Zero Punctuation: Halo Wars

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I can't take this anymore!


The whole crossover thing was great! I am an RTS fan however, I had hoped that he'd do a DoW II review thanks to Relic's surprising showing in the March Mayhem. Maybe someday.

omg...if you didnt watch the ENTIRE missed amazingness...nuff said...great episode, yahtzee, even if i really did enjoy Halo Wars thouroughly...

This episode was really interesting in its own merit IE first we get Unskippable review, then Yahtzee reviews an RTS and then... what? Gremlins?

Very well done, and I think that Unskippable and Zero Punctuation should have more guest episodes, but only from each others show, as all the others are pretty snooze worthy.
Also, should make an entire episode where Yahtzee does Unskippable alone, and Graham and Paul should do their own ZP episode without Yahtzee.
Yeah, it'd be awesome.

Funny I also thought Halo 3 was a begginers quide to rts games

extremly funning yet again llol
but it made me confused with the first bit who was that dude llol

Yay for the Unskippable cameo

hehehe, I just knew Unskippable would come into ZP this week, sorry john, but you just can't beat Yahtzee.

Two great reviews. I actually thought Graham's review was pretty good. The review at the end there came out of nowhere too so that was interesting.

...Huh. Well those comments were rather generic. Can't have that now. Well, Graham might have went a teeny bit overboard with the picture references but I liked the part where Kratos and...err...whatshername were arguing about her game. As for Halo Wars, I'm pretty sure thats not the only game with a silly timed mission like that. I can't think of any specific examples but it does get rather silly when you've more or less completed the mission and yet you STILL have the clock counting down. Actually, I hate timed missions in RTS games entirely because I have a tendency to fail over and over and I will continue to hate them for it. I don't get missions to rescue troops either for that matter because I'll often waste a hell of a lot more troops trying to do so.

By the way, I see Cross Edge's release on the horizon *evil grin*

I think I would have liked the opening better if he didn't try to do it Yahtzee-style. Whenever you hear "triple-cunted hooker," you know exactly what's in store for you. The opening would have been better suited at the end. Shame to say it, but no one can do Yahtzee but Yahtzee. It was, however, a valiant attempt.

That was the point, frankly. If you remember this week's Unskippable, Grahm was saying to Yahtzee that Zero Punctuation was an easy show to do, so he was doing it ZP-style to prove his point. However, when he got to the music, he ran out of steam, and Yahtzee was able to take over.

Quite good. Of course, the rant at the end was the best part. ALL RTS players have experienced that at one time or another. And the Chinese thing was also great.

Loved it. I was impressed by how long Graham's bit went on. I mean, he had a good number of images, and even some minor animation and such, so, technically, it was pretty great. I'm used to Graham's voice, so I found his altered voice hilarious (and a joke in and of itself), as well as all the many, many, many digs at Yahtzee. Really, Graham's bit was only that funny if you've watched all the ZP vids multiple times, but, well, most people here have, and if they haven't, WHY THE HELL NOT?

As for Yahtzee's review, I loved his diatribe at the end, but the rest of it was usual Yahtzee fare - humorous and a highlight of Wednesday's, but not Earth-shattering. Really, I don't think Yahtzee will ever manage to be as hilarious as he was in the Prince of Persia Retrospective, but his stuff is pretty much always good.

I was disappointed that Graham made no slights at Yahtzee's mum, but, hey. Also, loved the Imp's bit at the end. Also also, the second or so image in the credit sequence where the imp tackles Yahtzee from behind NEEDS to be Rule 34'd.

I can't think of too much else - Graham obviously put a lot of work into making his 2 minute review (ZP knock-offs are very time-consuming to make, and he's got a comedy website, a video series on the Escapist, and a job), whenever Yahtzee yells it's pretty much guaranteed to be hilarious, and a nice show of support for Unskippable during the credits.

I'm surprised he got angry at that one mission, for the last group of solders I had to save I took my bloody time with while taking everything out in the map.

Are the imps at the end doing a Yahtzee review on pedigree chow?

Well done and nice April Fool's shot in the beginning. It's kind of sad how disoriented I got when someone else voice was thrown over the ZP animation; alas Yahtzee thou hast pampered us with thy dreamy Aussie accent these long months. I could not agree more about Halo Wars and I hate to make your prediction true by adding this last part, but you should definitely try other RTS games in their native mouse selecting, unit-hot keying, PC glory. In the end you will probably still find that the "strategy" of building the biggest shit-kicking armour unit and rolling across the whole map will work best...but the build up is at least distracting rather than frustrating and might shine some light on the permavirgin attraction to the genre.

Rly, that mission Yahtzee complained about? Freaking hell it's lame. I watched my friend playing. So here how it goes AND MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS:

so three Flood's bases are blocking off three groups of troops that have Spartans and maybe some heavy armour attached. So you build the base, clear the flood (possibly loosing more troops than rescuing) and then lead the whole bunch of tits back. So my roomate leads the last group back. Ant then there is one Spartan that's not at the LZ, but a stone throw away (stuck behing his base's turret). MISSION FAILED, F-YOU. Smooth, real smooth

Eh, the review was kinda bland. The ending where he talks about the mission was really the only interesting portion, imo.

I'm not going to throw RTSs at you -coughStarCraftcough-, but I will say that you can't judge a genre on 1 game, good or bad.
Especially not a Halo game.
I'm not a huge fan of RTSs(only playing the 'Crafts), but I'm willing to bet a lot that Halo Wars is not the best ever.

Also, "cunting" was great.

extremly funning yet again llol
but it made me confused with the first bit who was that dude llol

One of the guys from Unskippable. Go to the Unskippable video gallery and watch this week's episode. All will be revealed.

Wooow - didn't like the start honestly - and I also hate RTS-s soo I thought this review was going to be bad - but that rant at the end - it was awesome - and the imp part after the "credits" - I have to say : brilliant work as always!

Enjoyed it. I love the rants, one of the reasons to tune in.

For me, one of the best in recent memory, I haven't laughed that hard for ages

That was redikkulesly awesome!

I like the halo wars review it covered the same problem with the contolls I had, also the same hate of abitrary timed missions

Very well done, and I think that Unskippable and Zero Punctuation should have more guest episodes, but only from each others show, as all the others are pretty snooze worthy.
Also, should make an entire episode where Yahtzee does Unskippable alone, and Graham and Paul should do their own ZP episode without Yahtzee.
Yeah, it'd be awesome.

Yahtzee has done some "Unskippables" of his own in his older reviews. He did one for PainKiller, Silent Hill 3, and one or two others I think..

was a nice change, Grahm really stood out and did well, i mean apart from the sound track...

hold on, IS there actually any other tactics than steamrolling in Halo Wars? 'cause that's all I've been doing :P

Pedigree Chum~ Oh how delicious! Thought it was a decent review, both of 'em. They put a smile on my face. But then again, it's not that hard to get me to smile either...

The Pedigree video at the end was epic. Great review this week.

Very, very good guys it's a shame that we may only see one of these cross overs as both halves were fantastic. You can tell alot of effort must have gone in.
EDIT: wow you can tell the people who only come on escapist for zp reading these comments lol :P

Should I take offense at that statement?


I have been waiting for this since yesterday, checking every 15 minutes since daybreak. WOO HOO.

You do know that it always launches at noon, right?


It was funny and all, but having the Unskippable guy start the review... meh. I dunno, it wasn't bad, but the joke was in the first few seconds and then it just went on (though the renting a high rise to chuck the controller out of something higher was pretty good).

Maybe it's just me, but I don't find Unskippable all that entertaining. I grew up with MST3K and it just seems like it's been done before and much better. But, can't begrudge guys for making a living doing stuff like that. I'd do it too, were the option available. Sadly, I'd just sound like yahtzee only younger and without the accent that sells it.

Funny as always and the first 2 minutes were a real surprise. I do wonder why Yathzee didn't know from the start that RTS games don't work on consoles in the first place. If you want to play a RTS, do it on a computer with a mouse.

If you want to dodge the tank rush gameplay, try Empire Total War.

I'm surprised Yahtzee thought that people would be upset by his "Consoles suck for RTS games" because by no means would he have been the first (or by any means the last) to say it. Even Blizzard admits this! Anyone remember Starcraft 64? It just doesn't fit. Unless, that is, you use a mouse and keyboard USB on your 360 at which point.... why are you not playing it on your PC? I had Halo Wars in my hand at one point, but then I thought "Wait... it's on console. Nevermind." Glad I did.

Really, the Unskippable guy made me skip the majority of his review. Ironic, isn't it? He was trying too hard to be Yahtzee, and it showed. I think if he used his own style, it would've been less annoying.

The beginning Unskippable review was pretty funny although I kind of expected it after watching Unskippable with Yahtzee as a cameo.

lmfao hey kids just be happy that yahtzee only reviews games ,could you imagine him at the g20 summit or worse yahtzee solving the economic crisis ? me neither, but a great review

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