Who should be the 6th character?
5.9% (1)
5.9% (1)
11.8% (2)
11.8% (2)
11.8% (2)
11.8% (2)
5.9% (1)
5.9% (1)
Zone Tan
29.4% (5)
29.4% (5)
11.8% (2)
11.8% (2)
Other (Read Below)
23.5% (4)
23.5% (4)
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Poll: The Escapist Avatar Adventure: Vote for Caramel Frappe's 6th Character!

The Rising Dawn Adventures

Avatar Adventures | Multiverse | Unknown Location

"Hey guys, this is the real Ryan talking. Not the one in the AA RP, or the one(s) you've seen before claiming to be an Author. I'm the original, one and only Ryan you know and love(?) on The Escapist. You're probably wondering and I quote, 'Ryan, what's the point of this thread? What are you getting at exactly?' Good question!

Well, i've been thinking long and hard about this since i'm already using five characters (Nadalia, Elise, Annie, Miia, and Ryan) which doesn't even include Chrysalis at the moment. But as time went on, I was really lost on whom to bring in. Then the idea hit me ... why not try something 'new' when it comes to selecting my 6th character? I'll explain the rules, plain and simple!"


    - Post which of the characters on the Poll you'd like to see enter the AA RP.
    - Your post doesn't have to be long, just a simple answer and why will suffice!
    - If you have any questions, you may quote me here or PM me personally.
    - Whatever character I choose, it will be based on which character has the most votes.
    - Everyone is allowed to change their vote at any time if they change their mind on a character.
    - You're allowed to have discussions here with me or other people about said characters!
    - Deadline is on Sunday, July 24th, 2016

Rules if you've selected 'Other':

    - You may submit your own character of choice for me to use if you voted 'Other'.
    - Same rules apply as above; please say who and give me a reason why you chose said character.
    - Character can be based on a movie, comic book, cartoon, video game, anime ... wherever really!
    - Please know characters from Adult Themed shows / Art sites are okay, but moderation is in order.
    - Please provide links on their bio, because most likely I will know little to nothing about them.
    - Characters under 'Other' will be displayed in the OP for people to see / vote on if they so choose.

"Now we've gotten the rules out the way, let's talk about the characters on the Poll shall we?"

Characters on the Poll:

Characters our AA members mentioned in 'Other':

07/24/2016 12:00 AM GMT

I voted other of course because why not.

"But Gen Gen, who is this other character?"

I'm glad you asked!

Of course if one's not good enough... might I have a suggestion?

I voted other because out of the choices provided, I don't really know a few of them that well, and otherwise would prefer an original character to those provided.

Now I've already PM'd you an idea for an original character should creativity be a tad lacking, but for an already existing character being picked up? Well, while I'd prefer an original character, count me as a split vote. I would not really mind any of the characters on the list, though I do wonder what possesses a person to put up a roster of potential characters and include... Zone. Actually, consider me mildly intrigued at that idea. Split vote between an OC and Zone (bump their vote up one in the poll, since I checked "other")

Satsuki, if only to make it so your character has to drink tea. Also during the period in which you RP as her, you personally cannot have your trademark beverage, but must drink Tea instead! Mwa ha ha!

It's so you can properly be in character. >:D

OC is best though, because it allows for increased freedom in character development which will hopefully improve your character writing skills.

Edit: Shit. Realized that could be taken the wrong way! Sorry. I mean OC will allow you to work from the ground up with a character, which involves more work, but ultimately more satisfying... Until the character dies...

Thank you everyone for giving me such insightful feedback (whether it was here, in the Group chat, the PMs, ect) ... seems the OC Character concept has won by a total of 7 votes. Coming in 2nd place is Zone Tan >_> you guys wanted a perverted character to become a reality eh? All well, working on my OC as we speak.


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