Zero Punctuation: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

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I never expected him to do this, when I saw it it got me exited. (watching it in another window)

Edit: Wow, I'm surprised he didn't like it. I for one loved Gta: China town wars.... Still thats his opinion, even so I don't think filling a choclate egg with branston pickle is a good idea.

Edit...again: Every one above me got banned, see I wanted to get one of the first posts so my opinion would be heard not for the first post bull. Why do people try to get first post? And when they do instead of using it for a valid opinion they just yell first! or I'm and idiot for posting 30 seconds after a 5 minute video was released.... I'd like to see the day were the ban hammer doesn't fall on anyone in a Zp forum.

You're aiming at the hebredies from Aus? Good luck >.>;

How the dear sweet Jesus do you come up with the "mounted on an obese man on a segway" metaphors? That was amazing.

Also, the gimmicky use of the DS touch screen on games that don't need it is definitely up there on my list. :\

Hahaha, taking a stab at the good old economic crisis :D Superb; from this I have been inspired to invest in Class A drugs to become prosperous and successful!!

Personally I don't see how you can have anything on the DS other than the good old Pokemon up, down, left,right zig zag movements.

Awesome. Loved the DS control rant.

Great review as always. :)

I liked the "No, it really isn't" at the end.


Awesome as always :D

Bye bye (Sorry, had to be said).

I thought that high pitched whine was in my ear, "No it really isn't"

Rocket surf board!

Haha.. Pickle in a cream egg would be an excellent April Fool.
Also: I agree on the control issue. It's similar in Resident Evil:DS, unless you turn off the knife events.

Great video man, I still think I'll pick up the game. Also I was considering putting branston pickle into a cream egg but that last part kinda changed that.

Funny as always, would love to hear how the Branston pickle thing is. =P

oh boy. that was funny.

"...No it really isin't."

Great as always.

Awsome video. Still makes me laugh as usual.
Was never planning on getting the game though.

very funny as always i was thinking about getting china town wars but i dont think i will bother anyway great review all the same =)

"It's almost prodigious in its retarded genius"

Haha, nice one.

For some reason I'm really digging the screech tone over the end-credits, both of them combine to create a strangely charismatic sound.

Nice review.
I knew the DS would be an oil slick in the road. Also games seem to be getting more and more glitchy and buggy and the AI are sniffing glue.

Awesome as always :D

R.I.P. Bristol Russ Born March 25th/09 Died April 8th/09 We hardly knew ye.

"A drunk obsetse man on a stegue"- LOL

Awesome video.

Love the ending ^^

How the hell do you reply about a 5 minute video posted at 12:00 (EST) sometime before 12:05? It's amazing how this happens every week.

Its really surprising how many people know how good the video is before watching it.

I just beat Chinatown Wars, and I must say I was a little shaken by this review. He listed numerous flaws, all true, and then praised it toward the end. Yet I still can't find a single thing wrong with what he said. Actually thats not true, I found this game to be excruciatingly difficult, but that's probably just me.

Yet again Yahtzee saves me from buying a dumb looking game

It was good, but something was amiss in there. I don't know if it was the voice, or the jokes, but it didn't feel as ZP as the previous episodes.

Mmmmm, Branston Pickle Chocolate Eggs...

*sigh* I'm used to hearing him spend the first minute of the review bashing the Wii before he ever gets around to talking about the actual game he's reviewing... when he's reviewing a Wii game. Now he seems to spend as much time as possible shoehorning Wii-bashing into the review even when he's reviewing a DS game.

Wait for the time when he starts devoting half of every 360, PS3 and PC game review to attacking the Wii.

I knew as soon as he said Cadbury Egg and Branston Pickle that it was not going to end well.
Great review, as always, and I'm glad I stopped giving a shit about GTA with Vice City.

How the dear sweet Jesus do you come up with the "mounted on an obese man on a segway" metaphors? That was amazing.

Take a look at Postal 3....

I've been saying GTA London would be cool for AAAAAAAges now, but there's that fear that they'll do the most atrocious cockney accents this side of Mary Poppins.

It's interesting to see the view on this subject matter.

Incidentally, I do think there are SOME games that impliment both standard control scheme and touch screens. "Super Princess Peach" is one (and yes, I am a guy and I like that game. So sue me.) "Sonic Rush" and "Sonic Rush Adventures" used it well too, really only using it for the chaos emeralds or seaboard missions respectively.


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