League of Legends Expo: TEAM GAMMA

Friendly Viking here, mid player of Team Gamma, winner of the LoL Tournament. Just wanted to let you guys know that all of Team Gamma really loved playing at the expo.

For those of you who weren't there, Team Gamma was created by the Escapist Staff and filled with random players. I was among these random players and we won the tournament. It was incredibly awesome and I'm SO looking forward to the pictures coming out.

I'd like to welcome all of you to TNP Gaming, a competitive League of Legends community. We do private drafts and tournaments, please feel free to join us at http://www.tnpgaming.com
If you have any questions or anything you're welcome to add me in League: I am Friendly Viking.

So you all know, we are Team Gamma are going to be making a 5v5 Ranked Team, and if things go well, we very well may join other tournaments and championships. The Escapist Expo may have spawned a professional team, how awesome would that be?!

Anyway, thanks to all of you at the Expo. The Escapist Staff and volunteers were AWESOME, and for those of you who missed it I hope you can come to the next one!

This absolutely makes my heart swell and burst! After working so hard to plan the tournament and having all the obstacles that we faced to get it running, it makes me proud and happy to know that people enjoyed it! The Idea of getting random people together to play a relatively team based game was scary, but Me and Andrew (We were the tournament directors) were sure it was feasible! REMEMBER US WHEN YOU GO TO THE PRO CIRCUIT! :D haha I'm just glad people can still come to conventions and expos, play a video game and walk out with memories and new friends!

Oh trust me dude, when we go to the pro circuit we won't forget our roots. We just made a team on the League client and we should be playing our first games this week. We plan to go big, but we also plan to be at the Expo next year! Team Gamma has to defend it's champion title at the Escapist Expo! :D


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