headset into the company of men (and women). Deciding that they knew he was here now, he then took out his viper and aimed for the most important looking one. He takes the shot, hoping that the pilots would recognizance the gun shot or the headset.

Well, the captain seemed to be appreciating her work, so this was a good start. "Understood." Lt. T'Veke set about dispatching the brief comms transmissions to the various scattered forces, giving them the necessary info to get in contact with each other to allow for a more co-ordinated resistance. She didn't transmit much more than to the remaining resistance forces to keep the risk of the broadcast location as low as possible, but she kept a designated comm feed open to recieve the comm chatter from the allied forces.

"Corporal," she turned to whichever of the two she'd not sent scavenging for parts. "I want you to keep monitoring this feed. We need to be up to date on what's going on out there. Send no broadcasts unless the captain or I order it. Are we clear?"

"Yes m'am." the corporal replied, directing their attention to the comm feed.

Good. Whatever else the corporals were, they could follow orders.

Next task...the survivors. not an exceptionally difficult task, but it'd take a little time to get a fix on their location once she'd bounced the signal around a few towers to mask the source of comms access.

"Triangulating orbital survivor location now sir. We'll have a fix on their position soon."

Now then...what was his name...Northman? The Captain had sent him a little ways south to scout the area for roving enemy soldiers. Remembering that he'd left her his omni-tool number gave her an idea. With a bit of luck, if he wasn't too far from the local ethernet network around the mothball hangers, she should be able to make things a little easier without giving the base position away.

Initiating a concentrated comm chatter sweep on the local area(although with the volume turned down considerably after the last horrendously loud broadcast), she tapped a text message into the omni-tool and prepared to send it direct through the local ethernet network to Northman.

"Infiltrator Northman. This is Lt. T'Veke. If you are receiving this message, reply with your co-ordinates and maintain radio silence in case they're looking for broadcasts. I'm sweeping the area for enemy comm chatter and will alert you to anything I pick up in relation to your position via omni-tool. T'Veke out."

Or at the very least, that's what she had been about to send before the batarian pirate signal spiked up the comms. "What in the..Oh goddess be damned! Captain, we've just had someone set off a boosted signal on a pirate frequency in Northman's vicinity just south of base. Couldn't tell you if it's him or not just yet but whoever it is just lit up the comms like fireworks, so my best guess is that for some reason Northman set it off because they'd use their own comms to request reinforcement if he's picking them off." Calenzia was NOT pleased. "I don't know what he's up to sir but I'm going to try and get in touch with him via omni-tool if he's close enough to the local ethenet. Not radio. I'll bet everyone for miles around saw that damn signal."

Tapping into her omni-tool more irritably, she wiped the previous message and sent a new one.

"Infilitrator Northman. This is Lt. T'Veke. If this message reaches you and you are not under enemy fire, respond with status report asap. Maintain radio silence. After that pirate signal we need as little attention in this area as possible. T'Veke out."

"Let's see if we can't throw a bit of misdirection in here." Looking considerably more peeved than she had a few minutes ago, Calenzia bounced a similar LOOK AT ME batarian pirate signal around to a comm tower in the opposite direction to the base from where Northman's signal had gone off. "I've set off another signal like it in the opposite direction from the base sir. That should buy us some more time, but I'm concerned about the amount of attention that signal just drew. Best case scenario we lose the comm. tower I used for the distraction. Otherwise I wager we're going to see a lot more activity in the area soon." She didn't mention the worst case scenario. She didn't need to.

His Viper, being both old, overused, and terribly ported to thermal clips instantly starts venting for a full minute.


Ike, at base merely dismisses the transmission. "Orders, all transmissions people, you don't even consider answering that. Damn fool must be trying to make a beacon."


Meanwhile, the fighters noticed the signal and pinpointed it's location under some tree-cover

"Zebra wing, kill that spot!"

Large bore repeating accelerators pelted the area immediately, as a high explosive fragmentation missile followed it up

"If you can hear us, whomever you are, I suggest you get out of there before that missile hits."


Ike peered at the feeds his weather drones were getting, watching the battle. The invaders had identified their purpose and seemed unconcerned Which was all the better, as they had some of the best optical sensors and detection suites outside of military application.

Rubbing his chin he looked over at T'Veke "Think you could patch in to the audio sensors of these drones and use one to talk to him without giving us up to the enemy on a platter? He was signalling to a fighter wing in the area. Alliance fighters all over the planet have been running constant sorties to disrupt enemy movements. We can't resist with ground forces because, well, you can just hit those from orbit. Fighters can be hit too, but it's complicated and requires a lot of constant fire. Beyond that, any pilots still in the sky are experienced enough to know how to beat the firing calculations."

after mowing down a lot of soldiers John checks the comm link "this is Captain John Davidson of The 13th Legion, I am currently moving though the mountains killing any and all enemy forces I see after my squad was killed in a explosion, and it would be nice to find some friendlies, can anyone hear me on this blasted thing?!" I said again pulling the pin on a grenade and throwing it at a group of soldiers after it kills a few of them I put down the soldiers still alive "never an easy day for my line of work" I said to myself putting some soldiers out of their misery.

An enemy interceptor flew over John, his comms set read only static and then the enemy started trying to talk to them in their painful langauge. It sounded like his small personal comms weren't even able to reach some of their sounds.

Suddenly, John could hear large mech units dropping.

Some Planetary Police nearby opened up on them with sniper rifles and shotguns at close range. The mechs tore through them. These things were seemingly impervious to small arms. It seemed ten of them were advancing on his position, and he could see infantry coming to support them.

"well this is just great" I said throwing some claymores down before turning around and run for cover where Some Planetary Police were in cover "hey how's your day? mine's been pretty shit so far, my squadron's dead and I got these guys on us" I said loading up a armor piercing clip before firing blindly at the mechs and launches a few grenades at them as the assault rifle he picked up had Grenade Launcher attachment

Time to go! Thought Northman as he retreated from the enemy infantry firing on him as they were attacked. He runs for a good few yards before putting his back up against another rock to catch his breath. As he sat there his omni-tool flashed signifying that he had received a message. Taping on the interface a few times he read through the message.

"Infilitrator Northman. This is Lt. T'Veke. If this message reaches you and you are not under enemy fire, respond with status report asap. Maintain radio silence. After that pirate signal we need as little attention in this area as possible. T'Veke out."

Northman typed in his reply on the omni-tool.

"Status report: Large amount of enemies present in the area. Enemies possibly know the location of our base. I think I bought us some time, I apologize I had no other options. Requesting orders. If you want me to hold this position then I am requesting reinforcements and/or air support in advance. In short, we need to leave soon. Northman out."

Northman sent this message as he took his viper back out.

"If enemies come back I need to work this time buddy." He said aloud as he leveled the viper on the rock to check the status of the fight between the invaders and fighter pilots.

"Can do sir." Calenzia replied, beginning to patch in to the closest drone to Northman's location as the omnitool message came back. "Northman requests orders and backup if he's required to hold position."

A beep issued from the comms. terminal in the meantime. "Triangulation of orbital survivor signal complete sir. Looks as though they're hiding in orbit around the moon."

By now Corporal #1 had returned with the requested booster equipment for the comms and was busy hooking it up.

"Corporal," she said, turning to the one monitoring the feed of the allied comm. chatter in the field. "How are we looking out there?"

"Better than before m'am. They're co-ordinating and starting to join up. Taking less casualties and more or less holding steady. Wait-no. Hold on m'am, there's a lot of noise coming in from the mountain region. Something about mechs, but it's not quite clear."

Calenzia frowned and tuned into the feed. As soon as that booster was properly running she should be able to hear what was going on. But first she'd need to deal with orders for Northman. They couldn't afford unnecessary lapses in communication this close to the base.

In his... enthusiastic search for someone to shoot at aside from the other crewmembers of the Titania, smacked his head into a pipe that had burst just above him, knocking him out. A brief moment later, The King rose from the floor, and headed for his custom escape pod fighter.

Dodging a few fires and collapsed hallways, The King eventually made it to his "fighter", and dove right in, exclaiming, in an incredibly smug voice, "Time for Jack to leave town."

As soon as he dove into the escape pod, he punched the "launch" button, closing the door behind him, just as other crewmembers attempted to escape. Unfortunately for them, Max woke up at that point, and decided to mock them. He put his thumbs to his ears, and waggled his fingers around while sticking out his tongue.


"umm... ok sir. I'm also a good cook if it counts for anything." Sana said before departing to find this Mr. Grant. "Omega, any info on him at all?" she asked her companion, walking down the ramp of the cruiser and out of hangar to search. somewhere from the time she left to departing the ship, she had put on her helmet.

"No, there aren't any systems online for me to draw info from, so we'll be going in blind this time unfortunately." he responded, flashing some screens across her visor to show what little info they could grab.

"smart, seems they're staying dry for the most part. Anyways, i think this is the way to salvage, so let's see what we can do about this frigate, as much as it's going to annoy me to do so." she finished, taking a look around the room. She found the man who looked to be in charge and approached him.

"Are you Mr. Grant?" she asked.

Moving the hacked weather drone to a suitable distance from Northman to communicate effectively, she turned to Ike as the as booster module came online, giving her a much cleaner comm feed of the chaos in the mountains.

"Orders for Northman sir? I'm inclined to suggest we order him back here as soon as possible given his report of heavy enemy ground troops inbound. Much as his signal drew attention to begin with, if they're already planning on making their way down here we could try and utilise the weather drones to relay enemy squad locations to the alliance fighters and keep them away from the base approach as long as possible..."

Calenzia bit her lip slightly as she listened to the feed coming from the mountains. "It's not looking good near the civilian camps in the mine. I'm getting reports of heavy mechs, impervious to small arms cutting a path through the local resistance in the mountain region. There's also a Captain John Davidson of the 13th Legion making a lot of comm noise. Sounds as though they're fighting a losing battle against the mechs in that area." She frowned. "If we're planning on getting any of them out of there I'd recommend we have them rendevous with the team bringing the comm tech back from that area."

Ike observed the strategic and tactical layouts of Northman's fight and the battles in the mountains "Order Northman to do what he can, the enemy is too close to us, if he retreated then he might not even have time to resupply before their scouts came across us. Rally more fighters to help him if you have to. As for the people in the mountains, your suggestion seems reasonable. If possible, tell the civilians to use the mine tunnels to relocate. If the civilians try to all move, the enemy would hit them from space. Any remaining mobile interests on the ground should be under standing orders to conduct hit and run with an emphasis on the 'run' part."


Engineer Grant looked over, the young man had been made senior engineer out of the fact that he was one of the few remaining engineers alive. Repairing the frigate was proving difficult, unfortunately.

Luckily, he was faced with this Quarian for help. "Yes. Follow me, I'll show you the last hope of the planet."

As they walked, they came to a raised control room with windows overseeing a large hangar near the front of the base, in it was a frigate. And it was ripped apart. It was seemingly just starting to be salvaged, and even the non-ripped out sections were scored and cut. The armor had sever burns, and gashes from what looked like Reaper weaponry.

"So, we've got the reactor and drive systems up and running. Let's take advantage of that geth you have and see what we can do with it's cyclonic barrier generators..."

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