What are you looking forward to about the Escapist Expo?

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I'm looking forward to shaking Yahtzee's hand. Kodak moment gents, a warrior and a poet.

In-person he's a pretty congenial and well-spoken guy. I got to chat with him a tiny bit back during GameX.

I'm excited to finally have a chance to meet Yahtzee, as well as show off my cosplay (maybe won't be perfect but still working hard on it...even though it's easy...), and most of all get to hang out in a small area with some of the most opinionated, nerdiest freaks this side of the galaxy who were able to scrape enough dough together to make it to NC to actually punch people when they disagree, something that is lacking on the forums...oh and laser tag, defiantly laser tag!

Leaving a week from today (the 5th for me still technically), t-minus 6 days and 10 hours and counting!

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