Zero Punctuation: Halo Wars

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Hey cool. 2 reviews. I don't think that the first one was half bad.

I personally thought the X-blades review was pretty good.

If you guys really want to see a bad imitation of Zero Punctuation, I suggest you go onto youtube and type Zero Punctuation in.

There a plenty of very bad videos on there.

wooo! loving the crossovers!
it'd be awesome if Yahtzee went on Unforgotten Realms aswell :P

btw great Battle Royale reference ^-^

The only problem I could see with the first part was that they ran out of ideas. otherwise I rather enjoyed it.

I'm going to buy Pedigree Chow immediately once the stores open again, your imp's review has convinced me Yahtzee! (The scary part is I have a dog and I feed him pedigree already 0.o)

Graham's review got a few chuckles out of me, which is better than I expected it to.
I also have to say that Halo Wars is probably a pretty bad example of the RTS genre, try SCII when it comes out.

OH MY GOOOOOOD. Best episode since Mercenaries and Spiderman! Fuck that in CHINESE! I do like it when Yahtzee gets angry.

The PC is the only place for RTS. Yay for Zero Punctuation and their endless bashing of the console games!

Hrm. "Call a great big all-map prick hoedown" actually made me to knock my soda over, into my keyboard, killing it. Thanks for the laugh, I'll be sending you a bill, however.

Seriously, funny funny stuff. Best in a while. The opening 'guest' review wasn't terrible, but it's kinda sad that Yug's review of "Pedigree Chum" was funnier.

I can't remember the last time I finished a single player campaign in RTS either. Despite RTS being my favourite genre.

And yer, Yahtzee should definite go back to reviewing RPGs and shooters.

Geo Da Sponge:

Eternal Vigil:
2. The whole point of that mission was to recover troops and return to your ship before it got sucked into a massive portal and they be trapped on the surface of the planet and chewed on by the alien hordes, hence the time limit. The 'We've lost contact' was about the ship, not your units.

Quoted for truth. I didn't particularly want to type the exact same thing that someone else has undoubtly said before, but I would like to bring this up again so that anyone else missing the point can understand.

EDIT: Wait, if Yahtzee didn't make it to the end of the game, he can't have seen the last few cinematics! No wonder he doesn't like them!

Overall, I would say what I always say about Halo Wars. You may not enjoy it, you may think it's a cash in, but it has had effort put in. Some games, eg. Lord of the Rings: Conquest look like they were squirted out in an afternoon. Games like that don't get nice prerendered cutscenes and (mostly) inventive missions.

Thanks for quoting me.

If he didn't finish it, he can't really give a fair view on it, my like I think his overall opinion on the entire franchise is a little biased as he's only played Halo 3, and that's one of the weakest in the series.

I agree. Ensemble really did put some effort in this game and making it more accessible to RTS newbies, and I think it's control scheme is better than the other console RTS' which are all ports.

I not going to deny the game have problems, as it does and it know where near the best RTS game ever made, but for what it is, and who's its aimed at, I don't think it came out that badly.

Did anyone besides me here ACTUALLY watch it, or just LOLRUN here to attempt a ZOMG I R FURST, I M SHPESHAL!!!...?

errrgh? you posted your comment 3 minutes after it came online, and i watched the video and it was 6 minutes 53 seconds long till the end credits.. so aparently you didnt watch it either, cause it must have took atleast a bit of time to write out your comment.. so you are also one of the "ZOMG I R FURST, I M SHPESHAL"

hated the start, it was horrible, he cant copy your style so dont let him do it again.

Also, wasnt really sold on the review, maybe it was just bad vibes from the first minute or whatever, but it wasnt that funny this week, sorry :(

I watched it twice.

Well this was a fun episode, especially the time limit rant at the end.

And well, the start was ok but not more than ok.

I have a friend who plays every RTS he gets his hands on with the Xbox 360. He outright refuses to accept PC gaming and refuses to even listen to hear the history of his favored game Command & Conquer from the Westwood point of view. He is also a Halo fanboy which when halo Wars was coming out he was just hyped. He will tell me of his times in GoW2, Halo 3 and Halo Wars. I usually just stop paying attention to him until one of his other friends come to have whatever form of failure they created while playing with him be rubbed in his face.

I'm glad to see the review on Halo Wars as it backs me up on my all loving theory "PC gamers are Gots"

I watched it twice.


I'm not about to run around saying Yahtzee should review Starcraft, WarCraft III, or Dawn of War. For one thing, he'll just ignore me like he does pretty much everybody else. For another, they're not on consoles. And that's a good thing, if you ask me. Mouse controls mean micromanagement is a snap and that's the sort of thing that helps make an RTS successful. That sort of control will always be absent from console titles which is why I've avoided games like Halo Wars like the plague.

"Imp Punctuation" is the funniest thing I've seen in a while.

I thought they did a good job reviewing X blades. Only complaint was that (unless I'm mistaken) the game was made in russia not america.

Man this was the best episode ever, good job Yahtzee !

Best one yet. I was quite amused by Graham Stark's review of X Blades and Yahtzee's review of Halo Wars was all too true. Real Time Strategies do not belong on consoles. Stick to computers.

RSP games do not work on consoles. Not that I've ever tried them but shhhhh.

Play sports games sometime: PRO EVO!!!

I saw Madden on the island, its pretty fun ^^

as a huge rts fan, i have to say; best Yahtzee in a while

good as usual. yahtzee's right about rts not going well with consoles. yahtzee should be on unskipable again!

See What he does is make a living out of making hilarious reviews of bad, new games. Its gonna be quite a while until we see the needle in a haystack gems that we fell in love with yesteryear. See Tribes 2 and Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge

The part about Yahtzee saying he's going into other genres made me have a twisted idea:

Yahtzee doing a review of a wrestling game. Legends of WrestleMania being the most recent one that he could do.

That was actually a pretty good episode. And Yahtzee said he likes Unskippable! (indirectly)

And I do love the ass. I'm going to go pick up a copy of X-Blades now.

Yes RTS (Real-time strategy) do not belong on platforms there it has been said deal with it.
NO I have not played it and the only way I will is if it come out for PC.

Other guy did fine, revieuw was nice

Wooow - didn't like the start honestly - and I also hate RTS-s soo I thought this review was going to be bad - but that rant at the end - it was awesome - and the imp part after the "credits" - I have to say : brilliant work as always!

Yes, it was nice to see the ZP imps emitting some form of voice. I dare say that I actually laughed from it...

6:19 epic reaction.
I can only imagine what his genuine initial reaction was.

yay! I think unskippable should probably stick to the.... unskipping... though.

unskippable guy wasn't TOO bad, it just sounded like he was trying to be like yahtzee. halo wars part was pretty good. i don't blame his for hating strategy games. the only one i ever liked was fire emblem.

fire emblem is more of a turn-based strategic placement game rather than a true rts


This has got to be the best that I has ever seen. What with the guest in front and the Imp thing at the end and the best bit in the middle.

That put a smile on my face. :D Also the Chum thingy with the gremlins? Beautiful

The demo to Halo Wars was boring IMHO.
Good im not the only one.

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