Zero Punctuation: Resident Evil 5

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realy i never thought residint evil 5 was racisct even with the village people in africa the main population is black and there are still villagers

This is true
R.E. 5 didnt live up to the hype it created, it never cashed in on the success of R.E. 4

BAHAHAHA "And when the inventory is full, The FUN begins"

Hmm I did want to get this game purely because I was bored with everything else and wanted a decent co-op game in the survival horror genre. When I played the demo I never liked the camera, the movement, the absense of a reticule and of course the stupid inventory which I though they'd fix before the actual game came out. I think I'll still get it because Yahtzee said that it's best to be played in co-op and I really need to cure the boredom.

Awesome reivew! One of my favourites! 11/10 XD

Well done with the reviewI Its good to see that my time wasted watching my friend obsess over Capcom and that game for two hours while I read an old Spiderman comic for the millionth time, wasn't totally in vain. Now I'll have your review to shove in their face and say, "How in God's name can you wear armor in the pocket of the armor's pocket, idiot?"

It was funny, Not your best though.

You should know all the commands before you right your reviews though :P. Circle and Up sets your partner to attack which means use your biggest guns. Circle and down says stay near me and use your pistol.

If she is fight a boss with her pistol it's because you told her.

You're so right about sheva, you should play the game with a real life partner :P (Seriously, I can't finish the boss fight on 5-3 with the AI partner on professional because she keeps getting killed!)

Back on topic, nice episode. "Capcom aren't bad people. People are just idiots!" sums up the whole racism controversy quite nicely.

Now THAT sums it up far better.


This is the first Yahtzee review that actually disappointed me. I've played through the game at least thrice now, never on co-op, and it seems I had a completely different game than Yahtzee... For me, the A.I. is fantastic! Sheva doesn't need babysitting, and is a great help in a fight. I too noticed her preference for the pistol, so you know what I did? I DIDN'T LET HER HAVE ANY PISTOL AMMO (:-O zomg gasp!). Problem solved ldo.

I also thought she had great judgment on when to use healing items. When I had medium damage she would only use a small herb. If she didn't have one, she would wait until she or I got more damaged to use a big herb. I never regretted letting her carry the healing items.

Lastly, the inventory. Yeah all the trading that takes place can be a bitch, but if you're gonna compare it to RE4's system (as Yahtzee did), I would say that the ability to map items onto the d-pad and switch weapons without pausing the game MORE than makes up for the other awkwardness. Oh and the "egg size = AK-47" argument. Did he really just attack a Resident Evil game for not being realistic?? 4's inventory was no less unrealistic. No man could carry all that, and the enemies would patiently wait for you to rummage through your things!

To me this review smacks of just looking for supports to a preconceived judgment, and it's the first time I've felt that way about a Yahtzee review. Of course, he was playing the 360 version, so I guess it wouldn't surprise me if his legitimately was that bad...

It seems that the last review was a outlet for social commentary regarding racism. This review would've been better for that, I think.

So Weskor is Krusty the Clown

I rented this game and played with a friend and had fun it had flaws but I still had fun. I probably forgive more because I rented it and didn't to pay a 60 dollars.

So...what I'm getting from everyone (OUTSIDE the forum, at least, because I haven't checked here) is PC garbage that RE5 is somehow MORE racist than RE4 because the enemies here are black and must be protected.

That's racist.

The tribal sequence kicked ass and adding a few white AND JAPANESE PEOPLE to please all the racist liberals was just ridiculous.

NEWS FLASH: There exist a world outside of the United States, and most of those people are not white. Poverty-sticken African nations are not typically littered with white or JAPANESE people unless they are missionaries/ Peace Core, etc.

The Capcom people were only stupid for giving in to the racist liberals in the first place.

On a side note, the flashback sequences were all silly, and killed the tension where it was needed most. WORSTE ENDING EVER.

I wonder why he didn't talk about the controls more? He usually hates bad controls.

Great review, one of the best reciently

Kraven Angelous:


What I meant with FOR REAL is that it made it bloom. So what if they were not first, they made it INTERESTING and popularized. The battles were fine, boss battles that is. The only thing that sucks in the game is the companion AI and the fact they had to "kill" Wesker and that he mutates into a monster.

Many complain on inventories but sucks to be you then because I havent got that huge issues with it. Sure you have to bring herbs to your partner sometime to mix them, and an egg takes as much space as a weapon. But then again, if you dont want the eggs why dont you just skip picking them up? And you can discard them/eat them to make the slot available again. It just brings item management into the game. It was stupid in RE4 the way you had to spend minutes in your inventory to puzzle your items to make them fit... now its more simple, that is if you actually understand you have to work with the inventory more than once per 10 minutes.

Actually the game that "popularized" quick time events was God of War, hence the expression "a la god of war" whenever someone discusses quick time events not "a la Resident evil 4".

And who gives a shiz about the inventory, in my case I used the inventory not quite a lot and the times I used it I didn't mind it because we organized as best we could, the only problem was when soloing the campaign but that's not the real issue.

The issue is the game itself, the bosses are a joke even in veteran, and the boss fight at the end with "Mutant Wesker"is finished in one single event involving "context sensitive" button presses and that's it. The horror factor is completely gone, there is never one time in the game in which you jump in your seat nor is there tension enough in the atmosphere of the whole game to make you feel what past RE tittles, included RE4 at times, used to put you through. It's an all out third person action game and in that sense, there are better action games out there than this one with far better controls.

Hmrrr even tho people refer to "GoW" RE4 still was the first REAL awesome game that had quick time events that made them work really nicely with the gameplay. Isn't RE serie a bit more famous than GoW anyways??

And you think the game is a joke? You mean the bosses are crap and boring? I sure hope you mean it ain't EASY, because then you probably have not ever played PROFESSIONAL with the maximium hidden difficulty level of 10 without any infinite ammo cheats on.

Don't hold back just to be politically correct....

Tell us what you really think ;)

Keep up the good work!

This almost perfectly dipicts my experience with the game, and WHY THE HELL DOES SHEVA ONLY USE HER PISTOL, i gave her a machine gun, and shotgun with shitloads of ammo, but she would rather use her pistol with 4 shots.
great review as always

Resident Evil 2 is still the best game in the series.

No 4.

Great review!
I especially loved the pick up animations in the game.

When I mute the advertisement, the your video remains muted and I can't unmute it unless I refresh.

I've found that ever since RE3 (where they seemed like they were establishing a system) Capcom has been taking things away from and punishing the player, all the while adding more to the creatures... until RE4, after which they said, how can we make the baddies different? How will we ever beat... the licker?

Capcom Dev Team 1: 'Let's make them black.'
Capcom Dev Team 1: 'Great idea, let's do it.'
Fans: 'Fuck'

Pretty bad review IMO. First he calls the original RE's bad games. And I think quite a few people will disagree with him there myself included. I actually miss them a lot. I never had problems with their controls an thought the style actually made the series unique amongst the horde of FPS an third person shooter titles that all play the same. But oh of course RE4 come's along an just tweaks things to be a bit more like that crap an suddenly its Game of the century to the casual idiot. Secondly the older titles were also certainly far scarier too since they were real survival horror games where running out of ammo was actually a concern as was dying since you didn't just get to continue whenever an wherever you die.

Now flash forward to RE5 an its mostly the same thing as RE4. Only now the casual idiots don't seem to like it anymore. I guess cause its not mainstream enough this time. However as a long time RE fan I still enjoyed it. If there was any valid point Yahtzee made in this crappy review it was that this one isn't as creative and is shorter. It's not just a rehash as Yahtzee seems to make it sound like though. Quite a few things in it that were not in RE4. And the co-op can be quite fun especially in the Mercenaries mode which is twice as big as RE4's btw.

Ehehe.. I just realised that zero punctuation is unwatchable when I've had to much to drink... I swear I cannont understand what on earth is being said :P

Wdit: I only remembered the DS :)

yahtzee that was a great review. particularly the stuff about the attatche case. what will you review next?

it's true! my friend decided to get RE5 insteqad of SF4, and now? WHO BUYS SF4 FOR ME?

whats a quick time event?

any thing where you have to mash or press buttons repeatedly.

Should there have been co-op mode in RE5?

Internet Kraken:

This is what I don't get. He talks about a "realistic depiction" of Africa, then gets mad about the "mud huts and villages". News Flash! They still have that stuff in Africa! There are still tribes of people living that way, and its not freaking racist! That would be like saying a level in an Amish Village would be racist against white people... Give me a freaking break!

What Yahtzee meant by that was people originally thought the setting of RE5 was racist. He commented on how Capcom made great efforts to deny this racism in that setting. However when they switched from the setting of the developing nation instead to mud hut villages all this effort went to waste as people instantly perceive black people living in mud huts as stereotypical and racist.

People need to quit being stupid. There are mud hut villages in Africa like there are "developing" locals everywhere on earth.

My point is people need to quit viewing everything through the filter of "is this raciest or not?" and learn to be a truly open society like Yahtzee mentioned in the 50 Cent review.

(Yatzee's Review Translation for those who like resident evil 1) i hate resident evil 1 even though in earlier reviews i said i loved it, and now i for some reason love resident evil 4 even though in earlier reviews i said i hate it, oh and Resident evil 5 is going back to the basic fun of resident evil 1 but/w stupid add ons that everyone may hate at one point or another, well in short i Ben "Yahtzee" give resident evil 5 a recommendation because in a few episodes i will start saying how i loved the bloody thing!!!!!!

any thing where you have to mash or press buttons repeatedly.

Should there have been co-op mode in RE5?

F#$@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@k yes!!!!

whats a quick time event?

a moment where a cutscene will make you click a button or swing your wiimote across the room to avoid something or to make something have effect, in resident evil 5 there are moments where the infected will grab you and the game will tell you to constantly move your movement stick from left to right rapidly to avoid getting your tits ripped off, or when your about to get your ass kicked by a giant fish and you have to click a button to avoid the giant fish.

Side step a pot hole to fall off a bridge. Fucking awesome.

Yahtzee does it again. points out the flaws that drive everyone up the bloody wall!

The fact that Yahtzee went into the racism "issue" at all kind of disappoints me.

The game is set in Africa, so in turn there are going to be mostly blacks that reside there. End of story.
It sickens me that Capcom even modified the game at all just to throw in the random whites, asians and hispanics WHEN IT MADE ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE FOR THEM TO BE THERE.

ANYWAYS, I've been a huge fan of the series since RE2, and this game didn't disappoint. I just hope they try to get back to the "horror" and "survival" elements in the next game.

So is the game worth getting? I didn't get RE4 and haven't played a RE game since RE3 on my PS2. I was thinking about getting this or Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X., since I'm a big fan of Ace Combat 6 for the 360.

Hahaha, certainly the best in the last few months. All good points; I only played the demo but thought the inventory system was rediculous and the co-op AI was far too generous.

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