Unskippable: Quantum of Solace

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Treyarch isn't THAT bad. Still funny, though.

When will there be a new video on LRR, btw? I've been waiting since Best Day Ever was put up.

this one is my top 5 at least


COME ON m3tk reference MITCHELL the last episode with joel hodgision, AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICED?

That was cool.

not one of your better ones i'm afraid, though you're pretty constained by the material there is.

Your worst to date im afraid, i did laugh at some points but it was just so lacking, like during the credit roll for instance, it tended to drag on

Wh-what's that in the corner?

Yeah, silly RPG's fair better.

I enjoyed it. Honestly, I think the biggest problem was that the bad credit reel was actually skippable, and as much as I enjoyed Paul and Graham's jokes, I wouldn't have minded just skipping the damn thing. Still, I found it humorous, on par with most episodes.

Also, I find it surprising that I can't off the top of my head think of a Hamlet game, or even any Shakespeare game that's been made... I mean, the possibilities are endless. Othello would be a God-of-War style brawler, Romeo and Juliet would be a sandbox game, all the comedies would be dating sims...

So I guess my opinion that this has actually been one of their better showings is firmly in the minority?

... It's still better than Treyarch's Hamlet game.

That made me laugh terribly much, a good episode as always.

"know to his friends as the danish M&M"

i broke a leg laughing

"hey, whats that on the down right corner?"
"It's a skip button."


They should do FFX-2 next...I swear that will kill people.

The first half was quite poor, but there were some gold parts at the end. I love the MST3K reference: Mitchell! "Can you Guess Who?" was great too.

Making fun of peoples' names seems like a cheap shot. I don't think I've laughed at a single name joke yet.

The favorite leg wasn't all that funny either.

not bad not bad

dont care how many people have quoted it

=D "can you guess who!"

awesome, i used to love that game :P

"Bond is just trying to stop Mr. White from updating his status to "Shot in favorite leg and being held at undisclosed location" " bwahaha.

Another great one, guys. As a fan of MST3K from way back in my childhood, I really love seeing it done with video games, and you guys do a great job.

Hmm... funny, but wasn't what i was expecting, they need to make more bad cutscenes in games now. Choosing a game based of of the movie wasn't the wisest choice, I mean we already know that the game wouldn't be as good as it would have been if the devs had made this game a few years ago. Not reall sure if that gets my point out but you guys did the best with what was there was.

LOL @ Mitchell! I just watched that MST3K a couple weeks ago. :D

hah. the favorite leg part was awesome.

"Ow! I really gotta stop taking pictures of Bond with those gun-shaped camera lenses."
They do lose more cameramen like that...you'd think they'd have learned by now.

The "Guess Who" joke was pretty clever.

This video definitely made my Monday, so keep up the good work.

So I guess my opinion that this has actually been one of their better showings is firmly in the minority?

You and me both, I guess. Oh well. I think it's great.

Also, this is the last time I'll say this: Not all the scenes we do are actually unskippable. This is not a new thing, just the first time the "skip" button has been visible. I'm sorry if this has just shattered your reality.

Somehow the thing that broke it for me was actually using your names in the conversation. I know people always bring up they don't know who's who in the threads, but that just didn't work for me. Oh well, you don't get Grandia III to work with every week.

lols the proxy server thing is so true XD

nice... They did "Quantum of Duty" on unskippable. I tried the game.. the CoD-engine shines through.

This one had its moments, but it wasn't the best. I liked the "rawr" and "Danish Eminem" lines... The leg thing wasn't funny, and it spoiled the scene. The second you guys said "I like my legs" it seemed pretty obvious he was going to get shot.

Anyway, I can't believe how awful that game looks. I'd skip every single cutscene...

They just don't make 'em like they used to. Any James Bond game in recent memory is worthless compared to Goldeneye... Even The World Is Not Enough is a masterpiece compared to most Bond games since.

Umm... you know that it looks like he was shot in the left leg, not the right one, right?

You know what I found weird? This cutscene was skippable.

The leg thing wasn't funny, and it spoiled the scene. The second you guys said "I like my legs" it seemed pretty obvious he was going to get shot.

See, our thinking there is that's a scene taken straight from the end of Casino Royale. We knew how it's going to end up, so we had no problem telegraphing the joke.
If you still haven't seen Casino Royale after 5 years, it's your own fault.

this one was quite weak
but i did like my favorite leg joke

"what I'm in a helicopter"


I join the minority, I don't think I've laughed this much since the Dirge one..

ha, i was totally planning on leaving a comment that said "That wasn't unskippable! the skip button was right in the corner!" but then they beat me to it. Good episode, but i Dirge of Cerberus was better. Still the best one. If i had to reccomend a game, I would say Jak and Daxter (the first one, that opening is cool but pretty dang corny), any of the other Final Fantasies, or Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad (though that might be to raunchy for Escapist) Keep up the good work!

I love it when you guys say my name dramatically.

Another excellent episode, fellas.

haha that was great, seriously (and yes, I used to use proxies to log onto Facebook in school...they got them all)

"unskippable" lol didn't matter to me

I wanna play this game anyhow

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