Unskippable: Star Ocean: The Last Hope

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LOL! This is one their best episodes!

I know this is gonna sound weird.. but... what the HELL does Star Ocean have to do with Earth? If I recall the first two games right, there was NOTHING to do with Earth. Why did they have to go all Front Mission in Space on us like that? And WHAT was up with Reimi's first shot in the game being a "slighty below her backside so we can all see up her ass" pose? My gods, the game industry is just going down in flames all around me.

I was amused to see they pointed that out, somewhat, in their ZP dealy on Wednesday, though. That was awesome. So was Yahtzee, it made this episode so much more hilarious.

Yay! it's like that episode of Full House where Steve Urkel guest stars

Not to state the blatantly obvious, but Yahtzee made this a lot funnier than I thought it was going to be. They really ought to do these cross-over episodes more often.

lol ending was hilarious

Cool. MST3K meets video games.

"You're both twelve!"

Very good jokes from all three. I enjoyed this thoroughly, like most of the Unskippables. Very funny humor making us laugh at the stupidity of some lines, while pointing at flaws and failures of other things in the (opening) video sequences.

LOL this cracks me up!!!!! This is my favorite of all of them!!! Keep up the good work XD
"your both twelve!"
"It's a space nipple!"
"hurry up I'm bustin for a piss"
LOL my favorite lines

This IS the best Unskippable episode EVER!!!

Hiroshi Mishima:
I know this is gonna sound weird.. but... what the HELL does Star Ocean have to do with Earth? If I recall the first two games right, there was NOTHING to do with Earth. Why did they have to go all Front Mission in Space on us like that?

This was supposed to be a prequel to the series.

Anyway, awesome review. I have only played this game once at a friends house, but it was for like 12 hours straight, so I do have some idea how it plays out, at least the beginning. I thought the game itself was good but the cut-scenes sucked. In one of ther early conversations, you are specifically told about a mission to explore a planet to see if its safe for human colonization. A quote is "we already checked it out with unmanned probes, and there weren't any large heat signatures, so you don't have to worry about any giant space bugs or anything, just plant". I accepted this as the makers of the game basically just saying "there most definantly ARE doing to be giant space bugs", and, sure enough, within minutes of your entire fleet crash landing, a giant space bug comes out of the forest and eats half of the crew (apparently there futuristic giant space guns couldn't hurt it, which is why throughout the entire game you use swords and bows instead of... well giant space lasers. although, even though you stop fighting these things after half an hour, you never get new giant space lasers to use on all the other monsters). the main character grabs a laser sword placed convieniently on the ground, yells "I'm taking one of those legs home with me" and cuts off one of its legs. later, you are sent to find another ship the crash landed. The last surviving cre member, crawls up to you, tells you about a meterite ssample they found that they brought back for study that turned them all into monsters that started killing each other, and to stay away from it. Then a black mist comes from the ship and turns him into a boss. after killing it, it disapers into black mist, leasving only a small rock. The make character picks it up, and says "this looks like a piece of a meteorite, I think I'll take a sample back to the base for study". It's just really hard to not root for the evil monsters when the great heroes act like that.

"I'm going to eat a stick of butter."

I lmao'd.

Lol Oh SNAP! Ice buurn!

Ha graham knows how hard ZP is now LOL

This was the episode that started me watching Unskippable. I'm so glad I started

Quantum of solace was mine


Ow. I really have to stop taking pictures of bond with those gun-shaped camra lenses!

Look A Space Nipple

That ass is talking to me (OMG ROFLMAO!!!!!)

Is the Kenny guys voice actor the same guy that played Kel'Thuzad in WC3?

How weird. I decided to watch this for the first time today, and there was a reference in this video that I only just learned last week. Near the beginning when it shows the missiles going to parts of the map and one of the guys say "what a strange game... the only way to win is not to play", that's a reference to the movie WarGames, which I only just saw for the first time last week. It's such an obscure reference, and to see it so soon after watching the movie, it was weird.

Yahtzee was hilarious, he always strikes when the enemy is vulnerable.

I rented this game last night and it seems decent.

"See ya later, small straight."
"Ugh... OK, in the game of Yahtzee, a small straight is when 4 dice of the same kind line up."
"Oh, really? I think I gave his mother a small straight last night. AND SHE LOVED IT."

"It's a space nipple!"

Yahtzee has to do this more often.

That was the first, and only, time that a "your mom" joke made me laugh like that. Bring in guests more often.

They should do another one of these with Yahtzee.




God, I hated this game.

If I may ask, why did you hate it? (Never played it myself)

Because it's not very good.

Also what is your avatar supposed to be?

Also, Also necromancy is unintentional, they should add an option to write on a forum without bumping it.

I think Yahtzee fitted very well in this

I loved this one. Question, was the statement that Commander Kenny (those bastards!) made at 6:00 an insult basically saying "I have better things to do with my time"? Cuz I don't understand the iceburn.

Necroposting the hell out of this thread.

I know this vid, this thread is over a year old, but it seems no one has brought this up:

I wonder if when they were making this Unskippable, it reminded Graham and Paul of Celestial Sea?


Furking AWESOME!

"Why are you wearing your knees outside of your legs?!"

Yahtzee should do this again, your three are so funny

That Shimada guy reminds of Bruce Boudreau. In that hes FAT, and BALD, and probably a FAILURE in life when it really matters. XD

Though really, why does he seem to have to constantly move while like he's the robot that just shouts "Danger Will Robinson, Danger!" And whats with that long ass title he has that probably just means I have a comfy desk job and unearned and undeserved sense of entitlement?" Christ, if I had to call him that everytime i talked to the guy id just call him Shimada too.

Also, since its obligatory in this thread (and I really trduged this one up from the archives of posting), has to be when the girl says now whos being childish and Ben just shouts Youre both twelve.

I'd ask how you all sat down on the same toilet to do this review, but I'm worried your reply will be something along the lines of you all sitting in the tub together.

Games like this are why I avoid JRPG's.

so civilization is way better, righteo :)

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