We Are Our Avatars VIII: Interdimensional Jaunt. (Closed up, thanks for playing.)

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"Ah, yes. That explains it. I'm Samus."

"Hehe... Nice to meet ya then. Guess y'all ain't much for talking." The shadow replied jovially before he seemed to pause for a moment. "...But I gotta ask..." JD said before walking over and tapping on Samus' suit casually, crouched like a frog as he did. "Aren't you burning up in this thing? It ain't like something's gonna hop out of the brush and try to blast ya with plasma or something..."

As he was more focused on Samus, the shadow didn't notice Seras walking up and looking him over.

Seras felt it would now be awkward for her to introduce herself, so she stayed silent.

Axton stared at the figure.

The suit made a small, metallic ping as JD tapped it. "It has air circulation and temperature control. I feel more comfortable with it than without."

JD tilted his head a bit. "Hoo... Some fancy stuff then..." He rubbed his chin a bit afterward before standing back up and noticing Axton's stare. "....You checkin' me out, dude?" He said, the smile coming back onto his face before he made a quick pose, the outline of the shadow's butt becoming more prominent.

As he was doing this, he noticed Seras and gave her a quick wave. "You a new lady too, miss? Don't think I've seen ya around."

"Maybe." Axton said with a small nod.

"Yes I am new here. My name is Seras." Seras said.

JD chuckled a small bit in response to Axton before looking to Seras and nodding. "Nice ta meet ya then, miss. Name's JD."

"So...How long have you been staying here?" Seras asked.

"Hmmm..... It's been a while to be honest...." JD said after a moment or two of pausing. "I got no sense of time, but it's been a few days at least. Still, it's been pretty nice around here... so I sure as hell ain't gonna complain." He stated, stretching himself out a bit before looking Seras over, though with his eyes not visible, this would be hard to notice. Wouldn't mind staying a little longer...

"Are there any shops here that sell cloths?" Seras asked, not really noticing the look she was attracting from the shadow man.

"Uh.... There isn't much here, shop-wise..." JD said, lazily scratching the back of his head. "I honestly don't know if there's one that sell clothes... As you can see...." He opened his arms to show off his form for effect. "...I ain't got much use for 'em. I know someone else here walks around here a lot... maybe they'll be able to help ya more..."

"I'd appreciate any help." Seras said to the shadowman.

"Hmmrow?" Jess hummed to herself and glanced over at Ness when she felt something poking into her side from that direction. Noticing the PDA screen's text, she read it over for a moment. She responded to it with a raised eyebrow and a tentative, curious nod.

"If y'all don't mind a little walk, then sure I can introduce ya to my roommate." JD stated, yawning a small bit as he turned on his heels. "Then again, y'all are new. This place is worth looking around." He said, turning toward the vibrant sunset.

Seeing her nod, Ness nodded a small bit, keeping her expression neutral. She typed out a few more characters and showed Jess the next screen. "Then what do you think of walking into that brothel and getting some info out of the owner and his workers...? .....Aaaand depending on their answers, burning/blowing it up?"

"Lead the way."

Jess read the next screen Ness presented to her and mulled over the contents of it for a bit. After a short while, she let out an exaggerated sigh and shook her head.

Reginald continued walking. "And then there are all the churches, there's the worshiping of Buddha, Ersu, Pelor, Kord, God, Lucifer, The northern star, Santa Claus, F.S.M., C'thulu and his various forms, all number of alien gods...." he said, not noticing Ness and Jess's conversation.

Ness blinked twice before sighing herself and stashing the PDA away. She simply gave Jess a nod before continuing to walk forward. ...It was worth a shot anyway.... As they walked past the churches, Ness seemed to be a bit less interested in everything, though she looked them over to see how the architecture was like. "It's nice to see that this place is open to almost everything." She called out half-distractedly, her mind still on the brothel.

"Alrighty then. Anyone else that wants to follow after, go ahead." JD stated casually as he began walking back the way he had initially ran. He'd be taking his time going back, giving Seras and whoever else who followed loads of time to take in the vibrant sunset, the sound of the ocean and the tide slowly rolling onto the beach, and the vibrant plant life, blooms in shades of violet, red, gold to their other side. Some even began to dimly glow as the sun began to go down a small bit more.

Seras followed JD while Axton sat down near Samus.

Hope she's not too mad at me... Jess distractedly thought to herself as she followed along with the continuing tour. As she noticed all the churches and recognized a small few a confused look grew on her face. The hell?... They have places of worship here?... Do people just live down here or something?...

Reginald turned to Ness. "Yes, its quite nice. Several of my kinsmen were worried moving here that we would face persecution. It was quite relaxing knowing that all sorts of heathens were allowed to frolic as they pleased." he said this with restrained bitterness, features tightening for but a moment.

Ness frowned a small bit as she listened to the paladin. ....He's reminding me of that other armored man I met... She simply nodded in response, not in the mood to start an ethics debate with the tour guide. "Right...maybe we should move on then...." She suggested somewhat quickly.

She looked over as she noticed Jess seeming confused and tilted her head a bit. ...She has churches in her world, doesn't she?

As JD continued walking, he and Seras would eventually find themselves walking down a small pathway that cut through the jungle. While the path was somewhat clear, the jungle was quickly trying to reclaim its territory, plants hanging over the area and various weeds and vines in the way. JD sighed as he began nudging the things out of his way. "Just try to be careful. It's hard to see and it's easy to trip up."

With the dying light of the sun and the trees casting massive shadows, it would be like JD said, difficult to navigate through the area. With JD being a shadow, it would also be a bit difficult to keep track of him as Seras walked through.

For the moment, Jess still continued to look focused on the churches, not seeming to be paying much attention to Ness and Reginald's shout-y conversation.

Seras had very good night vision, so it wasn't that hard for her to keep up.

As she and JD moved through the brush, Seras would eventually find that they had come to a sort of grand wooden tower. It was large, but not enough so to poke up over the gargantuan jungle trees. The area was shaded, but thankfully, a large number of the bio-luminescent plants had been grown here, covering the dark area in a colorful mess of neon lights. They had gotten bright enough that it wasn't difficult to see. JD walked onward, his form seeming to temporarily swallow the colors given off as he headed toward the a doorway that had a light on in it.

As Ness waited for Reginald to move, she looked over toward Jess, seeing that she still looked confused. She walked up and tapped her once again, pulling out her PDA. "What's up? Do you see something on the buildings?"

"So you're staying here then? With a roommate?" Seras asked as she continued to follow JD. She began to wonder if following a shadowy stranger into a dark forest alone was a good idea, but she figured she could handle herself.

Reginald shook his head. "Lets keep moving. I imagine you'd like to see some of the junk shops." he suggested, moving towards the aforementioned shops in the distance.

"Yeah... pretty much...." The shadow replied lazily as he tapped on the door. "Dani! You in there?!" As he called out, there was no answer for a time. Eventually, the doorway opened to reveal a pair of red-violet eyes peeking through the crack. "Jeez.... You don't need to be so loud, JD." The eyes the soft spoken voice came from drifted to see Seras and blinked twice once they looked at her. "There's other people here? I thought they said there was no human life here.... Lyin' bastards.... Yo, you! Do you know anything about the ruins then?" The girl asked somewhat forcefully toward Seras. JD said nothing but rubbed his chin a small bit.

As Reginald moved forward, Ness nodded and followed after, waiting for Jess before she went.

Seras blinked as she was asked this question so suddenly. "Ruins? I just arrived here a little while ago..." she asked, figuring that would be answer enough.

Jess turned back to face Ness when she felt her attention being needed once again. Glancing at the screen being held in front of her and reading it, she shook her head in reply. When the tour began moving once again she followed along as usual.

Ness calmly stashed her PDA into her labcoat once more as Jess responded, seeming a small bit confused as she did. ...Then what was it...?

The eyes narrowed a bit before JD whispered something to her. There was a small sigh audible before the voice called out once more. "Alright, forget I said anything... I just hope you're not expecting ball gowns here. Come in." The door shut and JD motioned toward it theatrically.

Seras cautiously entered the building.

"So...You see many aliens where you're from." Axton asked Samus as he watched the sun go down.

"All of the time. I've probably been on more alien worlds and ships than human ones."

"Yeah? Any intelligent ones?"

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