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I am specifically interested in the announced Halo tournament, but feel free to post about any others. Is this going to be an FFA or team-based competition or both? If it's just 4v4s (or whatever), then I'm looking for a team. I've been playing Halo for almost ten years and have a rather good KDR in Reach. I'm looking to have fun with a decent group of people.

Edit: Also, I live in Cary, NC, so I can drive to anywhere in the Triangle for practices or meetups or whatever. I prefer a local team.

At what point will details be announced for the Halo tournament? It feels like it's a bit late for zero information to be available right now.

Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough, but there doesn't seem to be a definite schedule laid out for us to see and plan around other than Flash Gordon showtimes and laser tag Friday and Saturday nights.

In my experience, releasing the schedule for a con is a tricky game. Release it too early and you end up having to change a bunch of things which I don't think is fun for anybody, be they presenter, staff, or attendee. The PAX schedule just came out yesterday, and they're two weeks earlier, so I'd say Escapist Expo is still well on target. Anticipation is frustrating, but I have faith that it's worth it!

Tisiphone1 is correct it is a tricky game. Some more information about the Halo tournament is available here:

we have posted all the details I'm sure you have been looking forward to here:

64 teams possible and no one needs a fourth player? I am disappoint.

You can still register and we will put you on a team!


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