RIP: David Lance Arneson

RIP: David Lance Arneson

Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Dave Arneson inspired many a night of dice-rolling camaraderie, as well as filthy dwarfsongs set to 70s music.

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Crazy fuses are the wost ones to light.

I must, say, though, that I was actually above average when it came to gym.

I, too, have many good memories of sitting around various tables trying to figure out where the next city was, It's a shame to lose two of the most influential people to the game in so short a time.

R.I.P the true creator of D&D

It's really good of you not to mention Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Blaine Capatch, Gerry Duggan, Chris Martin (NOT the Coldplay guy), Ken Daly and Scott Robison by name. That would have been embarassing for them.

Who am I kidding... We still try to play RPGs weekly here in Themisland.

May the Raven Queen be kind to you, Dave Arenson. A true disciple Corellon and Moradin, that man.

My 30-something/40-something friends and I started playing D&D again about three years ago. We've high-tech'd it up a smidge, using an overhead projector onto a table and revealing each room as a Photoshop layer for our figurines. But the gameplay is still the same: nerdy, using nerd voices.

My wife couldn't be prouder when she hears the sounds of geekery wafting up from the basement (as she curls ever more fetal, turning up Lost and wishing she could have met and married Matthew Fox, please, oh God please, anyone but that idiot downstairs).

It did always kind of bug me that Gary Gygax was generally seen a s the creator when Dave had the first idea and made the first world. I really liked Gary but thought he should've made more effort to make sure Dave had an equal share of spotlight - this man should be getting as many character sheets and mournful; soliloquies as Gary did. Sad - another innovative genius from idea to dust. At least his game will outlive most of us most likely.

Man I kinda wish most of my old gamer friends hadn't moved or gotten partners in their lives that force them to eschew the hobby. I want to pull my old kender jester or Chaos Priest/Wild Mage out of limbo and go on a few more adventures... Wish Chico had better gaming groups.

Dave Arneson you will be missed and your contributions have forever altered the collective psyches of an army of geeks. For better or worse you have left an indelible mark upon this planet.

did he drop any good loot?

I have never played D&D, I suspect because I hate people, but when the time comes that I am making my way to the nearest clock tower with a suitcase full of rifles and ammo I'll wander if D&D was one of the many things that I missed in life as well as on the field below.
Haha someone is trying to run away in a serpentine pattern, time for the belt fed.

Nerds all around the world thank this guy. Shame he rolled a few natural 1s in his battle with cancer.


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