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Great film. I watched it on the internet some weeks ago and it blew my mind, partly because I have never even heard of Watchmen and "heroes" like Rorschach (psychotic punishers that have no mercy) really appeal to me! Oh and Mr. Glowing Blue Wang has the greatest super powers ever.

Y'know what's fantastic about the "waaghh!! They showed his penis!!!" business is that about 99.99% of the folks complaining have SEEN ONE every day of their freaking lives... you'd think they'd be used to them by now...

Fair enough, but in this respect the film is pretty different from the comic. They only showed full frontal Manhattan in the comic maybe 2-3 times. Of course, comics have the advantage of fixed camera angles and cropping. I still say they could have done it in the movie too, though.

Sort of like how they made The Comedian's dialogue a lot harsher. He didn't swear that much in the comic, and it doesn't add anything in my opinion.

And although the dialogue is really good, I have to wonder how much of what we perceive as good acting is actually that, and how much is the direct script copying from the original comic. Sort of like Christian Bale. Is he being carried a little bit by his supporting actors and script writers, or is he genuinely a good actor? I have the same question regarding the actors who play Nite Owl (young one), Silk Spectre and much of the cast (with the obvious exception of the guy playing Rorschach.)

Is this a good adaptation? Yes. Loved it. Own both the Blu-Ray and DVD director's cut.
Is it the first thing Snyder has directed with any depth or relevance? Sure, but putting any film up against an action-packed visual spectecal like "300" or a gore packed, action-focused remake like "Dawn of the Dead" could make it look "East of Eden" deep. Not to mention this is FUCKING "Watchmen"! A seminal work that will never be forgotten, as it changed the medium it was in and had the broadest sense of morality, importance and self-awareness of any comic then or, damned near, since. Just mataining the basic story, plot-elements, characters aand twists as the source-material makes it incredibly deep and absorbing. I mean, hell, even I could overlook all of the important plot and character elements missing from the film (though, sacrificing such an important moral-juxaposition (Dr. Malcolm Long's significance, and such) and hoisting in more and more gratuitous violence and action only made me shake my head and sigh at the fact that this was clearly catering to the audience Snyder KNEW he didn't have (i.e. people who weren't fans of the material already). Losing so much substance in order to make end's meet is disappointing to such a plot relevant story.

Is it a masterpiece...? Ehhhh... No. No, I can't give it that. Aside from three marvelous performances, a fucking fantastic visual style (the one thing Snyder will be lording over me so I can't knock him off as a douche-bag is certainly his visualizations), and a decent, though far from perfect, adaptation of the story.

There are more things I found wrong when watching the director's cut, but I feel like I'm just blowing off steam at a critic I respect, here. So, yeah, thought it was fantastic, but far from perfect. Probablly the best adaptation of the story I could have hoped for, I just made the mistake of hoping for more... damn that fucking amazing trailer...


Best review ever haha

You dont understand the frustration I am feeling right now.
I HATED Watchmen. I thought it was pointless, poorly written, and plot thin.

And I am apparently the only one in the world who thought so.

And now, Movie Bob, a man whom I appreciate and respect very much, likes it. Why?

i just have one question why the **** doesn't Dr. Manhattan wear pants!? I,m not being an immature baby about it i just want to know why.

Awesome, awesome, awesome movie. (And no, I haven't read the book, so I have no choice but to judge it on its own merits).

I walked out the the theatre thinking, "Every scene and every line and every note of music in that movie was just right".

As the review said, a f'ing masterpiece.

Read the Book and Watched the Movie.


The movie pulled off the adaptation pretty well....except for getting rid of the weird ass alien.

Thanks for this review Bob, I saw this on the opening day, bought the DVD the day it came out, flat out love this movie. I'm so glad you didn't take the chance to be "cool and edgy" and say it wasn't as good as the book. Every concession the film makes is acceptable and probably even necessary.

It's such a shame that Moore said that he wasn't going to watch his own movies anymore, I really hoped this would be the one to turn him around. (To be fair, the old adaptations were astoundingly off and he's justified in being pissed at them, even if I did like V for Vendetta.)

Can I just propose something? Watchmen, as a play. Yeah I know I just necro'd this thread for that but I want to see it. The epic which is watchmen given a full diligence as a play

Wow you are such a fan of the novel you don't notice how poorly done the movie was.
Zack Snyder's inexperience in storytelling shines brightly in this film, the main plot constantly gets lost in all the back stories and over-the-top fight and sex scenes.

did you read the book? the fights and sex get about equitable representation as they did in the book. It just feels longer cause in the film it all plays out, while in the novel it was just panels your eyes jump over.

This movie was okay and i'm not afraid to say it wasn't as good as the comic.

It wasn't as good as the comic, it isn't a reimagining of the comic ala dark knight.

It's just a half hearted okay attempt at the comic that balked at the final hurdel when it realised going all the way would lose audience members.

Oh, and it's almost been two years and Watchmen is no closer to being a modern classic now than it was then.

Watch 'stalker' (1979) instead, that is a classsic movie.

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