The Pub 3.0 Character Sheets

Decided to do something similar to what the Avatar Adventures Group did ... by making a thread for the sole purpose of collecting everyone's character sheets. This thread is meant for those who're a part of the The Pub 3.0 Group. The Group there allows people to chat outside of the Pub 3.0 RP Thread where people can develop their characters, explore socializing outside of combat, and other matters in the realm of roleplay.

"But, what is a character sheet?" you might ask. Well, i'm glad you asked! It's basically a spoiler bar that has all the information about a particular character, from how they look, what they usually wear, what weapons they use, their backstory, all you can imagine. Think of it as a wiki made by you! I'll give you an example of how a character sheet should look like, but it doesn't have to be exactly this. It's only to help you establish all the properties of a character in one go.

Current Players within The Pub 3.0 RP

For those of you looking for information in regards to my NPCing Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May, and The Stig...please read up on Top Gear UK and The Grand Tour.

[1] As in the tang (piece which affixes the blade with the handle) runs down the entire length of of the handle and pokes out of the base.
[2] One of her most powerful abilities, which she doesn't use lightly. It's only slightly less costly than any of the finishing moves listed above, but it's a risk/reward ability she won't use lightly for a cost of 25 ki
[3] Phobias really are no joke for sure. As a person with arachnophobia and melissophobia (fear of spiders and bees/stinging insects respectively) I can tell you that if I walk into a cobweb, or even see a spider I'll do whatever I can to avoid the situation. Heck, I've even gone completely different routes through my own house to avoid a spider when I know it's there. Whenever I see a wasp I begin to feel really, really hot. Like my skin is boiling, and I just completely freeze on the spot until it flies away. Phobias are fears yes, but much more. It can be an irrational fear to the point where you perceive it at a level of a risk to your life. There's no explaining it. No rationalizing it. The fact remains however that responses to one's phobias can be horrible things triggered by brain chemistry you can't turn off. I'm honestly surprised there are so few characters with this sort of thing as a listed weakness.

Pathfinder chatacter stat-block incoming. Not all of it is filled out, since I buffed her up to level 10 for this excursion so I haven't bothered filling in literally everything, like feats and such. But there's enough you can probably get the idea.

EDIT; Filled out some more of the stuff I missed, should be everything now. Also I'm not tracking my spell usage because screw that.


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