Expo 2014?

I know this forum is nearly dead, but I figured this would be the best place to ask...

Will there be an Expo for 2014? By this time last year I'm pretty sure the 2013 one had already been announced.

I sure hope so! My friends and I always have such a great time.

I would like to know if there will be another expo as well, but I wasn't sure who to ask.

As July draws near, I have to wonder the same thing. Maybe someone from the Escapist staff can chime in?

Considering the time frame on the previous Expos - I'm thinking this isn't going to happen :(

Shame. Really looking forward to going again.

Only thing I've seen is this tweet from Wednesday, which is pretty thin evidence, but still: https://twitter.com/IronGamingTV/status/492100127268823040

Iron Gaming TV say they've been asked to help with an event 9/5-9/7, tagging EscapistExpo. Seems like a pretty tight impending date to not have announced yet, but what do I know.

How this was posted on the 2nd without any mention on this site is beyond me....


This needs to happen , while the escapist expo is happening. I finally get back home from military service...and no escapist expo...really!

Here's a direct link to the tilt|EXPO page:

Er... Wow, weird. Why didn't the Escapist say anything?

Thanks for the update guys.

I had assumed the Escapist had abandoned their expo plans.
Then ,I found about his tilt expo today (9/2/2014). (And rediscovered this thread)
Well since I live in Florida with a Full-Time Job guess I won't be giving Durham any tourist money this year.
It boggles my mind why the Escapist did not market/advertise/anounce this Expo that they are supposedly sponsoring on their website.

The TiltExpo was fun, although a little small and not very crowded.

Still, it did well on Saturday. The panels that I attended were pretty dead however.

It felt like it was thrown together at the last minute.

Next year, they need to promote this much earlier like they did for The Escapist Expo 2013.


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