Protectors of the Crystals, a Final Fantasy RP (Dead)

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Protectors Of The Crystals - A Final Fantasy RP

In the land of Halvor, there lived many people of different races. Some lived in peace, others couldn't stand one another. But they all still lived a somewhat peaceful life thanks to the crystals their king guarded, a duty which all members of the royal family had accepted without hesitation or temptation for generations. Living in the royal city of Alexia, they watched over the crystals and the land, making sure that everything was alright and peaceful. These crystals had been there for hundreds of years, even thousands. No one was exactly sure how long they'd been there, but no one questioned the crystals as they had helped repel the attacks of monsters along with providing with many of life's necessities and wonders, such as great fields for which to make farms on and grow crops, weather and living environment that brought many of nature's beauties and a wind for ships and airships to ride on off into the sunset.

However, things couldn't stay peaceful, for there grew a threat to this land of Halvor. The many cities and towns in it knew of it, for even though the crystals protected them and provided them with many great things, there were still tales of men who sought the crystals for their own selfish acts. Men and women of many different races. All of them were powerhungry and greedy for the crystals, a power which rivaled none other. All of them failed, but there was still the risk that someone would want the power of the crystals for themselves. The king knew about this. He also knew that a recent group of attackers attempted to raid the castle in search for the crystals, but did not succeed. That wasn't the first time they had attacked either. The power of the crystals had been weakening, and soon they would need time to recover before they could continue their work on the earth and environment around the land.

The king sent word around each of the towns and cities to send warriors, whoever they might be. He knew the crystals couldn't be kept safe in the castle underground anymore and would need to ask these warriors for their aid to keep those crystals safe until their strength returned. He couldn't ask the guards around Alexia to go after the group because he would need them to stay in the city while the crystals would be at their weakest in case the monsters around the land would attack the city and its people. He couldn't have getting his subjects killed by savage beasts. Eight cities and towns, outside of Alexia, each with warriors of varying kind and skill, who would be trusted with the protection of the crystals and be tasked with dealing with this new threat. Any moment now, they would all be assembled in the grand hall of the castle.

Welcome, players, to this Final Fantasy RP. My co-GM for this RP is PrinceOfShapeir, otherwise known as Corsair. Now that I've gotten your attention with the setting above, I would like to go over a few rules.

I'm looking for eight players including myself and Corsair. I want to see more than one person apply for each class so that I can have options to pick from, if possible, at least two people applying for each class.

If you have any questions, me and Corsair should be able to answer them.

Post reserved for sheets.

Post reserved for sheets.

Once again, I would like to present my Black Mage Character. I hope the idea is acceptable for this setting.

EDIT: Gave Nr. I a somewhat proper alias besides a title.

Definitely interested in this and will hopefully have a sheet up in the next few days.

What kind of technology are we looking at here? I noticed that you've mentioned airships and trains, as well as the "clockwork city". How advanced are these?

Also... in terms of creatures, can we cite anything as long as it's from a Final Fantasy game?

I'm just going to leave this here.

Definitely interested in this and will hopefully have a sheet up in the next few days.

What kind of technology are we looking at here? I noticed that you've mentioned airships and trains, as well as the "clockwork city". How advanced are these?

Also... in terms of creatures, can we cite anything as long as it's from a Final Fantasy game?

There's nothing that's modern there. I would say, if you're looking for a reference from any of the FF games, it's about as advanced as Final Fantasy VI. There are guns, for example, but nothing automated. Or automatic, whichever word is correct.

And yes, you can. This is a Final Fantasy RP, Final Fantasy monsters are to be expected.

Attention, everyone.

I will be keeping submissions open until Sunday, 2nd of March, around 4 - 5 pm my time. (For reference, it's almost 3:30 pm right now for me.)

I hope to see more submissions before then.

Hello hello. Wandered in when Redlin gave me the heads up. Gotta get my snooze on right now but methinks I'll put up a sheet for a white mage after work tomorrow.

EDIT: There we go!

Submissions are now closed.

And considering that we have nine sheets when I wanted eight, everyone gets in. All the sheets look good and acceptable. I just need everyone's Skype username to add to a group there that me and Corsair have made. You can just send them to me in a PM. Expect an opening post somewhat soon.

The crystals were getting weaker with every day. King Theodoric was expecting the warriors to arrive soon. He was tired out of worry, as was most anyone else in the castle of Alexia. He paced back and forth, his wife simply watching him, unable to do much if anything to diminish his worries. At least once the warriors would come, their worries would all be lessened. The guards had all been put out on patrol around the city and along the borders of it to be ready for any possible attacks by the monsters. It was almost as if they could sense the weakness in the magic field that kept them out of the cities and towns, as many of them stalked the cities, waiting for the opportunity they would get.

Time felt like it was going slower than usual, but seemed like the crystals were getting weaker faster. It was probably the endless worrying, Theodoric thought, but he couldn't shake the feeling that the crystals were close to the end of their time. He had every magician in the castle working on trying to maintain the crystals for as long as they could, looking for a way to protect them even further if they could. So far, they hadn't been able to come up with any solutions, but they would not stop until there was nothing left for them to do. Any moment now... King Theodoric thought as he kept pacing back and forth.

He wouldn't have to wait for long as the front door opened and a group of people entered the grand hall. Theodoric's heart felt like a weight had been lifted off of it as he made his way to his throne, ready to address these warriors and tell them of what he wished for them to do.

A young Red Mage was amongst that group of people, admiring the castle in all its glory. Alexia had looked absolutely amazing on the outside, and the castle looked even better. Yuria didn't allow herself to blink often in case she missed something, causing her to actually blink more often than she normally needed to. While she was curious about this or that, she was there for a reason and couldn't let her curiosity take over. When she entered the grand hall with everyone else, she was treated to a magnificent sight.

A red carpet leading from the throne of the king and queen out to the middle of the floor, covering most of it with what appeared to be marble tiles along the sides of the carpet. The walls all around were white and black in color with the ceiling in the same colors and a silver chandelier hanging from it. There were great many windows there, glass paned with many beautiful artworks by various artists. Along the walls were many suits of armor, each with various designs as to show the many kings who had come before king Theodoric. Behind the throne was a mural with all four crystals on it, each going in a row with an element surrounding them and each element blending in with the one next to it. The far left crystal was bright red with streams of fire all around it, the second to left crystal was bright blue with water orbs all around it, the second to right crystal was bright green with gusts of wind and leaves surrounding it, and the far right crystal was light brown with floating rocks surrounding it. Each crystal was different in shape as well. The fire crystal had three protruding and swaying spikes on the top of it to show a flame, the water crystal was in the shape of a water drop, the wind crystal looked like a small tornado and the earth crystal looked like a rock.

Yuria looked up towards the throne where the king and queen sat. While the two of them were getting tired from worry, they still tried to maintain the same confident look they always kept up for their subjects to show them that there was indeed hope, and that their rulers were just and fair towards everyone, not abusing their power for cruelty. King Theodoric had straight brown hair that reached down a little past his shoulders, with his beard in the same color, reaching a bit further down than his hair. His eyes were bright blue and he wore an outfit fit for a king. All of his clothes were red, even the royal cape he wore even though the fluff under it was white. He wore an ornate tunic decorated with many jewels in various colors, ranging from cerulean to crimson to jade to purple and to other various colors, pants made of the finest cloth and boots reaching half way to his knees. The queen wore a beautiful dress made from the finest silk there was, light yellow and orange in color, also decorated in various jewels but not in as many ranging colors as those of her husband's tunic. They varied from white to red to orange to yellow, and some variations of each of those four colors. Her hair was blonde and reached down towards her midriff and lower back, and her eyes the same blue color the king had, but hers were more soothing than bright.

While these were many warriors, Theodoric expected there to be more. "From where do you all come?" he addressed them all in his deep and powerful voice. He was quickly given an answer from a select few in the group that they were from Byron, Victus, Lumalna and Durakia. "Then while we wait for the rest to come, I want you all to feel comfortable. Be at home. Ask my servants of anything you may need or want while we wait." He didn't want to have to wait, but it was inevitable that some would come sooner than others.

However, it wasn't long before the rest of the warriors arrived to the grand hall, seeing that others had been quicker than they to arrive. The king gave a preemptive smile before asking the ones that had now arrived into the grand hall. "I assume that you all are the arrivals from the other four cities, Marlon, Arnetis, Klovar and Ersyr?" When the responses from the warriors were positive, the king stood up from his throne. "Then I want to welcome each and every one of you here. As you may all know, you have all been summoned here for a great task. I cannot ask my guards to do this, since I need them here in my city, the city that I've been tasked to protect along with all the other cities around Halvor. What I ask of you is dangerous and I don't know the full extent of the danger myself. You have the option to leave if you so wish. But Halvor needs you. I need you. The people in every city, your families waiting for you at home. Are there any who desire to go back home before this task is over?"

No one walked out. No one showed a sign that they would leave right now. Theodoric was very pleased with everyone who had arrived. "I thank each and every one of you, from the bottom of my heart and for the hand of everyone in Halvor." Before continuing, he stepped down closer to the warriors, stopping in the middle of the stairs leading from his throne down to the floor. "Your task is to head over to the mountains northeast from here where we are certain there is a group of people who have a plan to take the crystals away. While that might not sound too bad, note that you'll be traveling along dangerous grounds and heights littered with monsters who have no desire other than to hunt and kill to survive and show their superiority. Your method of transportation is an airship that I will provide for you, and a crew for the airship which will help you with traveling there, lead by captain Mira Highwind. I'm sure that you may have some questions for me, so if there are any, then I will answer them to my best ability. But I ask that it will not take too long, for I would like you all to leave as soon as possible to deal with this threat." Theodoric took a good look over the group as he waited for any possible questions.

Gerhard took the time during the trip to look at his company. The few who had heeded the call to action seemed for the most part to be sons of farmers clad in secondhand leather armor. There were a few mercenaries who looked moderately confident in their abilities and who had rallied when monsters attacked them in earnest. Of most interest to Gerhard was the fact that the White Mage Vaila had joined. He had always dismissed her as a stuffy, intellectual type who looked down at him and the other drunks of Byron when they stumbled past where she plied her trade. It was a genuine surprise that she would sign up for adventure.

"Wonder how long she'll last in action." scoffed Gerhard to himself as they made their way into Alexia.

The beauty of the capital itself managed to stir the heart of even the bitterest of Black Mages and Gerhard couldn't help himself from gazing at the elegant architecture that characterized this most important of Halvor Holds. When they were marched up to the palace gates, Gerhard noted that among the guards there was many a Black Mage hat dotted among the battlements. Not for the first time since he agreed to join the cause did he begin to feel anxious about his own abilities. Shoving it aside, he loudly bellowed while they were waiting.

"Isn't the King in a hurry? We're here now." he spoke loudly.

A few glares from the guards did not perturb him and Vaila's particular look of disgust made him chuckle. They were led directly to the throne room through the corridors of the palace and at last Gerhard got to see the face of the man he owed his allegiance to. The King and his chamber were as ornate as Gerhard had dreamed about when he was a lad but he couldn't help but notice the distinct look of great stress that played among Theodoric's face when he thought nobody was looking. Still, he put on the effort to give them a grand welcome and he did not seem to judge those from the lower classes like some of the guards had. Overall Gerhard was impressed. This was not an aristocrat who was out of touch with reality.

"Are there any who desire to go back home before this task is over?" asked the King at the end of his welcome speech.

And go back to be the laughing stock of Byron? I'd rather become the royal caretaker than endure that.

Gerhard, like all those who had accompanied him, stood firm. He understood the danger and in fact welcomed it. It would be preferable to die in the service of Alexia than to finally make a slip and be devoured by monsters in the service of the men who had stolen his youth from him. He stood quiet, waiting for instructions. He had never been on an airship but he assumed there would be alcohol to be found aboard it.

At the King's mention of her Mira stepped forward, her face a stern and steely mask, her Dragon helm tucked under her arm. A familiar face, she could be seen in a dozen offices throughout the Empire, a painting of her staring down from the deck of an airship, demanding to know if you had what it took to join the Airship Corps.

Mercifully they had stopped having her publicly speak.

Now she was here, against her protests. The Alexander and her crew could handle this mission without the need for a pack of dilettantes and gloryhounds, but she had been countermanded. And she could grudgingly admit that some of these could and perhaps would be useful on this assignment, but to a man they lacked discipline and respect for command. That would be quite frustrating, as would having to use an understrength crew to save billeting space.

It was a day perfectly concocted to annoy her.

Nr. i

In the darkness the Black Mage waited. He felt no sense of location or passage of time. Time flowed like a river around and through him as his eyes settled on the old door, vacantly wondering what needed to be shot at next. The stench of decaying flesh and bone registered in his nostrils since being summoned here by the Arcanists. They wanted him to wait here for something, forbidding him to leave, and they had the look of excitement and haste on their faces. They would poke and prod him and then leave, but each time they brought more bodies black and lifeless of mana. Then the Arcanists stopped coming to the holding chamber altogether. Things clacked and clattered in the room beyond over time as if something was happening. Another order echoed in the Black Mage's head as they happened: "Fry anyone who comes in here who's not us." As quickly as the noises happened they stopped. And silence took hold of the chamber again.

Then the Arcanists came to him again. They festooned on him the clothes he wore when he was sent beyond the chamber, taking great care to fasten the mask upon his face. Murmurs and whispers echoed as they urged him outside. Only one of the gathering was speaking things to him, and showing images for the Black Mage to remember. The route was new to him; most of the jobs were in Byron and Ersyr, and the towering buildings were not familiar at all. Halfway through the escort the Arcanists left him for parts unknown. The directions to the main building still lingered in his memory, though the purpose was kept vague. "Report to this man and do whatever he says." was all they said to him. "For all purposes, you are Engbyr again, taking this job and doing whatever it takes."

Time passed again and the Black Mage arrived. He saw the man in the image addressing a crowd of people. Each of them looked like they were contracted for the same thing. He replied as the others have; a neutral response of, "Victus."

Then the congregation gathered they scattered, though he stood where he was eyes focused on the man in the image. And a quickly as they left, they came together again focused on the man as he was. Then came the task:

"Your task is to head over to the mountains northeast from here where we are certain there is a group of people who have a plan to take the crystals away.... Your method of transportation is an airship that I will provide for you, and a crew for the airship which will help you with traveling there, lead by captain Mira Highwind. I'm sure that you may have some questions for me, so if there are any, then I will answer them to my best ability. But I ask that it will not take too long, for I would like you all to leave as soon as possible to deal with this threat."

"Where is the airship?" 'The Fat Bird' asked, eyes staring through his mask. Gradually protocol began to set in.

"Captain please!"
"The order was all hands on deck, Lieutenant Serafine, and we're already spread thin. All the cities need constant 24-hour protection-"
"I don't care! I put in my request a month ago, and you're telling me that I can't go?!?"

The Captain of the Guard, Acteon, glowered over Lilianna. He was a decade older, streaks of gray starting in his dark hair. Normally, they would never be having a conversation at this volume, but this was important.

"Look I-" Anna took a deep breath, wiping away the stray hair from her forehead. "I've already arranged for Major Isa to take my place, you won't even notice I'm gone! I'm going to be more help out there knocking monsters around than staying on a wall watching them prowl around outside! The crystals are dying, and the king called for warriors from all the cities. Outside are a group of mercenaries, militia, i saw a man walk in with a pitchfork! Who better-" She moved to look him in the eye. "Who better to join the ranks, Captain? You've trained me yourself, you know what I can do! I'm a trained soldier, a warrior, and a servant to the crown."

They stared at each other for a long time. But he was considering her position, which was all that mattered. She could glare all day. Finally the Captain sighed, massaging his temples, and Anna knew she had him. "Give my regards to the Captain." "Yes, sir." "Dismissed."

Lilianna bowed and exited, making sure the door was closed before doing a fist pump in victory. That was all the celebration she could afford right now, though, since by the look of things, they had already started. Right, Left, Left, Right, Straight... Lilianna knew the castle like the back of her hand by now, coming out into the throne room through a side door. Between the servants, guards, and "warriors", she was able to slip in unnoticed. Quick scan of the crowd, and of course, Captain Highwind was on the other side, looking like she had a particularly big stick up her rear this morning. Now that she thought about it, Mira was going to be in charge of all these people. I bet she's gonna regret having an Airship now She decided it would be better to stay where she was for now. At the end of the day, all roads would lead to the Alexander.

Dagon had walked into town on foot the previous night, sleeping near the palace gate. With some rags over his head to cover his head, most would have mistaken him for a common vagabond. He kept the rags on his head as he woke up and went into the castle. He stayed near the back, looking up at the images of the crystals. He put his right fist into his open left palm and bowed before the images, muttering a prayer as the king gave his opening speech. He felt bad about not listening, but piety took priority.

He managed to listen to the King give the instructions on what had to do, and Dagon gave a quick salute, sprinting off towards the shipyard. I shall board the ship and depart POSTHASTE! The fact that he didn't know where the ship was, who knew where to find it, or what the ship was even called didn't seem to faze him. He had an order to protect the crystals from the king! The gods would guide him to his destination!

The royal capital Alexia...What an absolute delight to be walking these streets, the white mage thought to herself as she made her way through the well kept streets towards the castle. The cultural centre of all Halvor. The very seat of the kingdom itself! Glorious! She had to make a point of keeping her expression neutral, else she'd be liable to be walking around with a grin on her face, which she reminded herself, would be very unprofessional given what she was here for.

And then it was time. The castle. She spoke barely a word once inside, only doing so when the king asked them where they were from. She considered momentarily asking for further information about the That wouldn't be right. Undoubtedly, the king had a spymaster to keep him well informed. This mission would surely not have eventuated if he wasn't certain. And then there was Captain Highwind. She would of course relay all the information they needed.

She did wish however, that she could have as much confidence in her fellow volunteers. Of particular concern was the mage Gerhard. Vaila knew of him. He had quite the reputation around Byron. Unpleasant, frequently drunk and, she noted as he asked about the king's haste while they had been waiting, definately rude. Her rat-like nose twitching in irritation as he made the small scene. Granted, she'd heard the stories around town as to what had made him so unsavoury. Anyone who'd been in Byron for any length of time did after a while. But even so...This was the royal castle! Was it too much to ask him to conduct himself with some decorum here?

Banishing the dirty look from her face, Vaila returned her expression to normal and averted her gaze from the unpleasant black mage, casting her eyes around to take in the other adventurers, the royals and the castle at large.

The trip was a royal pain in the ass, that was for sure. The conditions were less then acceptable. Simo said that it was important that the Rangers of Arnetis remain humble and eschew all extravagant means of living, but it was hardly fitting of a shooter with his talents. Surely someone who was summoned by the King himself deserved a little better? A fine carriage, stocked with liquors, pulled by the finest golden chocobos that the kingdom had in its stable? Not some loping journey through the backwaters of Halvor, hitched to an inferior brown variant. It's because of that he had a rotten recovery period and was a little late getting in for the meeting. But they could wait. Surely a shooter with his talents couldn't be left behind. They would be stabbing themselves in the eye if they did.

The trip was the latest factor flipping the coin in Rowen's mind regarding his allegiances between his blood and his craft. However, he still got more out of his place of training then the meager familial strings connecting him to Lumalna. Hence when the King asked where he was from, he answered Arnetis. Hell, why was that even a question? They ain't been connecting to me at all, 'cept for sending Micallef after me. Couldn't even be bothered to come in person. They'll see. I'll prove my worth. I'll prove I'm the best shooter in the land. They'll be proud of me once I save this place. They'll have to give me the praise I deserve. They'll have-

Rowen's internal self-grandising tuned out a lot of the King's speech, finally coming back in when he heard the details on this trip they were taking. More rough travel, into the mountains. The upside would be if they got there first, defense would be easy: high ridges made for great positions when it came to taking shots. The news that it would be an airship taking them through the rocky terrain was also a plus. Finally some proper treatment! The short-lived smirk on his face was wiped off when the captain stepped forward, and boy did she look pleasant to deal with. Aw hell. Figures we get the typical, uptight 'I'm fighting against the patriarchy so I must be a hardass' type bitch. That's going to be fun to deal with. He looked around at the other warriors standing as the objects of the King's attention. Don't tell me she's the only other human here too? Jeez, rat, horns, no fucking clue, ears, no fucking clue, and a goddamn cat. Holy fuck. This is going to be one long-ass trip. Well that looks like another thing I won't be getting out of this.

Question period had apparently started, as some of the others started asking for details. One of the unknowns asked where the ship was, and Rowen was inclined to back up that question. "Yeah, when can we get outta here so I can do what I do best?" And get this over with so I can get back home to reap the rewards?

The two questions that seemed to arise from the crowd was where the airship was and when they would be leaving. It was good to know that there wouldn't be time spent on too many questions. "Right now. Captain Mira will lead you towards the airship bay where the Alexander is docked. While you are aboard her ship for the duration of this mission, she will be acting as your leader. Any questions, concerns, inquiries and other such things should be directed to her and her crew. I trust that will all return safe and sound back home, after a successful mission." Theodoric returned to his throne, sitting down next to his wife, Queen Catherine, who placed a hand on his, both of them feeling more at ease, knowing that the threat would be taken care of.

Yuria had no questions of her own, instead just listening in on what the King had to say. She didn't look around at the others amongst the crowd like many others were doing, her ears perked as she listened. It was great that they would be heading out right away. Some adventure would do her good. Using her Red Mage training for something as important as this. It would do her father proud.

"With me." Mira thunped her halberd into the ground, then turned to head through a side door, and from there lead the group through the palace, heading westward and upwards until they emerged at the airship dock on the roof of the west wing of the palace. Two ships were docked there - one a beautifully crafted work of art, gold and silver decorating the hull, every timber hand carved, every bolt placed to accentuate its beauty. That was not theirs.

The Alexander lay beyond it, a titan whose shadow devoured the small pleasure ship, bristling with weapons, four great propellers hanging behind it like whirling swords. The hull was weatherworn dark wood, and while there was beauty to be seen in it there was no doubt that it was a warship, not a yacht.

"That is the Seraph, one of His Majesty's personal air craft." Mira gestured at it, her manner suggesting a certain contempt. "Under ideal circumstances it can keep up with Alexander. But make no mistake, unless you are seeking silk sheets the Alexander is the superior vessel for this and any other mission.

As they approached the boarding ramp there were two soldiers in the uniform of the Airship Corps waiting, armed with pistol and saber. They saluted Mira, which she returned. "Mister Rafen, order the boilers to run us up. Mister Dane, go to Lieutenant Safis and tell him to take the helm and put us on course as soon as we've cleared the dock."

The two soldiers nodded, saluted again, and departed. With that Mira led them up the ramp and into the cargo hold of the Alexander. "Welcome aboard the Alexander." She turned to face them, the door sliding up soon after the last of them were aboard. "It is a long journey to our destination. A few things to bear in mind: Travel by sky can be unpleasant for some, the ship's doctor is just below topdeck, he has some remedies that will help. We are using a half crew so billeting will not be a problem, crew quarters are on the third deck, just pick a billet. And while for those able to play I do appreciate it, there is no recreational drum playing on my ship. This is because if you hear the sound of drums we are beating to battle. I understand all of you are warriors, and may wish to offer aid. Do as you wish, but do not impede my crew."

"Does anyone have any questions?" As she spoke the deck shuddered and each of them could feel the Alexander take flight.

Dagon had been running in circles for several minutes, looking at several airships, even passing the Alexander a couple times before he noticed the sound of an airship taking off. "Aha! That must be my vessel!" Without any other words, he made a mad dash to the ship as it started lifting off. Noting that the ramp was too far away to make it in time, Dagon veered left and ran up onto the Seraph to get some proper elevation. The shouts of a few guards were drowned out by the ever-growing loudness of the Alexander. Heading to closest point the Seraph was to the warship, Dagon took a running start and made a grand leap to the nearest foothold he could establish. He managed to land on one of the canons, about a quarter of the way up the ship. He took a look up, and noticed an open window that seemed to go into some sort of cargo hold.

With his destination now in sight, he focused as much power as he could into his legs, making another great leap. It was right then the ship lurched as it began to actually take off, and move a few inches higher. Dagon tried to claw towards the window, but it was just out of reach. However, before he could even look down, he felt something grab his arm. Someone had reached out this window and grabbed him. "Praise the crystals, the gods have shown me favor once again!" he said, although it was drowned out by the propellers. He managed to scramble his way up, and his thin fram let him slip through the hole with ease. He tumbled though, quickly jumping up to his feet. "Thank you, kind stranger. I-" he turned around but whatever grabbed him seemed to be gone. He then noticed he was in one of the dark corners of the cargo hold. "Hm... what would anyone be doing here?" He shrugged his shoulders, willing to chalk it up to divine intervention and went to look for a crew member to direct him to the person in charge.

Roderic wasn't too concerned when he saw the group of individuals take off towards what he could assume was the destination. Roderic wasn't in any rush though, as he was confident he could get to where he needed to be in time. He had a slight concern as he watched the cargo door close. Not that it meant much to him, of course. No entrepreneurial individual like himself would be unable to climb, especially with this particular ship having so many handy footholds, ropes, and other such spaces to get a hold of.

With a quick sprint, he jumped on, and took a few quick jumps from spot to spot until he felt that it was a good enough spot to slip in. As he did so, he chuckled and leaned back taking a quick look around. Of course no one would be here, slightly to his surprise. Wasn't sure if it was luck or....

...Is that a Yuke outside? What the hell is he doing? He isn't going to make that! He had taken the time to look outside, and wasn't sure what he was seeing. Roderic thought a moment. It wasn't really his problem, so he shouldn't even be considering this. Fellow seemed to be trying his damnedest to get up, and then made another insane leap. This one truly was insane, as the ship lurched and began its takeoff.

Without a second thought, and with almost a practiced hand of grabbing gems, Roderic grabbed the Yuke's arm, and tugged him to the window. The fellow said something like "Praise the crystals" or something, but Roderic was already in the process of slipping away to another part of the hold, and seeing if there was another thing to explore.

He figured no one would mind him...unless these were the friendliest group of adventurers ever.

Gerhard boarded the ship without comment although he made a mental note of the manner of the soldiers aboard it. The captain, Mira, had already foreshadowed the atmosphere of the ship. It was clean, cold and precise.

How droll. I suppose everyone on her ship is going to act like they have a broom handle shoved up thei-

The ship shuttered suddenly as it began to ascend and Gerhard took a step to brace himself. He managed to stay on his feet while some of the mercenaries gracelessly collapsed onto the deck. One of the guards snickered.

Well at least they know a landlubber when they see one.

Readjusting his hat, he made his way to the third deck alongside a Mithrian Red Mage. Immediately she seemed to recoil in the close proximity of the stairway. She made a wry comment about his odor but Gerhard just ignored her.

"Where's the galley. I swear if all they have is Alexian wine I'm going to jump off..." he muttered.

.Nr. i

Eyes refocused to the armored one named, Mira. The congregation gathered near the new captain as she took them to the airship, so he followed suit, still keeping his gaze on her.. Arbitrary details were spoken, save for where things were on the ship; that would be stored away for now. The Black Mage eyed the large ship, the Alexander and found very little in the way of a proper entrance. He thought that it may be a quirk of airship design, but then the pressure from the ship's take-off got to him and such thoughts were tumbled away from his mind. Protocol suggested that the person entrusted may not be in control of things. Either that or unreasonable in her requests.

The Black Mage thought to follow this Mira, but her stationary stance yielded no progress, and gradually the congregation was leaving. So, he followed the group in a normal pace, looking for an entrance through their actions. He observed people leaping to ropes far above him; some of them even succeeding and making the climb to the top. There was no way the Black Mage could do that; he neither had the parameters nor the time to make such a physical leap. Others circled the airship for a gangplank or other kind of opening. It took some time, but he found some kind of way in; many people pushed and shoved their way in, not wanting to be left behind by this new handler. There was an art to shoving past people according to protocol: walk in a straight line with left shoulder to the front and arm poised to swat away people in front of him. It took some doing, but he finally made it into the airship.

While being informed of the location of rest, the Black Mage thought instead to explore the airship's facilities. He gave no response and got to making rounds inside this new ship, starting from the top deck...

Vaila smiled and gave the captain a respectful salute as she finished addressing them and the group dispersed about the ship. She did fret for a moment that she might have gotten the posture wrong, but there was no helping that now.

Gratful for an opportunity to spend some time away from the pervasive smell that lingered around Gerhard as the mage departed, Vaila stood and watched as the gleaming hull of the Seraph passed them by. No doubt the Alexander was the most suitable vessel for their current goal but she'd be lying if the prospect of silk sheets didn't have some appeal.

Smirking to herself at the thought, she made her way below decks, contemplating stopping by the ship's doctor a little later to discuss methods.

Possibly that would have to wait though. It might be a good idea to claim a billet now, preferably one near a window. She'd no experience with the dimensions of the quarters on a vessel like this, but if they were cramped you would be surely grateful of any fresh air.

Descending the stairs, it looked as though she wasn't the only one who'd come this way. Gerhard and a red mage were also on the third deck...Oh well. It didn't do to be impolite. Fixing a pleasant smile in place, she stepped off the stairs and onto the third deck.

"Welcome aboard the Alexander. It is a long journey to our destination. A few things to bear in mind: Travel by sky can be unpleasant for some, the ship's doctor is just below topdeck, blah blah blah..." Lilianna had never been aboard the Alexander, specifically, before, but it would be easier to stumble around to get her bearings rather than listen to Mira's no doubt beautiful and stimulating welcome to the throng of people. Now, the topdeck... there had to be an entrance to the captain's room somewhere. A quick question yielded a quick answer, and surprise, surprise, Mira didn't keep her room locked. She thought she saw some sign that said "Private" or "Captain's Quarters" or "Keep Out Or Die" or something. The airship took off soon after. Lilianna popped her ears, bracing herself against the wall until they had stopped ascending before looking around.

The room was boring and spartan. A small cot in the shadows, perfectly made and barely used from the looks of it, and a table bigger than the thin mattress overflowing with captain junk. Charts, a telescope, a compass... expensive stuff, top of the line... ChoCho!~ Lilianna grabbed an old, yellow toy from among the piles.

Chocho was a bright yellow stuffed Chocobo, big enough to fill the arms of a small child. She had given it to Mira when she first left to join the Airship Corps. She had also sneezed on it and slept with it a night when she was sick, hoping to get Mira sick enough so she would flunk out of the program. By the look of it, her master plan hadn't worked.

Pretty much a dead silence greeted her words. Good, she'd been concerned that she'd be caught wasting time with some gormless country bumpkin wanting her to explain how the Airship worked in one syllable words. She gave the assembled men and women a curt nod. "Very well. Then I recommend settling in. We have a long flight ahead."

She left the hold and began making the rounds, inspecting the ship from boilers to mast cables, stopping here and there to trade words with her crew.

"Simons, what's your assessment of our fighting ability with the reduced crew?"

"As far as our firepower as long as we can keep the enemy on one side we're at normal, but if we need both sides at once we're in trouble."

"Think the Mages can pick up the slack?"

"Never seen them before, no way to be sure. But I have to doubt it, Cap'n."

Mira nodded. "I believe your shift is over, if you'd like to take a shot at fleecing our guests at cards."

Simon gave her a big grin. "I'll do that, Cap'n."

"Just try not to embarrass thsm too badly." She returned to her sweep, finally ending at her quarters. She opened the door and paused - something wasn't right. She raised her halberd - then stopped as she saw who it was, the sight sending a jolt through her. Dread. Relief. Elation. Irritation. On one hand her guests included a warrior who she knew to be strong, brave, and loyal. On the other hand, she was also her bratty little sister. Give her free rein and in an hour the crew would hear of every embarassing adolescent incident, every baby story, every boyfriend, everything down to the kitten and...

Damn it she already found ChoCho?!

"Lili, what have I told you about going through my room?"

Lilianna quickly turned around, one hand behind her back with her yellow captive, the other saluting. "Greetings, Captain Highwind. Lieutenant Colonel Serafine, reporting for duty." she forced her most deadpan and flat voice, stance stiff as a board. "Captain Acteon sends his regards, and prays the crystals guide us back safely." She couldn't hold back a wry smile, cocking her head. "If you wanted me to stay out of your room, you should have kept it l-o-c-k-e-d. But since ya didn't, I took the liberty of reacquainting myself with the famed captain of the Alexander."

"And I must say my findings were very relevant!" She cheerfully brought ChoCho around and squeezed it in her arms. "You look so strict and mean out there! Is that why you're not married yet?"

"I don't keep it locked because my crew knows better." She glared at her sister. "And who are you to talk about getting married? Did you get hitched when I wasnt looking?" Her glare intensified, then she glanced at the stuffed chocobo and it broke, a laugh bursting out of her as she stepped closer and pulled Lilianna into a bear hug. "Haha, ah, I missed you, Lili."

Roderic took his time, glancing through what things sat in the cargo hold. Didn't seem like too much was in here. Just the necessary things for survival, which was food and water. Nothing wrong with that though, as he figured that it might be a good idea to come back to this place later, just in case he needed to make a hasty escape. While he wasn't too keen on leaping from the ship, he had seen people do it before. Crazy bastards, and he wasn't sure if they survived, but what they were using to do it looked simple enough, he hoped.

In any case, he decided that there wouldn't be much point in his typical 'hide in cargo hold till landing' routine, since he figured his presence wouldn't be that uncommon. The real fun might start if any of them had seen any bounties, wanted posters, or anything like that. It would make the trip a little more interesting. Not many places he could go, but then again he didn't know who else was on board yet. Maybe they would be helpful.

He wasn't going to discover much down here though, and started to make his way upstairs. He was slightly pleased as no one seemed to even notice, nor pay him any mind as he made his way to the top deck. He wanted to stand out there for a while, look at the city down below. Perhaps see if something would happen that would keep him entertained for wherever this ship was going.

"Damn nice outside...hopefully it lasts." Roderic said, largely to himself at this point. He knew it was a bad habit, but wandering about on your own tended to make bad habits like that.

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