We Are Our Avatars VIII: Interdimensional Jaunt. (Closed up, thanks for playing.)

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"...right." Samus said after a pause.

"Like that's any weirder than a woman that's part bird and wears stupid looking battle armor with cannons. Not to mention the ship that flies in space"

"True." Samus said, before thinking over what Navi had stated. "Wait, what did you say about my armour?"

"Just look at those giant shoulder pads! Are they storage devices or something? Can you put chicken soup in them and have it keep warm?"

"The suit was built for the Chozo, and modified to fit me. Some things will seem odd to a human."

"Whatever. Heavy battle armour is out of style anyway. Tunics are way cooler"

"A tunic? That won't protect you at all."

"Not if you get a magical tunic! Plus they don't weigh you down as much as a suit of armour. Agility is very important in battle"

"I'll take my over-shield over any kind of magic."

"I can move in this with no problem." Samus said, then nodded in agreement with Axton.

OoC: Off for the night.

".. A whater shield?"

"Additionally, if you have the money you can buy a space vessel and start exploring the stars! Most of our galaxy is still unexplored, and its probably the best place for a small business owner to go. I wouldn't know too much about that though. Give me a horse and a forest over a ship and stars any day..." the paladin continued explaining, talking more to himself at this point.

Vanessa and Jessica would pass a bordello, which advertised several non-humans and humans. One reptilian girl wearing somewhat minimal clothing was lounging at the door, beckoning people to come inside. Reginald seemed to grow a bit uncomfortable while they passed the place.

"Over-shield. Not water shield."

"... What are you talking about?! What in Din's name is an Over Shield!"

"It's probably too complicated for you."

"Hey! I'm not dumb! I can perfectly understand this stuff!... Probably just some stupid magic shield anyway"

Jess continued following along behind Reginald, seeming to be content to let him do his own thing and say what he wanted instead of stopping to try and ask questions.
When they passed the brothel, she angrily clenched her teeth and balled her hands up into fists. She then sighed and glanced in the exact opposite direction, trying somewhat unsuccessfully to release her tension. Ugh... Just calm down... I don't think I could get away with burning that one down...

Ness seemed to rub her chin as Reginald spoke, eyes beginning to gaze toward the floor. ...I have wanted to see what space travel's like... but then I'd need to find someone who could actually operate it... And waitress wages sure as hell aren't gonna cover that... Her outerplanetary thoughts stopped momentarily as the trio passed by the brothel. The woman paused for a moment before her mouth twisted into a small scowl.

Seeing Reginald continue walking and Jess already looking away, she huffed to herself and followed after. So he really did mean anything is sold here, didn't he...? Ugh...
< Can we raise a little hell? >
....No, not until we know that that.... place... isn't forcing those girls into it... but if they are... you'll have free reign.

"Who the hell programs an AI to believe in magic anyway."

"I'm a fairy you idiot! Plus, magic is real. How do you think a fire rod works?"

Slowly, the sun set in the sky, producing a beautfiul sunset, with vibrant purples and reds streaking the sky.

As Ness and Jess continued onward behind the paladin, the woman in the fedora slowly walked up to the catgirl's side and lightly nudged her side with her elbow. If Jess looked over, she'd see Ness holding up her PDA with text reading out "How do you feel about breaking some stuff? ...Provided the stuff needs to be broken." She made sure to hide this from Reginald, even at the cost of being discreet about it.

As the sun began to set, the others on the beach might notice a single figure slowly growing in size as it moved from the horizon, long hair swaying as it moved toward them. It would be hard to make out the figure's form well or its voice.

Samus sat on the ground, still clad in armour, initially watching the sunset but the incoming figure quickly drew her attention. She tried to make out detail as it approached.

"So is that suit vacuum sealed?" Axton asked Samus as she sat in the sand. He saw the figure and decided to take out his sniper rifle to get a better view.

"With all the pieces in place, yes." Samus said to Axton.

As Axton looked down the scope, he'd see the figure was a man with long hair, running pretty quickly toward the group assembled at the beach. The thing he may find odd is that even though he was zoomed in, the figure still looked dark, more like a living shadow than an actual person. There would be no visible features on the shadow aside from the flowing hair. However, it seemed not to be dangerous as of yet.

Axton lowered his gun and scratched at his head as he saw the figure coming over.

Seras found a place to change, then exited the hut tentatively. The sun still made her uncomfortable, but she could manage well enough.

Samus noticed Axton scratching his head in confusion. "Something wrong?"

"Whatever that...thing is that's coming over here is...weird. All shadowy and stuff." Axton said to Samus.

"Hmm..." Samus looked at the figure, regretting leaving her helmet in the building.

The figure continued onward until it got to the group and finally stopped, panting heavily despite its being a shadow. It doubled over, its hair flopping into the sand, and put its hands on its knees before putting up a finger. After a few moments, the figure lifted itself up and looked around the people here. "Whew... That was one hell of a run... Anyways... just wanted... -pant- ... to be a good neighbor... and give you all a welcome here...." The shadow panted out, giving a smile to the people gathered around. They'd probably notice that the shadow had no teeth and the smile was just a crescent shaped bit of white that suddenly appeared on its face.

"You... live here? We were told this planet was uninhabited." Samus said, confused by the creature's statement and the creature itself.

"So...who are you?" Axton asked

"Naw... I don't live here... That cabin ain't the only place they have set up here. They told you this was a resort, right?" The shadow explained, slowly regaining his breath.

As he looked to Axton, he facepalmed himself... or what at least looked like it. "Right... running like that tends to screw with the brain..." He stated, chuckling as he did before he took a few steps back and gave the group a showy bow. "Name's JD. So, who're you guys?" He asked as he slowly popped his head back up.


Seras walked over and stared at JD curiously.

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