Zero Punctuation: Splatoon 2

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I feel like Yahtzee forgot about Codename STEAM.

Then again, most people did but I felt like a steampunk turn based strategy game that's hard as fuck and not animesque(like the game it's ripping off Valkyria Chronicles) would've made an interesting review.

Damn, I love that game. My only hope is that Henery Flemming somehow makes it into the next Smash Bros and stirs up interest. Mecha Lincoln better be an assist trophy at least!

Seth Carter:



I'm pretty sure this was just a ketchup thing because so many more players chose it. I was mayo and not once did I ever end up fighting another mayo teams. If there are that many more ketchup players than mayo players and they have to put everyone into matches, it's inevitable that the larger team fights itself.

If the teams were that skewed, it stands to reason team ketchup should win by default.

Assuming they only scored points on each other. There's a larger likelihood of the tiny fragment of top level player-base in the Ketchup side just not getting matched against mayos, while the top level mayo players would almost always be continuously fighting Ketchups.

That and a tendency for competitive players to pick the underdog sides in these sort of events, to challenge themselves.

The Ice Cream vs Cake splatfest had a even wider distribution than Mayo vs Ketchup and had the opposite result. (The far larger side won)

I'd say they got it pretty well balanced.

Not even a mention of it being ZP's 10 year anniversary?

*Looks around* Am I the only one who likes mayo?

Nope. I like Mayonnaise, and I hate Ketchup. Clearly I'm weird and should marched out into the courtyard for execution. Probably via some kind of heath-robinson machine powered by mayonnaise.

P.S. Yahtzee, you surprise me. You said "octopi", not "octopuses" or "octopodes". source

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