Never Been Calibrated (Silly Mass Effect RP Thread) (Started)

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"Cabalist Silas Jorus to Captain Ike of the Cairo-class cruiser," The King began, "I am approaching your ship in my customized fighter and am requesting permission to make an emergency dock... my ship just blew up. Damn pirates."

Silas swerved around a newly created debris field as yet another ship exploded, sending what was left of its crew shooting through the stars... eternally locked in various poses... most were gasping for air or comically clutching at their throats, though a few looked like they had bee trying to murder each other, and actually... more and more looked like they had been on the toilet or umm... 'getting to know themselves', as half of the crewmembers were missing pants.

"Truly, an inspiring sight for us all," Max said after describing the sight over the radio as the... 'wondrous' sight whizzed past them, "They shall be remembered with honor and dignity... and... I'm sorry..."

Max started giggling.

"No you're not," said the King.

"You're right!" and then Max cackled madly and started making fart noises with his armpit before the King took over again.

"Umm... yeah, Cap, about that permission to dock... this was more of a courtesy call than anything else, because we just burned through our directional thrusters..."

"He means that pirates shot them off."

"No they didn't."


"Fine," The King said cutting off his... friend mid-mock-panic attack, "Pirates shot our directional thrusters and we are currently on a crash course headed directly for your aft hangar bays. Brace for impact, The King is gonna be in the building er... ship very soon. Yes, you ARE lucky."

Just as the two were about to get safely into the last cruiser remaining in space, a dreadnought fired it's main weapons directly down it's center. The entire crew was sucked out by the kinetic field still clinging to the shots. Sucked out like slurry. When the pair of one hit the husk that was left, the plating was still rippling, and completely incased their pod.

All for the better, as the pod was taking an uncontrolled burn down into the mountainous region that John and the mechs were fighting over.

setting off the claymores and watching as chunks of the mountain and fall onto the mechs, I also throw a few grenades and finishes off at least one of them before firing off a few more rounds "just die already!!!" I yelled

"Understood." Calenzia turned on the audio of the patched in weather drone. "T'Veke to Northman. Orders are to hold position and do what you can for now. We've got eyes in the sky and I'm going to try and keep you covered with signals to the fighters in the area for air support. Will advise on further updates. T'Veke out."

Preparing the mountain broadcast, Calenzia issued the following message to the police run civilian camps in the mines and the various allied forces in the mountain region. "Your attention please. This is Lieutenant Calenzia T'Veke. The enemy has deployed heavy mechs on the surface and are pushing your lines. There is an evac location via submarine on the ocean coast. Begin evacuation of the civilian camps to this location and utilise the tunnels as much as possible to minimise exposure to potential strikes." Pausing a moment to double check and transmit the co-ordinates of the rendevous to civilians and troops in the mountain region, she continued. "Allied forces, your standing orders are to conduct a fighting retreat. Fall back to the rendevous while continuing hit and run attacks against the enemy. We need to give the civilians as much breathing space as possible. T'Veke out."

"Orders relayed Captain. Corporals, keep me updated on developments. I'm going to try and keep Northman alive." She turned her attention to the weather drones in Northman's vicinity, signaling strikes to the fighters where possible.

"T'Veke to Northman. Orders are to hold position and do what you can for now. We've got eyes in the sky and I'm going to try and keep you covered with signals to the fighters in the area for air support. Will advise on further updates. T'Veke out." Said the weather drone as it watched Northman.

Northman actually hadn't noticed the weather drone until know and it startled him a little as he looked at it.

"Understood. Do we have any way of getting off this planet?" Northman asked as a laser bounced off the rock in front of him. He ducked his head down a little more as he turned to the weather drone once again, "I'm going to try and take one of these guys alive, or at least get a headset. If you could try and use one of the weather drones to lure one close I would appreciate it." Said Northman has he looked back down the scope of the viper.

"Work this time." Said Northman as he tried to shoot one of the less important looking fellows, deciding it would be easier to take one alive the less there were, and a leader would be best.

Calenzia recieved Northman's response and paused briefly to co-ordinate a bombing run on yet another squad of infantry closing entering the area. "I understand we have engineers currently at work on prepping a ship for evac. Once that is prepared, I anticipate the Captain will order the evac as soon as possible. I'll keep you posted on relevant developments here."

Taking control of a drone near to the group of soldiers Northman had just opened fire on, she prepared to use it to buzz them. "As for your drone lure, it's ready to go. I'll wait for you to put down a few more of the soldiers in that squad before I draw the remnant your way. Just say when."

Calenzia smiled as the fighters dropped their payload on the other approaching squad. "Take your time Northman. The fighters are keeping their other squads at bay for now. T'Veke out." The weather drone she'd used to speak with him remained nearby, awaiting his signal to draw in the would-be captive.

The captain that had been by Calenzia's side was missing. Northman could hear a shuttle in the backround approaching.

Then, as he watched this strange sight, he could see somebody jump out with an Eezo-field lander that slowed them down right before the ground, while the shuttle collided with a regiment that was trying to reinforce the enemies with heavy weapons.

The man's lander popped off of his back when he landed, and the tall bulky N7 stood up with his greatcoat billowing. On the back was a Jolly Roger, and a omni-saber was in his left hand. Turning around, a heavily upgraded Tempest was in his right.

"They would have shot down the fighters." Ike attached his Tempest to his armor, the heavy armor had a black base color with white officer's markings. His helmet's face was a laughing skull, and as he reached behind his back, into his greatcoat, he pulled out an upgraded Mantis II, and held it out to Northman "Not a scratch, or you'll feel a real scratch." Ike's saber whistled as it twirled

"Can you cover me?" Ike's voice implied that it was either covering him or coming with him on whatever he was about to do.

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