DragonCrack 8: Update

88 hours since the 25th. That's an average of 8.8 hours a day people. And I worked most of those days too. I see King Metal Slimes in my sleep. They taunt me with massive potential experience, but then run away as I get close. Brontes, Steropes and I skip through meadows of medicinal herbs and I hum to the sound of the Satyrical Song. But it's not all peaches and cream. I've hit that point in the game. Dead stop.

Original Comment by: mari
A break, oh no, my knitting soundtrack has come to a halt!!!

Believe it or not I hadn't read this when we finally arrived home today and was excited for him to play so I could see new Darkodiles or whatever random creature/attack the game held. It's always nice when a single player game storyline can hold the attention of more than just the single player (see Civ 4).

He'll be back to it (I hope).

Meanwhile, it's movie time. I still have yet to see a few of my Christmas videos (due to the DragonCrack 8)... :)

Original Comment by: Cinomed
Everquest, the oldschool one.

It was very well a second job to make it though anything past 35ish.

They made it easier of course with each expansion, and each exp "nerf" you might call it.

Removed the class exp penalties and such.

Since EQ gave me 3 weeks for my account let me check played time, on my "main" character.

Born Sept 07, 2000, time played 125 days 21 hours 52 minutes.

That was all over about 2 years.

That was just my highest level character, I can bet, I will have over 250 played days over all my alts.

eeek man, just eeek

Original Comment by: Mark

Worst grind? Tough one. I've had long grinding experiences, like the time I thought it would be fun to get all my characters to the stat cap in Breath of Fire II on the GBA, but obviously that wasn't horrible because I succeeded.

I stop playing when the level grind becomes distasteful, and then when I am feeling particularly bored I'll come back to it, and use the monotonous battle-after-battle as a means of clearing my thoughts and passing the time.

Getting to level 30 so I could fight Dragonlord in the original Dragon Warrior was no picnic, though.

And on every RPG on the PC that I've ever played, I had this striking tendency to start cheating in new and inventive ways every time the game gets even slightly challenging. You want to know how badly I'll cheat in a one-player PC RPG? Stat caps are nothing more than a suggestions. I don't care if I break the game - if I press the jump key and I'm back on the ground within ten minutes, my Acrobatics skill isn't high enough.

Ultima VIII: Pagan. I actually played it, but rumors of it's poor playability weren't false. After awhile I got fed up enough to seek out cheats to help me through. Luckily, Origin inserted a nifty cheat which allowed you - with a single key command - to move any and every sprite in the game. Monsters, walls, yourself. No door was now impassable, no monster unbeatable/unavoidable. I thinks that's probably the worst I ever broke a game. After enough editing of the world, I was arriving at places that hadn't been triggered for me to be at yet, breaking the storyline and basic functionality of the game.

It was awesome!


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