The Escapist Presents: World of Her PWN Four

World of Her PWN Four

Samantha winds up inside Silent Hill after weeks of pining for Rick.

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It wasn't the bestest video ever, but I died at the Zelda Candle puzzle. Good work and atmosphere.

I KNEW the Wii was evil! ;) Nice vid, although I've not played Silent hill so some of the references where lost on me. The Zelda one was good though hehe.

nice zelda reference. And I cracked up at the macbook whispering "Wii Would like to Play...."

Yep, it's official wiis are evil...pretty good camera work in this one, overall much better than the last one

i liked that, espiaclly the katmari damachi (sp?) bit

Zelda moment was inspired! Though now the Wii can keep me up at night two ways (by giving me a fun alternative to sleep or by absolutely terrifying the hell out of me.)

The Zelda puzzle was certainly a nice addition, Katamari wasn't half bad too.

Much alike all before me I found the Zelda candle puzzle funny at first I was like why light a candle? you have a torch... but then the Zelda tune went of and I lol'd.
That game mechanic really has got overused.

Nice job guys, you're really working changing your shooting style according to the themes - great! Keep it smooth and on point, really looking forward to what's next!

To quote Arthur Dent

"I actually quite liked it"

Very good work, she should get a section of her own, her vids are very good.

Awesome!! And this is why I am NEVER getting a Wii. Silent Hill scares the bugs outta me.

bweh, SH2 is my favorite.

Zelda bit funny
Damacy bit hilarious

This is good! ...but not that good. I'm still quite fond of the series, and the Zelda puzzle was awesome. The most amazing thing about them is that they make no sense whatsoever, but you don't realize that until you stop to think.

Also, I expected there to be a male nurse... just sayin'.

Best. PWN. Ever.

It buffered while she was destroying her Wii and she was hitting the floor at least 2 feet away from the thing.

The nurse scared me.

wii's are evil !!! love the silent hill moments

The nurse scared me.

Thanks! I'll take that as a compliment ;-)

Wii would like to play...... Ha, that Zelda candle puzzle was funny.


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