We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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We Are Our Avatars XI

Location: Montreal - Quebec, Canada: Gash, Anik, Lambda, whoever else

"You're blind?" Miia hesitated in asking, but not only that- you could hear the sadness and surprise tucked away behind her tone. Even though she didn't do this, Miia wanted to reach out and lift the blindfold to check out Anik's eyes. But she knew better, and decided against such an action. "Oh, I was born this way. Lamias are an all female race, and we .. I would rather not get into such details for now. It's way too, uh ... 'distasteful' for people to hear."

Turning her attention to Gash, she stated in return, "So you guys were summoned here without your consent? .. Why does the universe pull such shenanigans for?? ... All I wanted was to return home to Darling Kun and be with him, not this." She sighed in defeat, missing her beloved despite he also had like five other monster girls living with him, all trying to win his heart over.

"Yes, I am blind. Nothing to worry about, though, it's ... just a normal part of me." Anik said, wondering if the blindfold had not given her blindness away, then remembering that dark shades were more common in cities. "And that sounds interesting, I would love to learn more about it. But I guess if it's not something you should tell out loud, I can wait."

Hearing what the Lamia said to Gash, Anik also chimed in: "I think most of us actually went through a portal or such on purpose, my way was just ... too much.
They said they would be able to create a way back to other worlds in a few weeks."

Dalahar uses his height to scan around the market looking for anyone he recognises. The sooner he got rid of these old seals
The better

Gash yawned, and started talking before Miia was finished. "You normally go off about your love life in front of people you just met? Because frankly, I don't give a shit."

"We use the Canadian Dollar here. And if you need to sell things, your best bet would be a pawn shop." the woman informed Shana.

"Now you have some direction at least." He said to Shona. With no use for the stalls be left to find some who would benefit from his old seals.
outside the market area in the hallway.
Dalahar looks left then right quickly before remembering where one of the waiting rooms was. He decided to head towards it

Lambda made a quiet cough, trying to draw the attention of those in the room. "I'm sorry, but things here can be... Busy. I'll happily talk to anyone that needs it, even give my number, but can the rest of you please exit to give them some space?" She tried saying that politely as possible, looking to Miia. "And I think you'll have to check in with the guards before you can leave. Normally people arrive in the designated portal zone."

outside the office
Dalahar waits outside having taken longer than expected to find the place. He heard what the pardoner had said and nodded
To himself, waiting respectfully outside.

"Fine. I'll go see what trouble I can stir up outside." Gash replied to Lambda. As she left the room, she accidentally hit the top of the doorframe with her sword resting on her shoulder, and cracked the wood/dented the metal/damaged whatever materiel it was, but she just kept walking and didn't even acknowledge it.

"I'm sorry. I guess we can wait in the waiting room." Anik said and turned to leave again, going slowly so Miia and Gash could go after her.

"Adjusting well I hope." Dalahar said as others emerged from the room. A few large strides caught him up to Anik. "Missed you earlier but you arrived around the same time as me correct?" He asked

We Are Our Avatars XI

Location: Montreal - Quebec, Canada: Gash, Anik, Lambda, whoever else

".. That's so mean." Miia pouted, but honestly she expected someone like Gash to say such things. I mean, she was a warrior in Havel's armor and had the look of a barbarian- there's no sunshine and rainbows to be seen. Still, she acknowledged the fact Miia should keep her life's story to herself until it's brought up, and she also noted how Lambda asked them to leave the office.

"Yea, good idea. I'll talk to one of the guards about my situation then." With that, she left- alongside Anik. Despite she wasn't used to Anik making clicking noises with her tongue, it wasn't something that bothered her. Hell, when Miia smells the air- she doesn't use her nose. Instead she uses her long tongue, wiggling it in mid air to gather the smell ... because she's part snake. Although she wouldn't be seen doing this in front of strangers because even Miia has standards.

Along the way, she did come across a stationed guard and tried to act humble, asking him, "Pardon me, uh ... I-I'm new here. You probably get this a lot, but where are we? I was forced here through some supernatural portal, and I want to find out as much as I can about this place ... if, you wouldn't mind giving me your time." Miia smiled, trying to exchange a friendly vibe.

Lambda groaned as Gash broke her door, with a reminder to herself to call Maintenance. Before Anik left the room, Lambda flicked her wrist, and a card flew off the desk into Anik's hand. It was a simple card with Lambdas name and number, and had the same information in Braille on its other side.

When Miia slithered out of room Dalahar turned his head quickly. Before Istvaan he had spoken to several Emperors Children of their battles against a race of snake people called the Laer. This one didn't match the description but could be a similar strain.

Slightly confused where it had come from, Anik felt the card Lambda had put in her hand. As she felt and read the Braille, she shortly turned and thanked Lambda. "Do you know where I could get a phone?" she asked.

Anik pretty much easily smelled and heard Dalahar, and the height his voice came from made it obvious that it was the same person as before.
She answered him: ?If you're talking to me, I think so, yes. What about it??

The guard looked a little surprised by Miia's physical appearance, though he tried hard not to let it show. "Uh... I assume you would've been brought here during the current anomaly. You're currently in Montreal, Canada." he replied. "I'll need your name, just for record keeping."

We Are Our Avatars XI

Location: Montreal - Quebec, Canada: Dalahar, Anik, whoever else

While she awaited for an answer from the guard, Miia noticed the rather huge man in armor, clearly beyond the mere soldier looking her way. It made the Lamia create a sweatdrop, but she tried to play calm. .. I can't tell if he's trying to intimidate me or simply observing me.

"Uh... I assume you would've been brought here during the current anomaly. You're currently in Montreal, Canada." he replied. "I'll need your name, just for record keeping." Miia snapped back to the guard, taken back by him talking to her. "Ah, right! My name is Miia~ and I was born in Japan. .. though, I never expected to travel outside my country and into Canada, heh .."

"Never got a chance to introduce myself is all." He said. "Dalahar Tresh. You?"
blind like Cyrene
His helmeted gaze left that of the snake person, content she was no xeno killing machine. He gave a curt nod in apology to her.

"We can't provide them, but there's bound to be a home phone wherever you initially stay, and you can pick up a mobile later." Lambda told Anik.

Anik thanked Lambda for the information again, then spoke to Dalahar. "Ah, nice to meet you, Dalahar. My name is Anik. What are you, can I ask?"

Gash spotted Dalahar and approached him. She completely ignored that he was mid-conversation and once again examined his armor, this time giving a few light hits with the back of her gauntlet. "I seriously want to punch you right now."

"Legiones Astartes, genetically altered super soldiers." He answered before feeling the taps on his armour. He chuckled slightly "Go ahead give it a smack"

"I don't know what that is." Anik stated bluntly towards Tresh. She then slightly turned towards Gash: "You like strength tests, don't you?"

"Took you that long to notice?" Gash replied sarcastically to Anik as she prepared to punch Dalahar.

Gash set her sword down, then stood in front of Dalahar with her left hand forward. Then she took a quick step forward, pivoting her body to throw her entire weight into a punch with her right fist at the soldier's abdomen. She shouted right before the moment of impact, and hit with with enough force to bend a steel beam.

"Well, if nothing else, you might find this world somewhat familiar." the guard replied, obviously trying to make the Lamia feel better about getting dropped in a completely different universe from the one she was used to.

Wanting to stretch her legs while Nina considered her options, Viyang walked out of the Gate room, taking care to not scratch the doorframe with her spear. When she spotted Miia further down the hall, her purple eyes fixated on the Lamia's lower half, and Viyang automatically licked her lips. When her eyes moved up to Miia's human half, Viyang raised an eyebrow, but then simply shrugged and looked around for the rest of the interdimensionals.

We Are Our Avatars XI

Location: Montreal - Quebec, Canada: Dalahar, Gash, Anik, whoever else

Honestly, Gash shouting made Miia jolt for a split second, simply because she didn't expect something like that in a peaceful environment. Looking back at the trio hanging around, the Lamia wondered if a fight broke out or something.

I-I never asked for this! She thought in irritation mixed with some fear.

with a clank Dalahar falls backwards and hits the floor with a thud. He recover d surprisingly quickly for his size. "Hmmm" he said. "Don't do that again" he warned. "If i didn't roll with with that you could have damaged the armour and I doubt there are any tech adepts here who could repair it."

We Are Our Avatars XI

Location: Montreal - Quebec, Canada: Dalahar, Gash, Anik, whoever else

That is when Miia spotted Viyang gazing at her and ... licking her lips? She shivered, the snake-like pupils in her eyes shrinking due to feeling highly uncomfortable. Thank god she wasn't wearing anything exposing her upper body's skin when taken out of her world because this situation would of been 10x worse. "I really need to make some friends, and fast." Miia informed only herself, since in a place like this- friends could keep her safe from ... those kind of people.

"I noticed it before, I just ..." Anik began saying to Gash, but was interrupted by her punching, and then by Miia.
She felt her fear, and then heard her speak to herself.

Slowly and carefully, Anik got a little bit closer to Miia. "I think I can keep you safe." she stated, confidently. "I have a few tricks up my sleeve, and I think we are more similar than you think."

We Are Our Avatars XI

Location: Montreal - Quebec, Canada: Dalahar, Gash, Anik, whoever else

The only person who Miia even slightest trusted was the blind girl, whether it was due to Anik being generous or the fact she was blind ... and blind people don't really pose much of a threat (mostly). Regardless, Miia closed her eyes and smiled, thanking her with the following words, "You're too sweet, thank you. I admit, this place isn't working out for me ... and I know the people back on the ship I came from are going to worry about me. They're also universe explorers, yet somehow I get sucked up into a portal. Least I wasn't thrown into an abandon shack with blood thirsty Hydralisks ... it, it's a long story."

"Guess you and that armor aren't so tough after all! Fuck yeah, that felt good!" Gash said excitedly, picking up her sword as she listened to Dalahar's reply. "Yeah, whatever. You said I could, so don't expect a fucking apology. I can fix it, anyway."

"Thank you for your time. I'll be sure to locate such a shop during my stay here." She bowed her head and returned to the crowd of people that were collecting outside the office. She came in just as a punch was delivered.

"Did I miss something here? What's going on?" She asked. And now there's a snake person. She chuckled.

For those new to my character, this is a close up of Shana:

Dalahar wasn't interested in a contest of strength nore a bashing of heads. "I concede to your greatness, might one." He said before swaying slightly. He placed a hand on the wall to
Support himself. A voice scratched at his head, blabbering gibberish frantically. Through his vox grill he coughed thick tar like blood up and onto the floor and splutters as the substance oozes out of his helmet

"I hope this place gets better for you." Anik said. "At least you already have a little bit of experience in world traveling, even though this seems ... not perfect. When I first came into another world, I did not even know I had changed worlds! And ... much changed after, as well.

If your friends are universe travellers, maybe they at least how to look for you. I guess we have to wait for one way or another to open up, and just entertain ourselves here."

We Are Our Avatars XI

Location: Montreal - Quebec, Canada: Dalahar, Gash, Anik, whoever else

"Yea, you're probably right, I- OH MY GOD." Miia cried out, rushing to Dalahar's aid and tried to support him with her shoulders under his one arm. "Okay, it's going to be okay- Someone please get a doctor or something for this man!!" Miia shouted, hoping an actual doctor or medic arrives to the scene.

This isn't good- this is NOT good. I've never been in a situation like this ... oh god what to do?!!

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