Escapist Expo Travel Tips

Come here to exchange travel tips, tricks and info for The Escapist Expo 2012!

Hey Escapists!

We realize that many of you will be attempting to come to The Escapist Expo from great distances, some even from the other side of the world. In the interest of helping you guys stay safe and comfortable, we've endeavored to collect a few pieces of advice on how to plan your trip. We hope that you will use this as an opportunity to add to our collection.

Good luck, and we hope to see you soon!

- Nasrin

Helpful stuff to remember:

  • Buy your tickets well in advance to get the best prices. This includes hotels, airfare and transportation.
  • Dress like you'll be standing or walking all day. Remember, although this is in large part and indoor activity, it can still take its toll on your body. Wear comfy shoes and clothes. If you're in it for the long haul, bring a lightweight backpack.
  • Bring something to read, a game to play, a sketchbook or some sort of activity. This will come in handy if you happen to end up in lines or delays over the course of your journey.
  • Other helpful stuff:

  • Official Durham Visitor's Center
  • Downtown Durham Overview & Visitor Map
  • Downtown Durham Guide & Walking Tour
  • Durham Hotels in Trip Advisor
  • Official Durham Visitor's Center Hotels Listing
  • Scheduled Intercity Bus Listings
  • U.S. Department of State Tips for Traveling Abroad
  • More tips for traveling abroad
  • Convention Travel Tips
  • Bonus information for (international) flyers:

      - The local airport is Raleigh-Durham International (RDU)
      - Cab-fare from the airport to downtown is ~$30,-
      - Not all hotels offer a (free) shuttle service

    And other possibly usefull info:

      - There's an ATM in the lobby of the Marriott (connected to the convention centre)
      - I'm sure there was more but I'm drawing a blank atm...

    I cannot stress enough how helpful bringing a small backpack or shoulderbag was throughout other cons and expos, so I'd like to echo that.

    I'd also like to advise that you bring trail mix, candy, or some other snack and a refillable water bottle and put them in said bag. Buying a ton of food at a convention center can quickly get pricey, and if you're waiting in line, it's good to have a snack you can just bust out of your bag.

    If you bring games to play whilst waiting in line, make sure they don't have tons of pieces, in case the line moves up, condenses, etc. Simplicity is key.

    Bring a camera or phone w/camera, and an extra battery or charger! You'll see plenty of things you won't want to forget, and trust me, it sucks when your phone dies half way through the day due to constant use. I've gotten in the habit of bringing a spare battery pack for my phone.

    SHOWER: DO IT. Or else you'll be funky and everyone around you will have a bad time. [Edit] - Also be sure to bring hand sanitizer. Lots of people and lots of handshaking makes this a must.

    Next year I'm going to have business cards. Its easier then having to type names into a phone (or wait for someone to type mine in) to look up on facebook later. Also a pen and paper would have been super handy. Making new friends is hard when you forget their name.


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