Zero Punctuation: Resident Evil 5

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chucking spears Oh dears! hahaha

How is it racistic to fight jabbering black people chucking spears? That kind of shit actually goes down in Africa, and closing your eyes doesn't make it magically disappear.

The only white non boss monster in the game is that chick that gets pulled into a building in one of the earlier levels. I've played the opening a million times, and I've looked for more but there ain't any. Now, I don't believe it's racist, I'm just proving reviewer dude wrong...

Interesting how Resident Evil 4 was the first RE game I've ever seen played or heard of... Also I heard my first swear from it! Good times.. Good times... X)
Anyways, great review to do after a review where you said the N-word.

I hated the AI Partner in this game,so useless...and I didn't have Xbox Live Gold

Your AI partner uses all your ammo, the game has an upgrade system that you can never afford nor need, the story has gone from conspiratorial biological weapons outbreaks to Blofeldian levels of cat-stroking supervillainy, and you end the game fighting Weskeroth the One Winged Angel.

Resident Evil is turning into a JRPG.

I love this video :) "Have you washed your face?" - lol. Have just linked to it from my website

First of all, I loved this review.

I didn't like this game much but I didn't feel any racist vibes at all. The story is set in Africa. There are more dark skinned individuals there than light skinned individuals. Fact! Would people make the same comments if the game was set in Sweden, or Korea? What I did like about the game was the setting. It was unique. Most zombie games do not have a unique setting. Capcom's mistakes are in the game play mechanics. As far as story goes, lets just pretend it's a game for a second and maybe the story will not be so important.

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