Unforgotten Realms: Episode 28: Mr. Five Dollars

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I still don't understand the cliffhanger from the last episode...

This series is starting to get SO confusing... You still use many jokes but you squish them together too much!

All of you complaining that this episode doesn't make sense because:

1. The Stone Face Guy from the last episode didn't carry over his cliffhanger

2. The Sins of the Unforgotten thing was messed up in the intro

Need to go watch the Stone Face episode again. It's not that complicated to see where they're going with this.

Funny episode but I got some questions:

1) what happened to the stone face dude with the dual daggers of pew pew pew?

2) Wasn't Mike a Sorcerer when he got the new body? unless they used the crystal of talent to change him back i guess

3) When Schoompy got the crystal of Talent he was teleporting as a Wizard but then Eluminous said that they had to be level 2 to teleport

2) correctamundo
3)The crystal was teleporting them so it doesnt count its like in warcraft you have to be lvl 20 to teleport yourself but you can use someone elses portal to teleport you places

I love this show. Best of luck with the new series when it comes.

All of this confusion with the stone guy has been annoying me for quite a while. My guess (which I got directly after watching the episode with the stone guy) is that they just simply continued walking and went to the top of the tower (the stone guy was behind them). Even though nothing was said about being in the past in this episode, the heroes are in the past. No plot hole whatsoever.

So I started watching Unforgotten Realms early this evening, It looked crap, and the plot seemed not very good.
Its now 3 in the morning, I've watched every episode, and I'm actually more excited about the next installment of Unforgotten Realms, than I am Zero Punctuation. WTF?? I dont understand what happened, I was suppost to be going out at 9! I missed my freakin date!

OK Here IS MY Theory I think this Episode has been a Dream Episode where Sir Smhoopy is actually been put to sleep by the stone guy and everything else was his dream......but that could be wrong

I noticed garry was kind of a slave at the start of the series but I thought I had been imagining it when he willinly ditched roamin jumping off the tower makes sense if the change is only visual as he still has infinite respawn and when was schmoopies first heart attack Ive only noticed one so far after the bottomless pit ep Im guessing it involves body soul incompatibility or perhaps im readin to much into it

wait a second why does the skin of tolerance make Schmoopy look like a dwarf if Nailo's race is unknown? A little late, but seriously whats up with that?

Nah Nailo was also a dwarf originally at least while schmoopy was under the curse the real question is why we didnt see him as human

Nah Nailo was also a dwarf originally at least while schmoopy was under the curse the real question is why we didnt see him as human


oh i get it now 1st go back to episode 5 and you'll understand oh yeah wat was roamin doing at the end and please tel me what happend 2 peaty he is my favorite charrecter and finnaly NO i will not stop complaining

Gary nooooooooo.

I loved him.

Gary's high flyin leap made me laugh hard, good stuff. Twas a bit nutty episode.

When They were trapped in the fish they got out through roamin killing them and absorbing their souls but petie ran away instead of allowing roamin to kill him the kobolds probably have him now as they have the giant fish as seen in the yoyo episode

"I'm Free!"
That was...different.

gary! arbiter! nooooooo

The ARBITERRR is no long on the show! BRA HA HR HABRAAA

lol i thought romin was gona do a black fli in slow mo at that rate and PLZ do pete n jhoque. they was awsome. well pete mainly joques voice did my head in i end up with it stuck in my head haha. ne way vid was awsome as always. go UR ^^

"I am free". Awesome Rob, i love your more or less hidden jokes. Sometimes you have to think about them. But they are all awesome. Greetings from Germany. One-hundred-fifty-eighth ;)

Well petey died in the belly of that underwater beast: Quote
no he didn't already dead yu can't kill something thats dead, I don't think petey's atually useful his only use was in the old episodes his main use was when the ogre attacked

How could you yes e may not of been that usefull but he was a great comic sidekickand he was at least as useful as roamin has bin

IT was sooo random... Soo insane....
That it was Good!
It redefined the word good and made it Better!
It Redefined the word Better and made it Good!
And now i just put you all in a loop between the two words thinking....
Damn... Thats good...
My favorite episode so far

Ok, So i've watched all the episodes up to the latest one, schmoopy and the shiny rock. and its clear they are back in time, but why is gavin in this episode when the stone head sent them back in time last episode making no sense.

worst episode ever. They didn't finish what happened in the ending of the last episode. They're making up total random shit now. And really keep a straight belivable storyline going instead of this random stuff


robs blind?

Lol, Romain spinning in a circle at the end.

LOLOLOL!!! Roamin. That was great!!!

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