2006 CES Keynote: Street Fighter II

If you haven't taken a look at the 2006 CES Keynote (streamed video here), featuring Microsoft everything, it's a rather interesting look at technology. Most notably, at 1:25:55 into the stream (yes, one hour and 25 minutes), during the Xbox 360 portion of the film, Peter Moore (Corporate Vice President) lets out that Street Fighter II will be hitting Xbox Live Arcade by March. w00t!

Original Comment by: Slartibartfast

This is cool, but you can already play the street fighter aniversary collection on xbox live. Then again, it wouldn't surprise me if that game doesn't work on the 360.

I actually never bought that one, but I like the concept of a Live Arcade version better for one simple reason: I am lazy.

The Live Arcade games sit on the hard drive and are always ready - I don't even need to find the game and load it into the drive. They cost, at the high mark, half as much as bargain titles, but I know half the money goes straight to the developer (which is, sadly, better than retail). And I never actually have to track down a copy of the game and buy it, online or otherwise, even at 1am on a Sunday. I am pleased by this completely effortless way to acquire and play games. I'd also say cost-effective, but it'll take a lot of downloaded games to make up for the 360.

More specifically, I actually only want this specific version of the game - I thought the Collection was too 'loose' in its gameplay modes, with the ability to mix and match fighters from different game versions. I would think that this limitation of options would also make it much more likely to get games going as well. Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting was the pinnacle, IMO

Original Comment by: Slartibartfast

I do agree with on that, I thought the whole character mixing thing was kinda lame. And yes, SFII: Turbo (or hyper fighting) was the best. I still have my snes version. My cousin and I like to use the code to set it to 10 star speed (normally 4 is the max), it's crazy fun like that. You might find the anniversary collection worth it though because SF3: Third Strike is an excellent game. It feels and plays a lot more like SF2 than the Alpha or Vs. games. I suggest you rent the collection and give Third Strike a try. It takes some getting used to, of course, but you'll find it very fun and as deep as you want it to be.


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