We Are Our Avatars VIII: Interdimensional Jaunt. (Closed up, thanks for playing.)

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Hey there everyone, and welcome to another WAOA! For a lot of people, this will be the old hash, but for those that aren't new to the series, welcome to WAOA! heres our rules.

Alright, rules are down. Next up, locations! which are in the next post.

here, I'll be updating all the new locations. this could be neighborhoods, burroughs, cities, towers, rooms, or houses. If you feel a location is going to be important to the story, let me know!

your character, whoever they be, has found themselves in a strange white room, that seems to extend in all directions. chairs are arranged around desks, and at the front sits a man at a desk. he's in casual wear, and is working on his computer. The room extends for several hundred meters in all directions, with a ceiling height of roughly 40 meters. curiously, there's a single loading dock, quite large and able to fit a load of people in it. it leads farther into this strange facility. This loading dock is behind the man working at his desk. Around him, extending to the loading dock, is a strange opaque shield that shimmers and hums menacingly.
Your character has a paper in there hands, claws, or any other gripping appendage, which has a single number written on it. 8001. There are three people seated already, a man in a bird mask made of paper mache and a ten gallon hat, along with a tweed vest and some slacks, a teenager in a hoodie, and a boy in a jesters uniform, his face painted white.

The room itself is mildly chilly, and smells of the kind of mildew that develops in set buildings.

For those just joining us, this is no longer the only way to introduce your character. If you wish to, you can have them appear anywhere in the strange city of London, as long as they have the paper with the number 8001 on their person.

A young woman and a man both appear in the room. They are apparently sleeping in two separate chairs on two sides of the room.

Amidst a cluttered ring of damaged and displaced chairs and desks, an immense creature slumbered. Vaguely serpentine with a long head and neck coiled around to form a circle, it's torso heaved with each gusting breath. It's rear legs ended in grasping, birdlike claws tipped with large black talons that looked sharp enough to cut steel. Two great wings folded on either side of its body, but their length alone indicated how expansive they would be if they were spread wide. The creature's tail ended in a splayed fan lined with thick bony spikes, and it's head bore a grand crown of heavy armour plates, covered in deep, rust red scales that terminated in black spines at the plate edges. This tough looking carapace extended along the length of its sturdy neck, down its back and all the way to its tail. Its snout was a heavy black beak, hooked and sharpened for tearing flesh, and jagged teeth lined its jaws from the beak back to the hinge. Though its eyes were closed, they were oriented forwards, just one more clue that this huge beast was a predator, and a good one. It stirred in its sleep, reptilian lips peeling back as it growled lightly.

Unaware of their current situation, the man and woman begin to stir from their slumber.

A loud drone issued from hidden speakers. "Number 2773, number 2773. Number 2773?"
A person looking might spot the man at the desk had leaned forward to speak
The man in the hoodie stood, and glancing backat the dragon, walked to the desk. The shield dropped as the hooded man approached it, and it reactivated after passing theshield.

Both the man and the women woke up when they heard the loud noise. They both looked around curiously, as they had no idea where they were or how they had gotten there.

A young Pokemon trainer was sleeping on the desk. He appeared to be about twelve or so, he carried a rather large pack on his back. He also had six pokeballs attached to his belt. When the loud drone came out of the speakers he sprung awake and shouted "Fighting moves do half damage to flying types! He looked around and just realized where he was "... How did I get here?... Am in school again?"

The man in the bird mask glanced over and wandered to Ethan. "Well, thats a fair question. I was wondering the same thing, what with all this paperwork. What number are you?" he asked.

As the announcement suddenly rang out over the loudspeakers, the wyvern suddenly lifted its head, long neck arching gracefully as it looked around for the source of the noise. Immediately it was alarmed, each of its senses assailed by strange stimuli. This giant cave that it found itself in was wrong. Whatever that sound had been was not a call from any beast of its vast territory. And of all the foreign scents that it detected in this place, only one was familiar to it.


With a lurch, the wyvern scrambled to its powerful hind legs and stood. Benches and chairs were sent clattering across the room as it opened and flexed its gargantuan pinions, their span almost 150 feet across. The monster was 35 feet in length and almost 16 feet tall at the hip, a behemoth, long, squat and visibly strong. It pivoted around, long stiff tail sweeping dangerously through the air, and faced the front of the room where the humans were seated. Its eyes, blue as sapphires, blazed. Rearing back, it opened its toothy jaws wide and uttered an explosive, deafening roar.


Wryn bolts awake, her eyes flashing, as her head begins to flick around. She looked at the odd outfit she was wearing, jeans and sneakers.
"I don't remember buying this..."
Her eyes drifted around, quickly taking stake on her surroundings.
"Either a party, or I've been kidnapped and put into a school..."
She slowly rose, as it dawned on her that she was not alone. Her eyes slowly floated to the large scaly beast, as she reached to her side for a weapon...
To find she didn't have one.
"Well fuck."
She looked at the figure moving towards it, as to the man in the bird mask...
She felt an voice in her ear ring...
Knowledge located: Looks familiar to Plague Doctor, or item 049. Recommend caution.
Her mind wavered, as she stared.
She watched as the beast rose, and roared.
She quickly grabbed a chair and and readied to throw it at the thingymawhatsit
Locating: Dragon-esque creature

The man and woman look at the papers in their hands. Bother were confused at first as they started looking around the room and those in it again.

Ethan looked at his paper "Eight thousand and-AERODACTYL! He said at the sudden roar from the dinosaur like creature. He his hand went to his belt and he throw a pokeball containing a Metagross out. The sudden release of a giant half ton metal behemoth would ruin quite a bit of the room next to Ethan

Of course the giant monster's roar quickly drove the two into hiding under the nearest desk. Both went for their weapons as well.

The wyvern stepped back and hunkered low to the ground as the Metagross suddenly appeared, screeching threateningly at the new, unfamiliar beast. From its crouched position it suddenly sprang forward, flapping its wings and lashing out with the murderous talons on its feet to try and frighten its rival into backing down.

The man speaking to Ethan sighed. "Never a dull moment here..." he spoke again, this time in gibberish. To Ethan, it would sound like a foreign language of clicks and slobbers. The dragon, however would perfectly understand him as he said *Calm please, noble beast! You must calm, before the people here become angered. They do not take kindly to lords such as yourself destroying things they will need.*

Wryn looked at the beast, and the pokemon, her mind flailing to pick which of the two what-the-fuck's to throw the chair at, before throwing it at the Pokemon, and running... Twords the wyvrn. It's important to point out that at this point, her mind is kicking into overdrive, and without the feeling of something familiar in her hands her mind freaks out.
She quickly ended up running into the wyvrn.

The man and the women backed away from where the beast was.

Metagross's arm glows white with immense power before he draws his arm back and hits him with a metallic punch to the wyvern's gut holding the force of a heavy blow. Metagross used Hammer arm. The behemoth of metal simply shrugged off the chair that was thrown at it due to the fact that it was made of metal and had quite a large amount of defensive power

The rathalos heard the voices faintly over the chaos, and though it had no vocal language of its own, somehow the strange noises made sense. It suggested supplication, and acknowledgement of its dominance, but somehow made threats all the same. Though it recognised such concepts from the actions and postures of its own kind and other wyverns, it could not understand how it could understand this from the bizarre sounds being made by the unseen creature in the room. Furthermore, the threatening actions of this other beast, and of the humans that were facing it were far more obvious.

As the Metagross lashed out at the rathalos he flapped his wings rapidly, fluttering back from the blocky limb. Snarling at the Metagross and taking a deep breath as it touched down on the ground again, it was startled by one of the humans running into its leg and shrieked. Flapping its wings, it lifted off vertically and came down hard again, slamming both claws from the ground in an attempt to crush and rend whatever had struck it.

The bird faced man growled, and turned to Ethan, speaking english again. "Call off the animal before it gets us all murdered or gets into a knock out brawl with that giant freaking dragon!"

the man sitting at his desk sighed, and waved the kid who had been singing paperwork. "Tell you what kid, how about you just head on in and work at your paperwork in the next station. This doesn't look fun." he tapped a button. "Security, if you'd come here, a dragon applying for a visa or something here has gotten to his wits end." The man stepped back from his desk, sighing "God I hate tuesdays. always worse then mondays somehow..."

The woman and man both began wondering if it would be better to just leave things alone for now.

Wyrns instincts, however, were far more fine tuned to reacting to things crushing her. As a matter of fact, her instincts were honed to dodge flying bolts of plasma, a arm coming down on her was slow in comparison.
Her legs bounded out of the way in a flash of purple, before bounding upwards and over the beast, landing on it's back, and miming bashing it with a sword.

"Metagross you'll have to wait for the next battle to fight! The metagross used it's psychic power and pried the small human off the Rathalos before Ethan said "Metagross return!" The metagross which was under the rathalos's talons was turned into a form energy before being sucked into the pokeball "... By the way if Metagross meets with you again he might be a bit angry at you for stopping the battle"

The rathalos bellowed deafeningly as the human somehow got onto its back and thrashed wildly to shake it off. When it came loose, the wyvern took off with a beat of its great pinions and a downdraft strong enough to through anyone immediately beneath it to the ground. The room was spacious enough that the rathalos was briefly able to soar freely as it desperately searched for a way into open sky, though given its great size and speed, it was only a matter of seconds before it was scrabbling against the walls and ceiling with its claws, thrashing at the air to try and stay aloft and roaring its frustration and defiance around the room. Any ornaments on the walls or hanging light fixtures on the ceiling would be shattered and cast down by the wyvern's panicked onslaught.

Wryn fell down as the wind blasted her, and watched as it flew, the adrenalin rush slowly subsiding.
"... What."
She slowly rose, looking at the beast.
She decided to do something really, really stupid.

Nearby, a short, blue-haired girl, wearing a dark grey pair of trousers and jacket over a white shirt, slowly woke up. Hanging on her belt was a sheathed sword, the handle of which had a pair of gun triggers and a lever similar to a bicycle brake. She looked around sleepily, barely registering the Metagross and huge dragon. She blinked a few times, then leapt into the air, landing on the desk. At the same time, she drew her sword, though seemingly without the blade, and yelled, "DRAGON!"

The man in the tweed suit and the hat muttered viciously as he saw the girl appear. "CALM DOWN! EVERYONE JUST CALM DOWN!" he shouted loudly, his voice carrying across the massive chamber and being understandable by anyone, even the Wyvern.

The kid wearing the jester's outfit was in the midst of a laughing fit, wiping away a tear at all the difficulties caused by everyone.

Wyrn stared at the kid, as a chuckle began to grow out of her throat.
"So... Where am I?"

The blue-haired girl stopped, then sheathed the sword. "Apologies. Waking up in an odd room with a mythological beast nearby startled me." she said, stepping down from the desk.

The rathalos was rapidly tiring itself out battering against the walls, and where it had struck, steaming red blood was smeared across the surface. Its struggles grew less fervent, and finally it fluttered back to the ground, landing with a heavy thud and half folding its wings by its sides. Glaring ferociously at the man whose prattling noises it was somehow able to understand, it roared in fury, flecks of glowing, viscous fluid spattering around his feet where they gave off an astonishing heat for the small volume emitted. There was a strong odour as the floor beneath them burned.

The man and women stay in cover for now due to all the strange people around.

Wrenna watched as the floor burned beneath her, and did the most logical thing to do:
Jump on the dragon.
She began to quickly jump, using an odd method of tripple jumping, when a small package fell on the Dragon.

The man in the mask sighed, and stepped towards the Wyvern.

The only door in the room opened, spilling out a dozen men and women in uniform, who quickly moved to firing positions, taking aim at the dragon. The man in the mask raised his hands. "Don't shoot, he's not himself! Hes obviously just startled by being in a small, tight room, and you need to just give him time to calm."

The jester grinned. "You don't know? ooh, how exciting. Well, I'm hearing applying for a wetwork visa, which would let me visit here and do my kind of... special work. You're in an immigration office." he waved goodbye as she jumped quickly out of sight. "buh bye! have fun..."

OoC: Note, added the immigration office to locations!

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