We Are Our Avatars VIII: Interdimensional Jaunt. (Closed up, thanks for playing.)

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Looking Axton over, the woman shrugged casually. "You're free to do as you wish. But just having the view and maybe surfing to do for.... as long as you all are here will get boring eventually. The same thing happened to JD and I."

She gave Samus a nod and a smile before looking over toward Seras. "How about you, miss?"

"What? Are you marooned here or something?" Axton asked, getting a little suspicious of the situation.

Seras scratched at her head. "You...want us to explore some ruins? Is that right?" she asked.

"Naw, we're not. There's a teleporter in your cabin and the same for us and whatever other cabins they've set up around here. We've been here a week or two." Danielle stated before pointing toward Seras. "And the only reason we're still here is due to what she said. We were screwing around and moving through the jungle when suddenly we found this big ass rocky gate in a clearing." She explained, seeming to get a small bit more excited. "It had weird markings and everything and it looked aaaawesome~! But of course, I wanted to check it out... but not with just JD. It's dark in there and he'd start screwing with me."

JD chuckled a small bit to himself as Danielle sighed. "Anyways, I'm pretty sure the place is abandoned... and like I said, not much else to do here unless you just want to watch the sunset. I understand either way." She concluded, sticking her hands into her jean short pockets.

"So you think this place is dangerous?" Axton asked, seeming slightly more interested.

"Strange markings?" Samus said, standing up.

Danielle shrugged a small bit as she looked toward Samus. "I can't exactly tell you what they were... They were pretty weird is all I can see...." She said sighing before she looked toward Axton. "...I honestly can't be too sure... I'm hoping that that isn't the case... since it doesn't look like any of us are armed and I'm no good with close combat anyway..."

Axton smirked and tossed out his turret in front of Danielle. It would not shoot anyone and would just pivot passively. "Also, did you not see the cannon on her arm?" he asked while pointing to Samus.

Seras felt the revolver she still had on her.

"My suit may be able to translate them. And..." Samus held up her arm cannon, the tip opening up and a missile sliding into place.

Danielle blinked and then hopped back as she noticed the group was a hell of a lot more armed than she expected. JD looked over and blinked in surprise as well. "I didn't think that was a cannon... I just thought it was some odd alien attachment!" She said, exasperated and taking a few more steps back. ...They might blow the place on top of our heads with all of this... Ugh... Now I'm actually hoping there's nothing in there... She raised an eyebrow toward Samus. "How...? Are you from this universe or something?"

Samus retracted the missile, her arm cannon reverting to normal. "My helmet has a scan visor with a myriad of translation software. It may be able to figure out what the markings mean."

"Technically that's what it kinda is. The whole suit was made by aliens. And I don't think any of us are from here. Why do you ask?" Axton said to Danielle.

Seras tried to hide her gun away again.

Danielle blinked twice before idly scratching behind her hair and messing up her already messed up hair even further. "...If you're sure..." She said simply toward Samus before looking to Axton and shrugging. "I asked because if she was from this universe, her being able to read the markings would make some sense... like she was some sort of long lost ancestor to whatever built the ruins."

She was focused on Axton and Samus and didn't notice Seras stashing her gun.

"Well I suppose I'll go with you." Axton said as his turret finally went away.

"I suppose I'll come too." Seras chimed in as well as she awkwardly had her revolver shoved into her belt.

"It seems to be settled then. We'll all go."

Danielle looked around to the others and nodded, smiling for the first time. "Great to hear, you all. So we'll meet up when you guys get up. Anyway, the night's still young. You all have fun." She said before turning on her heels and turning to walk away. JD watched Danielle move forward and slowly got up. "Right.... Just look for us on the beach. The big-chested blondie knows the way to our house if you don't see us anyway." He said, pointing a thumb toward Seras before beginning to walk off himself.

Seras frowned in displeasure at JD's comment.

Samus turned and started heading back to the building the group had arrived here in.

Axton and Seras also followed Samus.

When they arrived back in the hut, Samus detached her arm cannon, taking it off and holding it In her hand as she waited for Seras and Axton.

Axton and Seras entered the hut.

"We should get everything we need sorted, then rest. We don't know what to expect tomorrow."

"What do we need to get sorted?" Axton asked Samus.

"Whatever you think you'll need." Samus replied.

"Eh, I should be fine. Would be nice to get something to eat though...Do they intend to feed us here? Probably should have asked about that."

"This place is meant to be a holiday home. There's bound to be a kitchen." Samus picked up her helmet with her free hand and began looking around the building, partly to find the kitchen and partly to find a bedroom.

Samus would find that there was in fact a kitchen, which Lauren had commandeered and turned into a workshop. her weapon was taken apart, and a number of strange electrical devices were laid out on the table. She worked silently, managing a small toolkit carefully.

As Samus walked around, she'd eventually find a kitchen parting off from the main room they had found themselves in. It was pretty basic. It had a fridge, stove, wooden cabinets and a wooden dining table. Once they'd open either the cabinets or the fridge, they'd see it was stocked with food, some normal looking, others completely alien.

She'd also see a small row of bedrooms on her way over.

OoC: Nevermind again...?

Axton wasn't actually hungry, but his mind never really strayed far from the subject of food, so he walked into the kitchen. Not being able to help himself, he started to fiddle the the various alien odds and ends spread out on the table.

Seras felt her sleep schedule was all messed up by this point, so she looked around for some beds so she could go to sleep for the night.

Samus examined the alien parts, but didn't touch them. She headed over to the fridge, opening it and looking inside

Link had put on a new shirt though he was still wearing the same pants. His new shirt was a green T-shirt with a hylian crest on it. He wasn't quite sure what was with this strange fabric and design of it but it was better than just going around without a shirt. He moved to the kitchen and was trying to figure out how a stove worked. He turned a knob on the stove before stepping back and looking confused at it.

Lauren's weapon would seem to have a number of mirrors, and a few things that would be described as laser generators by those technologically adept.

The fridge was filled with food, much like the cabinets.

As Seras looked around, she'd find a few rooms with small blank nameplates hanging on the fronts of the doors. The rooms themselves were much like the main room, simply furnished with a bed, a desk and a closet. Most all had a window that had a great view of the beach or the jungle.

Axton continued to look at the various bits, not really picking up on the laser bits.

Seras entered a room and prepared for bed.

Samus closed the fridge, backing off. She had had quite a hearty meal on the Predator ship, and thanks to her altered body she wasn't hungry again quite yet. She backed out of the kitchen, making her way into one of the bedrooms.

Link turning the knob would cause one of the coils on the stovetop to begin to glow red hot and the heat would slowly begin to fill the room.

Samus would find all the rooms were unmarked.

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