Serial Killer ROUND 51!! All alone in the night..{[ROUND 4 be afraid]}

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Serial Killer Round 51

The Visionary Lounge.

On a distant planet somewhere between your home planet of Hotlan and your enemy's home planet of Earth, this fortified base was just another mission, just another base filled with earth scum. Your team of highly trained personal codenamed Victeagles is highly trained. You have served together for the entire 5 years of the war and never lost any member of your team. After a long but easy battle your team wiped out the base of all hostile forces.

The war against Earth is ever present and in 24 hours new troops will arrive to man the newly captured station and allow you to move onto the next mission...

Good news everybody! It's time for Round 51 of Serial Killer. This is also my first time hosting this on a forum but I have had some experience playing in person so if your new and have any questions or you have any feed back please PM ME ASAP ^_^. Please have a happy happy killing stab time. In space.

1)LizmichiExecuted Third Cycle
2)StaikaExecuted First Cycle
3)Link_to_ future
4)DeserteagleeyeMurdered Second Cycle
6)SchizzyMurdered First Cycle
7)NeoACMurdered Third Cycle
9)War Penguin
10)MorsomkExecuted Second Cycle
12)RaNDM G
13)Mortis NunciusMurdered-Entwined Fourth Cycle
14)NouwMurdered Fourth Cycle

Sending number.

Number sent, Now to set up the cardboard stand for all of those that want our high quality cardboard products.

Also all competition will be destroyed!

An intriguing theme. Count me in. :P

Thanks. i sorta stole it from a bunch of different scifi's from the 90's lol in 1992 there was a movie called Legion about a group of specialized soldiers who went behind enemy lines to capture a enemy base but once they got there everyone was already dead. and one of them was killing them off one by one. but its not exactly the same. I took some of the small themes from babylon 5, star trek and another small movie I cant remember.

i love a good outta space movie.

Put me down; gotta get my regular status back. Number incoming!


Sent mah numbah!

If Sandra Bullock shows up, I'm killing her out of principle.

Number is sent.

Number sent!
Sorry for not being very active lately. Adventure Time and subsequently Tumblr have consumed my life. I'll post more this time though.

8 people in 24 hours not bad. ill post a list as soon as i work it out better ^_^.

EDIT: t'was easier then expected.

Number sent. Yep. I'm not used to this anymore.

Sending in number now

@Staika: Did the avatar thing. Very happy to get one of the ones I submitted. Should have known joining those German terrorists would be the death of me.

@Neo: Yeah this is just a prototype at the second, your death will still be in there but I need to add more and may mess with the color scheme a little. But yes those damn german terrorists will kill those that drag that death!

@Staika may i suggest a drowning in eggnog or freak eggnog accident?

I might as well join in this round. Is the user group actually going to be used? =P

Number sent.

Oh, this is going to be a big one.

okay we are almost there :)

ill keep it open till sunday and hopefully we will get the same amount of people as round 50

Man back in my day we didn't start until we had 20 or more people and the spy could ask all their questions at once. *shakes cane at Neo* you near me Neo. Also Lismichi... really.

@Liz: Hey! That's my cane!

Get over it kitty man. Go back to your waffle fort.

Someone say waffles?

Somebody say someone?

yeah i got nothing >.>

@Michi: Don't blame me. Blame the economy that keeps struggling young SKers down.

I always blame the economy. With its rising inflations and sagging jeans and shady dispositions.

@Pm0n3y: And its Skrillex haircuts.

Don't forget the cats.

still only 13 people... ill pm previous players sunday morning.

@Mem: Some sort of notification in the Serial Killer group might also help. Justa suggestion. ^^

@Mem: Have you tried begging? Yeah begging sounds like it would work. You should beg.


Damn cold. And nobody is around to help me warm up.

there is a group?

Edit: found it. Woo

People aren't joining? Then we should grab some "Volunteers" and have them play!

I'll bring the rope if anyone is interested in joining me.

sure, i have duct tape give me a minute i'll be right over

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