We Are Our Avatars VIII: Interdimensional Jaunt. (Closed up, thanks for playing.)

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"Sounds like you have some dissenters..." Samus replied, looking into the dark room.

Amelia kept silent as she walked behind the group.

What is this, a parade?... Jess thought to herself as Reginald stomped about, seeming like he was trying to attract everyone's attention.

Lauren shrugged. "Less now."

the room would slowly light itself, revealing a rather large chamber made of interlocking hexagons. The group would feel as if they had entered a giant circle, and gravity was pulling them lower.

Reginald would lead Ness and Jess to a larger door, large enough to tolerate several trucks. it was shuttered closed at the moment. "Drat, we will have to wait for the elevator to arrive!"

There, waiting for the elevator, were several bug men talking in their strange tongue back and forth, two humanoid shaped space suits that sat silently, and a lecherous jester that seemed to glance at Vanessa and Jessica overly much.

Samus scanned the room, suspecting artificial gravity generators hidden in the walls as she felt the light pull.

Axton and Seras now entered the lighted room.

Amelia blinked a small bit as the sudden feeling of something pulling her down put her off balance, if only for a second, as she entered the room. ....Is that just them starting the machinery up...? She thought as she got back on her feet and continued walking, albeit a bit more slowly than before.

Ness let out a long whistle at the size of the door. "We could probably fit a small mechsuit squadron through there.... Why's the door so big...? Is this just a cargo elevator... and there aren't any civilian ones installed yet?" She asked, turning her attention toward Reginald. Her eyes would fall on the jester looking her over and she'd give him a disapproving frown while withdrawing her hands to her lab pockets. One might notice a small flash of blue light in the pocket farther away from the leering clown.

Samus would find each panel was its own strange device, and behind them was a strange web pattern of wires and devices that coated the surface of the globe they stood in.

Lauren stepped in, and was quickly pulled to the center with the others. there was a whining noise,

"The answer is two fold, Lady Vanessa. The first is that the structural integrity of the cavern allows only one major elevator shaft to the market, lest we risk a cave in. The other, while more unpleasant to think about, is based on the fact that interdimensional hopping is allowed inside the cavern. It ensures that if there is a repeat of the occurrence that caused us to lose our first major marketplace, an army invading, we can limit their movement and keep them from deploying a too powerful force. A single elevator to be used by an entire army is a good locking mechanism." as he explained, he gestured what he viewed as grandly, waving his arm about. He seemed to enjoy explaining the reasoning behind the large freight elevator.

the clown took one last glance at Vanessa before turning and approaching a normal human waiting for the elevator, engaging him in conversation.

Samus looked around, arm cannon raised slightly.

Amelia frowned a bit at the noise as she followed after Lauren. She kept her sword hand on her hip, ready to grab the hilt if need be.

Ness hummed a small bit to herself as she listened. "...Part of me would think you'd disallow jumping in that area then if it allowed such a thing to occur." ...Though that's more or less impossible, I'd think.... She said after a while, her eyes still on the jester until they had turned away as her eyes finally looked back up to the massive doorway. "....It seems the WAOA has made quite a few enemies then."

Axton and Seras were also both feeling a little uncomfortable with what was happening.

Jess whistled at the door, clearly impressed by it's size. "Must be nice having all this space to use..." She quietly muttered to herself. She paid more attention to the massive door than anything else, and as such didn't notice much else going on.

The noise would pick up in volume, and the light would slowly grow more intense, until all that was visible was light. After a moment, there was a metallic screech, followed by a robotic voice screaming out "I aaaam IRON MAAAAN!"

All those taking the teleporter would, for but a moment, have the image of a man that seemed to be made of thick metallic plating appear at the center of their vision, followed by blackness. After a moment, they would see they were in the teleporter room in the WAOA building.

Reginald grinned. "Not many yet, but it never hurts to plan in case an enemy appears."

The elevator door Jessica and Vanessa waited on opened, showing a few people including a reptile man, all of which exited and streamed into the street.

"...Fucking weird man. Glad telaporting on Pandora isn't that crazy." Axton grumbled as he looked for an exit.

Seras rubbed her eyes and looked around the room for the figure she had seen.

Samus shook her head to clear it after the teleport, then looked around, realising they were back in the WAOA building. She stepped off the teleporter, taking her helmet off.

After the teleport, Amelia was just holding her head as she blinked twice. ....Ugh... What the hell was that? Her rapier vibrated a small bit and Amelia groaned a small bit. Really? How did you enjoy that at all!? More buzzing occurs in response and the sheepgirl just shook her head, putting a hand to her hip. ...I'm not going to ask. Just... just... Ugh....

She stepped off the teleporter and moved forward.

Ness slowly nodded in response before slowly stepping to the side to allow the stream of people to move past her. She kept her hands in her labcoat pockets as she walked and eventually moved to get into the elevator. I can't disagree with that.... but if it was an army that came after you, things could get a lot worse...

Jessica sighed and took her place in the elevator as well, standing beside Ness and continuing to marvel at the sheer size of the thing.

Seras would see no one beyond those who had teleported with them.

Lauren seemed frazzled, before shrugging and moving to the door. It opened to reveal the room with the center holographic display bustling with activity, with various technicians tapping away at their computers. Sarah waited for them, looking at the door expectantly. as the group exited, she nodded. "Did it go well?"

Reginald entered the elevator, along with the others waiting on the elevator. One of the suited humanoids seemed to turn its helmeted head and looked Jessica over, before staring at the wall.

The insectoids continued their chattering, seeming to get a bit agitated.

The Jester eyed Vanessa whenever he thought she wasn't looking, not doing any more then that. He continued his conversation with the now obviously uncomfortable man. Reginald didn't seem to notice.

"Well, none of us died. Despite the best efforts of some assassins." Axton said curtly.

Amelia sighed a small bit. "But... one of their's did due to the assassin's efforts..." She reported, frowning as she did.

As Jess looked around, Ness looked around as well before looking over toward the catgirl. "It'd be nice to have one of these lying around, wouldn't it?" She asked, smiling a bit as she did. She had noticed the jester looking at her once more, but did nothing about it just yet.

"Really don't have any idea where I'd put something like this though." Jess replied back to Ness, chuckling slightly to herself. She glanced back at the man who looked her over, but did nothing else as he went back to looking at a wall.

Ness shrugged a small bit, smiling as she did. "Put it out in your front yard and make yourself a little getaway with a great view... well, maybe a great view..." The fedora girl paused for a bit before smiling more. "Well...maybe it'd be more about all the space you'd have to yourself. .." Ness began to think a bit on this, or at least seemed to at the time, putting a hand to her chin.

"And there is the focus of why we chose to build the market underground!" Reginald said to Ness, smiling broadly. The began dropping, sending those in it to the market.

Sarah frowned, and she looked concerned. "Assasssins and death? Oh, please forgive me, I didn't realize visiting the Yatjua would become so bloody."

Lauren snorted, but only said "Yes, its unfortunate. So I was sent to stick with the group. Hope that don't bother."

Sarah shrugged. "As long as you don't mind going on an island vacation."

"Oh you know I don't have a front yard. Nobody that still lives in the city does." Jess retorted to Ness regarding her first comment. Regarding her second, she added, "Yeah, no kidding. It's gotta be at least five times the size of my apartment. Probably more." She gave Reginald a confused look for a moment, grossly unsure as to what he was commenting on.

"...Ah, I keep forgetting about that..." Ness replied, rubbing her forehead for a bit. "But why is it so crowded...? The city, I mean." I'm guessing the crowding is why you have no space, anyway...

Turning toward Reginald, she tilted her head. "Huh...? Which part?"

Amelia nodded a small bit before blinking twice. "A vacation...?"

Seras scratched at her head as she felt a sense of de ja vu.

"... This isn't one of those tricks were you say it's a vacation, but it's actually mission is it? Link nodded his head to what Navi said

Reginald blushed. "The uh... The part about saving space." he said, embarassed.

The lift rattled, and the market would be viewed from its ceiling. Among its many eccentric characteristics was a old timey rocketship, complete with red nose cone, sitting in the center of the market. A number of insectoids seemed to be crawling over the hull, and several were flying from scaffolding to look the vessel over. The jester and the insectoids quickly bustled to the edge and looked out, the insects chattering to each other. The jester stayed silent, his eyes looking the mayhem occuring below.

"I can honestly tell you there is nothing you'll need to do except relax and enjoy your break. We've had you working hard, and you seemed to have more group members including this... Shirtless elf. Would somebody get a shirt?" Sarah asked, turning to the technicians.

"Where exactly will we be going on this vacation?" Seras asked, feeling very suspicious of this.

"Hey! My master is a Hylian not an elf! He comes from a long of line of heroes spanning back to when people lived in the sky!" Link was starting to question the whole hero thing himself. Why were all the heroes named Link and why were there so many Zeldas... He was starting to question if there was actually more than one Ganondorf. He really seemed lost in that thought.

Ness blinked twice as she followed suit with the others on the lift and looked down toward the chaotic scene. ....Getting lost in that would be tragic... was the first thing that came to her mind as she looked before she stepped back and tilted her head again, seeing Reginald blush. "I understand that... That place looks like half of the city compressed down there..." She stepped back to Jess' side and continued to wait.

Amelia paused for a moment or two, not really sure of what to make of the offer. "...Would it be alright if people could opt-out of this...?"

Sarah nodded, looking to Navi. "My mistake then. A shirt for the Hylian." she then turned to Amelia. "Yes, of course. If you truly want to, you can opt to not visit. I would understand completely. I would ask you to consider however."

She then turned to Seras. "We recently found a universe with an Earth that's utterly deserted of human life. We've been putting small resorts on the smaller islands, and planning on how to use the resources on the mainland. We'll be sending you to one of the smaller islands. Nice place to stretch your legs and enjoy the breeze, without having to worry about assassins or death."

"...An island? I'm...I'm not sure I want to go either..." Seras said as she remembered her last visit to an island.

"Oh come on, why are you two such wet blankets?" Axton chided Seras and Amelia.

"An unexplored planet... interesting." Samus seemed interested.

...Human life...? That doesn't exclude anything else.... Amelia thought to herself before simply scratching behind her horns as Axton talked at her. "Right... Give me a little time..." She said with a bit of a sigh toward Sarah.

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