We Are Our Avatars VIII: Interdimensional Jaunt. (Closed up, thanks for playing.)

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Sarah nodded, acknowledging Amelia's statement as a technician arrive, grinning lamely with a shirt in his hands. He held it out to Link.

"So...when do we leave?" Axton asked, never one to just sit around and wait.

Samus looked at Axton, guessing the man was eager to get some downtime.

Link took the shirt and put it on. He gave a friendly thumbs up for the technician before he fished into his rupee bag and gave the man a blue rupee.
Navi crossed her arms and frowned a bit "I still bet that this vacation is going to have something horrible happen on it!"

Those that could read english would realize Link's new shirt read 'world's best grandma'. Sarah looked to Axton. "You can leave right now, if you'd like." she told Axton.

"Sweet. Let's go." Axton said.

Seras scratched at her head some more as she wondered what to do.

Link wasn't the best at reading English so he hadn't really figured out what the shirt said, but Navi sure did. Which resulted in uproarious laughter. Link frowned at Navi before he got out a bottle and put her in it before he put it where it came from.

Samus read Link's shirt, smiling slightly, then looked to Sarah. "How do we get there? Is there another teleporter?"

Link frowned at Samus. He obviously didn't find his shirt funny at all.

"Just take the teleporter you came in on. It'll route you to the island."

Lauren raised up her hands and wooted, turning around and heading back into the teleporter. "Gonna be gettin my sun on!"

Axton followed onto the teleporter. Seras slowly inched toward the teleporter.

Samus stepped onto the teleporter, ignoring Link's look.

Amelia paused for a moment or two as she contemplated going on the trip along with the others. ...I hope those monks won't be angry with me for being away so long... The rapier vibrated for a moment or two and the sheepgirl scratched the back of her head in response. ...I hope they have swimsuits over there... I'd rather not go skinnydipping..

With that, she slowly stepped onto the teleporter, still looking conflicted.

Link stopped and handed a list to Sarah. Navi explained this to Sarah "We would want to know if you have any of these items that you could have us borrow"
The list read as such A bomb bag, bombs for said bag, a bow and arrows, any better swords you have, any better shields you have, a boomerang, a hook shot, any magical rods of fire or ice origins, a compass, some maps, a large hammer, and anything else of magical origin... Oh and lots of bottles that are able to carry magical potions

The teleporter began humming. Sarah nodded, taking the list. "We'll get it to you. Once you return, the goods should be here."

Seras got onto the teleporter.

Samus put her helmet back on as the teleporter warmed up.

Jess rested her hands behind her head as she looked out at the opening to the Market, whistling once again. Glancing back at Ness, she answered, "We already used up all the horizontal space where we live, but lack of space doesn't stop people from having kittens. So we just have to make living spaces smaller to compensate."

Amelia continued to stand on the teleporter, idly tapping the toe of her foot on the floor.

Ness paused for a few moments, not able to imagine a city getting that crowded. "I see... And your people can't build up higher than they already have?" She blinked once before looking a small bit shocked. "Wait.... ALL the horizontal space? Like your planet's surface consists of one enormous metropolis?"

The teleporter began sparking and charging, before activating. The group would now find itself in a room inlaid with wood paneling, and a nice wooden door.

The elevator Jess and Ness rode would shudder to a halt, dismissing the two and the people that rode with them at the foot of the market. The insectoid would leap into the air, heading for the rocket. The others simply walked away, the creatures in suits walking away stiffly. The normal humans disembarked, and the jester ran off, giggling with delight. The markets noise would be an uproar, making conversation difficult.

Axton walks over to the door and tries to open it.

Samus took off her helmet as they arrived in the wooden room, looking around.

"Pretty much. There's only so big of buildings we can make with our current resources without them threatening to collapse under their own weight." Jess replied to Ness, lowering her right arm to hang at her side and scratching the back of her head with her left as she continued. "Not exactly. We don't actually live on the surface of our planet." As the lift reached its destination and the noise of the market became apparent, Jess frowned as her ears folded for a moment. Ugh...Always with the loud noise...

Amelia shook her head as the teleporter finished shoving them across the dimensions. ....Ugh... This is something you just can't used to... She stumbled off the platform for a bit before regaining her balance and looking around.

"And I'm guess that means you're underground..." Ness replied, slowly slipping her hands into her labcoat pockets. Then that makes a little more sense... You have to dig the hole before you build in it... As the lift opened up to the roar of the marketplace, Ness frowned a small bit, not because of the noise, but as she noticed Jess' ears folding down. She quickly brought up her PDA and tapped a few keys on it. A moment or two later, she showed the screen to Jess as it displayed some text. "But.... why do you not live on the surface? On an unrelated note: Do you want some earplugs? We could probably get our knight buddy to get you some."

The group, when opening the door, would find themselves in a small cabin set in some jungle. The cabin was well stocked with plenty of clothing, as well as bathing suits, all sorts of mundane food and drink, along with working utilities.

Reginald watched the girls, waiting for them to indicate readiness.

Axton started looking over the food while Seras looked for any cloths that would protect her from the sun.

Not hearing Ness' reply over the din of the Market, Jess glanced at the screen Ness showed her. Not having any way to quickly communicate complex replies non-verbally, Jess did her best to wave her hands to gesture the phrase "I'll tell you later". She then shook her head to Ness and attempted to gesture "I'll be fine in a minute". She placed her hands over her ears for a moment and shut her eyes. A moment later, she opened them back up and her ears stood back in an alert state, Jess no longer seeming to be bothered by the noise. Jess finally looked back to Reginald expectantly.

Amelia raised an eyebrow at the clothing and moreso at the setting outside, not used to ever seeing such a massive amount of green before. Geez... it looks really thick out there, way thicker than that forest or the one back home... I guess that's how things go when humans don't exist... maybe.

Ness tilted her head at the gesture but just nodded in response, somewhat getting the idea. She seemed a little more confused by what the catgirl was doing afterward, but seeing the ears pop back up, she nodded. Afterward, the fedora girl gave Reginald a thumbs up.

Samus stepped into the cabin. "...quaint. Simple." She looked around for a window, wanting to get a better look at the outside environment.

Seras would find a single hoodie and pair of jeans.

Samus would hear, in the distance, the sound of the ocean.

Reginald smiled at Vanessa, and began walking into the market. "Here, you can buy just about anything in existence. There are a number of parts shops, innumerable merchants selling interesting foods, and quite a few golem merchants." as he spoke, they wandered past several merchants selling the meat off of carcasses not from Earth, along with several stands of exotic fruit.

Seras was glad for these cloths, but also wondered if there was any place to get more.

Axton exited the shack.

Amelia blinked and looked over the selection of bathing suits available. Well, well... Looks like I got what I asked for...

Ness followed after, looking over the food stands as the paladin spoke. He might notice there was a noticeable twinkle in her eye once a parts shop was mentioned. As she looked at the stands, she shuddered a small bit at the sight of the carcasses, but otherwise looked to simply be observing and not particularly interested in buying anything. ...Most of this stuff is probably out of my price range anyway...

Jessica walked along in the Market with Reginald and Ness, staying as close as she could so as to avoid getting lost in the crowd. Her ears were trained on Reginald, rotating atop her head to keep pointing at him as much as they could as she glanced around the marketplace. As she looked around at the closest stands, she swallowed some saliva that had begun pooling in her mouth. Haven't eaten at all since I got here...

Hearing the ocean, Samus exited the shack with Axton, looking for the coastline.

"See any bathing suits you liked?" Axton asked Samus as he noticed her following him.

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