Burlesque tonight

It seems like we kind of got left off the website, but tonight at 11 at the Carolina Theatre we (D20 Burlesque) are performing gamer themed burlesque. Um, y'all should come check us out.

I have consulted with my friends and we are intrigued. How much will it cost?

Nothing if you have a pass!

You guys are in the pamphlets, actually. So do not worry, you have not been forgotten.

Iris violated me for winning the last raffle ticket.

d20 Burlesque. That'd be something I'd go to.

It was amusing to see DireSloth get dry humped on stage, no lie.

It was amusing to see DireSloth get dry humped on stage, no lie.

I paid $20 to be molested...
What has this world come to?!

You were enjoying every minute of it...

so was I.

Friday night started at the ATC with "Flash [AH-AH!] Gordon" and MovieBob, and ended with the Burlesque show. All in all, a thoroughly entertaining evening.

Kudos to the ladies for their enthusiasm and the obvious joy they have for what they do!

Thank you to everyone who came out. We really loved getting to perform for you all and meeting you all over this past weekend!
also, please tag any photos on facebook! www.facebook.com/d20burlyq


The burlesque show was ok. Best sketches as far as I was concerned for the show were the Tron one and the one at the end on Portal.

I will say though the one based on BioShock with the Little Sister wasn't good. Just giving some honest criticism. Though I did enjoy it after the sketch when the girl who did the performance called out the audience members who chose to harvest her.


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