We Are Our Avatars VIII: Interdimensional Jaunt. (Closed up, thanks for playing.)

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"You might want to get yourself cleaned up a little." Axton commented as he saw Lauren's bloody armor.

"It's fine." Seras said while glaring at Axton, who failed to notice. "So you're feeling better?" she asked.

"Eh, doing better 'en I was yesterday. Still bit woozy, but nuthin' too bad." Lauren explained, grabbing some orange juice from the freezer.

On the beach, an orb of crackling lightning appeared for a split second, leaving a thin layer of glass and a prostrate form where it landed.

"Well, good to see you're recovering well. The tiger should still be outside if you want to...do anything with it." Seras said.

Axton and Seras heard the lightning but assumed it to just be a distant storm.

Lauren shook her head. "No point, I'm afraid. No killin', no collectin'. I'll pick a fight with something else sometime." after speaking, she sucked down about half the orange juice from the carton.

The form climbed out of its hole, and hissed lightly. It looked like a thin, half melted lizard, body painted all in black with white checkerboard applied over it. It reached out with obe sinewy limb and pulled itself forward slowly. Where it touched, anything living on the sand died.

"I...hope you're joking. About trying to find something else like that tiger." Seras as she stared at Lauren.

Axton finished up his breakfast and started cleaning dishes. "If you're going hunting some time, I'd be happy to some along." he said to Lauren.

"How do we know we're allowed to hunt the animals on this planet? Some of them might be rare, or even endangered." Seras said, trying to more reasonable about the situation. She wasn't an animal rights activist or anything, but she was opposed to the idea of simply walking into a jungle and killing random animals.

Lauren shrugged. "Doubt it matters. This world seems thriving to me. Wouldn't be surprised if there were only flourishing species, what with humans not being born here. And I might take you up on that offer, gun boy. I get last hit though." she said, grinning under her mask.

The strange lizard slowly pulled itself off the beach and entered the jungle. It picked up speed, and left a trail of death and decay in its wake.

"I make no promises little lady. I've never been good at taking things down without killing the shit out of them." Axton said with a smirk.

Seras facepalmed at the two.

Lauren looked Axton over, and shrugged. "Guess I'll just have to put some effort in."

The creature wandering the forest picked up speed, and its hiss became an echoing laughter that would be heard throughout the jungle.

Axton chuckled at thing and moved to sit down again. "But, hey, wouldn't you rather just go swimming or something?" he asked Lauren.

Seras roller her eyes and left the kitchen to sit in the living room. Both of them didn't really care about the laughter, thinking someone on the island was having a good time.

I want to personally thank all who participated in WAOA Thread VIII, and apologize to those who grew invested in this story despite its failings and stuck with it through the end. I'm afraid this thread lacks the needed amount of people to continue being done, and my loss of interest only hurts the thread at this point.

I leave it to you to magic out your characters, either to reuse or to be forgotten in the world of WAOA as you see fit. I hope you all had a pleasant experience with this thread. I'm closing up WAOA VIII, and leave you to type out whatever epilogues you see fit. if you wish to, you may presume the in-universe organization WAOA found the origins of the people here, and sent them home.

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