We Are Our Avatars VIII: Interdimensional Jaunt. (Closed up, thanks for playing.)

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"No. I'll stay in my armour for now at least." Samus replied.

"Well, you'd probably be find with just that suit you've got underneath there." Axton said.

"The Zero Suit? Perhaps... For now however, I am more comfortable in the Varia suit."

"Really? Armor if almost never comfortable for me." Axton replies, silently very disappointed. But he consols himself by remembering he may see some other people in swimwear. He also has his turret.

Link heard the ocean. He was about to pick a new shirt but instead decided to take off all his clothes, and ran towards the beach dropping into the ocean with a cannonball... Also he had no swim trunks on of course.

"It's linked to my nerves. I can feel everything that touches it as if it was touching my skin." Samus said, holding up her hand and feeling the wind. "There's also air circulation and heat controls." She caught a flash of Link out of the corner of her eye, but looked away quickly enough to spare herself from seeing him in detail.

Axton nodded a bit, but he was watching Link. Honestly, he was more surprised than anything else.

Link gestured for them to come into to the water. He started to swim seeming very much to be enjoying some time to cool off.

Samus saw Axton watching Link, and sighed. Not looking at Link, she didn't see his gesture.

"Is this really happening?" Axton asked Samus, not seeming to notice her sigh.

Samus looked over at Link, then back to Axton, and nodded.

Axton would not see the nod, as he wasn't looking at Samus.

Realising her faux-pas, Samus bluntly said "Yes."

OoC: Off for the night.

As Amelia picked up a cute looking, striped one-piece swimsuit, she smiled to herself before shuffling off to the bathroom to change. As she did, a portal suddenly ripped open as she was changing and her face flushed bright red as she was staring one of her squadron dead in the face. This one was your average human male with a pale face and green eyes, wearing the same uniform. He blinked twice before blushing profusely.

"Um.... W-We can come at a later time...."
"No! No!" The sheepgirl protested after a moment or two. As nice as an island is... "I wanna go home... I've missed you guys..."
The man nodded awkwardly as he was turned to face away from the girl as the two stepped back through the portal and it closed silently behind the two of them.

"Weird. That's weird right?" Axton asked Samus as he finally looked away and back to her.

"Yes." Samus said in the exact same tone of voice.

"Well...You swim much?" Axton asked next.

"No." Samus replied awkwardly fast.

Navi came out of the hut as she decided to eat a bit before leaving and flew over to Samus and Axton... She than saw Link. "Oh... Well that's... Uh... Surprising"
Link was definitely still swimming.

"You have something against the water?"

"It's not that." Samus said, then looked to Navi as she exited the hut.

"Then what?"

"The suit. It's heavy, it sinks."

"...I assumed that much. So you...never take it off or what?"

"I prefer to stay in it, yes."

"So you wear a giant weapon all the time? Doesn't that kind of scare people"

"Sheesh. You need to get out more. Smell the roses and stuff." Axton said as he enjoyed the breeze for himself.

"I'm out all the time. Bounty hunting requires a lot of time travelling." Samus said to Axton, before turning to Navi. "No. I tend to visit military vessels."

"Yeah...but that's not really what I meant. You should get out of the armor more often."

"You ever thought of taking time off? Maybe celebrating a holiday or something?"

"I take time off between jobs. They pop up pretty randomly, so sometimes I have a long wait before the next one comes along." Samus looked at Axton. "I take it off when I'm on a civilian colony or somewhere else like that."

"Well why not take it off now?"

"... You should spend a week with the gorons! You might learn to loosen up from them."

"I feel more comfortable in it." Samus replied to Axton before turning to Navi. "Gorons?"

"Big rock creatures. They spend a lot of their days sleeping, eating rocks, and dancing. They're real nice guys"

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