Escapist Epidemic

Anyone else manage to catch a little something over the weekend? At first I thought I was just losing my voice from shouting over crowds, but woke up this morning feeling very much under the weather. Doesn't seem too serious, just a little cold, but figured I would put out the warning to remind folks to drink your fluids or take your vitamins or whatever it is you do to ward off impending pathogens.

Probably just conitis. The dry air of the hotel mixed with a lot of other factors has a way of making you feel crappy near the end of and immediately after a con. I feel the same way today >.>

You work at a pet store for nearly ten years, you get positively paranoid about keeping your hands clean. Thankfully I seem to have evaded any nasty pathogens, but some advice to those who were less fortunate: Emergen-C is a great way to send your immune system to Boot Camp.

I had a cold the first day I was in America thanks to my work boss, apart from that I was ok. Sore throat and raw hands from the shouting and clapping at everything so unless that is an epidemic...


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