Zero Punctuation: Halo Wars

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I was really looking forward to the Unskippable part. Great :P

The bit where the imps do a review caught me off guard. Which was the point, I suppose, so clever move there, Yahtzee.

I do agree with the review of Halo Wars. RTS games have always struck me as being almost tailor-made for the PC much in the same way fighting games seem almost tailor-made for consoles.

I loved it.

haha thats what you get for trying an RTS on console. let alone a halo RTS on console.

try dawn of war 2. i think youd enjoy the single player since it isnt about swarming hordes of units. just 4 squads to keep your eye on.

Yahtzee is awesome when he's mad. I loved the last line.
Graham should stick to Unskippable. He's a lot funnier with that. I'm glad that Yahtzee is also a fan of Unskippable. I have to ask was the video sponsor an April Fools' joke?

Dude from Unskippable did just as well as Yahtzee did in his guest appearance.

That being said... stick to your day jobs. xD While the guest appearance thing is entertaining, I could probably only handle it every once in a great while.

Unskippable did OK with this but i still think Yahtzee is a lot better. And just face it people, RTS's aren't easy to play on consoles like Yahtzee said.

How to select all flying pricks for tactical insertion: Select all Pricks with the left bumper button and then press the right trigger until the picture of the flying prick is highlighted.

This also helps selecting individual types of units so you can do more than just give the "Get 'em!!!" command to all your units.

Yahtzee did a better job as a guest star on Unskippable than Graham did on ZP

Great, great, GREAT episode! I really loved both Grahams' part, Yahtzees' part and the...demon-thing (dog, I guess) part! Again, great episode!GJ!

Excellent review as always ^_^ thank you for making these videos for all of us to watch and enjoy. Laughter always makes people feel good. I personally thought that the guy from unskippable did a great job with his mini review. I think he did a great job adapting his own writing to the style and speed of a ZP skit. In fact the amount of imagery and writing on the screen at any one time reminds me of the early ZP videos. I really enjoy having so much content that I even have to pause the video to absorb it all, so I appreciate that the Unskippable guy's section was packed. Great video, the both of you =D

My favorite part was the ending when that imp thing reviewed in its voice.

Unskippable guy sounded like he was doing a commercial, or like he is a football commentator. He was still funny, a retards point of view. (Basically cause he imitates Yahtzee in a stupid way)

That was my favourite in a long, long time. Didn't stop laughing the entire way through.

"Also I'm not a virgin--"

This was funny

Good job holding your own, Unskippable guy!

REALLY enjoyed this. Great job on all 3 fronts!

"RTS nerds take this as an invitation"
Ok I will.

A) Console RTS's blow. They just don't work well, if at all. Choosing one to introduce yourself to the genre was like choosing to take meth cut with Drano to get an idea of what being high is like.

B) RTS's very wildly within the genre. One extreme is the base builder, with mass's of units where "micro" is relatively less important and any given unit is very unimportant. The embodiment of this is Supreme Commander. Large scale, economy heavy etc. The counterpoint is are RTS's (sometimes called RTT (real time tactics)) that focus on a very small number of units, with very little base building where the focus is on units, and controlling them instead of your economy. Company of Heroes or Dawn of War II are excellent examples of this.

C) You will probably most enjoy the later from your description of what you dislike about RTS's. Relic (as the current march mayhem polls show) is an excellent developer for this. Take the opportunity to review Dawn of War II or the new Company of Heroes expansion Tales of Valor.

OMFG i have not laughed so hard in a while - i was slightly worried these had strated to go downhill a little prematurely, but Jesus i was wrong - that was non-stop hillarious from start to finish

Wow i never expected a Battle royal nod in a zero punctuation video, *tips hat*

The only thing that caught me off guard was the reference to Battle Royale, I thought he didn't like anime

Hey, the imps can talk! Sort of!

...I don't know why that's the part that stuck in my head even though the rest of the review terrific (probably my favorite since the Gears of War review), including the Unskippable guy at the beginning.

You know, those advertisements for Unskippable that showed up on the videos a while ago were decidedly unwhelming, but...maybe I'll give it a chance. S'how I found ZP, after all.

Lunar Shadow:
The only thing that caught me off guard was the reference to Battle Royale, I thought he didn't like anime

Wasn't it a novel first?

hey unskippable was a pretty good take off of the Yahtzee style, and in turn the imp thing was a great spoof of "powered by the Cheat". Top marks.

That was freaking hillarious!
Great Review.

I like this.
But what was this thing in the end? (Not this t-shirt stuff)
Anyway did I say i like it?
Well I like this.

So is the imp a pet?
I mean it is fed dog food.

i love zero puncation and how the "review" is very true he hasnt worked out the right trigger button yet. when all units are selected tap it to cycle through the units like hornets and marines. That f***ing flood mission is a great big huge 2 by 4 up my a**.
i failed the mission 4 times over silly things. please do a full review and finish the campain the last cutscene and how it ends is realy worth it also you get to drive the best unit in the game at one point the covent scarab

im impressed, very suprised to see the guy from unskippable (keeping in mind i dont really like that show) do a pretty good job with this.

Shit, I was kinda liking the x-blades review. Total mindfuck when Yahtzee jumped in.

Without the British accent something just seemed lacking to the whole rant. The accent just adds a feeling of superiority which makes whoever messed up the game sound like a dumb ass.

i think they're loosing it to be honest, the last review wasnt that funny and using old jokes was lame, in this review all he seemed to do was swear, swearing is easy: Fck! Fuketty, FUK FUK FUK!
A monkey could do it, okay only certain monkeys could do it but none the less my point stands:



I hope the reviews get back on track, maybe he should take like a month break to come up with fresh and fine material ????


Just got done watching it. I just want to say two things: One) The panda thing at the end was hilarious. Were I drinking, I'd have water coming out of my nose. Two) I agree totally about the timer thing, though in a different way.

I'm on the fourth mission, Normal difficulty. Apparently, they want me to escort a bunch of faceless units to various aircraft, while also protecting those aircraft. Apparently, the aircraft weren't built with guns in that year in the Halo timeline, so they're defenseless, or so it seems. If they were at least capable of having half a brain and shooting something, I'd be fine with the mission. But I'm not; I'd rather not even attempt it, because I don't like it when an RTS makes me scroll around the screen like I'm having a seizure trying to protect everything and everyone.

I guess I'm like Yahtzee; I want to just take everything and gogogo!! Pass go, collect $200, roll again!! Golden Mushroom, all 10's!! Move! I don't want to plan out, "Ok, one tank and these go here, you all go here, you all go here, escort people go here, etcetcetc." That's annoying, and that isn't fun.

I suppose I have no reason to complain, though. It IS an RTS, and that was to be expected at one point for me. I suppose I'm better off sticking to Warcraft, where at least I sort of have more control over what I'm doing.

I loved the opening.

lol, 幹. You're awesome Yahtzee

I think your right about rts's not being able to adapt to console.

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