DayE: A brief report from the floor (and grass) of the Escapist Expo

It was a beautiful morning in Raleigh, North Carolina, with a temperature in the low 70s and a humidity around 1,300%. A wonderful day to start out the Escapist Expo! And what should greet my companion and I upon venturing outside but a warm sun, a partly cloudy sky, and... a tent!

Many interesting people loitered about the area with us!

As the hot sun beat down, we did what we could to beat it back. There was a lot of beating going on.

As time went on and the kinks were worked out (not to be confused with the Kinks, since I have no idea where they worked out), people in the line did what they could to entertain themselves.

Finally we got our tags and went ahead inside to experience the Expo! Well, most of us did. Some of us were going around taking pictures. Pictures of Spiderman people.

Also, it's a pity nobody really showed up when the Chest High Walls area opened. You missed a prime chance to see me make an idiot of myself!

Man, my legs STILL hurt.

Day 2. We're holed up in a hotel, with hundreds of walkers shambling around outside. Supplies are running low, and we lost three of our number; two succumbed to their injuries, and a third was obviously turning and had to be put down... it was literally a hatchet job, as we have to save every last bullet for the undead. If we don't get help soon-

...sorry, accidentally copy-pasted a bit of my journal from last year's vacation. Anyway!

Panels! More panels than a poorly-done basement remodel job.

And, of course, there was all the people-watching.

And a bunch of other photos I can't be bothered to come up with cute captions for.

And a free video bonus!

I'm quite surprised to see Sword Art Online cosplay. Despite the show being extremely popular, I always thought that anime cosplay around a particular series usually started cropping up after the first season ended. Looks like someone got a headstart.

...Why is nobody commenting on this? This is great! And I really wish I could be there. I've never been to an expo of any sort before (unless car shows with your grandpa counts) and I think that that looks like the expo I'd like to be at.


This is so awesome. That dance video is magic.

I wish I could have made it. It looks like you gais are having a lot of fun. T-T

The Rogue Wolf:

And a free video bonus!

That video is the greatest thing I've ever seen in the history of ever. Especially Graham. My god. There are no words.

I wish I could be there.

I believe everyone photographed and myself all have just one question for you...


But great job on all the pictures and that video... :D




...ahem. I mean, I'm the guy in the sweet Real Deal Brazil hat with the Escapist pins stuck on.

Don't try to photograph me; I don't show up on film.

It's a good thing that I'm a master of stealth, because if people actually noticed my bloodshot eyes and occasional stumbling, I'd be mistaken for a zombie and shot on sight. I don't sleep well in new places, what can I say? Sadly, that means some of this last set of shots aren't all that impressive. But still I perservere!

But of course, there's also all the fun people-watching.

And a few more pictures I'm too out of it to caption.

Lemme tell ya, this first Escapist Expo has been a blast, and I'm glad to have made the trip. Here's hoping that we'll see a second!

Don't worry @TheRogueWolf, I have video!

WELP. Better start saving up for the next one. If there's a next one. Hopefully there is.

Well, my fellow Wolf brother; I, too, was there and I have pictures from day 2!

LRR showing off!

Pet the Kitty!

It's The Doctor!

Iron Man showing off!

Garrus being a Badass!

Master Chief doesn't like pictures!

MineCraft invades the Expo!

Arcade Games Abound!


Cahtzee is not amused by your antics.

BTW you are all welcome, it was my idea - and I'm probably on his hit list now! XD

WELP. Better start saving up for the next one. If there's a next one. Hopefully there is.

I really hope there is. I already feel bad enough for missing this one.


Master Chief doesn't like pictures!

If I could be a pedantic douche for a second, that's Noble 6 from Reach, not Master Chief.

If you need me, I'll be over hear, shaving off my newly-grown neck-beard.


Cahtzee is not amused by your antics.

BTW you are all welcome, it was my idea - and I'm probably on his hit list now! XD

You are my fucking hero for that idea.

Funniest damn thing I've seen in a long time. The best part was when the girl (if I remember right) took the ears off his shoulder and put them on his head. I just about cried from laughter. XD

So the expo kind of had a specific theme song...

Alright, I'll just be over here... crying...


You people with your time and money...

Fun fact: I walked by Yahtzee in the airport! But he looked busy so I didn't bother him for a photograph.

Besides, he might recognize me as one of the people who took pictures of him in cat ears, and then MY SAFETY IS NOT GUARANTEED.


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